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Top 10 Best Pressure Cookers in 2017 Reviews

The pressure cooker was that kind of great invention rescued from oblivion to become one of the best creations ever made. The first known attempt to cook under pressure occurred in 1679 when Denis Papin, a French physicist, most recognized for his work about steam, created the digester or steam digester in the first attempt to reduce the time required for Cooking food. This hermetic vessel used steam pressure to increase the boiling point of the water and as a result, to cook faster. That way, meat and other foods, could be cooked faster than conventional pots used to cook. Two years later, this creation was introduced to the Royal Society. The steam digester was the ticket for Papin to be admitted as a member of this scientific society but remained as a scientific study.

The steam digester technology had to wait until the 20th century to be developed and popularized by a Spanish inventor, José Alix Martínez, who developed an invention named express pot and patented in 1919. That year, he began the distribution of his pot express. In 1938, the German Alfred Vischler presented his “Flex-Seal Speed Cooker” in New York. Although the idea of Vischler was good, the product that attracted the housewives attention, was the pressure cooker named “Presto” in the world fair developed in New York. It was mainly successful, because of its easy-to-close lid, eliminating the need for tweezers to attach the lid of the pot that made this model different from other models.

Another patent was granted in France in 1948 when M. Devedjian manufactured a model of quick cooking, which he called cocotte minute. In 1952 George Laverne perfected the invention with a new model of pots of great capacity (300 liters) that carried a system of special closure. This model was a great success and was acquired by the French army.

Since 1978 the pressure cookers have become increasingly complete and faster, perfecting the locking and safety mechanisms, thus providing greater pressure and faster cooking. What has evolved most is the valve. The latest models carry a system called Food Control that in addition to indicating the pressure evacuates the oxygen from the interior of the pot. By indicating the absence of pressure, the person who handles the cooker knows that it can be opened safely, and cooking without oxygen ensures that the food keeps intact its properties and its natural color.

The pressure cooker, then became the biggest success in the industry of kitchen and cooking appliances, only followed by the rice cooker as the basic purchases in any kitchen. Technology has made this kind of pots evolve and present features never conceived by its inventor. The development of pressure cookers contemplates three whole generations of progress: the First generation with a mechanical timer. There is no retarded cooking capacity. Second generation with a digital controller.

They enable delayed cooking and the controller shows a countdown timer when the working pressure is reached. Third generation, with intelligent programming, that includes pre-set cooking times and settings, based on heating intensity, temperature, pressure, and duration. Programmable pressure cookers have become as intuitive as the microwave, but with more desirable results, and with greater programming capability.

Some pots are multi-purpose: pressure cooker, sauté / gilder, slow cooking pot, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steam cooker and heater4 (which can also be used to keep food warm), the materials could be stainless steel, copper, iron, and aluminum, so you have a whole bunch of options you can pick to enhance your cooking skills and surprise your family and guests with a nice dinner.

Why using a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker will make the cooking easier for you. As a matter of fact, some myths surrounding them, make people be afraid to buy a pressure cook. The fear is the alleged risk of explosion, but that is not a trouble when you get to know your pressure cooker. First of all, NEVER:

  • Open the lid while there’s still pressure inside the cooker.
  • Be sure you closed the lid properly.
  • Do not overfill it. Leave some space, because water can go out by the valve.
  • Do not cook rice or pasta in the pressure cooker.
  • When you cook grains and beans in the pressure cooker, measure the amount of water and do not overload the pressure cooker with beans.
  • Beware of food debris. Try to cook, clean grains and foods.
  • Take care of the rubber parts, the valves, the lid and do not use the cooker if these parts look worn or damaged.

Keeping that in mind, a pressure cooker will be the best purchase you can make, and acquiring the ability to use it, will make you a master. You can use a pressure cooker for canning, this was one of the most important uses people gave to this item. The pressure cooker was the biggest revolution in the history of the modern inventions. Believe it or not, the pressure cooker created a standard of excellence and design, utility and performance that every manufacturer and inventor in the world try to emulate. This is the answer to the question: why do products keep evolving and some inventions just disappear?

When you purchase a pressure cooker, you are buying history, an idea, a big effort and pursuing the improvement in everyday artifacts. You might just want to keep reading about this. The pressure cooker production was so important that World War II, could not stop the manufacturing because of its utility for canning. Today, this invention tries to push its way to become as perfect as the Presto pressure cooker on an automatic interpretation, so, you will find different kinds of pressure cookers trying to emulate the first one, trying to be that revolutionary, safe, useful and profitable, so, be not afraid to use a pressure cooker. Something that revolutionary has to have a great somewhat you might not be aware of.

Join me in the pursuit of the best pressure cooker in 2017 and let’s find the perfect one for you, having as guidelines:

  • Price.
  • Versatility.
  • Storage.
  • Cleaning.
  • Design.
  • Lid.
  • Capacity.
  • Delicate parts.
  • Additional features.
  • Risks.

Then, established as it is, the criteria to buy the perfect pressure cooker, here you have some options, qualified as the best available in the market right now, pushing the bar a little bit to find among ten excellent candidates, the perfect, safer and most affordable one.

Top 10 Best pressure cooker in 2017 Comparison

Instant Pot IP-DUO60Instant Pot IP-DUO60

4.7$100- $150
Instant Pot IP-LUX60Instant Pot IP-LUX60

4.1$100- $150
Presto 01370 Stainless SteelPresto 01370 Stainless Steel

4.4under $50
Power Pressure Cooker XLPower Pressure Cooker XL

Presto 01362 (Budget)Presto 01362 (Budget)

4.0under $50
Elite Platinum EPC-808Elite Platinum EPC-808

4.3Under $50
T-fal P45007 Clipso Stainless SteelT-fal P45007 Clipso Stainless Steel

4.5Under $50
West Bend 6-QuartWest Bend 6-Quart

Secura 6-in-1Secura 6-in-1

4.3$50- $100
Presto 01781Presto 01781

Let’s begin the chase of the best pressure cooker in 2017:

1. Instant Pot IP-DUO60

Instant Pot IP-DUO60-best Pressure cooks

This particular item has been reviewed as one of the best products you could ever buy. This is so versatile, good, durable and elegant in an offensive low price, with excellent reviews, as its only image, makes you think this is the ultimate kitchen item. The few bad reviewers, are just unlucky, or giving an inappropriate use to this pressure cooker. It’s hard not to love it. For real. Buy the instant pot tempered glass lid to use it as a rice cooker too. At the sale price, it’s offered, you have to take this chance. It has a safety lid that prevents accidental opening while you use it as a pressure cooker, pressure regulator to keep pressure in a safe range, anti-blockage vent, This pressure cook releases excess pressure into internal chamber. Its Capacity is 6 Quart, so it’s big enough.

The design of this product is so eye catching, cute, modern and certainly decorative. It’s made as an actual pot, with handles, it’s heavy and steady, made in stainless steel, the LCD screen it has offers a cute red display. This is a multitask item. You might forget about owning a kitchen and leave the work to this pot.

About the quality, let’s be real: that extremely low price, makes you feel doubtful. But as soon as you receive it, prove every function, read the manual and prepare to know this pot, you will love it. This is not as perfect in some tasks if you do not take enough care, but this is presented as a pressure cooker, so, the primordial task of this item is being a pressure cooker and we have to trust. The pressure valves when it’s working in pressure mode, can be a trouble.

This is a purchase you have to figure out to take advantage of it. You surely will find more functions for this particular item. The good materials are undeniable in this model. Check out the plastic parts and try not to blame the manufacturer if the delivery process was rough and broke some parts. Strictly speaking, it seems to be built for last.

Perfect for: whatever you want to cook.
Ideal for: Busy mothers, experimenters, gadget lovers, kitchen decorators, bachelors.
No storage required for this product.

  • Innovative
  • Multitasking
  • Affordable
  • The multitasking features could be better handled to make it flawless

2. Instant Pot IP-LUX60

Instant Pot IP-LUX60-best Pressure cooks

This is another excellent product of the Instant Pot brand. This is the older version of the first reviewed. This pressure cooker will perform several functions. This is an electric pressure cooker, adapted to energy regulations in the U.S. This product is more expensive that the other Instant Pot product reviewed, it has the same 6 quarters capacity, the same performance, and the features. The differences are slight but yet valuable. This specific pressure cooker functions are more understandable. The lid is more friendly and safe than the other Instan Pot product, the leaky lid smart detection is better and the magnetic sensor for lid detection is better in this product. This is safer and lower than the last Instant Pot product reviewed. A pressure cooker is safer when it a little flat because it keeps pressure in a safe range better than newest models.

The design on this model is still cute, appealing, good to brag, it is lower than in other models, making it better and safer. The understandable lid makes it perfect for the beginners in pressure cooking. The timer is a good add to this pressure cook, and it is multitask as well. So take advantage of the infinite possibilities this pressure cooker offers. The price is higher than the last one, because this works better as a pressure cooker.

The quality in this product is out of discussion. This is the best electric pressure cooker you can buy. The multifunction allows you to enjoy years of several uses and the durability in this item is great. This cooker lasts for years. This product does not handle very well the scratches and the bumps. The plastic parts are resistible, but not eternal. Take real good care of this pressure cooker. The washing must be careful. Do not put it under the sink. This has an inner pot. This is the one you can wash. The other parts must be cleaned by wiping. The internal coat must not be washed with aggressive products or abrasive sponges.

Perfect for: whatever you want to cook as a pressure cook and a rice cooker.
Ideal for: Busy mothers, experimenters, gadget lovers, kitchen decorators, bachelors.
No storage required for this product.

  • Innovative
  • Multitasking
  • Good
  • The multitasking features could be better handled to make it flawless
  • The plastic parts are bad to handle bumps

3. Presto 01370 Stainless Steel

Presto 01370 Stainless Steel-best Pressure cooks

This is the classic pressure cooker made more hip. This excellent product is safe, good, durable and fast. You have to buy some additional sealing rings when you purchase this product. It is affordable, and the safe lid requires strength to make it work properly. This is a heavy product. Built as the classic ones in stainless steel.

Its capacity is 8 quarters. Really big and good for a big family. The plastic parts are better in this product, this will not disappoint you. If you learn how to make this pressure cook work properly and control the amount of water and heating time, you will be graduating as the master in cooking! This requires a lot of trial and error if you are a beginner, but you are going to love this affordable classic pressure cooker.

The design on this model is so classic and discrete. This is not automatic, so you have to cook it the antique way: a stove. The reliability and security of this product depend on you, used according to manufacturer’s specifications, a great amount of strength to close the lid and a tight rubber ring will make this pressure cooker even safest than electrical ones. This is a second generation product. Treat it nicely.
The quality on this product is absolutely good. You are purchasing the pot you will always have. The buy of a classic pressure cooker is always the definitive in a house. This product handle very well the scratches and the bumps.

The plastic parts are almost eternal. Eventually you have to replace the valve. And you will have to replace the sealing rubber ring as soon as it stretches. The washing process is easy, just as a regular pot. This product is dishwasher safe. Store it as you use to store your other cooking pots. No problems. This is just your definitive purchase of a pressure cooker. Learn to measure time and water, sometimes you will burn your food because this pressure cooker is so fast. But don’t worry. The abrasive sponge will remove the burnt food.

Perfect for: whatever you want to cook. No rice or pasta please!
Ideal for: Busy mothers, big families, newlyweds, the elder members of the family that need a new pressure cooker to replace the antique ones.
Store it as your other cooking pots.

  • Classic and understandable
  • The definitive purchase of a pressure cooker you will make, something you will see in second-generation pressure cookers
  • If you like modern devices, you will not like this one

4. Power Pressure Cooker XL

Power Pressure Cooker XL-best Pressure cooks

This is a taste of the third generation in pressure cooks. It is an electric multitasking device. Personally I think you could do better with a second-generation pressure cooker, because this particular item tends to be better as a rice cooker. This is the kind of pressure cook you love or hate. No middle point. This has a capacity of about 6 quarters, big enough already. This is multitasking, but works better as a rice cooker. The lid is easy to place, and a bad signal for a pressure cooker, is the easy placing and adjusting of the lid. Just as easy to put, will be easy for steam make it fly away. The plastic seal in the lid can be a risk when cooking into pressure mode. The computerized control panel throws error and this could not be good. It’s an affordable product.

The design on this product is already seen in other products, but it’s beautiful and shiny. This is an useful item that you must not keep stored. This will enhance your kitchen decoration with a modern touch. You will like it. The lid has too much plastic to me. But customers seem happy and I only can agree.

The quality on this product is average in this kind of products. The durability in the pressure feature is still in “we will wait and see”, because, as a relatively new product that handles so many functions, reviewers tend to give their opinion about other features and not in the pressure cooker feature. Some reviewers like it and some others tend to point the feature as raw still. As a third-generation product, still in development, maybe this pressure cook and its intelligent features controlled by a panel, could fail.

The problem in electric pressure cookers, is the fact you have to get some patience, if not, all the possible patience you can bring together, because you will have to wait some time to spare the lid after the cooking process. The electronic parts could fail and make it burn the food. I am not still sure about the electronic pressure cookers. Those are very delicate items.

Perfect for: whatever you want to cook apparently

Ideal for: Busy mothers, small families, newlyweds, gadgets lovers and bachelors.
Not suitable to store. It must have a fix place.

  • Good looking
  • Affordable
  • Multipurpose
  • The quality and the durability are not enough proved as a pressure cooker.

5. Presto 01362 (Budget)

Presto 01362 (Budget)-best Pressure cooks


Another definitive and reliable pressure cooker. This is a second-generation item you will know from the houses of your elder relatives. Its 6 quarters size is adequate to make it a perfect purchase. The price is absolutely good. This is a kind of heavy product. You have to be strong to open and close. But it allows trial and error widely. You can stop the cooking process placing it under the faucet to eliminate the pressure, open and check the food. It is made in stainless steel and is great for the classic cooks. It has a valve and a single handle. Buy some extra rubber rings. You never know when you need an additional one.

The design on this product is classic, vintage. The shiny finishes are very beautiful. Store as you store your regular cooking pots. No need of further caring. It’s dishwasher safe, can be used in every kind of stove, adjust it VERY FIRMLY, because this can explode under the following conditions: 1. Loosen rubber ring. 2. Loose adjustment (you left it unevenly closed) 3. food debris blocking the valve vent (the food debris are common in lentils, chickpeas, peas and corn, so AVOID using the pressure cooker for this products, a pressure cooker is perfect for black, white and red beans, barley and in general, beans and grains that do not lose the exterior shell while cooking).

The quality on this product is excellent. As I was saying, this is a definitive pressure cooker. You won’t need to replace it. It does not handle the hits and the bumps in the bottom, because it has a metal cap added to make the heating even in the interior. If you avoid the bumps, this will be just as a regular, resistant, and durable old fashioned pressure cooker you will have for the rest of your days. It works as a pressure cooker and a regular pot. This is the “big pot” everyone has in their house. The bad reviewers either got a defective one, or blame the manufacturer for the misuse they give to this item. Remember a pressure cooker is not anything you can handle as a toy. Use it asking for some advice to the elder members of your family. They will know.
Perfect for: Low debris food.

Ideal for: Busy mothers, small families, newlyweds, elder members of the family. Beginners.
Store along your other cooking pots.

  • Good looking
  • Affordable
  • Eternal
  • Misuse, stretched rubber rings and food debris can make it explode. Use it for meat and black, red and white beans.

6. Elite Platinum EPC-808

Elite Platinum EPC-808-best Pressure cooks

This is a third-generation pressure cook that looks better than the other electric pressure cookers presented in this review. This has a classic pressure cooker structure and all the advantages the third generation has. I could rely on this one, just because the grabs of the lid are really firm and it allows not to make mistakes placing it. The automatic resumption of cooking when power is restored after a power failure makes this pressure cooker OUTSTAND. The price is good for a multitask that specialized in pressure cooking. The 8 quarts capacity makes it really wide and the 99 minutes of pressure cooking just are impressive. The lid-lock protection that makes this item NOT BUIL PRESSURE if not well locked and assured, makes me highly recommend this product. The anti-clog system just sealed the deal to me.

The design on this product is already seen, it’s decorative, fancy and practical. The control panel looks better than other models control panels. The customers love it, I love it. It’s multifunction performance just enhances a great pressure cooker, making it be a pressure cooker with some other functions, not a rice cooker that also can be a pressure cooker, because. Definitely this product has made me think about replacing my classic pressure cooker.

The quality on this product could be questionable by the widely reported error message thrown by the control panel. This pressure cooker could be as intelligent as Socrates, and then become a funny interpretation of the phrase “I know I know nothing” to make it useless. If the system throws error, no human force can make this item work. If you have not this problem, this will be a durable product, a great quality one, the incentive to modernize for the lovers of the second-generation pressure cookers, make a real change, and providing the real possibility of a pressure cooking completely risk-free.
Perfect for: Cooking anything you want.

Ideal for: Busy mothers, big families, newlyweds, elder members of the family. Beginners, me, you.
Place it in your counter and take advantage of the smart cooking.

  • Excellent as a pressure cooker
  • Affordable
  • Good
  • If the panel throws error, this pressure cooker won’t even turn on.

7. T-fal P45007 Clipso Stainless Steel

T-fal P45007 Clipso Stainless Steel-best Pressure cooks

This is a second- generation pressure cooking. It is very safe, for real. This item does not use rubber ring. The secret are the “arms” it has in the lid. I own one. And I experienced an episode due to lentil debris that clogged the valve from the inside. The pressure made the valve eject; It is heavy, so it did not become a projectile. Some lentils and boiling water spilled as a low height geyser, it lost the pressure quickly and stopped. No damages at all, just the scare of the sound, water and lentils to clean.

The cooker was firmly grabbing the lid in that dangerous condition. The worst risk is an ejected lid in a pressure cooker. This great pressure cooker will be strong enough to avoid the ejection of the lid and reduce the explosion to a replacement of the valve, and some cleaning. It was really cheap and the pressure cooker was new again.

The design on this product is really safe, good, cute and practical. This is a big model. You can cook for at least 6 persons or big pieces of meat. This is not a fast pressure cooker. Is a classic model I widely recommend for the people that are afraid to own a pressure cooker. This is really affordable, easy to wash and a classic model for all stoves.

The quality in this product is out of doubts. The users of this kind of technology in pressure cookers are really satisfied. They do not want to replace this product. I Have three years using this pressure cooker and the only trouble I had was the mentioned. I used it every single day in a cafeteria I was running. This product is a definitive purchase. Now it’s in my house. Is the better one I have (I own 4 pressure cooks) It is dishwasher safe, easy to clean and the durability in this item is out of discussion. Purchase this one and join the club of safe pressure cooking.

Perfect for: Cooking anything you want but lentils and food that drop debris.
Ideal for: Busy mothers, big families, newlyweds, elder members of the family. Beginners, me, you, small restaurant owners.
Store it where you keep your other cooking pots.

  • Excellent
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Food debris can make a mess. Fortunately not a dangerous one.
  • Take your time to cook in this

8. West Bend 6-Quart

West Bend 6-Quart-best Pressure cooks

A good third- generation pressure cooker. It is easy to use, it’s multifunctional and as a pressure cooker, it has control of the level of pressure you need to cook. This is perfect for beans. The size is right, the price is average, but there is a problem. This is more a rice cooker than a pressure cooker. Some manufacturers must not be treating their products that lightly when they are adding the pressure cooker performance. But a good valve means a good pressure cooker performance. This product has got it, so, it looks reliable as a pressure cooker.

The design is the basic one in the wide market of the multifunctional stainless steel rice cookers. This is more affordable than other similar models. The control panel is understandable and this is conceived to be easy to use and operate. It is a cute and practical item, a medium-size model, is fast and well developed. This model has two separate parts: the electric (external) and the cooking part (the washable part). This one is Teflon coated, more adequate for a rice cooker than a pressure cooker.

The quality in this product relies in the panel. Several customers refer the bad performance of this panel, which leaves you with an useless bulky device in your countertop. It has happened before. Maybe the smart pressure cookers are still in beta version and we must wait more to see a reliable control panel in this kind of cooking pots. This is best valuated as a rice cooker than as a pressure cooker. If the panel works well, you will have an acceptable multifunctional cooking pot and a great pressure cooker. It does not handle bumps. Be careful and place it in the countertop. Give it some space because it tends to overheat.

Perfect for: Cooking anything you want. No food that drop debris.
Ideal for: Busy mothers, average families.
Place it in the countertop.

  • Multifunctional
  • Durable
  • Food debris can severely damage this product and make it dangerous due to projection of the plastic traces.
  • No information about the pressure cooker performance and specifications. Not a good signal.

9. Secura 6-in-1

Secura 6-in-1-best Pressure cooks

The perfect mix of a second and a third- generation pressure cooking device. The clips assure the perfect safety you need. This is just something you have to purchase. The control panel works perfectly, it’s understandable. It’s a 6 quarter pressure cooker, a good size. It is multifunctional and well-conceived as a product that takes everything in account. Customers seem to love it and I agree. The clips convinced me. The pressure valve looks great and the lid looks steady and easy to place and remove. This is more affordable than the rest of the multifunctional cooking pots. Think about this option.

The design on this product is really safe, good, cute and practical. You can cook big portions, it’s fast and reliable. Place it in the countertop. The features are directed to safety; the fuse system avoids overheating. This product is easy to wash and the electric part is easy to clean.
The quality in this product is still in a “let’s wait to see moment” Some customers mention this is the best purchase they could have ever made and I agree.

This blend of the best out of every generation of pressure cookers, is really an innovation you have to know, bringing together the best features available. So, the quality seems good, it seems to be durable, it’s steady and adequate to be qualified as one of the best and safest electric pressure cookers around. This is a purchase you won’t regret. The plastic parts are good as well.

Perfect for: Cooking anything you want but food that drop debris. The valve replacing looks difficult and not viable.
Ideal for: Busy mothers, average families, newlyweds, gadget lovers, cooking enthusiasts.
Place it in your countertop.

  • Excellent
  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Food debris can make a mess. A dangerous one for the pot, not for you.

10. Presto 01781

Presto 01781-best Pressure cooks

This is the most classic in the second generation of pressure cookers. Made of pure aluminum, this is the right one for canning purposes, you have to purchase the pressure regulator, some rubber sealing rings, and the canning rack. This pressure cook really big, but not that heavy, just 12 pounds; the capacity in this one is about 23 quarters. The nearest of industrial you can find in the most affordable price available. This product is another definitive purchase. Adjust the lid very firmly and enjoy this purchase. It works perfectly in every stove and handles very well the years.

The design in this product could not be more basic and classic. When an item is perfect, the changes are not allowed. This is the perfect example of perfection, safety and invariable design. You will not find a better pressure cooker. This is the number one best seller around the world.

The quality of this product is revolutionary. This is the product that stole the World fair back in 1939. As a matter of fact, the World War II did not suspend the manufacturing of this pressure cooker to use materials to develop ammo; during World War II, the company continued manufacturing canners for the victory garden and canning programs. Materials for these canners were provided by the War Production Board, making them on steel.

Those are collectibles. When you see a negative review accusing some kind of material failure in this product, be completely sure that’s a bunch of lies. This is the real ultimate purchase of all times, a piece of history, the goal of every inventor and product, the reason why improvement exists; being this the best curious fact you could have ever read about.
Perfect for: Cooking, canning.

Ideal for: Canners, Busy mothers, big families, cooking enthusiasts.
Place it as a regular pot.

  • Literally eternal
  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • So classic you might not understand it.


The best pressure cookers are portrayed here: The best of all times, and some worthy successors you can purchase and be safe you are investing your money. You have ten great options, choose the one you like it most and click buy. The recommended items are sure purchases for all the interested about buying a pressure cooker that suits every criteria provided.

Now you are on your own. Choose wisely. I have my choice already made. Which one will be yours?

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