Top 10 Best AC Filters in 2021

Are you tired of purchasing AC filters in the market that don’t work efficiently anymore? Are you planning to install new ac filters in your homes or office air conditioning unit? Then try these in 2021. AC filters are essential to the safety of your home or office. They are what your home air conditioning unit needs to operate better.

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When your home or office has a low-quality filter or ones that are not working, then the air in the said space will equally not be clean, hence hazardous. Your air conditioning system will also not function well to cool down your bathroom quickly and easily. When your AC filter is not operating well, one runs the risk of leaks and other damages at home or office. For this reason, we have reviewed some of the best AC filters in 2021, and restore fresh air in your home.

Top 10 Best AC Filters in 2021

10. NaturalAire Odor Eliminator Air Filter with Baking Soda

This is a pack of up to 4 air filters that have a design which includes baking soda media. Not only does this AC filter control odors, but also absorbs and eliminates them leaving your house smelling fresh all day. This is so far what you need to spoil yourself with in 2021.

It has a MERV rating of 8, and what does this mean? This essentially means that the AC filter will remove household dust dirt, any pollen, mold spores and much more. It does better than any AC filters you may have seen in the market today.

  • Comes with the V-pleats to provide large media surface area for more effective filtration and an excellent airflow
  • Has low resistance which means that it saves on your electricity bills
  • A single filter maintains a 90 days efficiency
  • It is compatible with HVAC that require filters of 20×20 inches. 

9. Aerostar Pleated Air Filter, MERV 8

This ac filter is nominal, size 20 by 20 by 1, 19 ½, by ½ by 20x 20 x1, ac furnace air filter. The AC filter is among the best AC filters in 2021 that are comparable to 3m filtrate MPR 600 clean living.

Most people today prefer such filters because they are comparable to Honeywell Micro Defense Plus FPR 5.

  • It has a comparison to the Honeycomb Micro Defense Plus FPR 5
  • Able to fight lint, mold spores, pollen, and dust mites
  • Perfect for use with dust. 

8. AIRx ALLERGY 20x20x1 MERV 11 Pleated Air Filter

Are you spoilt for choice on which ac filters to buy as the year comes to a close? Look no further, as the AIRx ALLERGY 20x20x1 MERV 11 Pleated Air Filter is made in the US with handpicked materials to guarantee longevity.

The MERV 11 furnace filter premium pleated filter’s actual size is 19.5 inches by 19.5 inches and 0.75 inches.

  • It is perfect for trapping mold smoke particles, pet dander, and dust mite debris
  • The ac filter comes with more pleats than the generic AC filters
  • It is energy efficient for capturing more particles
  • It comparable to the 3m Filtrete microparticle MPR800 and Filtrete allergen MPR 1200 filters. 

7. Flanders PrecisionAire 10155.01202 E-Z Flow Air Filter

This is a pack of 12 disposable UL Class II Rated air filters. They are perfect for the protection of your furnace and the central air units. It already has a MERV 4 rating which means that this AC filter is essential for getting rid of household dust, lint, and pollen.

While shopping for ac filters, everyone wants one that has a higher efficiency. Unfortunately not all of them especially today works as pointed out in the pack. Most under deliver however you can’t go wrong when you get this one today.

  • Has an efficiency of up to 30 days with each filter
  • It is compatible with the HVAC systems which require filters of up to 20 inches by 20 inches and 1 inch.
  • It chipboard design is continuous thus guards against corner separation and has a one-sided metal media retainer adds to the filter strength. 

6. Arm & Hammer Max Allergen & Odor Reduction Air and Furnace Filters

This AC filter is sure to maximize odor reduction. It is an unscented pleated filter you need in your modern home in 2021.

This AC filter, unlike most in the market today, is an allergen air filter plus with enhanced odor reduction. It filters many particles including smoke particles, mite dust and much more. Below are some of its features.

  • Comes with built-in carbon granules for absorbing odors better
  • Its rating is MERV 11 for high allergen reduction performance
  • It lasts for up to 90 days. 

5. Filtrete MPR Healthy Living Ultimate Allergen Reduction AC Furnace Air Filter

This AC filter features a high performing electrostatic technology. Its filtrate healthy living filters proactively. They attract and capture most microscopic particles such as candle soot, cough and sneeze debris, dust and pollen bacteria and viruses and much more.

They also capture somewhat larger particles such as those for dust and pollen, link and more. Therefore bank on it as the perfect AC filter to have in your modern home.

  • The AC filter’s microparticle performance rating is 1900
  • Its design uses Filtrete brand 3 in 1 technology from 3M
  • Pulls in and traps unwanted air particles more effectively
  • It performs up to 4 times better for small particles than the non-electrostatic pleated AC filters
  • Performs better than fiberglass. 

4. Nordic Pure 20x25x1 AC Furnace Air Filters

This AC filter’s actual dimensions are 19 ½ by 24 ½ and ¾. It is meant to work best anywhere for the fact that it was built in the USA with the best and high-quality material. You can bank on its longevity and high performance.

This air filter is ideal for both commercial properties as well as for residential use. This air filter will serve you better than any other AC filters in the market. It attests to what is written on its pack so you can count on its above par performance.

  • It comparable to the MPR rating of 1500 – 1924
  • Made in the US using high-quality material
  • Backed by a warranty upon purchase
  • The AC filter is shipped in certified frustration. 

3. AIRx HEALTH 20x20x1 MERV 13 Pleated Air Filter

MERV 13 furnace filter premium pleated filter whose actual dimensions are 19.5 inches by 19.5 inches by 0.75 inches. Many home and office owners love this AC filter for its ability to trap even the smallest particle in the air.

With this one, you are sure to keep respiratory irritants, bacteria, viruses, and smog at bay. Count it for its health protection. Your home or office occupants will no longer have to make visits to the doctor due to respiratory complications.

  • Has the highest number of pleats
  • Comes with more media for trapping particles
  • It is made in the US using finest materials for longevity
  • It compares to 3m Filtrete ultra allergen MPR 1500
  • Equates to healthy living particle reduction MPR2800. 

2. Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense AC Furnace Air Filter

Count on this Filtrete Allergen Defense Filter 1 inch for protecting your home or office against allergens in the air. If what your home or office wants is an AC filter capable of attracting capsule particles, e.g., household dust mite debris and more, then look no further.

This AC filter is far much better than the known AC filters for its high power of capturing mold spores, pet dander, pollen as well as smoke. Below are some of its features.

  • It is electrostatically charged so that it can attract and capture microscopic particles better
  • 3M manufactures it
  • It lasts for up to 3 months. 

1. FilterBuy AFB Silver MERV 8 20x20x1 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter

This AC filter measures 20 by 20 by 1 inch. It is perfect for most HVAC and furnace. They are available in 4 packs. Also, it comes in AFB silver. This means that it has got advanced filters capable of increasing filtration of dust mites as well as many other allergens in the air.

If you have an office with many occupants or you need to filter air in your home then look no further as this ac filter is among the best brands that you can buy today. It can be used both at the commercial setting as well as in homesteads. Here are more of its features

  • Capable of removing lint and dust, pollen, mold spores as well as dust mite debris
  • Has a MERV rating of 8
  • Last up to 3 months ensuring you breathe better. 


A perfectly working air conditioning filter is sure to keep your air conditioning bills at an all-time low, while a faulty one is sure to cost you more. In the same breath; a defective air filter is inefficient at cooling your office or home. When you suspect that your home air conditioning filter does not work as it is supposed to, then ensure you fix it immediately. If you are new to AC filters, it may be hard for you to know whether the one you are about to purchase is a hit or a miss. Nonetheless, the list above only contains the best AC filters that are worth your time and money. Choose one today, and you will not go wrong.

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