Top 10 Best 32mm Curling Wands in 2022 Review

Finding the best curling tong is baffling. You can find countless styles available giving you different curls. Each brand gives you from ringlets to loose beachy waves. Therefore, to help you take out the mystery of shopping for a curling want our editor’s choice is sure to come in handy. Here you can find the top 10 best 32mm curling wands available in 2022.

32mm Curling Wands

What is Curling Wand and why do you need one?

If you are currently complaining about your hair being too straight or too frizzy you need the top rated curling wand available. Have you heard of it or not, the curling wand you can buy in different style options. There is the Reverse Wand that is a normal stylist curling iron with a conical shape and runs from large to a small tip. While a Bubble Wand is an entry-level curling iron that helps, you create the perfect beach waves.

Then you have the Classic Curling Wand you can buy in two different shapes. The first is a conical one with a clip and holds your hair in place while curling and best to use on short hair. Then you get the one without the clip and suitable to use on longer hair and creates spiral type curls.

Further, you get the Large Barrel Curling Wand that has a huge diameter and affects the type of waves produces. This wand creates a beach curl and your hair needs to be an average length to use. If you prefer a tighter curl, you can use the Thin Barrel Curling Wand giving your hair a spiral shape and works well on short to medium length hair.

Best 32mm Curling Wands Comparisons

The Beachwaver Pro Curling IronThe Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

The Herstyler Super Curling WandThe Herstyler Super Curling Wand

The NuMe Titan 3 Curling WandThe NuMe Titan 3 Curling Wand

The Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curling IronThe Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium CONICURLT IronBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium CONICURLT Iron

The Revlon Bubble Curling WandThe Revlon Bubble Curling Wand

3.9Below $50
The Conair YOU CURLThe Conair YOU CURL

4.3Below $50
Curling Wand 5PCurling Wand 5P

The CI9538 Remington T StudioThe CI9538 Remington T Studio

4.2Below $50
The Bed Head CURLIPOPS Curling WandThe Bed Head CURLIPOPS Curling Wand
4.3Below $50

Review of the 10 Best 32mm Curling Wands in 2022

1. The Bed Head CURLIPOPS Curling Wand

 The Bed Head CURLIPOPS Curling Wand-Curling WandsOne more amazing curling wand is the Bed Head CURLIPOPS model. The barrel has Tourmaline Ceramic Technology to help reduce frizz and leaves your hair shining. The barrel measures one-inch, heats up to 400° F, and has a dual voltage system. The swivel cord measures 6-foot and you receive a protective glove included. Now you can create your own loose curls without visiting the salon. The curling wand has a wrap-and-go design and you can buy it in different color designs.

  • Available in an orange design not tapered and the pink one is
  • Great to use on medium shoulder length hair
  • Gets hot and heats up quickly
  • Has a stand and protected tip
  • Great to create beachy waves
  • Does not have an on/off switch

2. The CI9538 Remington T Studio

The CI9538 Remington T Studio-Curling WandsAnother professional styling wand is the Remington T Studio model. The styling wand heats up to 410° F in 30 seconds and shuts off automatically after 60-minutes. Everything displays digital and includes a heat-resistant glove. The structure of the wand is ceramic and infused with real pearl for a smooth glide through the hair. Further, it has a cone shape to use at different dimensions and ranges from 1 – 1 ½ -inches. One of the highlights, when you buy the T Studio, is that you get a 4-year warranty with it.

  • Available in two different sizes for creating loose waves and curlier waves
  • Inexpensive
  • Smooth barrel
  • Heats up quickly
  • Digital reading
  • Includes a glove
  • Best to use the included glove as it gets hot

3. Curling Wand 5P

Curling Wand 5P-Curling WandsFor a top of the line curling iron, the Curling Wand 5P has five different interchangeable barrels. This appliance is suitable to use on all hair types and includes 1.25-inch, 0.5-inch, 0.75-inch, and a 1-inch barrel. There are multiple heat settings, has a quick heat up function, and LED indicator light. The barrels constructed of ceramic with a Tourmaline Coat. Further, it has a swivel cord and heats up to 410° F. The curling iron has a one-year limited warranty. To use the curling wand it has an on/off switch

  • Includes variable sized barrels
  • Heats up quickly and includes a glove
  • Has a nice size and comfortable to use
  • Affordable
  • A storage bag would give it a nice touch and great to keep all attachments together

4. The Conair YOU CURL

The Conair YOU CURL-Curling WandsThe Conair YOU CURL gives you an option of choosing some amazing color designs blue, pink, and purple. The curl wands easy to use and with the conical barrel, you can create 1 to ½ -inch curls for tight to looser curls. The device has no clamp and all you do is wrap your hair around the curling wand. To eliminate static and frizz it has Tourmaline Ceramic Technology protecting your hair from damage. You get instant heat as the curling iron heats up to 400° F and have five different heat settings. There is a LED indicator light displaying if it is working and has an automatic shut off.

  • Creates gorgeous curls
  • Creates spiral curls
  • Suitable for fine to wavy/curly hair
  • Heats up quickly
  • The on/off button is poorly placed
  • Has a learning curve
  • Need to use the included glove as it gets very hot

5. The Revlon Bubble Curling Wand

The Revlon Bubble Curling Wand-Curling WandsThe Revlon Bubble Curling Wand you can buy in two sizes a regular and X-Large one. For even heat distribution, the curling iron has Ceramic Technology preventing hot spots when you use it on your hair. There is a constant heat of up to 400° F to give you a perfect style. The other exceptional thing is you can take the hair stylist tool with you anywhere as it has worldwide dual voltage. Included you receive a heat resistant glove as a bonus. Further, the Bubble Curling Wand has a clipless spiral and great to create whimsical waves or curls. The curling iron heats up in seconds and comes with a safety stand.

  • Easy to use
  • Create loose to tight curls
  • Different heat settings
  • Great to use for a beach look
  • Can be a bit expensive

6. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium CONICURLT Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium CONICURLT Iron-Curling WandsWith the BaBylissPRO, you can get twisted and not all kinky as the curling irons tapered with Nano Titanium. This is one of the best curling wands available on the market. The device is suitable for working with larger or smaller sections of hair. For ultimate styling, it has advanced surround heat and curls size 1 – ¼ -inch to ¾ -inch. The wand has 50 heat settings up to 450° F and weighs 1.2 pounds. You can use it for unlimited curling options and for an instant boost of heat use the Turbo Heat Button.

  • Not difficult to use or needs no learning curve
  • Suitable for short hair
  • Gets hot
  • This is a clipless iron
  • Great to use for a beach curl
  • Affordable
  • Not made to use as a straightener

7. The Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curling Iron

The Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curling Iron-Curling WandsFor a curling wand that heats up quickly, the Hot Tools HTBW1852 has a rheostat control with separate on/off switch. There is a power indicator light and includes a heat-resistant glove. The curling iron is tapered to curl three sizes of curls from 1 ¼ – ¾ -inches. Use it for an ultra-smooth and frizz-free curl. Extra, it has a Nanoceramic barrel for support when used. For ease of use, it has an 8-foot swivel cord that is tangle free and designed with variable heat settings.

  • Great temperature control
  • Has a cool tip
  • Has tapered ends for versatility
  • Creates tighter curls
  • Includes a glove
  • Styles loose to tight curls
  • Easy to use
  • Has a bit of a learning curve when used for the first time

8. The NuMe Titan 3 Curling Wand

The NuMe Titan 3 Curling Wand-Curling WandsFor a top of the range, curling wand lay your hands on the NuMe Titan 3 model. This all-in-one hair tool is lightweight and has three interchangeable barrels sized 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm. The barrels designed with titanium to penetrate the infrared heat deep into the hair giving it a great shine and long-lasting curl. Compared to the Herstyler the NuMe heats up to 390° F. You receive a heat-resistant glove to make using the clipless wand easier. Further, it has a soft touch finish with a swivel power cord. The apparatus is suitable to use on thick to coarse hair creating ringlets and soft cascading waves. The handset base has a digital temperature display with an 8-foot power cord.

  • Easy to use
  • Includes great extra barrels to form different curls
  • Suitable to use on thick to coarse hair
  • Depending on the length of your hair it can take a bit of time to get the right results

9. The Herstyler Super Curling Wand

 The Herstyler Super Curling Wand-Curling WandsIf your hair is prone to become static or frizzy, you need the Herstyler Super Curling Wand to create the perfect curls. The curling iron has a one-year warranty with floating plates protected by Ceramic Technology. The device prevents your hair from getting frizzy or static. You can curl or straighten your hair with this model as it contains a 1.25-inch flat iron and tapered ⅓ – ¾ -inch barrel and ¾ – 1-inch tapered barrel with a straight one-inch curling iron. You can easily make small to large curls with this model. Included with your purchase you receive the flat iron with an interchangeable 3-part hair curler. The maximum temperature is 500° F.

  • Works well if you have shoulder length hair
  • Can wrap your hair in different ways
  • Works great on thin straight hair
  • Heats up quickly
  • Great combo set
  • Using the curling wand is challenging if you are used to using a clip one
  • Can get very hot

10. The Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

The Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron-Curling WandsFor a professional rotating curling wand, the Beachwaver Pro comes highly recommended. This iron rotates in both directions for a glamorous wave with the touch of a button. The curling wands easy to use and has a clamp style to slide your hair out. The Beachwaver has a one-inch barrel and a 6.5-inch protective ceramic rod. For a uniformed heat, distribution Infused with Gold Powder and has no kinks. When pressing the GO button it automatically rotates. The curling iron has an internal heater that heats up to 450 F and designed with a 30-minute shut off feature. Further, it has a long 9-foot cord.

  • Curls well
  • The curls stay in pretty long
  • Uses a battery operated twirl
  • Expensive


There is no more need to visit the hair salon when choosing our top 10 best 32mm curling wands in 2022. You can now create your own perfect natural curl and look as you have naturally wavy hair. They may look scary and get hot but with the included protective, you will not burn yourself. We hope you find a suitable one to suit your lifestyle and needs creating bouncing ringlets making you look as if you have stepped out of the salon.

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