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Top 10 Best 96 Inch Curtains In 2019

Sleep is the essential part of anyone’s life. It helps us to restore our energy and makes us feel fresh and motivated for the next day. For one to function at it’s best, he needs to rest its body and that can achieve through sleep. So, to help you get the best sleep of your life, we are going to show you the top 10  96 inch curtains of 2019 in detail.

96 Inch Curtains

Good sleep is a necessity as it keeps you fresh your whole day. And for that, you require the best curtains to maintain the darkness so your sleep is not disturbed. Different types of curtains have a different kind of use and serve the various purpose in your homes. But mostly curtains are closed on a different kind of size, types, and colors.

It is good things the curtains help you and your children asleep even when the sun is out. Curtains keep your sleep intact and don’t hinder your children’s nap and keep the sleep intact for night shift workers. Below given are the various options for curtains and suit which is the best option for you.

Top 10 Best 96 Inch Curtains In 2019

10. Exclusive Home Loha Linen Window Curtain Panel Pair 

Exclusive Home Loha Linen Window Curtain Panel Pair with Grommet Top, Winter White, 52x96 

About the product

Loha Linen window curtain is exclusively made up of 100% Polyester and its imported so that its quality is maintained and have winter white color. Polyester is the most important material which gives your curtain the better durability and that rich look. Loha offers on its luxurious natural colored fabrics a textured linen look.  It generally consists of two curtain panels, which have sixteen matt silver grommets and in total making it 8 per panel.

The Loha Drapery consists of sixteen silver grommets each panel which give the royal and extravagance touch to your décor.  It allows any rod twice of 15/8” radius to fit in it. Loha Drapery consists of eight silver grommets in each panel, thus including more of luxury and richness to your décor. This Creates the class apart impression of your home in front of your family and friends.

Loha Drapery have a steep to completely lined blackout, having exclusive curtains which give the treatment to protect your room from the sunshine that might harass you.In fact, Lohan linen is famous for using and implementing the opacity rating for every product to know the light interference qualities of the product. This should be your confident purchase as it prevents the sunlight with its every panel along with the promised royal touch to your décor.

 9. HLC.ME Lattice Thermal Room Darkening Energy-Efficient Blackout Curtains

HLC.ME Lattice Thermal Room Darkening Energy-Efficient Blackout Curtains for Bedroom - Set of 2 - 96" inch Long (Light Grey) 

About the product

Look and DESIGN: Along with having thick material, this 96-inch curtains block light and have perfect quality shade which gives that feel of completeness to your décor along with the look of illumination. Each panel consist of 6 brushed nickel grommet and Package have 2 blackout curtains panels.

 Efficiency: This curtain has specialized material which helps to save your electricity on heating or air con, as it consists of the ability to keep the warmth and block out heat in summer and cold in winter.

Sunlight: Blackout curtains are stitched are in tightly woven using dense material consisting triple weave technology to prevent the unwanted daylight.  These curtains are treated specially with additional tight woven material so that you can cope with the sunshine.

Creative Design: To bend with the geometrical shape of the window, this consist of lattice pattern to fit with it. The pattern consists of interlinking just to get the classy finish and smooth look matching any part of your house.

Privacy: This curtain is most appreciated because it blocks the little irritating noises which come through the road and providing the easy, leisure’s sleep to you because of its noise reduction feature and blackout drapes. It dampens the noise because of its thick blackout material, which is most appreciated after the sleep.

8. Grey Curtains Natural Linen Mixed Semi-Sheer Curtains 

Grey Curtains Natural Linen Mixed Semi-Sheer Curtains 96 Inches Long Beautiful Ombre Sheer Window Elegant Curtains/Drapes/Panels/Treatment, 2 Panels  

About the product

These H.VERSALITEX PRINT OMBRE LINEN semi-sheer curtain panels are among the best chosen because of its sublime, spectacular and demanding qualities in the market for any room. It’s doesn’t create the cheap impact because of its cost appearance and providing the wealthy touch. The different range of the color provides the little light and ethereal feel.

Your SMART Choice: Curtains are available with 2 tone color effect(Plum, Taupe, Grey, Indigo) and have the length of 96”, mixed droop with our H.Versailtex Blackout linen curating, thus building an exquisite match for your interior of home designs.

Standard Size: Oversubscribed per set, also set of window panels having 52 inches breadth by ninety sic inches length. Each set is a measure of 104 inches breadth by ninety-six inches length having straightforward fastening prime droop possibility. Each panel consists of eight nickel grommets, nicely fitting with any quality of rod or poles.

Rich Linen Material: 96-inch curtains are produced using superior quality waive linen intermingled cloth, using primitive. Natural impact making the curtains more elegant and classic, no chemicals are added. It is checked in formaldehyde- free and atmosphere friendly, which is safe for youngsters and nursery.

 7. H.Versailtex Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Room Grommet Indoor Curtains

H.Versailtex Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Room Grommet Indoor Curtains-52 inch Width by 96-inch Length-Set of 2 Panels-Vintage Floral Pattern in Sage and Brown 

About the product

Standard Size: sold per set as well as a pair of panels. Panel measures: 52″W x 63″L|Set measures: 104″W x 63″L. every panel has eight antique metal cringles (external diameter of the grommet is a pair of.4″, inner diameter is one.6″). Panels are measured as 52” width and 63” length. Set is measure as  104” width and 63” length.  Each panel consists of eight antique metal cringles.

Natural Blackout: It is having the triple weave and is pure blackout cloth, ignoring any chemical coating. It stops the sunlight having the thick cloth and stopping 100 percent actinic ray, check by the authorities which checks that curtains are vinyl free and friendly for your children and nursery.

Multiple Functions: High Performing and consisting of the soft material sturdy 96-inch curtains having space darkening, thermal insulated, noise reducing, energy saving and protecting the privacy and adding the elegance to the window with its extraordinary look.

Curtains Features
  • H. Versailtex blackout window curtains consist of certain properties such as maintaining the temperature, thermal insulated and space darkening, energy saver and economical, noise reducer and darkening the room with privacy protection.
  • Decorate your Drawing room, lounge, recording room and feeding space along with additional modern/ Victorian and classical.
  • These Curtains are made for late sleepers, shift employees and senior infants along with oldsters students as well. 

6. HLC.ME Lattice Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains 

HLC.ME Lattice Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains for Bedroom - Grey - 52" W x 96" L - Pair 

About the product

DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION: This curtains will block light which is consist of durable and will have the perfect design having elegance which will have given the better look. Each panel consists of eight(8) chrome grommets. A package consists of 2 blackout curtains panels.

Energy-Efficient: HLC.ME blackout Curtains is probably the best choice for saving your energy. These curtains are inserted with warmth resisting or cold preserving in our home to increase or decrease the heat and keeping the cooling system.

REDUCES NOISE:  Use these blackout curtains in your lounge once the guests come home for greeting. It will get louder and you are doing not wish bypasses hearing in on your conversations.

5. TURQUOIZE 2 Panels Solid Blackout Drapes

TURQUOIZE 2 Panels Solid Blackout Drapes, Beige/Ivory, Themal Insulated, Grommet/Eyelet Top, Living Room Curtains Each Panel 52" W x 96" L

About the product

SET of two PANELS: sold per Combination, the panel measuring: fifty-two inches wide by ninety-six inches long| Set measures: 104 inches wide by ninety-six inches long. Every panel has eight matching holdfasts (rim of the grommet is two.4″, whereas inner is one.6″),  decorated with a basic or ornamental curtain rod

 99% NATURAL BLACKOUT: Consisting of immoderately soft and smooth and silky velvet feeling which is the creation of OKEO-TEX customary. This blackout curtain is blocking almost every ultraviolet light ray, and technology and almost every daylight entering your home. Hence, making your home environment-friendly.

MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Not Purely useful at interference, daylight to circulate the sunshine and having the sooth temperature in your rooms however even have high performance on thermal insulated, area darkening, energy economical, noise reducing and privacy-protecting.

4. H.Versailtex Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Room 

H.Versailtex Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Room Grommet Indoor Curtains-52 inch Width by 96-inch Length-Set of 2 Panels-Taupe and Brown Geo Pattern 

About the product

 Standard Sizer: It is sold per set along with the pair of panels. The panel is measured as 52 “ w * 96” l. Set measures are 104”W * 96”L each and every panel have antique copper cringles; the inner diameter is same 6”.

TURQUOIZE mainly focus on merchandise and making ready home furniture of window décor. Also, it focuses on curtains, pretend linen, sheer panels, and repair paper shades and room tier. This curtains perfectly matches your room environment and getting proper protection.

3. FlamingoP Full Blackout Grey Curtains Faux Silk Satin 

FlamingoP Full Blackout Grey Curtains Faux Silk Satin with Black Liner Thermal Insulated Window Treatment Panels, Grommet Top (52 x 96 Inch, Set of 2) 

About the product

2. Panel per package, every panel measures 52″ W x 96″ L | Set measures 104″ W x 96″ L. Stitched using the black color which prevents daylight and protects your privacy. You will get the calmness of your mind with our double – layered lined blackout curtains, which block most of the daylight.

Flamingo P Curtains can protect your room consisting two thick layers of hearing, cold, and light-weight which is the ideal choice for winters. Grommets simply slide on an ornamental rod. These curtains are available in an exceedingly range of spirited colors, moreover, you’ll simply just choose the matching color perfect for your home and window décor.

The best choice for the late sleeper, shift staff, children, seniors, infants, parents, students, laptop operators are this solid blackout curtain. Which are the best choice for your living rooms, nursery area, bedrooms, kitchens, slippy glass doors as well as offices.

2. Charlotte Gray Grommet Jacquard Window Curtain Panels

Charlotte Gray Grommet Jacquard Window Curtain Panels, Pair / Set of 2 Panels, 52x96 inches Each, by Royal Hotel

About the product

The peak of luxury! We have Charlotte fixing Jacquard Panels which change the casual look of Home interior Architect and giving your spot-on lavish touch. This fine Jacquard Pattern consists of highlight in the material which covers the front panels.

Grey metal grommets are at the highest of the panel. Grommets are specially designed for glass and are spaced in such a neat manner that material forms are neatly folded acquiring once the part is left open. It is 1.5 inches in Internal fixing Diameter.

UNIQUE HOME DÉCOR: This extravagant style will match with your décor and window giving your home the very new impact, good trendy match and ancient vintage and rustic home design, hence giving you the additional good lifetime.

Fabric Type: 3 layers plain-woven rough blackout cloth, innovated microfiber soft material with classical written floral styles.

1. Exclusive Home Curtains Augustus Grommet Top Window Curtain Panel 

Exclusive Home Curtains Augustus Grommet Top Window Curtain Panel Pair, 96" Length, Off-White, 2 Piece 

About the product

Augustus Drapes is providing an upscale metallic medallion pattern on a luxurious linen (100Percent Cotton) cloth.

Set includes: – 4Top hem, 3bottom hem, Recommended ordering a pair of to three times rod breadth for correct look and fullness. 2 (2) curtain panels, every mensuration fifty-four inches wide x eighty-four inches long, 8 matte silver grommets per panel.

Light interference and Noise reducing: Having a nap in your daytime mainly needs to keep the glare of sun away from your room, which is possible with this blackout curtain panel consisting of a thick material to prevent excess light. The grommet-top curtain is high enough to keep out the light with its floor-length windows, doors and also not allowing the lightweight to enter. You’ll be having the privacy you want with your close ones and your family.

Additionally, having the great quality along with nice outlook, these curtains are going to bring the heat. Nice magnificence to your home whit this high-quality curtain panel. Matching the other opposite curtains, we have pretty many soft curtains. This style enables the elegance and will give that luxurious touch. 


We hope that our recommendations helped you to choose your desired curtains protecting your privacy and from heat and light. In the last, below are the conditions you must follow before choosing those curtains.

Your purpose for the curtains should be clear before you purchase them. If you don’t choose the properly it will be your waste of money as well waste of time. See what color matches your room texture and then see the contrast of the background whether it may be black, white, or brown. Pick your color and if you’re still unclear ask your designer to pick the right choice for you.

Keep in mind that if you are choosing any 96 inches it doesn’t only help to block sunlight but also it helps to keep the sound out and along with the keeping the room’s warmth. Hope that our recommendations helped you to choose the best curtain for you.

Lastly, all of these 96-inch curtain options are handpick extensively by our experts providing you with optimum quality of product and satisfactory reviews. No choice in this list is less than the best to go for!



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