Best Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals

When Is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

A smart shopper understands the tips to use when shopping online for less. There are many hacks for shopping for less on the net. Besides using coupon codes better known as promo codes, you can also shop during holidays. There are many holidays that most retailers set aside to sell products for less, such as Amazon Prime day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and most. During these days, you are sure to buy things for less. Sometimes you can buy products for half the normal price.

This holiday is exclusive to the Amazon website. It started a couple of years ago, in 2015. If you have never known about it, then you must have missed out big-time. What started as a one-day event for shoppers to spend less on their purchases is now relatively long to ensure that millions of buyers enjoy shopping here. It now lasts for 2 days. Read on to find out more about the ‘holiday.’

What is Amazon Prime Day?

These days, big retail sales are not limited to some partnership with US major holidays. Actually, most sellers have created their own holidays. A retailer such as Nordstrom has their unique holiday called Anniversary Sale. Nike’s holiday sale is Air Mix Day. Amazon, on the other hand, has not been left behind as they have their holiday called Prime Day.

This holiday was introduced back in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary. The first ever holiday of this kind was a one-day-only holiday. Its intention was to overtake Black Friday to be the sales event of the year. The 2022 Amazon Prime Day will be an event for 48 hours and will take place on the 15th and 16th day of July.  The event will feature major deals on Amazon devices such as pico projectors and much more. It will also feature major sales on more than a million other products on the website, and all prices will be exclusive to Prime members.

The first Amazon Prime Day event in 2015 was marred with a critic since members felt like both the quality and quantity of the deals offered were wanting. Nonetheless, the site was watchful and listened to their customers. Since then this site has upped their game in every realm and as such, the event has realized great success. Amazon Prime Day event of 2018 was the most successful shopping day for the website, however, it conceded defeat to Cyber Monday shortly after. Nonetheless, it continues to be one of the sites biggest shopping events of all times.

This event is also now available in most countries outside the US. In 2017, the event was available to Canada, Spain, UK, Japan, Italy, Mexico, France, Belgium, China, and Austria for the first time. Come 2018, the list became bigger with new members such as Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, and Luxembourg. In 2022, it will be happening in the UAE for the first time.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

We are almost nearing this year’s Amazon Prime day, with only less than three weeks remaining. This year’s shopping event, as explained above will take two full days. This will make the event to be the longest Amazon prime Day, with discounts on virtually anything. From 4k televisions to Fire TV Stickers. The site is promising over 1 million deals. The site also promises that there will be a special stream that will highlight the best Prime Day Twitch deals.  The 20th July 2022 event is an event worth watching out for.

Why the event will take place in July

The summer’s dog days are not a very busy time for retailers. Pioneer, a Global payment provider indicates that retailers experienced an average drop in sales of up to 4% in July 2018. Amazon is trying to fix this by coming up with the Amazon Prime Day of 2022 in July. This event will work better than what the retailer thinks. Sales will increase up to 30% during this event, and the months after the event.

There are many benefits of becoming an Amazon Prime member, for one it costs you only $119 a year. It will cost you even less especially if you are a student or you have a Medicaid card. It is even cheaper if you have EBT. Though it was not introduced a long time ago, this event has more than 100 million subscribers world over. They all think that it is worth it. Therefore if you are on the fence still contemplating on whether to buy the membership, you are missing out big time. Some of the standout benefits of being a member are that you benefit from the 2-day shipping, access to prime deals day deals this July 20th and 21st, and also you benefit from scheduled deliveries. Check out some of the deals that the membership offers you.

Best Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals

1. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart Speaker with Alexa – Charcoal

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa

$49.00    $25.00 only

This is Amazon’s best, and most popular smart speaker. It comes in fabric design and it is improved for both a louder and richer audio. You can voice control your music. Streaming songs from Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and more platform couldn’t be better and easier with this speaker.

The speaker produces a bigger and better sound. It is paired with a second echo dot, 3rd generation for stereo, rich sound. The speaker is sure to fill your room with music with compatible echo devices in each room.

You can connect it to your own speaker over Bluetooth or likewise with a 3.5 mm audio cable. It lets you voice control your smart home. It is currently sold for $49 but with Amazon Prime Deal, you will get it for only $24.99 and save a clean $25.

2. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR

$229.00    $84.90 only

You can now track your calorie burn, workout intensity, heart rate and understand your health without using an uncomfortable chest strap. You can use it to automatically track your sleep and also this device will show you the amount of time you have spent in light. It tracks your deep or REM sleep.

The device has a silent alarm that wakes you up peacefully in the morning. The tracking technology automatically detects and logs workout to the Fitbit dashboard. This way, you can get credit without even pushing a button.

It is currently selling at Amazon for $229. However, you benefit more when you buy it during Amazon Prime Day for just $84.90

3. Toshiba 32LF221U19 32-inch 720p HD Smart LED TV

Toshiba 32LF221U19 32-inch 720p HD Smart LED TV | Best Amazon Prime Day

$179.99    $99.99 only

The Toshiba HD smart TV delivers up to 720p picture quality. The images have deep black and rich colors to ensure you enjoy watching. It has Fire TV experience built in, which enables you to watch myriads of channels.

This Television set also is compatible with lots of Apps and Alexa. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and much more channels.

One can easily control their TV with the voice remote with Alexa. Also, launch apps, play music, search for titles, switch inputs, control smart home devices and much more.

Get it for only $159 this Prime day and save $20.01.

4. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) – Silver Aluminium Case

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) - Silver Aluminium Case

$279.50    $199.00 only

Stand out this year with this Apple Watch that has a GPS tracker, optical sensor, Digital crown and so much more. Surprise your family and friends when you buy this gift for them this July.

The GPS+Cellular lets you use the watch without your mobile phone nearby. With only the GPS feature, you need to have your phone within the Bluetooth distance range.  The Apple watch has an S3 with a dual-core processor. It comes with an Accelerometer and a gyroscope.

This watch is swim proof and comes in an aluminum case. It is currently selling at $279.50 however you will buy it at only $199.00 during the prime day.

5. Petcube Bites 2: Smart Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Petcube Bites 2: Smart Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

$249    $124.5 only

Do you know that you can treat your pet remotely thanks to this pet cube bites camera? You can fling treat at varying schedules or distances. It is compatible with a host of dry, crunchy dog and cat treats.

You can monitor your pet around the clock using your phone, thanks to the Wi-Fi pet cam with clear 1080p HD video. It has 138 degrees wide-angle view and a night vision feature.

You can chat with your pet using this pet cube bites camera. There is free cloud-based video storage. It sells at only $249. Prime day selling price is $124.50

6. myQ Smart Garage Door Opener (Chamberlain MYQ-G0301) + Amazon Cloud Cam

myQ Smart Garage Door Opener (Chamberlain MYQ-G0301) + Amazon Cloud Cam | Key Smart Garage Kit (Key In-Garage Delivery Eligible)

$99.98    $47.98 only

You can now open or close your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone. Also, you can add more functionality to the door opener. Connect the myQ Smart Garage Hub with the Amazon Cloud Cam and see who comes in or goes out in 1080p HD videos.

Other features of this device are the night vision feature and 2-way audio. You also receive alerts. You can set up customized notifications when the garage door either closes or opens in real time.

Setting up this device is absolutely easy and can be done in under 3 minutes and you are good to go. This device is available in Amazon now, for just $99.98. Buy it during Amazon Prime Day for only $47.98.

7. Fire TV Recast, over-the-air DVR, 500 GB

Fire TV Recast, over-the-air DVR, 500 GB | Best Amazon Prime Day

$229       $TBC

This Fire TV Recast is a DVR and this means that you can use it to watch and record over the air TV at home or on the go using a compatible mobile device. There are no monthly fees. You can watch and record live sport, late night shows, local news and more. The 2 tuners let you record up to 2 shows at the same time.

The Fire TV Recast can store up to 75 hours of HD programming. It is compatible with Alexa-enabled device. Only use your voice to search for the shows that interest you. Also, you can use speech to open and control the channel guide, schedule recordings and manage recordings.

Buy this Fire TV Recast cheaply during Amazon Prime Day. Currently, it sells at $229 on Amazon.

The free 2-day shipping is one of the reasons why most people shopping on Amazon have active Amazon Prime membership. Nonetheless, this is an amazing deal you can’t afford to miss. Along with this benefit, there are uncountable benefits of subscribing to the Amazon Prime Day subscription. This site has gone above and beyond with this deal and in turn, it offers so many deals to customers ensuring that they can save a lot of money on their purchase. Some of the advantages of using this deal this Amazon prime day on July 20 is that there are the one day and same day shipping. Add free video and audio streaming, low prices and much more. Ensure you subscribe today to avoid missing out on these and more benefits come July 20th, 2020.


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