Top 10 Best Backlit Keyboards in 2020

If you work on a computer all day, you need functionality and ease of use to make your day bearable. This is where our editor’s choice of the top 10 best backlit keyboards in 2020 is handy.

The backlit keyboard is a feature you find in most laptops and looks cool. Not only does it look amazing it serves a great purpose.

They illuminate and make it possible for you to work at night or enjoy a game on your PC throughout the night. There are different designs available for your computer and the development is constantly evolving.

They have a durable design with advanced function keys such FN and media keys. In addition, if you are a gamer, you will find the backlit keyboard review helpful as well.

You can find different models available here USB Wired to Cordless ones each displaying their own unique features.

Review of the 10 Best Backlit Keyboards in 2020

1. The Corsair K70 Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K70 Gaming Keyboard-Backlit KeyboardsFor an exclusive mechanical gaming keyboard, the Corsair K70 is faultless. When used with USB it has an imperative roller that is 100% anti-ghosting with a soft-press wrist rest you can detach. The keyboards fitted with multimedia controls and have a brushed aluminum frame making it durable. Corsair designed the keyboard with Cherry MX blue key and you can adjust it with an audible click. One tempting feature is the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) support. This trait allows you to do advanced macro programming and lighting to customize virtual games.

  • Has a small compact size
  • Has full key rollover
  • Excellent price

2. The KingTop Anti-Ghosting Backlit Wired Keyboard

The KingTop Anti-Ghosting Backlit Wired Keyboard-Backlit Keyboards Another mechanical gamer’s keyboard that is LED backlit is the KingTop Anti-Ghosting model available in black and gold. Further, it has a full set of anti-ghosting keys with n-key rollover. You can use numerous keys simultaneously for fast game playing. The keyboard has nine preset backlight effects you can customize with the FN key and INS key. A highlighted feature of this product is the four drain holes found in the base making it water-resistant. There are multimedia keys for shortcuts and is USB friendly.

  • Solid build
  • Customizable LED colors
  • Very tactile when used
  • The key colors are fixed

3. The Redragon K556 Backlit Keyboard

The Redragon K556 Backlit Keyboard-Backlit KeyboardsFor a next-generation gaming keyboard that will leave you awe-struck, choose the Redragon K556. The backlit keyboards customized with brown mechanical switches and you receive eight blue switches included. The RGB LED lightings adjustable with six different backlight colors and you can adjust the brightness. There are 104 standard conflict keys and includes a key cap puller. Further, there are twelve multimedia keys with adjustable input speeds. The WASD and arrow keys interchangeable and you can disable the WIN keys.

  • Can swap out the keys with the eight blue switches included
  • You receive a keycap puller and switch puller
  • The blue switches give you a great audible click and very tactile
  • At the price point, the keyboards sold you get amazing features included
  • The software is not great and there is no software available to download from the website

4. KrBn Backlit Keyboard

KrBn Backlit Keyboard-Backlit KeyboardsFor one of the cheapest RGB mechanical keyboard, nothing beats the KrBn Backlit model. The keyboard ha blue and equivalent cherry green mechanical switches. The keycaps suspended for the best gaming and typing experience. There are nine multi-color LED backlight patterns and eight game lighting modes. Further, it has anti-ghosting technology controlling each key separately and has 104 keys. You can change the effect mode by using the FN+INS keys and the product is waterproof and has four drain holes.

  • Affordable
  • Lightings configurable
  • Has a solid build
  • You cannot change the backlight

5. The AUKEY RGB Backlit Keyboard

The AUKEY RGB Backlit Keyboard-Backlit KeyboardsThe AUKEY is another Red Green Blue backlit keyboard with 104 keys. This anti-ghosting keyboard is great for gaming and typing. The keyboard has low-noise brown Outemu switches for accurateness and responsive to use. Included with your purchase you receive the software for ease of customizing it and set up automatically. Further, there are nine preset and three assignable lighting effects and the brightness & effect speeds adjustable. You receive a two-year warranty, software CD, user manual, and keycap puller with your purchase.

  • The brown switches are quiet when you type on them
  • Has a professional look
  • Each key is programmable
  • Does not include a wrist rest

6. CHONCHOW Backlit Keyboard

CHONCHOW Backlit Keyboard-Backlit KeyboardsAnother waterproof designed backlit keyboard is the CHONCHOW. The keyboard has 104 keys that you can use simultaneously and the keycaps removable. For strengthening your gaming experience, they included a mouse pad. The device fits in perfectly with the rainbow backlight and compatible with OS and USB devices. Another added accessory is the breathtaking backlight mouse designed with a sleeved fiber cable, seven color RGB, three buttons, and anti-skid scroll wheel. There are seven multimedia keys and has nineteen anti-ghost keys.

  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Great design

The bottom slides all over your desk some rubber pads would give it a nice touch

7. DBPOWER Backlit Keyboard

DBPOWER Backlit Keyboard-Backlit KeyboardsThe DBPOWER keyboard is another seven-color adjustable backlit model. There are two modes you can choose changeable breathing and permanent. The keyboard consists of 104 keys with 19 of them non-conflict. The keycaps removable and has tactile feedback. Designed with a USB braided cable the keyboards plug-and-play and needs no driver. Further, it has a waterproof anti-skid design with laser curving character. With the multimedia keys, you can easily customize short cuts for game playing and the WASD and arrow keys interchangeable. You receive a 24-month warranty included with the backlit keyboard.

  • Easy to use
  • The changing colors are superb
  • Inexpensive
  • Not one of the best backlit keyboards to type on

8. Emarth Wired Gaming Keyboard

Emarth Wired Gaming Keyboard-Backlit KeyboardsThe Emarth wired gaming keyboard might not a mechanical one, but does provide you with the mechanical feel. The keyboard has included suspension keycaps that give you a clear tone while used. Further, it has 104 normal keys with 12 hotkeys and 19 non-conflict keys. Extra you have four joystick movement keys with concave keycap and a strengthened space bar. The seven-backlit colors changeable and available with brightness modes. Included with your purchase you receive the manual, keyboard, and a 12-month warranty. There is a comfortable wrist rest for typing.

  • Works well when you type
  • Has an attractive design
  • The font on the keys are clear
  • The volume buttons very small and hard to distinguish them in the dark

9. The Three Color Backlit Keyboard from DBPOWER

The Three Color Backlit Keyboard from DBPOWER-Backlit KeyboardsAnother gamers’ keyboard is the three-color backlit model from DBPOWER. The keyboards equipped with 104 keys and removable keycaps. There are 19 non-conflict keys with a strengthened space bar. This is a 3 color changeable LED backlit keyboard that you can set the color to use permanent and is adjustable. The keyboard has a waterproof anti-skid design with laser carving characters on the keys. The covers made with plastic and the bottom shell is ABS.

  • Inexpensive
  • Can set the brightness and backlight to red, blue or purple
  • Has an off function when not used
  • The keys are very sensitive when touched

10. Arteck HB030B Slim Backlit Keyboard

Arteck HB030B Slim Backlit Keyboard-Backlit KeyboardsNow, if you want one of the best backlit keyboards the Arteck HB030B is not only pleasing to the eye it has a built-in rechargeable battery. You get seven backlight colors with two brightness levels you can use. Further, it has an auto-sleep mode to help save power. Included you receive a lithium battery with a six-month use and gives you up to two hours backlighting time. With the slim design, you can move it around without restrictions of cables.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Works with different mobile devices
  • The battery holds a charge well
  • There is a blue indicator light for battery use but does not tell you how much battery power is left


If you need the best console choice for typing or gaming, we hope our top 10 best backlit keyboards in 2020 helped you out. Each of these keyboards is top-notch and offers you different features for the best work or game experience. The only thing left is for you to decide which ones suitable for your individual needs.

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