Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes for Women in 2022

There is being a steady growth in the rise of women players entering the world of bowling in the past years. Thus to get the best quality shoes for women is important for them as their size vary greatly when compared to men. If your shoe size is different from the other shoes your wear than please check the shoe size guide for a better view of the shoes. Besides filler and magnificence, there is no such difference.

Bowling Shoes for Women

There are many types of the sole which are made in women’s shoes but the important ones are less. Choosing those shoes which match up to your requirement will help you in getting the best out of what you can expect from your side in the best way possible. There are many variations in the traditional as well as the modern version. So it is up to you how you choose these shoes. Check out our below list to know top 10 bowling shoes for women in 2022. Also check this to see Best Men’s Cross Training Shoes

Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes for Women in 2022

10. KR Strikeforce Ladies Mist Bowling Shoes

KR Strikeforce Ladies Mist Bowling Shoes

KR Strikeforce ladies mist bowling shoes are your ultimate survivor as they are more lightweight, durable. It havan a upper comfort-fit construction which makes them more important for you.

As the name suggests you will have to make sure that you are able to get this shoe because of the extra force it provides to you while getting in to the world of the bowling. This gives you an ease and push to get forward with your bowling career.

For you to harness the power of the shoe and get the bowl directly into the lane bouncing thus you have to be selective and in your best way to get the right flat footed. Slippery shoe contains a swish and leather material. And getting the most out of the shoe and by deciding the way we get out of the game is important to win the game.

You can get the most out of the shoe by wearing it in every game and you will definitely win as well.

9. Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe 

Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe 

Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe is the most trending and breathable shoes which provide you with more air and the comfort towards the cause which you can definitely work on and get the game going.

These lightweight shoes can increase your speed. These shoes have microfiber sole which provides more grips as well.

Most of the people try to rent the shoes which are a bad practice. When you can afford good quality shoes as they are not cheaper and get you the best product in a decent amount. You should often try to search for the best product and get the game on with more and more importance towards the game.

8. Dexter Vicky Bowling Shoes for women

Dexter Vicky Bowling Shoes for women

Dexter Vicky Bowling Shoes for women are purely synthetic based shoes providing extra comfort and best durability. Synthetic Dexter means a quality of work which is done in making these shoes a hit. The bowlers using these shoes can get the best of comfort and assurance regarding the use of the shoes.

They have a non-marking rubber sole which has an outlined horseshoe heel and an S8 microfiber sliding sole on each shoe.

These shoes are meant to be played only for bowling purpose and not for any other purpose. Thus you will have to make sure that you don’t wear them outside because they won’t be able to assist you in the hard surface and may lose its durability.

7. BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe 

BSI Women's 460 Bowling Shoe

BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe is the excellent choice for people who are willing to start a career in bowling which helps them to get the best out of the bowling game. To fill up your shoe desires it has a lot to offer in the store by providing cheap value, durable skill and trendy style to create it your companion.

This shoe has a leather skin and additional slippery sole which is accompanied by the microfiber sole to put a sock lining.

These shoes are different from the other shoes as they come in various sizes with having the alternate lace to get you the comfort you need while wearing a bowling shoe. Getting the best fit for your toe is necessary so you should get to work as soon as possible. Make sure you run around with a better towel to remove your sweat.

6. Dexter Dani Bowling shoe 

Dexter Dani Bowling shoe

Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes are a fully worth product giving you the best alternative for the bowling shoe you are looking for! These shoes are soft and sturdy fabric lined with a tongue that is a cushiony collar. Also, it has a U-throat pattern which is higher and can get better with a non-marking rubber sole to give it a legal push. Totally fabric lined it has an S8 microfiber slide soles with each on a shoe.

That is an important aspect to get the shoes for your bowling career as it is very bad to play the game without perfect accessories. However, the safety functions are meant to be followed and this shoe has it all. So you can definitely get this one done in a band as it has polished shoe lacing which helps in getting out of more and more slippery surface.

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5. Dexter Bowling Womens Katie 

Dexter Bowling Womens Katie

This shoes for women named Dexter Bowling Women’s Katie are the best available for the bowling player which are used to get the best performance along with being the best in features.

These lightweight shoes are having a funky cotton canvas higher sole which is accompanied by the lower spike sole to get the best out of the product. It has a removable footbed of EVA and has shaped removable blown higher pattern of a casual silhouette.

The bowling alleys are always there to assist you in wearing bowling shoes. Thus you might find it difficult to get to the people who are more open to discuss the type of shoe you are looking for. You should take a trial of these shoes so that you can assure that this is the best choice.

4. Aura Ladies Bowling shoe 

Aura Ladies Bowling shoe

Aura Ladies bowling shoe is most of breathable. It is the best for the lightweight shoe who get you to the best of the game. Mesh uppers provided with this shoe are the best for whom you can actually buy this shoe.

These shoes are extremely superior and good shoes with a rubber sole that is pure. Also, it has a microfiber slide soles on each shoe that are more superior to a bowling shoe which doesn’t match this shoe’s requirement.

The glide gives you with sleek seamless and quick harness to the game by additionally discharging the permits and extra energy which is provided to the shoe while the bowler is sleeping.

3. Dexter Kerrie Bowling shoe 

Dexter Kerrie Bowling shoe

Dexter Kerrie Bowling shoe is a part of the collection of the canvas shoes which is revoked by the Dexter Company to distinguish the bowling shoes for women. From the outside, this shoes gives you a trendy look and from the inside, it gives you a feeling of comfort.

Its lightweight and funky cotton material have a classic CVO higher pattern which makes it stand out from the competition and get you to try it at least for once if you are a bowling player.

These shoes have a tendency to get in the features of soft linings and collars thus providing you with the best cushiony insoles which help in minimizing the ability of bowler’s foot thus giving him a way to serve the balance and achieve more performance with less comfort.

2. Storm Istas Bowling Shoes, Multicolor 

Storm Istas Bowling Shoes, Multicolor 

Storm Istas Bowling Shoes are the second best shoes on our list which obviously are special. It has a high tensile strength to get your game going for a longer run. These shoes have a removable blown EVA footbed. Eventually more lightweight because of their ability to harness the power of the technology which is used behind the making of the shoe.

It also has a non-marking rubber sole with an outlined heel to give you an athletic vogue shoe. These bowling shoes cater to the needs of the bowler who has made it important for the bowler to get the best from its working abilities giving an extra push to the bowler. This will increase the performance of the bowler in a drastic way by providing more and more support from beneath.

If you want to be an expert then this shoe is for you, so please make sure you are okay with the casual looks which these shoes give to you. Thus, you should be okay to accept the type of shoe you like. Make sure you are well versed in the most comfortable shoe. It can help you to overcome all the necessary things which you like to use while bowling.

1. BSI Girl’s Basic #432 Bowling Shoes 

BSI Girl's Basic #432 Bowling Shoes

BSI Girl’s Basic #432 Bowling Shoes tops our list because of various features which it has made to the top. You will definitely want to try this because of the cutting edge technology which is used while making this shoe. This shoe is not only lightweight but also has a slippery rubber sole. This prevents it from falling and slipping below the alley which playing.

These bowling shoes for women are made to suit both the right and left-handed people. That makes it a must-have for all the women who are willing to make a career in bowling. This variety of bowling shoes is the choice which all the bowlers can adapt and get the best done with its slippery soles and traction provided by these shoes.

These shoes are often called as the performance shoes which makes it more reliable choice for all the people around. When you think of the best shoe in the industry then you might want to go for this shoe.

This shoe is made up of leather skin. It has a low friction resistance giving it a better stance of ground and more performance for the bowler. This shoe also prevents the bowler from crossing the line by providing it in the best friction with the help of its friction resisting capacity.


For you to become the best version of yourself you will have to get the best bowling shoes for women and be a master at your bowling. So by selecting the best option from above, you will be able to get the best performance. Conjointly provide yourself with all the extra support which you expect from the shoe while playing the game.

Once you are sure to get the best of the shoe then buy one and enhance your bowling career. Reach up to all the heights which you wanted to reach once in your life.

We hope you like the list and are able to find the best match for yourself. Share this list of bowling shoes for women 2022 with your fellow women seekers to assist them as well.

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