Top 10 Best Carpet For Stairs in 2020

Are you searching for the best carpet for stairs? No need to worry, you ultimate solution is provided here. You will always find the necessity of carpet on you stairs just for many reasons which make it a necessity. Carpet for stairs will be essential in providing safety to everyone moving through it including your pets and children.

With the increase in the different options in the market, you will always find it a challenge to get one that fits your preferences. Your preferences might range from the color, the style, thickness and much more. With this in mind, we have prepared you the best carpet for stairs to narrow down you list of choice. Keep reading to ensure that you get the best from this.

Top 10 Best Carpet for Stairs in 2020

10. Gloria Rug Skid-Resistant Rubber Backing Gripper Non-Slip 

Being one of the top best carpets for stairs, you will have an incredible experience with the use of this carpet. This is from its features which have proven and also made it feature as one of the best for all your stairs. It is featured by the following;

  • It is made of a durable rubber which avoids any cases of sliding and slipping. This will suit everyone in the house including children and pets from falling down the stairs.
  • Highly durable to provide you with a long-lasting service through the stain and fade resistant material used in making it with little maintenance being required.
  • Stunning design with the use of the modern designs which are trending. With its unique design, you will always look different through they look of your home style.
  • Can wash with use of the machine for ease of maintenance.

9. Ottomanson Softy Stair Tread Mats Non Slip Carpet

With its high-quality, you will be assured of receiving the best from the use of Ottomanson. Get your stairs at a stunning look with this carpet for stairs which has been liked by most customers to what it offers. Below are some of its features which has made it one of the best;

  • Highly durability is enabled through the stain resistant which makes it easy to maintain. In addition, it has got a soft shaggy pile suitable for its durability.
  • Perfect for noise reduction on your pets as well as preventing any wearing and tearing of your stairs.
  • Its skid resistant will provide a safety grip from falling on the stairs especially to your pets and children. This is through the non-slip rubber in this carpet.
  • Guaranteed with a complete return of the carpet to ensure that you have full satisfaction on your expectations.

8. Comfy Collection Stair Tread Treads Indoor Carpet Stair

The Comfy carpet for stairs has gained much popularity from its high quality as well as its good looking and attracting. This carpet for stairs offers all the expectations you had while thinking of getting a carpet with the following features;

  • It is fade resistant, mildew resistant, and stain resistant which provides full protection of your stairs through the creation of traction.
  • It can use for indoor purposes for securing threads in places. In addition to this, you will need a double sided carpet tape which you will use to keep it intact.
  • It can work on most hardwoods, marbles, etc. while providing a slip resistant to avoid you from falling.
  • It can be easily wash by the use of a machine without any need of detergent.

7. Ottomanson Skid-Resistant Rubber Backing Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads

Get the best for your stairs by fashioning them with the Ottomanson carpet for stairs which is made to ensure that you get the best. Moreover, with its ease of use and the quality featured by this will all suit your expectations. Have a look at some of its features;

  • Made of high-quality 100% polypropylene which is suitable for all types of stairs.
  • Can easily wash by use of machine without any bleaching. After washing, you will then hang them for drying.
  • It offers a non-slip grip to everything moving on the carpet to ensure that no falling is experienced.

6. Carpet Stair Treads Set of 13 Non Slip/Skid Rubber Runner Mats or Rug Tread

All you need in your carpet for stairs is getting rid of excessive noise as well as ensuring safety while using your stairs. In addition to this, you will also need to have your stairs have a stunning look. Enjoy the use of this carpet for your stairs with the following features;

  • Safety is assured with the non-slip rug which will change your slippery stairs into a slip-resistant surface.
  • With the desirable traction provide by this carpet for stairs, it friendly to your pets as they can confidently move up your stairs without any problem.
  • Easy installation and use ensure that no much hassle while using this carpet for stairs. It comes with a carpet tape to keep it intact and can also remove easily for washing.
  • Comfortable with its softness which you will enjoy even in your bare foot.

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5. Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads + Double sided tape

The non-slip carpet for stairs will be one of your best choices. Get its optimal services from its amazing features which have made it gain much popularity day after day. It is characterized by the following features;

  • Made of 100% premium polyester which is highly durable. Even in busy areas, this carpet will give you a long-lasting service.
  • It is mildew resistant, stain resistant, and fade resistant which ensures easy maintenance as well as increasing its durability.
  • Provides enough protection for your stains against wear and tear.
  • Guaranteed service with a one year warranty or full money back all to ensure that you gain full satisfaction.

4. Stair Treads Collection Indoor Skid Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Tread Treads

Lying among the best carpet for stairs in our list, this carpet has had much popularity being liked by the customer base which is evident through the ratings and reviews it has. This has been so due to its incredible features which ensure that you have a wonderful experience with its use. Some of its features include;

  • With its strong and tough construction as well as being waterproof, you can use this carpet for indoor stairs as well as for outdoor stairs and expect the best from it.
  • It is made of a slip and skid resistant rubber giving maximum safety while using the stairs.
  • Provides maximum protection of your stairs with the stain, mildew, and fade resistance.

3. Stair Treads Non-Slip Carpet Indoor Set of 13 Brown Carpet Stair Tread

Get the maximum comfort and service from the use of this carpet for your stairs. You will be assured of wonderful results which will be featured by its use. No need for much hassle has it has exactly what you need for your carpet. It is featured by the following;

  • Maximum security is provided with the double stripe bump design used on the surface of this carpet which is totally anti-skid.
  • It is highly durable from the material which making it which is eco-friendly including the making of a polypropylene fiber.
  • You can easily wash this carpet by use of a machine or through hand-washing in and no deformation or shrinking.

2. Comfy Collection Stair Tread 

Being the second in our list, expect to receive the best from this carpet for your stairs. With amazing features which fit your use on your stairs ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from it. Some of its features include;

  • Made of a high-quality polypropylene which is fully skidding resistant from the rubber backing contained in the carpet.
  • Machine washable ensuring that the maintenance of this carpet is very easy and manageable.
  • Provides protection to your stairs with the stain as well as mildew, and fade resistance.
  • Safety is from its high slip resistant which can use even in most hardwoods to ensure that no falling is encounter.

1. House, Home and More Set of 12 Attachable Indoor Carpet Stair Treads

At the top of the list is this wonderful carpet for stairs which is made just to suit all your needs for your stairs. Have the best from its use in which you will be assured of a wonderful and incredible experience. It has been loved by most customers and with this, you will be sure to join the customers who have had the best of it.

  • It is made of a high-quality olefin which is resistant to stains and bounding is done on all edges to avoid any fraying.
  • Has stair treads which can remove and then reattach when you need them depending on your preference.
  • Safe surface is assured from the stair trends attached with the use of hood and loop fastening system.


Getting the best carpet for chairs is one of the best things you will have done for your stairs. Having the best with you will require you to consider several factors which will determine how you enjoy the carpet you are using.

Also, some of the factors to consider include the thickness of the carpet, durability, warranty, color and many more. Lastly, having put most of the factors into consideration, we have prepared you the best carpets for stairs as the above list indicates. Have a look at them and ensure that you get your best today.

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