Best Cheap Gaming Laptops in 2021

Finding the Best Cheap Gaming Laptops is not much of a problem; it is finding one that does not have many flaws that could become a problem. You need one that gives you the best gaming performance! The underside of the laptop needs to keep its components at an even-handed temperature during your challenging gaming sessions. The gaming laptop’s fan needs to run quietly while you can still use it for gaming, school, or work.

Therefore, if you are ready to get your gaming on we have a wide selection of the best budget friendly laptops right here!

best cheap gaming laptops

The Best of the Best the Dell Inspiron 15

dell-inspiron-15- Cheap Gaming LaptopsIf you need a gaming laptop with all the right specs, the Dell Inspiron 15 is the best one out there if you have a tight budget. The specs of this gaming laptop are the best in the price range and you can upgrade it easily when your budget allows you to.

The Inspiron 15 you can buy in two different models, one with an Intel Core i7 or i5 and both are available with a capacity of 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD plus 8GB SSD. You can either choose the FHD or UHD touch screen with a price difference depending on your budget.

We are looking at the Inspiron 15 with the Intel Core i7. This laptop has it all from an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, 8GB DDR3L SDRAM, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphic card with 4GB of out-and-out memory, and a 1TB HDD plus 8GB SSD Hybrid Drive Storage with the option of adding an Optical Drive not included in the package. The drive is powerful enough to run the latest state-of-the-art games on high settings.

The Dell keeps its components running cool at reasonable temperatures and its fan runs quietly. You can use the Inspiration for gaming, school, or work as it has a decent screen, long battery life, and good trackpad.

The keyboard is responsive and great for most people who want to game. The aesthetics of this laptop does not look bad at all and is available in a black matte finish. It is a 15.6-inch laptop and once you start playing games on it, you realize that it can play the most demanding games.

The secret is the NVIDIA GeForce graphics chip that you commonly find in your more expensive brands. The keyboard is LED-lit and has a True-life TouchScreen if you need to use it. In addition, the majority of people add a mouse for the best gaming experience, but having the touch screen option is great when using it for school or work.

The games look great on the UHD screen that works with a 3840 x 2160-pixel screen and great for gaming, surfing, and everything in between. It has a superb battery with expected 10-hours of use and the design is sleek making it easier to take with you while on the go.

  •  The Dell Inspiron 15 is available in two different options, one with an Intel Quad Core i5 processor and one with an Intel Quad Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHZ processor,
  • Choose from two different screens an FDH and UHD touch screen with a price difference,
  • We looked at the touch screen that is just superb as it has 8GB DDR3L SDRAM,
  • The memory speed of the Inspiron 15 is 1600 MHz,
  • It has a 1TB HDD plus 8 GB SSD Hybrid Drive Storage with the choice of buying the additional Optical Drive,
  • Has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphic card with 4GB of out-and-out memory
  • The graphic card has a 4GB RAM size,
  • It has a 15.6-inch UHD LED-lit True-life touch screen (screen resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels),
  • It is loaded with the latest Window 10 Operating System, is wireless, and has 3 USB ports, has a 2 in 1 Media Card Reader, Bluetooth, an HDMI Fax/Data Modem
  • The color design is black with a gray chassis,
  • The gaming laptop weighs 4.6 pounds and measures 15.1 x 15.1 x 10.4-inches, and
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

The Dell Inspiron 15 is a multifunctional laptop you can use for gaming and streaming video with the NVIDIA GTX960M graphic card that give you a powerhouse with high frame-per-second rates, especially in gaming. The good thing about this laptop is that you can play any game on it. It is super fast and compares well with other more expensive brands.

Why Should You Buy The Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming Laptop?

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on a high-end gaming laptop and many do not want to lug around a heavy laptop on the go. If you are one of those with a smaller budget and need a laptop that weighs less than 5-pounds with a 15-inch screen costing less than a thousand the Dell Inspiron 15 is one of the best cheap gaming laptops available in different models.

Choosing a cheaper option may not perform as well as your high-end ones, but can still play most high rated games.

However, if you do want to play the eye-candy games that keep coming out on a daily basis the Dell Inspiron 15 will easily handle it with the graphic card available in it. Furthermore, if you happen to find that the Dell is out of stock you can always look at the other cheap gaming laptops available here!

Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Comparisons

The Lenovo Ideapad Y700The Lenovo Ideapad Y700

4.3$1150- $1200
The Acer Aspire E15 Budget Gaming LaptopThe Acer Aspire E15 Budget Gaming Laptop

3.8$1000- $1050
The ASUS K501UX Gaming LaptopThe ASUS K501UX Gaming Laptop

3.7$950- $1000
The Lenovo Z70 Gaming LaptopThe Lenovo Z70 Gaming Laptop

3.8$1450- $1500
Acer Aspire V15 Gaming LaptopAcer Aspire V15 Gaming Laptop

3.7$850- $900

The Alienware AW15R2 Gaming LaptopThe Alienware AW15R2 Gaming Laptop

A Newcomer to the Gaming Laptop Range is the MSI GL72A Newcomer to the Gaming Laptop Range is the MSI GL72

3.8$1050- $1100
The ASUS GL551JM Gaming LaptopThe ASUS GL551JM Gaming Laptop
3.8$1950- $2000
The Lenovo Ideapad 500 Gaming LaptopThe Lenovo Ideapad 500 Gaming Laptop
2.2$600- $650

The Best 10 Cheap Gaming Laptops

10.The Lenovo Ideapad 500 Gaming Laptop

lenovo-ideapad-500 - Cheap Gaming LaptopsIf you really have, a tight budget and want to buy yourself a gaming laptop look at the Lenovo Ideapad 500. It has all the needed graphic cards and processors to enjoy the best gaming experience. They have even thrown in some other fancy features as well.

You receive a fully loaded Windows 10 edition with integrated touch screen. The screen is full HD and 15.6-inches with a resolution of 1080. It has an energy efficient backlight with AMD A10 accelerated processor to handle the latest graphics.
The laptop weighs 5-pounds while the speakers present you with the best sound for gaming.

  • The Lenovo Ideapad 500 is available with a black finish and loaded with the latest Window 10 edition,
  • It has a 15.6 display screen and loaded with IPS technology,
  • The accelerated processor is a quad-core AMD that handles the latest graphics in gaming,
  • With an 8GB memory system with a 1TB hard drive and built-in speakers, Bluetooth, two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port with HDMI,
  • Has wireless connection and a built-in microphone and webcam,
  • It weighs 5 pounds and is 0.97-inches thin, and
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

For a gaming experience and multiple uses, this model comes at a phenomenal price. The display is crisp clear and great for gaming and watching videos. It has ample of memory space, has a large hard drive space, and loaded with some great features.

9.The ASUS GL551JM Gaming Laptop

asus-gl551jm- Cheap Gaming LaptopsThe ASUS GL551JM has a 15.6-inch screen a packed with the i7 Core Processor, GTX860M graphic card and comes priced at an affordable price. It is great for gaming but somehow lacks in the display and touchpad department.

This model is still loaded with the older Windows 8 edition and weighs 8-pounds that are a bit on the heavy side. It measures 10 x 15 x 1.3-inches and has the built-in microphone, a DC in jack, a full sized keyboard, the integrated card reader, and a mini display port.

It does have keyboard backlighting but is a bit dim and noticed in darker environments when used. For gaming, it gives you enough features such as the HDMI and Mini Display Port video output, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and the two 3.0 USB ports.

  • The gaming laptop is a budget friendly version that has the i7 Intel Core processor with turbo up to 3.5GHz,
  • With 1TB hard drive with a speed of 7200RPM and the RAM available is 16GB,
  • It has the latest GTX860M graphic card loads with Optimus Technology,
  • Has one HDMI port, one Mini Display port, an SDXC card reader, three 3.0 USB ports, Ethernet port, and a webcam,
  • Has a 15.6-inche display screen and made with an aluminum body,
  • Loaded with Windows 8 and weighs 8-pounds measuring 10 x 15 x 1.3-inches,
  • You receive a one-year warranty

The ASUS GL551JM is a cheap gaming laptop with a decent performance and great speakers. The build of the laptop is sturdy and the keyboard is comfortable to use. While the display and touchpad could be better and does not have touch-screen while the keyboard backlight is on the dim side. The battery lasts up to 4-hours of play and it does have some great software utilities.

8.A Newcomer to the Gaming Laptop Range is the MSI GL72

The look of the MSI GE72 is superb and has some great features that you msi-gl72 - Cheap Gaming Laptopswill find interesting. Compared to most of our other brands here this one does not have a backlit keyboard and weighs 6 pounds and still easy to take with you anywhere while on the go.

It has a combo of the latest quad-core i7 processors and the DDDR4 RAM, while the hard drive makes up the same speed of 7200RPM. The downside seems to be the battery that only lasts up to three hours. The positive side is that this gaming laptop runs cool no matter how long you play.

It has a prevailing CPU and has the well-known graphic card GTX960M making it a worthy competitor when it comes to gaming laptops.

  •  The MSI GE72 has a 17.3-inches screen with 1080 resolution,
  •  It has a quad-core i7 processor,
  • With 8GB SO-DIMM RAM,
  • It has a memory speed of 2133 MHz and a 1000GB hard drive,
  • The famous GTX960M graphic card makes this a great gaming laptop and has a 2000GB graphic card RAM size,
  • It has one USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports,
  • Loaded with Windows 10 and weighs 6 pounds and measures 16.45 x 10.6 x 1.53-inches,
  • Has one audio port and includes a lithium ion battery with 3-hours of use,
  • You receive included a 1-year warranty

The MSI gaming laptop has a great design with powerful hardware to support it. It does however, lag on the power side but for gaming, it runs super cool no matter what you do.

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7.The Alienware AW15R2 Gaming Laptop

alienware-aw15r2 - Cheap Gaming LaptopsThe Alienware AW15R2 gaming laptop and you can buy it for under a thousand five hundred. It has the popular Alienware design, made from aerospace-inspired carbon fiber, and has a 15.4-inch screen size. Even with the material used in the design it weighs 7.1 pounds.

What will impress you is the inside of this laptop as it also has the renowned graphic GTX970M card that has more advantage that the previous brands with the GTX960M card. It gives gamers a better performance and the only problem is that it does run hot and you need a cooling pad to keep the fans running cool.

It has a speed lighting hard drive with a speed of 7200RPM. While it has the update version DDR4 RAM, load, and booting is quick. It is one of the strongest laptops with a 1080 IPS screen and for the price range; you will not find these features in any other brand.

  •  The Alien AW15R2 has an i7 quad-core processor with turbo boost up to 3.5GHz,
  • It has an operating system with Windows 10 loaded and a 16GB memory,
  • It has the famous GTX970M graphic card that is way better than the other brands,
  • The hard drive is both 1TB and 256GB with a speed of 7200RPM,
  • It does not have an optical drive, but has a card reader, USB 3.0, Bluetooth, HDMI, Wireless connectivity, amplifier port, noble lock port, and headphone and mic port,
  • It has a display of 15.6-inches with a resolution of 1080, it has 2.0 speaker configuration and the keyboard is backlit,
  • You receive an 8-cell lithium ion battery with a usage life of up to 3-hours, and
     Includes a one-year warranty

This is one of the best gaming laptops as it has dominant features such as the latest graphic card and superb i7 processor. The speed on this gaming laptop is fast and it has enough RAM memory to loads a few games. The only concern is the heating when playing it for hours on end and needs a cooling pad.

It operates quietly and great to run games at the lowest setting. It has a fantastic sound even when using it in normal volume. Using the screen with gaming gives you minimal glare but does not have a great battery usage.


asus-rog-gl552vw-dh71 - Cheap Gaming LaptopsThe ASUS ROG GL552 has everything you need for the best gaming experience. The memory is superb and the graphics are sharp. The design of the laptop may not look as sleek as most others, but presents you with quality. It has a red-backlit keyboard, but there have been some minor complaints that you leave your fingerprints behind.

The sound is decent and it has a high-definition 1080 screen, giving you clear and visible images with an accurate color. It has impressive hardware with the Quad-Core i7 processor and the best you can find. The clock speed of 2.6GHz with the 4.5GHz turbo is more than impressive.

It has a newer type of memory known as the DDR4 and works at a speed of 2133 MHz. It has a 7200-RPM rotation speed and these factors are important for gaming. The battery life is a downside and weaker than the competition as it only lasts up to 3-hours and comes with some pre-installed programs such as the McAfee Antivirus.

Where the graphic cards concerned, it has the famous GTX960M and you can enjoy playing the latest games on it on the medium setting. It has everything you need for gaming and great to use for media and work.

  •  You get a 15.6-inch screen with 1080 screen resolution,
  • It has an i7 Core Processor with 16GB RAM the latest version DDR4,
  • The memory speed is 2133 MHz and it has a 1024GB HDD hard drive,
  • Includes the GTX960M graphic card with a graphic card RAM size of 2048MB,
  • It is wireless, and has one USB 2.0 port, and 2 USB 3.0 ports,
  • Has Windows 10 loaded and weighs 5.6 pounds,
  •  Measures 10.1 x 15.1 x 1.3-inches and available in a metallic color,
  • It has a hard drive speed of 7200RPM with optical drive and the battery is a Lithium ion that lasts up to three hours, and
  • You receive a 1-year warranty

The ASUS ROG GL552 has everything you need when playing games. The laptops fast, solidly built, has a great graphic card and processor made for gaming. The only downside is the battery that does not have a long usage life when playing games. There are customers who have bought this model way back in the beginning of the year and it is still going strong.

5.Acer Aspire V15 Gaming Laptop

acer-aspire-v15 - Cheap Gaming LaptopsThe Acer Aspire V15 is a thin, sleek laptop and not equipped with the NVIDIA graphic card. It does have the Intel HD graphic card with shared graphic memory and you can play your games while watching it on the 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution screen. When comparing the CPU performance you have the r high-performance i7 Intel Core with a frequency of 2.6 – 3.6GHZ compared to other brands that have the latest i5 Quad-Core.

However, with the higher frequency, you still benefit while playing games. The other great thing is that it has the Windows 10 edition and you can do video editing, watch photos, and do 3D rendering on it. The screen has an IPS panel that gives you vibrant colors with larger viewing angles. The keyboard is backlit and easy to use.

It has a single stick of DDR3L 8GB RAM that you can upgrade up to 16GB as the RAM and the hard drive is easily accessible. You have included a 1TB hard drive, Numpad, Optical Drive, 720p webcam, SD card reader, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth; M.2 slot to add an SDD and it has 3 USB 3.0 ports.

Some minor problems are that it only has a performance of 5400RPm and the battery life only lasts up to three hours. The other concern is the cooling, as it does get hot with the thinner design and using a cooling pad should solve the problem.

  • The Aspire V15 has a full HD IPS 15.6-inch touch screen that supports 10-finger multi-touch support,
  • It has an i7 Intel Core processor with turbo boost up to 3.10GHz,
  • The hard drive is a 1TB 5400 RPM HDD with a memory of 8GB DDR3L,
  • It has Windows 10 with PC and Laptop type use,
  • Includes the optical drive and has an Intel HD graphic care with different ports; 2 USB 3.0, HDMI, 1 USB 2.0, microphone input and LAN,
  • The battery life is only four hours and it has a webcam with wireless connection,
  • You have Bluetooth and the keyboard are backlit with precision touchpad and include security lock slots,
  • It weighs 4.9 pounds and has a dimension of 15.2 x 10.2 x 0.94-inches, and
  • You receive a one-year warranty on it

If you need a cheap gaming, laptop the Acer Aspire V15 will not disappoint you. It may not have all the fancy graphic cards and has the updated Intel Core processors available in it but you can still enjoy your game. It has a superb display and you can enjoy your Skyrim on it with the full effect of great sound.

4.The Lenovo Z70 Gaming Laptop

lenovo-z70 - Cheap Gaming LaptopsThe Lenovo Z70 gaming laptops made for those looking for a massive display screen when it comes to gaming. It is loaded with the latest Window 10 Home edition and has a large 17.3-inch HD screen. It has a comfortable keyboard to do work on.

The only problem is that this model still has the old generation Intel Core but you can buy it in an updated i7 edition as well. Both the Intel Core models are equipped with the NVIDIA graphic card and have JBL speaker that gives you great sound with the Dolby audio.

With speakers and Dolby, you can enjoy high levels of audio clarity when playing games. It gives you the best surround sound effects and with the included graphic card, image quality is superb and great to enjoy 3D gaming. The great thing is that you do not receive just an empty laptop still needing programs and you can start using it from the word go for gaming, media, and work.

The design is sleek and has an ebony black finish with a great feel to it. The intelligent touchpad with the available AccuType keyboard makes scrolling, rotating, and zooming easier. While the keyboards, modern and feels flatter than in the previous models. The Lenovo Z70 laptop utilizes generation games well, but only gives you a battery usage of up to 4-hours.

  •  The Lenovo Z70 has a 17.3-inch screen size with a resolution of 1920 x 1080,
  • It has an i7-5500U processor and you can choose from two different models where the other has the older version i5 processor,
  • It has a memory speed of 1600MHz and its RAM is 8GB DDR3L SDRAM,
  • You receive a 1TB hard drive and it has the NIVDIA 2GB graphic card included that helps when you want to play 3D games on it,
  • The RAM size of the graphics card is 2048MB,
  • It has the 802.11 A/C wireless type, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, and includes the Lipo battery that lasts up to four hours of use,
  • The complete weight is 6.6 pounds and a bit heavy to carry around with you and measures 16.5 x 1 x 11.1-inches,
  • It has a rear 1MP webcam with a hard drive rotation speed of 5400RPM,
  • It has an optical external DVD drive type, and
  • You receive a one-year warranty

For some, the Lenovo Z70 is a bit crowded to carry around from one place to another. It is not mind-blowing but has what you need to use it for gaming, school, work, and media. The screen is large enough to watch videos and the graphics are fairly well for playing 3D games.

3.The ASUS K501UX Gaming Laptop

asus-k501ux - Cheap Gaming LaptopsAnother premium laptop for gaming is the ASUS K501UX that includes the i7 processor core for a powerful gaming performance. It is an entry-level gaming laptop and very sleek in design. This model has a combination of an 8GB RAM system with a 256GB solid-state drive and super fast.

You get a 15.6-inch FHD display and have the GTX 950M 2GB DDR3 graphics card included. It has sporty brushed aluminum design with a superb finish. It measures 0.9 x 15 x 10-inches and weighs only 4.4 pounds, making it suitable to carry it around with you.

The ASUS supports full HD resolution and great if you do more than gaming, as it is suitable for video editors as well. As it has a leading dual processor, you can add additional programs such as Photoshop. You get ample storage and fast to hold a couple of games. Upgrading the 4GB modules is not a problem and you can replace it with an 8GB stick making a total of 12GB.

It has a full sized keyboard with backlighting, a smart dual cooling system, great touchpad, and audio output. For connectivity, it includes two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI-out port, SD card reader, and two USB 3.0 ports. It does not have a DVD drive and seems that the latest models do not include them anymore.

For internet use, you have the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and a VGA Camera. While the 3-cell battery gives you up to 5-hours of use depending on what you are doing.

  •  The ASUS has a 15.6-inch full HD display screen with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1808-pixels,
  • The color design is brushed aluminum,
  • It has full-sized keyboard with backlighting,
  • The processor is an i7-6500U core processor with 8GB DDR3 RAM and has a 256GB hard drive,
  • It has the renowned GTX950M graphic card with 2GB storage,
  • Has wireless, has Bluetooth, and has 3 USB 3.0 ports,
  • Has the Windows 10 Home operating system loaded,
  • It weighs 4.4-pounds and measures 10 x 15 x 0.9-inches,
  • It has included one lithium ion battery that lasts up to 5-hours of use, and
  • Included you receive a one-year accidental damage protection and one-year limited warranty

The ASUS gives you a great performance with the i7 processor and the included graphic card is a bonus. Many people who have bought this model would have preferred an IPS display instead of the TN display. The thin and sleek design makes this gaming laptop great and is light to carry around with you. The unit gives you multiple functional uses for gaming, media, working and more. It is a highly recommended choice if you have a tight budget and need a cheap gaming laptop.

2.The Acer Aspire E15 Budget Gaming Laptop

acer-aspire-e15 - Cheap Gaming LaptopsAnother cheap gaming laptop that is budget friendly is the Acer Aspire E15 and has a large screen that is superb for gaming. It has a 15.6-inch screen and measures 15 x 10.1 x 1.2-inches leaving you with a big enough footprint. The laptops armed with a keypad and touchscreen.

For a multimedia purpose, the Acer Aspire E15 serves its function well and you can use it in office environments as well. This specific model has a plastic covering and weighs 5.95 pounds and you can buy them in two different Core processor options the i5 and i7.

It has a wide trackpad that causes some accidental right-clicks when used and it does not allow you to turn off the tap-to-click option. The keyboard is decent and great to use for typing and shifted a bit to the left, leaving you with a bit of a learning curve.

You have one 3.1 type c USB port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 2.0 USB port, and 1 HDMI port located on the left side of the Acer, and you can use the mouse on either side of the gaming laptop. You receive some great specs with the Acer Aspire E15 that includes the Intel Core i7-6500U processor up to 2.8GHZ; it has a GTX940MX with 2 gigabyte of out-and-out DDR5 VRAM and an 8GB DDR4 Memory.

You also receive included in the system a 256GB SSD, 8X DVD-Super Multi Double-Layer Drive, and an SD card reader. It is loaded with Windows 10 Home addition and has an LED-backlit display with a True Harmony High-Performance sound system, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, HD Webcam that supports HDR and has a battery life up to twelve hours of use.

  •  Designed with the i7-6500U processor,
  • Loaded with the latest 10 Windows edition,
  • It has a 15.6-inch HD Widescreen with LED-backlit display with a resolution of 1080,
  • It has a memory of 8GB DDR4 and a 256GB SSD, and the hard drive is flash memory
  • For playing games and video, it has the GTX940MX with 2 GB of out-and-out DDR5 VRAM,
  • For gaming sound, it has a superb True Harmony sound system with high-performance and 2 included stereo speakers,
  • It has an SD card reader, HD webcam, Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO technology, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 6-cell Li-Ion battery that lasts up to 6-hours of use,
  • You have different available ports; one type c USB 3.1, two USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, and one HDMI port with HDCP support,
  • This cheap gaming laptop weighs 5.95 pounds and measures 15.02 x 10.2 x 1.19-inches,
  • It is available in the color black, and
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

The Acer Aspire E15 is a budget friendly gaming laptop with a large screen and great sound. It has a high performance when it comes to gaming and other multifunctional task and worth buying. The battery life is great compared to the others available here and it has a full number pad. The screen is a bit on the glossy side and the trackpad is not one of the easiest things to use and takes getting used to. The port locations, integrated fairly well and for some, it may be a bit on the heavy side to tag along with you.

1.The Lenovo Ideapad Y700

the-lenovo-ideapad-y700 - Cheap Gaming LaptopsThe next best option if the Dell is not available is the Lenovo Ideapad Y700 and has a Core i7 processor with twice as much RAM. It has a solid drive addition, compared to the 1 TB hard drives with a deeper keyboard. The only difference is that this models fan is a bit louder and it has a heavier chassis.

The Y700 looks sharp in appearance with a more tightly build around the edges and corner. In this new range, Lenovo has redesigned the speaker grills with a longer one than before comparing it to their older Y50 and Y70 models.

It has a newly relocated subwoofer grill while the rest of the laptop is superb with its bright display. As mentioned, it has an i7-6700 CPU Intel Core, a NVIDIA GTX 960M graphic card with 4GB dedicated memory, has a 16GB of RAM, and 1TB hard drive. The battery life is not as well as Dell’s one, the solid-state 128GB drive is smaller, and you can only store a couple of games on it.

  •  The Lenovo Ideapad Y700 has an i7-6700HQ processor,
  • It has a Windows 10 Home operating system,
  • The hard drive size is 1TB and it has 16GB RAM with a secondary hard drive size of 128GB SSD,
  • The display size is 15.6-inches and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels,
  • It does not have an optical drive, but does have a GTX 960M graphic card with 4GB dedicated memory that is great for gaming and video playback,
  • It has a video memory of 4GB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, 3 USB ports, headphone mic port, HDMI port, GB Ethernet port, a security lock slot, and a card slot,
     And the battery life lasts up to 6-hours,
  • It measures 15.2 x 10.9 x 1.0-inches and weigh 5.7 pounds, and
  • You receive a one-year warranty

This entry-level gaming laptop gives you the versatility to use it for gaming, school, working, and multimedia. The display quality is great with a fast response time and the build quality is superb. When gaming on it, you experience no throttling and the battery life is as good as it can be with a use expectancy of up to 6-hours.

The downside is that the color reproduction is average and you do not have the USB Type-C to upgrade at a later stage.


No matter what brand of gaming laptop you choose on the list, these are the best cheap gaming laptops available online. You cannot go wrong as each one presents you with power that run your recent 3D games without any problems. You should choose one that fits in with your budget and enjoy your gaming!

Finding the best cheap gaming laptop is not much of a problem; it is finding one that does not have many flaws that could become a problem. You need one that gives you the best gaming performance!

The Laptop needs to keep its components at an even-handed temperature during your challenging gaming sessions. The gaming laptop’s fan needs to run quietly while you can still use it for gaming, school, or work.

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