Top 10 Best Cordless Vacuum in 2021

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The history of the cordless vacuum cleaner was really successful and quick. Even though it was developed long after the creation of the carpet. The carpets used to be really luxurious items only preserved for loyalty and powerful citizens, as a way to differentiate themselves from regular people, by not stepping on the same ground.

Until the end of the 19th century, carpet mops and brushes were the only tools available to try to keep the carpets clean. 1902 was the year of the invention for the first vacuum cleaner, by the English engineer Hubert Cecil Booth, who named his first creation “Puffing Billy”, being the first vacuum cleaning system available, really big and heavy, created just to dust. This revolutionary artifact was upgraded by developing a small motor and named “Trolleyvack” which had the Honor to be the first vacuum cleaner to perform its labor in the Westminster Abbey.

Vacuum cleaner technology was developed in America, by the creation of a portable vacuum cleaner that runs on an electric fan, by James Murray Spangler, an inventor that sold the patent to his relative and leather industrial William H Hoover, who rushed the whole task to produce the vacuum cleaner as we use to know it actually, developing the sled design in a compact way, designing the “O” model, which had wheels, a long handle, and a dust bag. Although initially, the market was for factories, later it realized a line of domestic appliances, being popularized its use quickly by all United States.

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Top 10 Best Cordless Vacuum in 2021

9. Dyson V8 Absolute

An improvement I was waiting to find.

Dyson V8 Absolute - cordless vacuumAbout this product, it is one the lightest cordless vacuum cleaners available in the market. It weighs 8 pounds (about 3 kilos). All the improvements were at least made by Dyson in this model, and they are really charging for them. The noise levels are almost inexistent, making this a nice expensive purchase. The battery in this one lasts up to 40 minutes, and you will be having the power of the other models in Dyson, but now really well sustained. Bad reviewers are the exception in this item. This actually brings everything you need to take advantage of this, as two heads, one for the carpet and other for the bare floor.

The design in this one is as nice, innovative, eye-catching and simple as other Dyson designs. The innovations and advantages performed made this the strongest competitor in this pursuit. The yellow stick will surely catch some looks. Also, the manufacturer developed a wall mount bracket to store it, being this very useful and easy to install, to avoid damage if stored improperly. This cordless vacuum cleaner also has a charger, and you will love to own this particular Dyson model. You just have to remember taking care of the battery. Try to use all the charge before putting it back in the charger and enjoy this purchase.

The quality in this is really good. The low part is the battery, there are cheaper models offering 60 minutes of work, and this is undeniable. Materials are more solid and motor materials are very well placed in the frame, so, this won’t be noisy at all. This model offers serious potency as well as a quiet functioning, so, this is very surprising knowing how a Dyson cordless vacuum uses to work, so, if you take good care of the battery, this will be an item you won’t even regret about buying. Just make sure you treat it as good as you expect it to treat you, and enjoy the cleaning chores at your place.

  • Powerful
  • Almost quiet
  • Good
  • Really not serious cons in this one. You just will have to replace the battery sometimes

8. Philips FC6168/62

A nice competitor in the purchase of the best cordless vacuum cleaners.

Philips FC6168/62 - cordless vacuum

About this product, it is completely light and compact. Easy to assemble and clean. It weighs about 6 pounds (2 kilos). Lithium batteries offer a long cleaning expectation, being certainly a nice affordable vacuum. A wise choice as a matter of fact. The low part of this specific model is the fix condition that does not allow to use it with hoses. Just a floor cordless vacuum cleaner unsuitable for ceilings and corners. Your pets will hate the sound, but it’s slightly quieter than a corded vacuum cleaner. A well as a fancy elegant design you can brag about. It’s a finding.

The design in this one is as nice, innovative, futuristic, easy to understand, as well as eye-catching. This is really well developed to be portable, it’s a shame you cannot use it in your car because it is too bulky to perform this task. The plus in this model is the handle to carry. The disappointing part is that you have to charge it for 5 hours to enjoy 40 minutes of cleaning. I think this is just heartbreaking and makes this model lose the beauty.

The quality in this is average. This is a powerful tool, but the performance does not match the several hours of charging. It’s possible you totally forget about the battery and damage it by leaving unattended. So, this will be a very demanding cordless vacuum cleaner, not a really good purchase if you are kind of neglecting about the maintenance of the battery in your devices. But certainly, Philips is a manufacturer of some great electric devices. You are buying quality and durability, great materials, and excellent performance. Just take care of the battery and you will never regret this purchase.

  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Good
  • Excessive charging time

7. Dyson V6 Absolute

Dyson V6 Absolute - cordless vacuumThe first step to improvement in order to reach V8 actual advantage. This is making me guess the lousy Dyson models, were developed just to trick customer to buy the most expensive Dyson models, as V8 and this, V6.

About this product, it is certainly light. It weighs 5,1 pounds (about 2 kilos). This is the step between the lousy Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners and the highly superior V8 Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. This is as noisy as the loudest ones, it’s squeaky and almost unsupportable. The battery in this one lasts up to only 20 minutes (at least they are sincere), and you will be having the power that characterizes Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners. You must buy some other tool, not all of them as in other models. The battery keeps being a trouble in this model. This is slightly cheaper than the V8, but reviewers are split on this one. I agree about the existence of better cordless vacuum cleaners, and the batteries are lousy. Need not knowing more.

The design in this one is as nice, innovative, eye-catching and simple as other Dyson designs. This is the red coloured Dyson one. It’s in the halfway between the lousy models and the good model. This is actually very flexible, well designed, but not that solid. It’s certainly a bit fragile. The good part in V6 and V8 is the possibility to get the tools the manufacturer developed and adapt it to the powerhead directly, so you can vacuum your car and your couch.

The quality in this is average. The battery is the low part. There are less noisy models offering up to 60 minutes of work, making me have second thoughts about this purchase. Materials are solid but do not handle mistreat. The usual mistreat you will give this vacuum cleaner when it turns off in the middle of the chores. The batteries are not meant to last and the vacuuming task has to be done being very aware you are pulling the trigger, which might be very boring (imagine yourself pulling the trigger in a silicon pistol during 20 minutes). The motor is so close from you, that makes reasonable think about buying a set of earplugs.

  • Powerful
  • It’s a step between the worst reviewed ones and the Dyson V8

6. Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB

This cordless vacuum cleaner looks like a really modern, futuristic device.

Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB - cordless vacuum

About this product, it is really light, weighs 3 kilos (about 6 pounds). The 72 Db noise range, will be more or less like a loud conversation (take into account usual vacuum cleaners have 90 Db sound level), this will not bring further expenses in disposable bags, because this works with a plastic bowl as a tank.

This has a rechargeable battery enough to offer you 60 minutes of dusting, so if you are the kind of person that likes to be meticulous when vacuuming, this will leave you hanging. Besides, this has an extremely poor vacuuming capacity, only 0.9 liters, so do not expect this vacuum pick up several amounts of dust and litter. You have to keep emptying the tank because it stops developing if it is filled. It allegedly has a fast charging process. But if you have a long story damaging the batteries in your cell phone, you surely will damage this battery.

The design on this one is cute, elegant and thought to make its storage very easy. The white colour in this one, with blue and red touches, resembles pulchritude and good taste. You could brag about this particular design until you realize this vacuum is not so durable and becomes a burden after a while if you try to use it to make a hard work. It is actually good for cat and dog’s hair and fine dust. It’s flexible and its minimal maintenance can be a plus. A good purchase for a small flat. It’s a shame this is certainly not as affordable as you could think.

The quality in this number is really questionable. This could be a beta version for a further improvement you could buy without any questioning. If you want this cordless vacuum cleaner to last, you have to buy the washable filters and the foam and keep the track to the charging time. This might not be built to last, due to its materials and the low intolerance to overheating its motor has. Some reviewers doubt about the durability of this model, and I agree. Does not look at a solid quality item, the low capacity speaks a lot about the motor potency, and the medium range noise confirms this: You won’t be able to stick with this purchase a long time.

  • Elegant
  • Easy to storage
  • Certainly flexible
  • So expensive
  • Below average quality
  • Not durable

5. Gtech AirRam mk2

A good sport, really making its job.

Gtech AirRam mk2 - cordless vacuum

About this product, it is light, portable, really well designed and sophisticated. Slightly heavier than the other Dyson model weighs 9 pounds (about 4 kilos). Its noise range is also loud but not squeaky, just a regular vacuum cleaner sound. This really performs the work of an old-fashioned Hoover, but it is bad for edges and does not have further attachments to do the work. This actually is powerful and very reliable, being a wise choice in an affordable prize.

As a matter of fact, there is an actual belief among the public: when you purchase a cordless vacuum cleaner, this is going to last forever. This is a belief Hoover brand times left in society. It’s like buying a cellphone and expect the battery will last forever. You eventually (up to ten months) will have to purchase a battery.

The design in this one is just practical and simple. It resembles the old fashioned vacuum cleaners, being the cordless interpretation on the usual vacuum cleaners. This has a 40-minutes’ drive and it really works. The storage is certainly problematic; the lower part tends to steal some space in a closet.

The acceptable capacity in this model makes this the best choice in a cordless vacuum cleaner. Not too fancy, or cute, this is just a functional item you can be happy to own. When you go cordless, you must remember the batteries will have to be replaced at some point in time. Average life in this one can be a year. This is simple and user-friendly. The only further expenses are the batteries.

The quality is certainly acceptable, even below average. Solid assembly, good materials, high performance, great customer service (almost too great) will provide you years of a cordless vacuum cleaner. The battery will be the main damage it will suffer, it’s not on the actual motor, this is really powerful and well assembled. The noise levels are usual in a vacuum cleaner, so be confident you have bought an actual old fashioned vacuum cleaner with no cords. It’s a shame they took the old-fashioned style too seriously because this won’t fit in corners and it’s only for floor and carpet cleaning purposes. But this is a good cordless vacuum cleaner for the years to come.

  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Only to use on the floor, not in corners or ceilings
  • Not flexible

4. Dyson V6 Fluffy

Definitely the best cordless vacuum cleaner with the same battery troubles.

Dyson V6 Fluffy - cordless vacuum

About this product, it is light, portable, really well designed and sophisticated. Slightly heavier than the other Dyson model weighs 11 pounds (about 5 kilos). Its noise range is also loud and squeaky, really unbearable compared to a regular vacuum cleaner. It’s a shame its superior potency gets overwhelmed by the battery. This has a bigger tank and emptying it will not be as often as other Dyson model needs. This vacuum picks up several amounts of dust, litter, works perfectly wherever you use it. The remarkable trouble is the battery in this number. This actually does not have the handheld toolkit, so you have to spend a lot more in brushes and other appliances to take advantage of this.

The design in this one is really beautiful and innovative. To turn it on you have to keep the button pushed as a trigger. This really seems a drill made a vacuum, in terms of noise and functioning. This is not flexible as well, thus ii is very elegant, certainly fancy and powerful as a design. The storage is the least of the problems. The lovely purple colour is a classic edgy choice. It’s a shame the battery and the noise takes to the ground this potential great deal. If this vacuum cleaner had a good battery and was less noisy, would be perfect. This is popular, but every purchaser is buying along with this cordless vacuum cleaner, a disappointment.

The quality is certainly pushed downstairs because of the battery. The motor could last so long if only this was not submitted to the constant power loss the lousy battery displays. When you see a great review about this product, be sure they just bought and proved it. This is an instant joy item. You will be ABSOLUTELY PLEASED you bought it. If you are willing to take a risk about purchasing this one, try to take care of the battery, it’s an actual fact the customers could damage them by leaving it charging for too long, and the batteries tend to make “memory effect” and get damaged in no time. I think this could be the real trouble with this powerful cordless vacuum cleaner.

  • Powerful
  • Beautiful
  • Noisy
  • Lousy battery
  • So expensive

3. Dyson DC59

This cordless vacuum cleaner will be a surprise, but definitely not a good sport at all.

Dyson DC59 - cordless vacuum

About this product, it is certainly light, portable and even fancy, weighs 9 pounds (less than 4 kilos). Its noise range is loud and squeaky, really unbearable compared to a regular vacuum cleaner. The potency it has (a real fact in this) makes the battery die after some minutes, not even 20-minute runtime. The battery must be replaced.

The small tank will make you empty this if you can fill it before the battery dies. This vacuum picks up several amounts of dust and litter, being very powerful, but will surely leave you hanging. If you check this model spare part market, you will know you have to pick another cordless vacuum cleaner. YouTube have several videos to troubleshoot the MULTIPLE difficulties about this vacuum cleaner, and even proofs of the lousy life of the battery.

The design in this one is really surprising and innovative. This is not flexible, but it is solid, elegant and thought to make its storage very, very easy. To make this be certainly useful, you HAVE TO BUY the other appliances as outlets and brushes to compliment the cleansing tasks. A lovely purple colour makes it attractive and edgy.

It’s a shame this is not a good purchase for anyone looking a good cordless vacuum cleaner. If this vacuum cleaner had a good battery and was less noisy, at least less squeaky (it’s almost unsupportable), could be a perfect purchase. This is a display of spare parts technology: someone put the regular vacuum motor in a stick, tried to make it work with a cell phone battery and began selling, creating a massive scam.

The quality is certainly bad. When you see a good review, be sure they have two days using this vacuum cleaner. The third day, when they can’t take back their review, will notice the low battery life, totally unsuitable to that extremely powerful motor, as the noise can surely give everybody a signal: The motor wants to escape and become an actual vacuum cleaner motor, a compressor motor, a drill motor…and not end up its days in the trash can or forgotten in a garage as a certain shame and waste of money, or even being the protagonist of the several amounts of YouTube videos that advertise others to avoid this specific cordless vacuum cleaner. This is just sad for this attempt of a cordless vacuum cleaner. Some major improvements by the manufacturer could make this be a hits sale.

  • This particular cordless vacuum cleaner does not have durable pros
  • Bad, really bad and noisy
  • Expensive

2. Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-B

This cordless vacuum cleaner is a strong competitor in the pursuit of the best cordless vacuum cleaner.

Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-B - cordless vacuum

About this product, it is certainly heavy, weighs 9 kilos (about 19 pounds). Its noise range is loud, certainly, like a usual vacuum cleaner, this will bring further expenses in disposable bags. Also, it has a 60-minute runtime and two LithiumLife batteries. It’s a powerful vacuum cleaner that surely will not be needing to pass it over and over to clean totally.

This certainly has a certain vacuuming capacity, 1 liter. 100 grams of difference make a real change when you talk about a vacuum cleaner. This vacuum picks up several amounts of dust and litter. If you see a review telling this is not performing the work properly, you can be sure this is a neglecting of the bags and filters. The charger it brings will tell you when the charging process is done.

The design on this one is solid, elegant and thought to make its storage very easy. This brings some appliances as a hose and some brushed to complement the cleansing tasks. Sober colours and well-developed design is a show of great taste. This is a durable, portable, elegant cordless vacuum cleaner you will be happy to buy.

It’s almost a shame the noise it produces, but it’s a great interpretation of a regular vacuum cleaner, made really portable. The designers solved the troubles adding two batteries, so you will be not left in the middle of the vacuuming process and even use it in a big house. It is certainly affordable and worth the expense.

The quality is really sure in this one. Reviewers love it, I agree, because of the most critical reviewers, tend to complain about problems a real housewife can properly resolve by emptying or replacing the bag and clean the air filters. This portable cordless vacuum cleaner is built to last, tolerates the hard work and might be useful to dust a complete house. The batteries are durable, solid and easy to change, making this particular vacuum cleaner, a nice investment you have to make. You can easily use it as a working tool if you charge both batteries and keep replacing them during the day. It has 6 years long warranty you certainly will not use, as usual in long-term guarantees.

  • Elegant
  • Easy to storage
  • Multitask
  • Certainly fragile if not handled with care

1. Morphy Richards 732005

A great cordless vacuum cleaner, actually the smartest buy you could be doing.

Morphy Richards 732005 - cordless vacuum

This Cordless vacuum cleaner is very cute, easy to storage and assemble. It’s really compact and a great response to the traditional cord hoovers. The prize is almost unbelievable, so you MUST buy this cordless vacuum cleaner. It weighs about 7 pounds (3 kilos). It is just a regular vacuum cleaner you must take advantage of. The beautiful red colour makes it appealing. The canister makes you save money in bags, this is fix but is good for corners and small spaces. It is very efficient, so, you are not going to regret this purchase. Actually, they are on sale now, so, BUY YOURS!

The design in this one is as nice, comfortable, beautiful and practical one that can be compacted. This model is so eye catching and loving, you will want to brag about this. This is really well developed to be portable, it’s a shame this does not handle very well the extra job in messier places, but it will surely work fine in an average house. Is not as powerful as others. This is a 2 in 1, product. Very well thought. So join the club. The battery is not a problem in this model. It handles very well the work. Take care of it. It usually delivers 40 minutes’ launch. It comes with a crevice tool and upholstery nozzle with dusting brush for use on the handheld, so you will love this item.

The quality in this is average is acceptable, approaching a great quality. It’s a popular customer favorite and I agree. The design, the materials, the performance and the durability of this item, makes it be a safe choice in cordless vacuum cleaners. This item will be certainly a great purchase for a flat and a house. You are buying something you will be appreciating over the years. Just as old-fashioned times, this vacuum cleaner tends to be a purchase you are going to own for a long time. No regrets with this one. Now we have a winner in here.

  • Powerful
  • Affordable (actually on sale, hurry!)
  • Good
  • Does not handle heavy duties



A cordless vacuum uses the name “Hoover” no matter what its brand is, because of the first company that developed the modern vacuum cleaners.

When you purchase a vacuum cleaner, you should be aware those have batteries, in that case, expect them not being eternal. Somehow, a cordless vacuum cleaner (or hoover) is a great option you have to take into account in order to make an investment and avoid the wires and the energy expense reflected in your bill by the use of a regular vacuum cleaner.

Purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner can be a change you will look to keep in your life, they are practical, light and really easy to storage, making you save a nice amount of money when you do not have to keep buying bags for your vacuum.

In this life, one of the most difficult tasks for a housewife is to find the right vacuum bag for her vacuum system, due to the number of models, and the usual forgive of the specifications. So, becoming a customer of a cordless vacuum cleaner can be a wise choice. You have to know how to make it. Pick the best and good luck!

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As a curious fact, the “Hoover” denomination became the brand and the popular name of the vacuum cleaner, being the denomination “vacuum cleaner” a posterior development created by the competitors to separate their products of the first and the biggest brand, due to the fact that the name “Hoover” became the synonym for “vacuum cleaner”.

That made other brands and similar products, be not a choice among the public, that used to look out the HOOVER one, not the other. If a vacuum cleaner was not a Hoover, they simply did not purchase. There was not a chance to think about a vacuum cleaner out of Hoover.

So then, separating “Hoover” from the actual vacuum cleaner, was, if not the hardest, the first task for the advertisement industry (which still fights to separate the Jell-O brand from the actual gelatin dessert manufacturers to give some space to other producers and brands).

Whilst these challenges continued appearing, the vacuum cleaner became more and more important, advertisements, t.v. Commercials and the introduction of the vacuum cleaners in the market was so recursive and important, you simply could not think about a housewife without picturing her doing another thing than vacuuming. “She will be happy with a Hoover” Advertisement campaigns took the market and the competitors had to climb a hill in order to beat this developing the name “Vacuum Cleaner” and make it be acceptable to the public.

So the development of the vacuum cleaner invention was in the hands of the advertisers, that pushed the companies to pursue best design and features to make the “vacuum cleaner” a marketable name that offered technology, improving and modernity to the old “Hoover” denomination, until Hoover counterattacked by adding the word Vacuum to its commercial name. There was nothing to do already for manufacturers, just attacking this fame by improving the looks, features, and development in their own vacuum cleaners, in order to fight a recognizable name with quality, design and performance.

This fight brought us to the actual days. Days, where you can find several vacuum cleaners, models, brands and the actual fact, is they are all good, because the development of vacuum cleaner industry made this specific invention, develop the best from the very beginning and making very unusual for you to find a lousy vacuum cleaner.

The pursuit for the best cordless vacuum tends to be a difficult task, because, as explained, the development and improvement of this particular invention was a priority matter for every manufacturer against Hoover, finding today several great designs, performances, all of them adapted to your needs, so, it could be easy to find a great cordless vacuum cleaner, and in order to find the best of them all, the task must be developed in some real criteria in order of the features they already have.

As a matter of fact, the persons that do not own a vacuum cleaner, or are not in touch with matters of performance, durability, quality and bag capacity, could be purchasing the first vacuum cleaner they have in front, and then getting a lot of troubles, because that particular vacuum cleaner is not adapted to their needs, and even some of them are unaware of the existence of cordless vacuum cleaners that will make the cleaning tasks easier.

That’s why you should BUY a cordless vacuum cleaner. They make the vacuuming chore, so easy and careless, in a portable way, you actually could forget you are actually cleaning your house or your car. But you cannot go for the first option available. As a matter of fact, Vacuum Cleaners have their own specifications, so you have to know how to choose the best among all the possibilities you have in your hands with a simple click.

In case you are not totally decided to go for a cordless vacuum cleaner and you still own your own vacuum cleaner, maybe it’s time to enroll yourself in the world of advantages, created to simplify your domestic chores, bring time and money savings and be less disrupting while you use it.

The best of the cordless vacuums is the fact they actually are less noisy than regular ones, so no one will find out you are vacuuming and you can hear your own thoughts and your surroundings while cleaning. Cordless vacuum cleaners do not produce interference on your T.V. and other electronic devices, your dogs, cats, and babies won’t be disturbed, and they represent a saving that could reflect in your energy bills, so, go ahead and decide yourself to give a chance to this marvelous development created to make your life better!

When you have the task to find the best cordless vacuum cleaner, you will be aware of the fact that every improvement could bring some design fails, weight issues, portability, performance and resistance, as well as troubles for your budget, realizing then, that the most expensive cordless vacuum cleaners could be an excessive expense for you that ends up not being useful at all, forgetting there are some affordable cordless vacuum cleaners you will actually love.

So, the main criteria to help you find the best cordless vacuum cleaner in 2021 in an objective way, among the best sellers and the customer help, are:

  • Design.
  • Size.
  • Weight.
  • Noise.
  • Price.
  • Portability.
  • Storage.
  • Further expenses in bags.
  • Spare parts market.
  • Quality.
  • Durability.
  • Potency.

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