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Top 10 Best Drill Sharpeners in 2022

Many people were searching for drill sharpeners to sharp their lawnmower blades. There are many drill sharpeners for sharpening wood and metal bits. To choose the right product that works efficiently and care of all the sharpening needs, check out our review of the best drill sharpener that could meet different needs and purposes of other professional drill bits user. Let’s have a view of different drill sharpeners and their features.

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Top 10 Best Drill Sharpeners in 2022

10. Mower Blade Sharpener-Smith

This mower blade sharpener is an awesome tool for sharpening the lawn mower blades perfectly. It is simple and easy to use. It has a preset carbide blade to give the smooth sharp edge within few minutes.

The design is simple and elegant. The mower blade sharpener has a head made of durable plastic material. The oversized handle gives the comfort and guards the finger. It can be used even by wearing gloves. The blades are made of superior quality material. It has replaceable carbide blade. It has fin wire bristle handle for cleaning.

This is an awesome tool. It sharpens the blade easily and makes it pleasurable moment. There is no need to worry anymore. 

9. Drill Length Sharpener-Grizzly

This beautiful drill length sharpener from Grizzly will meet your sharpening work. It can be installed near the bench grinder and it sharpens drill bits from 1/8 inch to ¾ inch that works perfectly well.

It has information manual which gives lots of useful information on drill bit angles. There are knobs to get the precise setting. Moreover, it makes sharpening drill a fun, you do not need to struggle with your hand for sharpening your drilling. Also, this product is made of excellent quality material and has the strong base and sturdy body. It is durable and made for long-term use.

It is an awesome product from Grizzly. You will have fun during sharpening your drill. It works great and quality is fair. 

8. Woodstock Drill Sharpener

This beautifully designed drill sharpener from Woodstock is perfect for sharpening drill bits from 1/8 inch to ¾ inch. It is an excellent product from Woodstock. It makes your sharpening a pleasurable moment.

This drill sharpener can be effectively use in conjunction with the vertical wheel bench grinder. It is adjustable for various drill point angles. There is an instruction manual with the drill sharpener. The instruction manual elaborately explains the things to use this drill sharpener efficiently. It gives a perfect smooth sharpening within few minutes.

The set up process is quick and easy. It is an awesome product from Woodstock. You will simply love this product.

7. Multipurpose Power Drill Bit Sharpener- XtremepowerUS

This is a multipurpose power drill bit sharpener from XtremepowerUS. It offers you various sharpening need in one product. The product includes a chisel and plane sharpener, knife and scissor sharpener and drill bit sharpener.

It is a powerful high-speed sharpener and takes less power and saves your electricity bill. Also, it has a powerful motor with 4800 RPM. The maximum wheel diameter is 2 inches. The blades are ¼ inch to 2 inches wide. It makes sharpening a fun. There is no need to wait hours for sharpening your tools.

This is a great electric tool sharpener. This is an awesome product from Xtremepower. It meets all your sharpening need.

6. Multi Sharp Dual Purpose Drill and Tool Sharpener

There is no need to worry anymore. This dual purpose drill and tool sharpener from Multi-Sharp will take care of all your sharpening needs. It is an awesome product and fit for meeting all your sharpening needs.

It will sharpen your HSS and masonry bits accurately with precision. It has 2 and 4 edge bits and SDS plus bits and a brad centre point beads. You can easily power it with the electric drill. It is perfect for re-sharpening scribers, punches, cold chisels, etc. The grinding jig accurately positions each over the wheels.

This is an excellent multi sharpening tool. You will simply love this product. It is durable and easy to use.​

5. Neiko Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

This electric drill bit sharpener maintains high quality bits. The product includes two heads with clearly marked guide holes. There is a small head fits from 1/8”to 3/8” and large head fits bits from 5/16”-5/8”.

It has adjustable grinding position split point and standard twist. The bit sharpener work efficiently with both high speed steel carbide and carbon steel. There is thermal protection to protect from overheating. The rubber feet offer perfect stability and prevent slippage during operations. The drill sharpener is packed in high impact plastic material for durability.

This is an awesome product. It is a great tool to meet all your drilling needs. It is easy to use and has simple set-up.​

4. Drill Doctor- Drill Bit Sharpener

This is an awesome drill bit sharpener from Drill Doctor. It is amazing. It will sharpen and repair tools like the dull and damage carbide, cobalt, twist and masonry drill bits. You can easily set up the point angles from 118° to 135°.

It easily sharpens old bits within few minutes. There is an instruction manual which elaborately explains how to use the different tools within drill bit sharpener efficiently. It has pre-calibrated drill setting. It is easy to use and set-up. The product is maintenance free and of high-quality. The blades and tools are made of superior quality materials.

It is the best product from Drill Doctor. It drills the piece of wood like cutting the butter with the knife. This is a great tool, and you will love using it.​

3. Drill Bit Sharpener- Drill Doctor 750X

This is an excellent drill bit sharpener for high-speed steel, carbide cobalt, etc. from Drill Doctor. It is specially made for professional tool users. This drill sharpener sharpens from 115° to 140° angles. It gives a sharp angle cutting edges on bits.

The drill bit sharpener has variable alignment feature for adjusting chisel and relief features. It has a compact design and built tough to last longer. There is a cast aluminium sharpening port to increase durability. The adjustable material take off allows to adjust as per amount of material removed during sharpening. It only removes things from bit needed.

It is a great drill bit sharpener that removes all your anxiety by giving an awesome cutting within minutes. It is a must-have tool for the professional workman. 

2. Drill Bit Sharpener- Drill Doctor 500x

The drill bit sharpener is a must-have tool for the professional drill bit user. It is good for the minimum of 400 sharpening. The product includes 180 grit and 100 grit diamond sharpening wheel. There is a left-hand chuck to sharpen reverse twist bits up to 1/2” and the large bit chuck to sharpen bit ¾’’.

This drill sharpener has professional design and suitable to complete all drilling needs. It has a variety of bit types from high speed steel, Tin coated, masonry and splint point bits for working efficiently with metals. The bits do not heat up and lose their sharpening. It effectively sharpens the bit.

It is worth making the investment. This drill sharpener is a great tool for meeting all your drilling and sharpening needs. 

1. Drill Bit Sharpener- Drill Doctor 350X

This drill bit sharpener is perfect for sharpening wood and metal bits. It is engineered to work for varieties of material. The drill bit sharpener sharpens standard drill bits from 3/32” to ½” standard twist bits.

There is a diamond sharpening wheel that do not change shape over time. It has a cool design to prevent bits from heat up. It offers simple on check alignment. The wheel loses their tempering as they are sharpened. A permanent magnet motor gives consistent power regardless of speed and load.

It is a top-quality product from Drill Doctor and specially made for home workshop. It is fast and easy to use.


We hope you have like the list of best drill sharpeners available in the market. These are the amazing drill sharpeners to meet your sharpening needs. The tool mention in the list can be use either for home workshop or by professional drill bits user. They are made of superior quality materials to last long. The products are durable, sturdy and perfect for meeting all your sharpening needs.

The product comes with an instruction manual to give the overview and working instruction to use the sharpener efficiently. These are designed for sharpening high speed steel, masonry, tin coated bits, etc. You will love to have them in your home.



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