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Top 10 Best Floor Lamps in 2022

The need for one of the best floor lamp is not only for homes but for the offices as well. Perfect in endowing a good illumination, these lamps are the new cool and are therefore splurged upon by the customers the most. The best things about the floor lamps are they can be used as a décor item in the room and make it look elegant and graceful.

Here, after carefully examining the most suitable floor lamps we have enlisted the top ten best of the time. So check them out now!

Top 10 Best Floor Lamps in 2022

10. Simple Designs LF1014-BLK Floor Lamp Etagere Organizer Storage Shelf

The floor lamp from Simple Design is made up of reliable materials and this is the reason why they are considered as the best of the time. As per the name of the brand the design of the product is simple and sober which help to make the room very stylish yet elegant. Coming in black color the lamp matches every kind of décor and color of the room.


• It comprises storage space in the form of three shelves to keep important things or accessories.

• The switch button of the lamp is also very easy to use as it is in a pull-chain mode.

• The intensity of the light coming from the lamp is of good quality and is soft and warm to see.

• The dimensions of 10.2 x 10.2 x 62.75 make it perfect to be used anywhere in any room.

• The stylish design of the floor lamp makes it a perfect product to showcase even in the drawing room.

9. Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp With Adjustable Gooseneck

The floor lamp from lavish home is yet another wonderful piece of product to look upon. As per the name, the floor lamp is also very lavish and makes the room look stylish. The most alluring feature of the product is it has a great design where the neck can be adjusted as per the needs of the user. It comes in dimmer black color and is perfect to use by all.


• The use of high quality LED lights imparts the desired illumination to the home and makes it look stylish.

• The intensity of the LED lights used in the lamp is perfect to use and didn’t create stress to the eyes.

• This floor lamp has the ability to get dim or bright as per the needs of the users and it can happen with just one touch of the button.

• It didn’t take much time to get assemble and comprises easy installation.

• It comes along with a customer’s satisfaction guarantee and if you didn’t find it okay, you would get the refund.

8. Normande Lighting JM1-884 71-Inch 100-Watt Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp

Coming from Normande this is the next best floor lamp of the time which comprises the features which everyone looks for. Not just the design of the lamp is alluring the illumination it imparts to the whole room is worthy enough to make a purchase. Coming in black color the lamp makes a perfect piece of decoration as well.


• It comprises not only a Torchiere with 100 watts but there is also a side reading lamp with 40-watt power.

• The use of frosted glass shades makes the lamp look very stylish and the wire metal décor makes it look highly elegant.

• There are leaves and vine motifs in this floor lamp and impart it the beauty and classiness.

• It requires a little bit assembly which is easy to perform.

• The perfect dimensions and the height of 71 inches make it look very elegant.

7. Brightech Montage LED Floor Lamp- Classic Arc Floor Lamp

Brightech has made some of the best products and the floor lamps coming from them are highly alluring. Not just the use of high-grade LED lights makes it great but the elegant design also imparts it the beauty and charm. This is the reason why it is one of the most favorable products of the users these days.


• There is a hanging lampshade on this floor lamp which endows it a very elegant look.

• It can be used in any place ranging from living room to family room or bedroom. Even offices can make use of this particular floor lamp to give their office an artistic look.

• The warm and soft light o the lamp imparts the desired intensity of light which didn’t fatigue the eyes.

• Coming in black color is goes perfectly with any décor of the room.

• It is easy to use and fix due to the fact that it has a lightweight and user-friendly interface.

6. Brightech – Litespan Cool White/Warm white LED Reading Floor Lamp

This is another great product from Brightech which is extremely wonderful in endowing the features people look for. Since Brightech has made a reliable name in the market people like to splurge upon its products the most. From the use of high-quality LED lights to the presence of color adjusting features all contributes to making it the best.


• The intensity of the light can be adjusted in this lamp and even the color can be regulated as per the needs.

• The gooseneck of the lamp makes it easy to rotate in any directions and extend it to the desired height.

• It can be used in any room in the house and even in the office to give it an elegant and stylish look.

• The lamp makes use of 12-watt power saving light which is LED and is, therefore, helps to save a lot of energy.

• The use of high-quality materials makes it durable and long-lasting as well.

• The lamp is not only sturdy but also safe from falling which is a common problem in most of the floor lamps.

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5. Brightech Madison LED Floor Lamp Swing Arm Lamp

Coming from Brightech this is again a great and perfect piece of product to look upon. The swing arm which is made of LED light is the most compelling feature of this product with the help of which anyone can make their room look elegant and stylish. There are 2 USB ports in the lamp which can be used for different purposes.


• The built-in side table and shelf are the add-ons of the lamp making it a feasible option to consider.

• It is perfect to use not only at home but also in offices and kids room for studying.

• Apart from 2 USB cables, there is 1 US electric outlet as well which contributes to elevating the worth of the lamp manifolds.

• The arm of the lamp can be moved or rotated to different directions as per the need of the users.

• Making use of 9.5 watts of energy they are power saving and long lasting floor lamps of the time.

4. Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Coming again from a trustworthy brand this is a great and highly reliable floor lamp. Perfect to use for the living room, dining room and bedroom it is also great to use in the offices. The use of high-quality LED lights and that too of perfect illumination makes sure that you get the desired intensity of light.


• It imparts very warm and soft light with the intensity not harming the eyes of creating fatigue.

• This product from Brightech makes use of 30 watts of power and saves a lot of energy.

• The high-grade materials used in the manufacturing endow the durability and desired life to the lamp.

• It is made in such a way that the lamp can be used as a décor item in the room.

• The good quality materials bestow it the desired strength and sturdiness.

3. Brightech Modern Asian Style Standing Lamp

This floor lamp comes again from Brightech and is perfect to use in the home and office. This is a shelf floor lamp and has got a modern design. The light has the intensity which didn’t make eyes stressful and thereby perfect for every member of the family. The shade wooden frame is another feature which makes it even more compelling.


• It comes in black color and matches every type of décor in the room. The elegant and stylish design of the lamp adds to the beauty of the room manifolds.

• The most alluring feature of the lamp is it can be used as a décor item due to the fact that it is made very beautifully with a wonderful design.

• The light of the lamp is warm and soft. They didn’t create any pressure on the eyes while using it.

• Making use of 9.5 watts of power it is a great device which saves the energy and is durable as well.

• It comes with the customers’ satisfaction guarantee and in case of dissatisfaction, all your money can be refunded.

2. Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp – Curved, Contemporary Minimalist Sleek Lighting

The Sparq floor lamp from Brightech is the product which grabs the maximum eyeballs due to the presence of the features which are looked upon them by the users the most. Not just the quality of LED light is superb the overall design is wonderful making it the best of the time. Perfect to use in different parts of the home it is also great for using in the office premises.


• The product is made in such a way that it looks modern. Can get adjusted as a wonderful décor item in the house.

• The silver color imparts it an exotic look and makes it an elegant product of the time.

• From the metal stand to the high-quality LED lights all contribute to making it a superb floor lamp to splurge upon.

• The perfect dimensions with the height of 67 inches give it great outlook and superlative appearance.

• It makes use of 15 watts of power and is durable enough to last for a longer period of time.

1. Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp 

The best in the category of floor lamp comes from none other than Brightech. Being the most authentic brand in manufacturing the lamps it is considered as the best of the time. From the high-grade LED lights to heavy-duty metal, all make it a great piece of product to look upon. Coming in black color this lamp goes perfectly in every room and with every décor.


• The LED lights used in the lamp are made up of high-quality which makes them durable and long-lasting.

• The power intake is also low that is 12 watt. Due to which it helps in saving a lot of energy.

• The intensity of the light is not very high. A warm, subtle and soft light is what comes from this floor lamp from Brightech.

• The gooseneck of the lamp is rotatable and can be adjusted as per the needs of the users.

• Coming with customers’ satisfaction warranty. All your money will be refunded if you didn’t find the product as per your needs.


So these are the floor lamps which have managed to make a remarkable place in the market. Users have adored them due to their alluring features and specifications. If you want to make your place look stylish and graceful getting one of them could become your smartest choice.

So grab the one which you find the most suitable and make your room look beautiful like never before.

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