Top 10 Best Golf Cart Seats in 2021

There are different golf cart seats from different manufacturers and sellers. You can use them to make your golf cart new and increase comfort. However, the decision to purchase one might not be simple. There is a lot of genuine and fake information that may be confusing and overwhelming.

How do you distinguish between the best and the worst? All you need to learn is the specifications of the products from manufacturers’ details. You may also require specific structures and models. Luckily, we have made a selection of the best golf cart seats based on extensive research. Ensure that you read through to make the best decision.

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Top 10 Best Golf Cart Seats in 2021

Best Golf Cart Seats Reviews | Compatible With Any Carts

10. Wise Club Car DS Series (2001-2013) Complete Front Seat Set

You can now revitalize the seats of your golf cart with Wise Club Car DS Series (2001-2013) golf cart. This product is undoubtedly useful and has loads of benefits as discussed below.

It is one of the golf cart seats with the best design. You can easily install it using the available components and hardware. Additionally, the vinyl covers are heavy duty and contain a vacuum. There is a black vinyl covering the seat back substrate. The plywood has masking to protect the base – made of plywood.

  • The manufacturer pre-assembles the seat bottom and the backrest cushion for you
  • They have a strong construction
  • Anyone can install the golf cart seats
  • Also, it is resistant to the low temperature of -36° f and UV rays

9. Wise WG003-7050 Club Car DS Golf Cart Front Seat Complete Set

If you are looking for golf cart seats that you can start using immediately, the Wise Club Car DS 79-79 golf cart front seat is all you need. A single purchase is also a guarantee of a long-time service.

Unlike most golf cart seats, this seat has a simple design but works perfectly. Besides, it is pre-assembled completely. The seat bottom and the backrest cushions are so comfortable that you would always ride. Moreover, the quality is not an issue due to its vacuum formed vinyl covers that are heavy duty.

  • There are several colors to choose from or the addition of contrast to black or white
  • These golf cart seats are fully assembled
  • You can mount it quickly using the available components and hardware
  • Lastly, the seat is mildew/UV ray resistant. It can also survive a low temperature of up to 36 degrees F

8. Gusto EZGO TXT Golf Cart Flip Folding Rear Back Seat Kit – White

Here is one of the safest golf cart seats in the market. It is a full combination of function and a unique construction as we have discussed below.

The rear seat kit has a great design that it hinges down forming a flatbed. Therefore, you can keep your cargo for transport. Do you love taking your partner or friend to the golf club with you? If the answer is yes, this is the best product for you since the back seat can accommodate two adults. Lastly, it has a high-quality material, steel coating, and lightweight.

  • The kits contain fitting holes, and hence, you do not need to drill them
  • The golf cart seats have a single stamped foot plate making is not to rust
  • A sturdy construction
  • Also, it has a black powder finish
  • Lastly, the plastic seat back does not rot as the wood does

7. Performance Plus Carts Club Car DS Golf Cart Rear Flip Back Seat Kit

Making you comfortable is our primary objective. If you have a missing rear or bottom section, you can replace them with these golf cart seats. It comes with the following advantages.

It has a great design and construction whereby you can flip the rear to lay flat. The back and bottom cushion have a premium quality foam for extra comfort. Also, the two sections are fixed, waiting for your mounting. The metallic construction makes it sturdy and durable.

  • Easy to mount using the standard hardware
  • The rear-facing side can flip to increase cargo space
  • These golf cart seats have sturdy constructions.

6. EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip Back Seat Kit – Factory Tan

There are so many golf cart seats that will impress you when they are brand new but then fade. To avoid such and other disappointments, you should budget for this seat.

When it comes to design, it has a flipping rear seat that forms a flatbed. You will also find it shiny due to the aluminum polish. The quality of these golf cart seats is very high.

  • It comes with everything you need for installation
  • Easy to mount
  • When you flip it, you can get a cargo bed area
  • It has a grab strap to hold when flipping the rear seat
  • Lastly, it has a strong 16 Gauge Frame Design

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5. Wise EZ GO Medalist/TXT Golf Cart Complete Front Seat Set

This is a fully assembled set with a seat bottom cushion and rest cushion. Its functionality and appearance makes it worth every penny.

The Wise EZGO Medalist/TXT Golf Cart Front Seat has a simple design that is also easy to mount. The OEM style cushion contains Cordura covers that are heavy duty. Besides, you can choose the flagship DS 2000 color, Fairway Buff or contrast your golf cart with Avalon white, black.

  • The seat bottom measures 20.5″D x 40”W and Seat Back is 10.25”H x 36”W
  • Quick installation
  • The vinyl cover is heavy duty 68 gauge and vacuum-formed
  • Also, this brand of golf cart seats is resistant to low temperatures and UV rays

4. EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip Folding Back Seat Kit

This EZGO-Golf-Cart-Folding-Cushion adds to our list for its simplicity in construction and installation. Also, it has loads of features that will exceed your imagination.

Its classic design says it all. You can fold the cushions at 360 degrees to offer cargo storage space. Also, the manufacturer used heavy duty materials to make it sturdy.

  • You can fold it to increase the cargo area deck
  • It becomes 2.5cm tall when folded
  • The golf cart has a sturdy and durable construction
  • Quick to install due to its pre-assembly

3. EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip Folding Back Seat Kit, 1995 and Up (Black Cushions)

If you are currently using a two passenger golf cart, you can double it to 4 by using these golf cart seats. Besides, you do not have to worry about your cargo since it has a strong HD cargo deck.

This golf cart seat can flip and is fitted with a grip strap. Installing with the available hardware and components is easy. It has NO Rot Design since it has no wood construction. This makes it durable.

  • You can use it for 1995 &Up EZGO TXT Models
  • Flip folding golf cart seats that form a large bed
  • The Poly cargo bed has a diamond plate embossed pattern
  • Easy to install due to the BOLT ON fixing and the available instruction

2. Performance Plus Carts EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip Folding Back Seat Kit

If you love white, this is the ideal golf cart seats for you. The fact that it is on our list tells you that it is worth spending on it. The golf cart seats of with all factory colors are available.

It has an elegant design and a flipping rear. Therefore, you can use it as a cargo bed for the large area it turns to. The rear cushion and the bottom cushion are heavy duty while the frame is sturdy and durable.

  • The kit can flip on the rear side
  • There are many colors to choose from
  • It is suitable for both up and 1995 models
  • Finally, its installation is quick

1. Club Car DS (1982-Up) Golf Cart All American Rear Flip Back Seat Kit (Buff)

Lastly but of course not the least, this American cart seat from Golf Cart King has everything for everyone. It is undoubtedly one of the best golf cart seats in the market.

It has a new Bolt-On design with a rear slip and contains no welds on the laser cut frame. Thus, it is sturdy enough to carry heavy cargo. Also, the manufacturer has pre-cut strap holes and has integrated belt tabs.

  • It is ideal for Club Car DS (1982-UP) Golf Cart
  • No need to drill since there are pre-cut holes
  • 100% laser cut frame
  • Lastly, it has a Bolt-on design


From our exclusive list, we have the best golf cart in the market. You can now relax and select the one that can fit your cart model. We have ensured that all of them have ease of installation and come with instructions.

You should avoid misleading information that would lead to the purchasing of counterfeit golf cart seats. As we have discussed, you can now revitalize your golf cart and improve your cargo storage area. This is the most updated list that you can rely on to spare you time and money. You should not hesitate to place an order now


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