Top 10 Best Halloween Movies of All Time

The Halloween holiday to be the holiday full of different genres of movies which are associated with it compared to other holidays such as the Christmas holiday which has many films on it. The Halloween holiday comes with the different genres in which it gives the horror buffs which gives you enough movies for the whole of the October holiday. The movies are meant to reflect the actual spirit of the Halloween holiday in which the best selection of the Halloween movie will determine to what extent you enjoy this Halloween holiday. With this, then there is a need for knowing the best Halloween movies of all time to enjoy.

Avoid just moving to the cinema theatres like the other Halloween holidays and for this year host your own thrill fest at your home and set the best moods you ever loved. Bake some of the best Halloween recipes as well as find other best Halloween treats. After this, you can now invite your best friends to join you in enjoying the Halloween night through the best Halloween movie you find suitable to use.

These movies range from the recent releases, classic Halloween movies with all of them being at least spooky. In addition there also some as horror comedies, thrillers and also supernatural ones. Keep reading this article to ensure that you have your best today.

Top 10 Best Halloween Movies of All Time

10. Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Though this Halloween film has been overlooked for a long time, you must be surprised that it gives you one of the best experiences as well as spirit of the Halloween holiday. The reason of being overlooked is mainly as it does not feature the appearance in one of the series for the masked slasher known as Michael Myers.

Despite this, you will find it very enjoyable for this special part of the year you need to have the best. This Halloween movie involves a scheme of selling killer Halloween masks in which it additionally includes some of the genuine scary scenes as well as some lovable.

9. It Follows

It Follows

This is one of the modern as well as very scary movies which makes it one of your best Halloween movies for all time even in this year’s Halloween. This Halloween movie puts into consideration the horror genre which also has a combination with a sexual twist.

On its storyline, it is consists of a girl who after having a sexual encounter, contracts, er, conjures one of the terrorizing force which was a shape-changing monster which in addition used to assume the form of others. In addition to this, this monster could only be gotten rid by passing the monster to someone else in form of sex only.

8. The Ring (2002)

The Ring (2002)

This is another one of the best Halloween movies you will have for this October special day. With all its inclusion you will move into an extent of not being able to sleep all night though as it features a ghastly supernatural flick which consists of a cursed videotape.

In this movie, it consists of a journalist who is played by Naomi Watts who investigates the death which had occurred in four teenagers and they died on watching one of the said tapes through which they must unravel the mystery that was behind the vengeful well-dwelling girl who also died but her death led to many troubles.

7. Trailer for House aka Hausu House (1977)


You will have a memorable Halloween moment where you make a choice of using this Halloween movie which over time, has proved itself to be an all-time Halloween movie which has always given people the spirit of the Halloween period without hesitation. You will find it challenging to get a horror film which is sillier than this wonderful Halloween movie.

It is a Japanese cult film whose story line is about six schools who visits a haunted house belonging to their aunts. With the visit, as the films moves on, through increasingly bizarre ways, this house begins to devour the girls in which the house makes a deliriously as well as an unexpected off-the-wall experience on viewing which one would love to ask for.

6. Tales of Halloween (2015)

Tales Of Halloween

This is one of the recent an all-time movies which has made its way following its wonderful storyline which is very suitable for your Halloween night. It is an anthology film which consists of ten different horror-comedy shorts which take place in distinct parts in the Halloween night in the same town.

Even though it is a mix of the short films, you will surely be sure of getting the full genuine horror experience in which it gets a balance between the genuine horror as well as the lighthearted fun. This movie is a combination of an urban legend which entails a copious consumption. That leads to a hilarious standoff and cannibalism between the most adored alien invader in the film history and a slasher villain.

5. The Guest (2014)

The Guest

This is another one of the best Halloween movies of all time. Though it is one of the recent releases, you will surely have a memorable Halloween night. You will get full tension through the whole Halloween movie in which you remain terrified hence making this moment very memorable. This movie comes in between a real horror and thriller in almost the whole moment of its set up.

This is featured up to its thrilling climax on the artificial fog as well as ominous lights of the Halloween haunted house. In the full runtime of this Halloween movie, it maintains enough tension which is highly influenced by the performance of Dan Stevens who plays the role of mysterious David who is a horror villain which is usually terrifying due to his charismatic characteristic.

4. Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters (1984)

Are you looking for a hilarious Halloween movie to keep you at full laughs all through your Halloween night? This will be one of your best where it comes to the Halloween comedies. Though it is made of ghosts which are in some sought very terrifying, you will find most of the time just laughing and forgetting about the fears befalling this Halloween movie.

Even if you are looking for the complete terrifying Halloween movie, do not worry as it also contains exactly what you need to your and for the scaredy cats as well as scary movie lovers. To make it complete, you can also throw in the Ghostbusters 2 as well as the 2016 all-female reboot for a full-on marathon.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

Being one of the best Halloween movie of all time, you will have one of the best experiences with the use of this Halloween movie. This movie sets up the stage through the use of a defining moment in the Halloween-centric cinema which is under a creepy as well as a catchy triumph of a song known as ‘This is Halloween’.

The whole of this Halloween movie is about the weird residents of this Halloween town who in this time, are trying their hands in making Christmas. This Halloween movie, however, has been set to be watched in the October season in which its central lessons is that different holidays should be separate establishing that Christmas is completely different from Halloween and that how it should be.

2. Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Being the second Halloween movie of all time in our list, you will be sure of having the best experience ever. With the first Evil Dead being a gritty as well as a no-budget exercise in the relentless horror. It, however, introduces a welcome dose in its proceedings of Looney Tunes-Esque from which it gives the perfect fitting of the Halloween film.

The blustery star known as Bruce Campbell contains blood-soaked handmade effects as well as a rubber-faced performance which are essential in the selling of the characteristic of both the humor as well as the horror characteristics of this film. This is quite more than the undead demons which are messing with the living as much as they can do it.

1. Halloween (1978)

Halloween (1978)

This is our best Halloween movie you will find best for your Halloween holiday in which you will fully get the spirit of the Halloween holiday. It is an easy pick which will suit the use by most persons in getting the best experience ever. This movie by John Carpenter has inspired many imitations which do not understand simplicity obtained which has made it be one of the most terrifying Halloween movies.

In this movie, Michael Myers is a villain who is simple as well as scary due to his omnipotence as well as the mysterious characteristics. He usually follows Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie wherever he goes. He then changes all the suburban streets into terrifying places of horror.


In conclusion, the best Halloween movies of all time not only give you the best experience in the Halloween holiday but additionally ensure that you get the spirit behind this special holiday. Making it different and finding what best offers what you need is very key to ensuring that you have the best experience.

Having put several factors into consideration, we came up with the above list which indicates the best top 10 Halloween movie of all time which will always give you the spirit of this holiday. With this, you are sure of having the best. Ensure you check in the above list to have your best today.

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