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Top 10 Best Ice Crushers in 2022

Any party where ice crushers are used ends up creating beautiful memories. What else would you ask for in summer? These ice crushers will crumble ice to give you the best-frozen drinks at home, school, bar, or anywhere you want to have fun. The coarse ice is also suitable to preserve salads, desserts, and drinks.Having ice crushers in a facility where crushed ice is required in large amounts is key.

Having several in a training center or at home also makes a difference. In order to purchase the best, you need to consider your budget, design, and efficiency among other features. You can operate them manually or using electricity depending on the type. In our list, we have provided you with the best ice crushers. Go through the details for better understanding. Check this out Top 10 Best Ping Pong Robots in 2022

Top 10 Best Ice Crushers in 2022

Ice Crushers Reviews – Highly Suggested

10. Westmark Germany Manual Ice Crusher (Grey)

This ice crusher from Westmark is something we would recommend. It does everything to provide you with crushed ice for your cocktails and other drinks.

Its design makes it one of the most comfortable ice crushers to operate manually. With an ergonomic handle, you will find that it is very efficient. Hence, you will require little or no effort to crush your ice. Westmark made these ice crushers with heavy cast aluminum. Thus, they are sturdy and durable.

  • It is dishwasher safe
  • The base and the handle construction involves aluminum
  • Its handle is ergonomic thereby making it comfortable to use

9. Viski SS-TRU-4371 4371 Professional Lewis Ice Bag and Mallet, 12″, Multicolor

You might have tried other tedious and messy methods of crushing the ice manually. This ice crusher takes your ice preparation to a whole new level making it organized, less noisy and enjoyable.

The ice crushers with this Lewis design bag and a mallet are useful when you want to enjoy a soda or vodka. The Canvas bag is heavy and contains a flap closure. It absorbs the excess water, leaving your ice dry. The manufacturer made the mallet using a heavy hardwood.

  • It has a professional grade ice bag
  • A strong hardwood mallet makes the ice crushing easier
  • These ice crushers dry the ice

8. Gourmia GIC9635 Ice Shaver – Manual Hand Crank Operated Ice Breaker

Are you looking for ice crushers that can give you perfectly crushed ice? This ice crusher from Gourmia does not require much energy to operate. With its design, you will have yourself dust-like ice to improve your beverage.

It has a handle that makes it easy for you to prepare shaved ice. Unlike complicated button operations, you will get the job done without stress. Also, you can use it to serve the ice to your guests, just like an ice bucket. Lastly, Gourmia made the blades using stainless steel for longevity.

  • It is easy to operate
  • This ice crusher is portable
  • Stainless steel blades that do not bend
  • It can be used as a serving bowl

7. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Electric Shaved Ice Machine

With this shaved ice machine, you can make shaved ice, fun drinks, margaritas, slushies, and snow cones. It is both easy to use and clean. Let’s discuss more its design and features.

This ice crusher has a remarkable innovative design. After freezing the water using the two round ice molds provided, you can trust the precision-cut blade for the rest. This stainless steel blade can be adjusted. Therefore, you can either get crunchy or coarse ice. This ice crusher is durable since the blades and the ice molds can be replaced when need be.

  • It has a stainless steel sharp blade
  • The design allows easy disassembly
  • Produces professional quality snow from the adjustable blade
  • It uses electric power of 120V, 55W, 60Hz
  • Easy to clean

6. Time for Treats Avalanche Electric Ice Shaver by VICTORIO VKP1100

This Avalanche electric ice shaver cannot be ignored. Why not try and see its contribution towards your party drinks, slushies, snow cones, and other treats?

Its impressive design is undeniable. In addition to that, you do not need any special ice molds. So, you can just take your ice cubes and add them to the hopper. After that, you should press and hold the button since it does not operate without the lid. This switch makes it one of the safest ice crushers. VICTORIO made the blade with steel, and you can easily replace it.

  • It uses ordinary ice cubes without the need for ice molds
  • Stainless steel blade
  • It features a safety switch dependent on the lid

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5. Innovee Manual Ice Crusher With Rust-Proof Zinc Alloy Construction

To get ice crushers that can produce ice with the desired fineness is fundamental. Even though it is manual, this ice crusher can assist you in making punch drinks, daiquiris, margaritas, mint juleps, and other refreshments.

It has non slip legs that make it steady when you use the hand crank. This ergonomic design is complemented by steel blades that crush the ice with ease. Why should you worry about rust contaminating your ice? This ice crusher has a zinc alloy construction that is chrome-plated. Thus it lasts longer. Lastly, each of such ice crushers comes with an ice spoon and a large ice bucket.

  • It is manually operated
  • The blades are made of stainless steel
  • The material used is rust-proof and sturdy
  • It features non-slip legs for extra comfort

4. VIVOHOME Electric Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine Silver

A fancy cocktail party for your guest has never been fun without VIVOHOME automatic ice crusher. Get the desired shaved ice by just plugging it, adding the ice, and pressing the handle.

It has an aesthetic design that makes it ideal for bars, restaurants, schools, parties, home and other places. For a commercial setting, it can shave 143lbs of ice per hour. VIVOHOME made both the blade and the hopper with food grade stainless steel. The base is sturdy to enable you to work comfortably. Tired of noises? Well, the noise and vibrations are minimum. These type of ice crushers cares for your hygiene since they are rustproof.

  • Rapid electric ice crusher with 143lbs per hour
  • The water-resistant switch is handle-dependent for safety
  • It features a sturdy base
  • The stainless steel construction makes it rustproof

3. Costzon Electric Ice Crusher, Stainless Steel Ice Shaved Machine for Party

This is one of the ice crushers worth spending on. It is suitable to shave a large amount of ice into the finest particles you would imagine. Read below to see why we recommend it.

It has a compact and sleek countertop design making it ideal for all beverage service areas. The large container that holds 12 cups is transparent for you to view the process. Also, this container must fit on the bottom opening for the machine to work. The funnel design of the ice chute aids when loading your ice. The heavy-duty stainless steel that the manufacturer used is durable.

  • It is rust resistant and durable
  • Comfortable operation on/off switch
  • It has a transparent container
  • The overall dimensions are 6.7’’ x 10.5’’ x 18.1.’’

2. ZENY Commercial Industrial Quality Ice Shaver 250W

Having efficient and energy saving ice crushers can save you from time and money wastage. That is why we recommend this kitchenware/barware from ZENY. Its features are alluring as you are going to learn.

The design is sleek with every aspect dedicated to its function. Its motor is highly effective with the capability of shaving 440lbs of ice per hour. The blades are sharp, and the base is wide. ZENY ensured that the switch is covered with water-resistant material to provide safety. When it comes to the quality, this ice crusher has the blades, base, casing, hoper and other parts made of steel. Lastly, it comes with a user manual and a steel vacuum bowl.

  • It shaves 440lbs per hour
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Waterproof cover for the on/off switch
  • The motor rotates at 2500 runs/min

1. ZENY Ice Crusher Maker Commercial Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker

This might be the ice crusher behind the cold drinks and margaritas you have enjoyed in commercial establishments. Why not get one as well? Your home parties would never be the same again.

It has a great design to fit in any business or home. When you place the ice on the top, it will shave 265lbs each hour to give you fine snow. The blades are made using stainless steel. This means they can shave big ice particles and last long. In addition to that, you will receive a drainage tube and a drip tray after buying.

  • Contains stainless steel blades
  • Shaving speed of 265lbs per hour
  • It is easy to use
  • The blades can be adjusted


Having ice crushers around you whenever crushed ice is needed is important. You only need to have ice molds or just the regular ice cubes and the appropriate machine to disintegrate them. An ice shaver with strong blades that are rustproof is also good for the sake of your hygiene.

You should consider the ice crushers that are easy and safe to use as well. Since we have discussed all the details, you can point out any machine of your choice. Whether manual or electric, its relevance is clear. Purchase one as soon as possible to continue enjoying fancy parties.


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