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Top 10 Best Kayak Paddle In 2022

Kayaking is for the adventurous types who like heading into those rough waters canoeists avoid. It takes a lot of courage, stamina, and strength to paddle a kayak through the rapids. A good kayaker also needs one of the top 10 best kayak paddles to see him through the treacherous waters.

But finding one may not be so easy. That is why we wrote this review. We would like to help guide you to those top 10 kayak paddles

If you want to know the best of the best kayak paddles. Just keep reading.

Top 10 Best Kayak Paddle In 2022

10. Intex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle

For boat oars these paddles are good. But for kayaks they are even better. Just use the durable plastic connector to make a 96” kayak paddle. Made of strong aluminum, the paddle uses 19-inch blades to glide over the river.

These blades are also 7 inches wide. The ribs in the blades add the strength you need to get past all the rocks

  • 19 x 7-inch blades
  • Strong aluminum construction
  • 2 in one purpose

9. SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle

This kayak paddle sports foam grips. You will not lose control of your paddle even in rough rapids. This kayak paddle only reaches 84 inches but is made of strong aluminum to withstand any beating you bring its way.

The blades are adjustable. Depending on your preference, you have 3 positions you can lock them into. They only weigh two pounds, so they will not sink if you lose them.

  • Adjustable blade setting
  • Lightweight
  • Foam rubber grips

8. Shoreline Marine X-II Kayak Paddle

The corrosion-resistant aluminum construction provides all the strength these paddles need. Lightweight but durable. They can handle high impact situations like a pro. These kayak paddles also break down into two separate pieces. They can row a boat with ease.

A simple toggle button holds the two pieces together when united. The blades are painted in a safety orange color for high visibility.

  • Good visibility
  • Toggle connection
  • High impact

7. Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle

These two independent oars connect to make one long 96-inch kayak paddle. The contour blades make paddling easier and can be adjusted. You have three positions you can lock them into. The blades measure 18 x 7 inches

The drip guards keep you dry while the foam handles let you have a sure grip. The 2-pound weight makes paddling easier on the arms. One drawback, if you drop them in the water, they do not float for very long.

  • 3 positions for blades
  • 2 in one purpose
  • Drip guards

6. AIRHEAD AHTK-P2 Deluxe Kayak Paddle

This 84-inch version will unlock at the center for easy storage or transport. They sport curved blades for moving you through the water faster. The ABS blades are also adjustable to fit your paddling preference.

Designed to keep afloat if you drop them in rough water. Made of corrosion resistant aluminum and include foam handles as well as drip guards.

  • Foam grip handles
  • ABS curved blades
  • Easy storage and transport

5. Sun Dolphin Canoe Paddles

You can compare the difference between these canoe paddles and regular kayak paddles. These are also made of aluminum and have a T handle for a secure grip. The curved blades help displace water for better and more efficient paddling

You can break these paddles down into smaller pieces for easier transporting to your favorite canoeing lake. Weighing only 2.6 pounds, these paddles will get the job done.

  • Breaks down into smaller pieces
  • T handle
  • Curved blades

4. SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle

For the serious kayaker, these kayak paddles have feathered blade design. These make paddling more efficient and easier. There is a support ridge for added strength for those high impact moments.

You can take this blade apart for easy storage and the hand grips are adjustable. Also, the blades have the usual three locking positions.

  • Feathered blades
  • Adjustable hand grips
  • Support ridge for strength

3. SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle Mix Kayak Paddle

The adjustable drip guards are the unique feature on these kayak paddles. Keep your hands dry so they can hang on to those grip handles. They can break down into two pieces for convenient storage or transport.

Feathered blades with ridge support make paddling much easier. These blades also can be adjusted through 3 different positions for paddling preference. A little heavier than other kayak paddles but they still float.

  • Floats
  • 3 adjustable bade positions
  • Adjustable drip guards

2. Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle

The black blades are made from polypropylene and attached to an aluminum shaft. Unfortunately, the blades only have two positions they can adjust to. The good news is that these kayak paddles come in three sizes. You can get the 86-inch; the 90-inch; or the 94-inch size.

Weighing only 37 ounces, you should be able to kayak the day away with no problem.

  • Breaks down into two pieces
  • Variable sizes
  • Tough construction material

1. Carlisle Magic Mystic Poly Kayak Paddle

You will not be missed when you bring these bright lemon colored kayak paddles out of the water. The ridged back blades are designed for strength and to meet those high impact moments.

Complete with drip guards, and grips and lightweight but tough aluminum construction. These kayak paddles will meet any rapid river challenge.

  • Drip guards
  • Ridgeback blades
  • Bright safety color

Some final words

Kayaking is a sport for those who like to be alone. Or with just one other person. It tests your mental and physical strength. To help you pass those tests you need one of the top ten best kayak paddles in 2022.

They are all designed to help you get the most out of your kayak time. Some of these paddles will keep you safer with their bright blade colors. These kayak paddles also will help you make it through those rough rapids you always wanted to try.

The good thing is if you lose your grip, you can find most of them again because they float.


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