Top 10 Best Large Diffusers in 2022 Review

Top 10 Best Large Diffusers copyEvery home needs a boost of ambiance. One of the best ways to achieve calmness in your home is with our editor’s choice of the Top 10 Best Large Diffusers in 2022.

These popular devices use ultrasonic technology to mix essential oils with water into a cool mist. Further, they are a healthier option to use as you can buy different healthy oils to use in the large diffuser. These oils evaporate into the air and give a home a clean refreshing smell.

Buying the best large diffuser will have a large water tank, making sure the moisture spreads through to every corner of the room. Some of them even make use of reeds and replace the normal motor to make them work.

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Top 10 Best Large Diffusers in 2022 Review Comparison

The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser/HumidifierThe Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier

4.6$20 - $30
 NexGadget Wood Grain Oil Diffuser NexGadget Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

4.8$40 - $60
Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierUltrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Aroma Globe Essential Oil DiffuserAroma Globe Essential Oil Diffuser”

Greevoo Aroma Essential 400ml Oil DiffuserGreevoo Aroma Essential 400ml Oil Diffuser

The Aromacare Zen Orb Large DiffuserThe Aromacare Zen Orb Large Diffuser

4.1$40 - $60
[Azonasinid asinid=URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser


4.3$40 - $50
HOUSMILE Essential Oil DiffuserHOUSMILE Essential Oil Diffuser

4.6Under $50
ASAKUKI Premium Oil DiffuserASAKUKI Premium Oil Diffuser

Review of the 10 Best Large Diffusers | For Home and Spa

10. ASAKUKI Premium Oil Diffuser

ASAKUKI Premium Oil Diffuser-Large Diffusers

The ASAKUKI diffuser has a 500ml water tank with seven different colored LED lights. Further, it has multiple mist nebulizer modes with a safety auto-switch preventing the unit from overheating once the water reaches a low level.

Another amazing thing about the unit it works as an aromatherapy diffuser, air purifier, and humidifier. The materials used to construct the unit’s eco-friendly and have a one-year warranty. The amazing thing is the diffuser has two levels of mist functions with seven different LED colors.

  • The light option is great
  • Oils last all night
  • Great customer service
  • Certain oil brands can cause a ring around the lid

9. HOUSMILE Essential Oil Diffuser

HOUSMILE Essential Oil Diffuser

The HOUSMILE is a large diffuser that works as a night light and humidifier. The stylish wood grain finish is eco-friendly and made of no toxic material.

The unit has a 600ml water capacity to enjoy clean fresh air all night as the top cover has a 360° rotation for spraying mist. Suitable for large rooms and measures 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.9-inches and you receive with your purchase an AC adapter, measuring cup and user manual.

As with the other models reviewed here, this is one of the best large diffusers with an automatic shut-off feature.

  • Works quietly
  • Switches off when the water level reaches low
  • Not messy to refill
  • Item does not include a nozzle even if the box advises its included



The OMINIHOME large diffuser has a shallow wood grain with a 400ml water capacity. The seashell design has a changing LED-encircled waistline. This device fits in with any home or office décor.

The diffuser has a long working time up to 15-hours suitable for large rooms with an automatic shut-off function. Choose a light to suit your mood, or use it as a night light. Included with your purchase you receive the OMINIHOME diffuser, adapter, measuring cup and the user manual.

  • Produces a great smell throughout a medium sized room
  • Runs quietly
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for overly large rooms

7. URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

One more best large diffuser for your home is the URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Humidifier. The device you can use as a diffuser, humidifier, and a night light.

With the ultrasonic diffusing technology, it produces a frequency of 2.4 million times per second to break the oils and water into micro particles without the need of using heat. The reservoir tank uses 500ml water and works up to 10-hours and automatically shuts off once it reaches low.

There is a timer for the mist from 60 minutes to 180 minutes. Remove bad odors from the air and keep the air healthy while strengthening your family’s immune system. The unit you can use without the aromatherapy diffuser. The coverage for aromatherapy is 430 sq ft and the humidification area is 269 sq ft.

Further, the device has seven LED lights to use with a cycle, one color mode, or fixed mode. The package consists of the Aroma Diffuser, charger adapter, measuring cup and user manual.

  • The color selections, superb
  • Can turn on the light without the need of using the diffuser
  • Excellent customer service
  • The sub-lid pops out to clean it
  • Automatically shuts off when it reaches the low water level
  • A wood grain exterior would have looked great

6. The Aromacare Zen Orb Large Diffuser

The Aromacare Zen Orb Large Diffuser

While using the Aromacare Large Diffuser it runs up to 20-hours and has two mist settings. The Zen Orb has a 600ml water tank with a sleek wood like design.

The diffuser has a low-level noise of <35dB (A) and made with ABS and PP material. The device covers about 100-150 square feet. Further, it gives a mist output of 30ml to 40ml. Included with your purchase you receive the Zen Orb Aroma Diffuser, an adapter, measuring cup and user manual.

  • Large tanks
  • Stylish look
  • Shuts off automatically if the water is low
  • Can turn the light on or off
  • May need more than one if you want your entire home to smell great

5. Greevoo Aroma Essential 400ml Oil Diffuser

Greevoo Aroma Essential 400ml Oil Diffuser

With the ultrasonic technology used in the Aroma Essential 400ml Oil Diffuser, it runs whisper- quiet while spraying a smooth mist.

Designed for larger rooms the Aroma Essential has a 400ml capacity to enjoy up to 14-hours of pure air and a refreshing aroma throughout your room. Further, the unit has several openings to disperse the mist into different directions of a large room. The diffuser has seven LED lights you can switch off or set to a cycle and adjustable to use bright or dim.

The manufacturer has thought of everything with this diffuser as it has an auto shut-off function when the water becomes low. Use the timer settings from 1-hours to 6-hours or use it on the continuous cycle. The Greevoo diffuser is adorable and fits in with any décor.

The package consists of the aroma diffuser, a wall charger, and user manual with a 24-month replacement guarantee.

  • Vaporizes water
  • Can use with essential oils
  • Has a built-in mood light
  • Stylish
  • Filling up the water tanks easy with the included measuring cup
  • Auto shut-off function is great
  • The fact that you need to press the button several times to cycle through light colors is tiresome

4. Aroma Globe Essential Oil Diffuser

Aroma Globe Essential Oil Diffuser

The Aroma Glove Essential Oil Diffuser runs up to 20-hours and has two mist settings. With the warm wood design and yellow light, it matches with any furniture piece.

Further, it has an ambient dim light to set the right mood for daytime and nighttime use. For safety, the diffuser has an auto shut-off if the water runs low and there is no heat involved. This is a 600ml reservoir diffuser with a sleek look and easy to use design.

The units made with Anti-corrosion PP and ABS material and have a low and high mist setting. The mist coverage is about 100 to 150 square feet. You receive the aroma diffuser, power adapter, measuring cup and a user manual with your purchase.

  • Has a large tank that lasts when used all night
  • Great stylish look
  • The auto shut-off feature is great
  • The night light you can turn off
  • Works quietly
  • Minor problems that the diffuser does not give a great amount of mist, however, you do need to use it a couple of times for it to reach peak misting

3. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

For one of the best large diffusers for your home, the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier has a 0.8 (3.1L) capacity. This appliance has a topside refill water tank.

Use it for up to 12-hours continuously set at MAX mist without the need of refilling. The innovative design allows you to refill water from the top without the need of removing the water tank. The humidifier works quietly and is perfect for a baby’s room.

Enjoy your favorite oils with the oil diffuser and stand-alone box filling the air with fresh vapors while the humidifier keeps the air moisture free. The humidifier is easy to clean and prevents a buildup of fungi. There is an auto shut-off feature when the reservoir reaches low to protect the device.

Further, it has an optional night light with a soothing glow and you can set the light to sleep mode. Use it in your home or office as it fits in with any décor. The dimensions of the Ultrasonic are 8.46 x 7.28 x 9.37-inches. You receive the humidifier and manual with your purchase.

  • Great to use if you suffer from congestion
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Runs quietly
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to clean
  • Can use essential oils with it
  • A sleep setting would be great

2. NexGadget Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

 NexGadget Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

With the stylish design of black and wood grain, the NexGadget diffuser fits in anywhere. The unit has a classic tulip style design with a wood grain finish. The nice thing about the aromatherapy device is that you get an 18-month warranty.

There are four timed settings from 1-hour to 6-hours and continuous mode. Choose from a strong to weak mist. Further, the essential oil diffuser has a waterless auto shut-off feature. With the ultrasonic technology, it helps the oils evaporate into the air and has a 400ml reservoir.

There are seven rotating lights or you can use it without the lights. You can cycle through the colors or set it to a fixed tint. Choose from two light options dim or bright and you can use it during the day or night. The great thing is the NexGadget is more than just a diffuser it has vaporizing and humidifier functions as well.

You can use it as an air purifier, night lamp, or vaporizer by adding different oils to the water. While using the scent diffuser it releases an amazing aroma keeping your room smelling fresh. Included with your purchase you receive the diffuser, power adapter, a 150ml measuring cup, and the user manual.

  • Does not have a company logo displayed on it
  • Works flawlessly
  • Works well with Doterra essential oils
  • Auto turn-off function
  • Stylish
  • Fragrance does not last long and depends on the essential oils you use

1. The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier

 The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier

This elegant square Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier has a large 700ml capacity to run all day. Use it in the low mist mode for 20-hours a day. For the high mist mode, you can use the diffuser for 10-hours.

The diffuser has a BPA free construction and safe for the environment and your baby. Choose from a 1-hour to 6-hour running cycle and set the lighting between bright and dim. You can turn off the light and the cube has a classic design made with a natural wood grain.

The diffuser works quietly to not disturb your sleep. Another highlight is the auto shut-off feature that is great if you forget to switch it off. The mood enhancing light works with 7 LED lights and can cycle through or freeze the colors. Included with your package you receive the diffuser, adapter, and user manual.

  • Not too big
  • Runs a great length without the need of filling it up with water
  • Turns off quietly once it runs out of water
  • Helps to humidify the air as well
  • Fits in with any home décor
  • Water collects on the inside of the lid and best to flip it back with ease

Why do you need a large diffuser?

Using a large diffuser in the home helps to give the rooms an ambient atmosphere as the device uses a larger water capacity and run time. This is excellent as you do not need to refill often but can take up more space. If you have a large room, having a bigger diffuser gives a great impact than using a small one.

Certain units have an auto power off features and lessen your worries if you happen to forget to leave it on. These types of diffusers shut off once the water starts running low. Then you have a max run time and require a longer run time with less refilling.

Further, you need to consider the dimension of the unit and consider the space you plan to use it. Certain models can take up loads of space. Another thing to consider is the warranty of the device as the majority of brands sold online have a 12-month warranty.

The benefit of choosing a large diffuser presents you with great aromatherapy advantages helping you to distress and improve your mood swings. So go ahead, soak up the air around you, and choose one of the best large diffusers reviewed here.


If you need a device to purify the air in your home and have huge rooms we hope, our Top 10 Large Diffusers in 2022 can help you out. The units reviewed will help purify the air and give you a therapeutic atmosphere, removing bad odors in the room. Further, it will help protect you from allergens, dust and uplift your mood.

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