Top 10 Best Medicine Cabinets in 2020 | Keep Your Medicine Organized

The fact that medicine cabinets are not specifically for medicines means that it can be a great addition to any home. After all, it can store beauty products, basic first aid things, and other related items. It ensures that you not only stay organized but also access things easily.

Given the various options and their varying features and quality, here is the buying guide you need. The article covers the top 10 best medicine cabinets in 2020. Read on!

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Top 10 Best Medicine Cabinets in 2020

Best Medicine Cabinets Reviews | Keep Your Medicine Organized

10. Topeakmart Bathroom/Kitchen Wall Mounted Single

Topeakmart Bathroom/Kitchen Wall Mounted Single Louvered Door 3 Tier Adjustable Storage Shelf Medicine Cabinet/Cupboard

From today henceforth, when you need durable medicine cabinets that will GROW WITH you, forget about any other brand but consider the Topakmart bathroom/ kitchen and wall mounted medicine cabinet. Inspired by Topeakmart, this is the ultimate medicine cabinet that is waterproof and the talk of the town. No one does better than this in the market today.

Versatility has been given the top priority when building this medicine cabinet. This means that you not only store it in your laundry room but also in the bathroom and washroom. It can also be stored in the mudroom and used for both storing and organizing toiletry. Most customers like it because it is big enough to store most accessories. Its overall dimensions are 35 x 15 x 55.5 cm / 13.8 x 5.9 x 21.9 inches.

  • It is heavy duty and weighs 16kgs
  • Comes with a magnetic lock to secure its door and also in closing it easily
  • It is adjustable, with its two baffles that are adjustable in 9 different heights to ensure that you store items of different sizes

9. HOMFA Bathroom Wall Cabinet

HOMFA Bathroom Wall Cabinet Multipurpose Kitchen Medicine Storage Organizer with Mirror Double Doors Shelves, White Finish

If you are looking for the best medicine cabinet yet you don’t seem to find one that is good for you, worry not as with the Homfa medicine cabinet from Homfa will surprise you. It reduces your stress for finding the best medicine cabinet in today’s world where you don’t have all day to shop around. Everything from partitions to the design simply stands out.

This medicine cabinet is made using high-quality solid MDF material and comes with glass doors. The handles are made of silver metal, and the knobs help in easy opening and closing it. The medicine cabinet comes in a white finish. Overall we can say that the cabinet is stable lasts long, it is non-toxic and its looks are nothing but elegant. It rhymes with your kitchen décor. I can’t think of any other cabinet but this one.

  • It is multipurpose in that it fits your bedroom kitchen, bathroom and comes with enclosed shelf and double shutter doors
  • You can assemble it on walls or even over the toilet
  • It is easy to install it

8. ZPC Zenith Products Corporation EMM1027 Prism Beveled Medicine CabinetZPC Zenith Products Corporation EMM1027 Prism Beveled Medicine Cabinet

The ZPC Zenith medicine cabinet way outshines its counterparts in the market today. There are many reasons to stage this strong statement, because one, when you look at the way it is assembled, you will notice that the shelves will come out easily, and this makes cleaning this cabinet a breeze.

Also, its design is another thing that makes this medicine cabinet the best buy. On this, it is easy to install it, as you can either mount it on the surface and also if you want, you can also mount it on recess. It easily fits in any bathroom, so it is less of stress as far as mounting it is concerned

  • Comes with a frameless beveled mirror front design and a white powdered steel body coating
  • Has hidden piano hinges that make it look sleek and modern
  • Inside the steel cabinet bod, two adjustable plastic shelves provide customizable storage for a wide array of bathroom products.

7. Crosley Furniture Lydia Mirrored Bathroom Wall Cabinet – White

Crosley Furniture Lydia Mirrored Bathroom Wall Cabinet - White

Are you sick and tired of metal medicine cabinets? Here we have a somewhat different product for you; the Crosley furniture Lydia mirrored bathroom wall cabinet. It is made using hardwood and veneer. It will impress your eyes from the first glance you have on it. Most modern homes have metal cabinets, and therefore, if you want your home to be unique, you know what to go for.

It is wall mountable as well. This means that when it comes to installing it, you will be lost for choice. You can install it on the walls without having to worry that it will fall off and break. Another thing that makes it stand out is that it is large enough to house your kitchen or bathroom accessories. This saves you money as you don’t have to buy a bigger cabinet to replace this one, unless off cause you want to replace your existing one.

  • Comes with doors that are beautifully mirrored
  • It is made of durable hardwood
  • The medicine cabinet measures 19.2 x 5.2 x 28 inches
  • It weighs 22 pounds

6. Elegant Home Fashions Neal Collection Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Elegant Home Fashions Neal Collection Mirrored Medicine Cabinet, White

Elegant Home fashions know precisely what you want and when they were building this cabinet; your interests were at their hearts. This is a medicine cabinet with one adjustable shelf and up to 3 cubbyholes. It is a perfect definition of engineering works that standout in something not as complicated as a rocket, yet handy in any modern home.

The cabinet is constructed of wood with a pure white finish to complement your kitchen or toilet décor. Also, it comes with a mirrored door with elegant framing knob pulls. This helps you to open and close the door quickly.

  • It comes with lavish crown modeling as well as modern lines. Only little assembly is needed
  • The medicine cabinet measures 6 1/2 x20x24 inches
  • Weighs 20 pounds

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5. Jensen 868P34WHGX Bevel Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Jensen 868P34WHGX Bevel Mirror Medicine Cabinet, 16" x 36"

This one is also a high recommendation when it comes to medicine cabinets to buy in 2020. It measures 14 inches by 34 inches for the weight and height, respectively. As a result of that, you not only get enough space for your medicine but also organize them correctly.

As for the design, it has a welded steel body. It is also rust resistant due to treated steel finish as well as heat cured white acrylic paint. Due to that, what you take home is not only elegant but also durable.

  • It has left as well as right-hand opening
  • Its door also has continuous piano hinge for easy opening
  • It has three shelves that are made of glass and adjustable too
  • The door’s exterior also has a beveled mirror half its height

4. Croydex Orwell 31-Inch x 21-Inch Oval RecessedCroydex Orwell 31-Inch x 21-Inch Oval Recessed or Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet with Hang 'N' Lock Fitting System, Aluminum

With options to be either surface or recessed mounted, you already have an idea of why this product by Croydex is on our list of the best medicine cabinets in 2020. Its dimensions are 31 inches by 21 inches. It is also easy to install.

Its material is aluminum which guarantees you a durable medicine cabinet. On the other hand, its front is mirrored for an elegant look. It’s piano hinge can rotate up to 150 degrees.

  • It is a cabinet with two adjustable shelves
  • Its installation can either be surface or recessed mounted
  • It has a double door

3. Cabidor Mirrored Storage Cabinet

Cabidor Mirrored Storage Cabinet (CAB00405), White

Another one of the best medicine cabinets is this product by Cabidor. It measures 70 by 16 by 4.125 inches. As for the weight, it weighs about 33 lbs. It requires little space to install yet offers you ample time to store medicine. It is also affordable and readily available.

As for the design, it has an oil coating that gives it a visually appealing look. Its storage spaces are customizable to meet the various needs of different individuals. You can opt for right or left hinges for the doors.

  • It is easy to install
  • It also has a full-length exterior mirror
  • The medicine cabinet has five compartments
  • The hinged doors are easy to open and close

2. KOHLER K-99001-NA Verdera 40-Inch By 30-Inch Slow-Close Medicine Cabinet


KOHLER K-99001-NA Verdera 15-Inch By 30-Inch Slow-Close Medicine Cabinet With Magnifying Mirror


When you need extra storage space in your medicine cabin, think no further. Here is what you need to buy and replace your existing, outdated cabin that offers limited space. Trade it with the Kohler NA Verdera cabinet. It will securely and effectively conceal items in your washroom.

It comes in a rust-free aluminum construction with fully overlay mirrored door. Also, it has slow close hinges that prevent the door from slamming. It also comes with a vertically magnifying mirror, in the inside of the door. The mirror adjusts 3x.

  • Has three adjustable tempered glass shelves
  • It is reversible for left or the right-hand opening
  • Meant for surface mount installation

1. KOHLER K-99011-NA Verdera Medicine Cabinet With Magnifying Mirror

KOHLER K-99011-NA Verdera 40-Inch By 30-Inch Slow-Close Medicine Cabinet With Magnifying Mirror

Here comes the last medicine cabinet that we couldn’t help but include in our list of ten of the best medicine cabinets to buy in 2020. It is the Kohler K-99011. Our eyes couldn’t resist but spot and test it, and for sure, it worked better than standard medicine cabinets selling in the market today.

Everything about this cabinet is just nice. You will enjoy having it in your kitchen or bathroom as it complements your kitchen or bathroom. It is spacious enough such that you can store most kitchen or toiletries inside.

  • Comes in an anodized aluminum construction
  • Has rust free as well as chip-free finish
  • It has mirrors behind its doors or inside the door
  • Comes with up to 9 adjustable tempered glass shelves


Having discussed the top 10 best medicine cabinets to consider when buying one this year, it is our hope that you will have real value for your money. That’s because you will be well-informed and also have an idea of the best options. Now, you have all it takes to settle for an excellent medicine cabinet.


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