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Top 10 Best Microphone Stand in 2022

Whether you are a singer or performer out of passion or profession, a microphone I what you needed. How many times you have to tie your hands by holding a microphone? How many times your shift from performance to positioning the microphone at a right angle? How many times do you get distracted with the wrongly held microphone? We suppose almost every time.
The Best Microphone Stand is a perfect solution for all these issues. Though it seems an accessory to many, its functionality is beyond explanations. It is one of the most crucial equipment if you want to deliver an applauding live and studio performance.

The market is flooded with various varieties of the microphone stand which makes choosing the right one a brainstorming task. Here are our top 10 picks to help you out in this.

Top 10 Best Microphone Stand in 2022

10. NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand, Compact Mic Stand Made of Durable Steel for Radio Broadcasting Studio, Voice-Over Sound Studio, Stages, and TV Stations

This microphone stand from NEEWER is a quality product that comes into being with numerous noteworthy features. This folding type microphone stand will keep your hands free from holding a mic while you are playing or singing. Though it is compatible with almost all varieties of microphone available in the market, Blue Yeti USB Microphone doesn’t go along with this stand.

Design and quality

• Strong and sturdy build with the use of premium quality stainless steel.

• The arm can be folded as per the user’s requirements.

• Maximum clip diameter is 1.26″/32mm.

• The black colored body looks elegant.

List of the product’s features

• The Black Scissor Arm stand is highly flexible and bends accordingly.

• Comes with a table mounted clamp that allows it to mount over any table.

• Even can bear the weight of heavy duty microphones.

• Ideal for various places including family, stage, studio, broadcasting and TV stations.

• The arm includes a spring system to bear 2 Kg weight effortlessly.

9. Hellniya Foldable Studio Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with Mic Clip Holder and Table Mounting Clamp

Tired of holing microphone in your hand, the go and buy this adjustable stand for your microphone. It will carry your microphone with utmost safety as it features an innovatively designed suspension boom scissor arms. It guards your microphone against any sort of damage during rough and tough handling with its soft mat.

Design and quality

• Made of superior quality steel.

• The foldable arms can easily take the maximum of 2 kg weight.

• The diameter of the clip is 1.18″/3cm which can easily accommodate various types of handheld microphones.

• The sleek and compact black colored design looks modish.

• Comes along with a table mount stand.

List of the product’s features

• The swivel table mount can place the stand on any table and help you to adjust the mic as per your need.

• The durability of the stand increased by twofold with an electrostatic powder spraying on the stand.

• The table mounted stand features an adjustable positioning screw to achieve the best-suited position of your microphone.

• The stout spring on the stand bestows it with high-carrying capacity.

8. Tree New Bee Complete Set Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with 6 Inch Mic Round Shape Wind Pop Filter Mask Shield Black (TNB-ARM01), With Pop Filter


We all know the value of a crystal clear sound and this microphone stand works in the same direction with its wind pop filter mask shield. The shield ensures that the voice doesn’t lose its quality and audibility because of the surrounding wind and other undesired noises. You can easily place this microphone stand at the table and take the record the pristine and ear-pleasing sound.

Design and quality

• The highly flexible black scissor arms are yielded out of premium quality steel frame.

• The lightweight yet sturdy build allows you to carry this stand effortlessly.

• Suitable for almost every type if microphone except Blue Yeti.

List of the product’s features

• With its bendable arm, you can adjust the stand at the desired angle and height.

• The wind pop filter mask shield is of great magnitude when it comes to increasing the sound quality.

• The folding type construction makes it an easy to carry gear.

7. AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone StandTripod Boom


Let your microphone enjoy its personal and comforting space at AmazonBasics tripod stand. It is a perfect solution to meet all your recording needs irrespective of the space. It mingles well the interior and the equipment used at a recording studio, small stages, and larger-than-life performances. Its boom arm is a feature that deserves a round of applauds for proffering horizontal placement of the microphone.

Design and quality

• Yielded out of sturdy and durable stainless steel.

• Ultralight construction for effortless carrying.

• Comes as a compact and sleek unit.

• The basic design with minimalistic attachments bestows it with longevity.

List of the product’s features

• The most notable feature of this tripod stand is its long boom arm that allows it to bend horizontally. So, in plain words, it makes your live performances livelier as you will be able to place your microphone at the right angle.

• It shows great compatibility with 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch adapter.

• The extra long boom is molded with a plastic counterweight that helps to stay in action for a longer period.

• The clip-on cable hold secures your microphone.

6. Adjustable Microphone Stand Boom Arm Mic Mount Quarter-turn Clutch Tripod Holder Audio Vocal Stage


You will get the freedom to adjust the position of your microphone in any direction and way as it can take a full 360-degree rotation. This feature is the key factor behind the wide and massed use of this stand. The flexibility further increases with its adjustable leg that can make numerous adjustment to fit over any surface.

Design and quality

• Heavy-duty and professional grade build.

• Compact and sleek fabrication.

• Use the cutting-edge technology of turn clutch.

List of the product’s features

• The stand can take a whole 360 rotation on its axis that makes it ideal equipment for recording studios, home studios, stages and performance halls.

• It features three highly adjustable legs that proffer the stand an upgraded stability.

• The 30” boom length is best in the class.

• The height can be adjusted in between 58” to 37”.

5. AccessoryBasics EasyAdjust cymbal Microphone Mic Stand Tablet Mount for Apple iPad

Want to record your live performances on your iPad and Tab? Then this microphone stand is just the right thing for you. Its innovative design and build make it ideal and compatible stand to hold your all 7” to 12 inches screen size gadgets including iPad, Smartphone, and Tabs. It understands the worth of your gadget that is why it shows up with a cymbal stand that takes a secure hold of your devices. All these features come at a highly affordable price.

Design and quality

• Strong and sturdy build that last until eternity.

• 360-degree swivel arm for maximum viewing.

• No tool assembly.

• Easy to adjust height

List of the product’s features

• Get ready to take hold of your devices while you are recording or singing with this highly flexible microphone stand.

• It features a rapid release cardan shaft for tranquil removable of the stand from the table.

• Compatible with all gadgets from 7” to 12” screen measurements.

• Comes with the direct replacement warranty.

4. Ohuhu Microphone Stand Dual Mic Clip / Collapsible Tripod Boom Stand


Here is a stand who takes the element of durability and easiness of carrying in equal proportion. Ohuhu Microphone stand comes with dual mic clip and a tripod stand. The remarkable height adjustment range of 29 inches to 52 inch definitely deserves much of appreciation.

Design and quality

• Made of premium quality steel.

• Painted with a sleek finish.

• Features a quick release clamp.

• Comes along with two different designed microphone clips.

List of the product’s features

• This stand is a unit which comes with 360 degrees rotating the arm.

• Suitable for almost every variety of microphones.

• The quick releases clamp makes the height adjustments an effortless task.

• Ideal for various usages including studio recording, stages performances and live streaming.

3. Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand


This ultra lightweight microphone stand is here to fulfill all your recording needs. Whether you are a pro recording in a high-end studio or a lively performer who love applauds and zeal of live audience, this microphone is going to make your recording and performances more impressive. It has marked its presence with a foldable tripod base and non-slippery rubber feet. The basic design is another feature that grabs our attention.

Design and quality

• A well-made unit by using premium quality steel.

• Basic design makes it a high utility gear.

• The attractive black finishing makes an up-statement.

• Foldable unit.

• Ultralight. Ideal for travelers and nomads.

List of the product’s features

• This microphone stand includes a mic clip for better grip.

• The basic design allows you to use the unit maximum as with no extra attachments and wires it is highly user-friendly.

• The folding tripod base proffers you both stability and durability.

• Chuck your safety concerns your microphone as it features non-slippery rubber feet.

• You can adjust the height of the stand as per your liking and requirement.

2. Pyle Compact Base Black Microphone Stand – Mic Holder Adjustable Height from 33.5″ to 60.24” High w/ Telescoping Boom Arm Length at 33.46” – Solid Die Cast Base Ultra-Light for Easy Transport PMKS5


This microphone stand is a pioneer of the respective industry and this much fame and name are achieved via its some unmatched features and innovative design. Eight adjustable height level, extendable arm, highly sturdy base and 30 days money back guarantee can be counted in. Pyle ensures the safety of your microphone with its die-cast hard construction.

Design and quality

• The product uses the innovative die-cast material to come into existence.

• The base has surpassed all the safety and construction standard with its solid and sturdy construction.

• 9.92 lbs counterweight is ideal for placing your microphone safely and soundly.

• The boom extended arm is 33.46” long.

• Sleek and light construction with a black matt finishing.

List of the product’s features

• This build to last microphone stand comes with a remarkable height adjustment range. You can adjust the height of your stand from 33.5” to 60.24”.

• It takes in USA standard 5/8x 27 external thread sizes.

• The die-cast base is 233mm in diameter that provides the desired stability to stand even on uneven surfaces.

• It is an ideal gear for on-the-go performers as it is lightweight and can be packed easily.

• The 30 days money back warranty is an added advantage.

1. On Stage MS7700B Tripod Microphone Stand


On Stage MS7700B Tripod Microphone Stand is the equipment that is making way to numerous recording studios, stages and performance halls. Thanks to its compact and classic design that makes it highly user-friendly. It is almost unbreakable as it comes with a hybrid sheet metal and amalgamated leg covering.

Design and quality

• A quality product yielded out of premium quality steel.

• Black powered coated finishing bestows it an appealing look and durability.

• The tripod base is firm enough to last until decades.

• The legs are foldable and come into existences with plastic end caps that elevate the durability.

• Midpoint locking clutch fastens the microphone with utmost stability.

List of the product’s features

• This one of the most resilient microphones stand available in the market and its tripod base with a hybrid sheet takes the credit for this fame.

• The die-cast zinc midpoint clutch is a strong system that can bear a maximum of 2 kg weight.

• The tripod stand is stable enough to be placed firmly even on rough surfaces.

• A 5/8”-27 Sturdy threaded upper shaft is a resilient feature.

• To provide the best consumer experience, the company offers replacement parts.


From a rock star to a studio recorder, a microphone stand is something that everyone yearns for when it comes to delivering the best of their talent. So, untie your hands from the burden of a microphone and own a microphone stand for a focused and on the ball performance.

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