Top 10 Best Motorized Projector Screens in 2020

Buying a motorized projector screen can be an uphill task, however, with this list of top 10 best, motorized projector screens you can go wrong. Use it in all your purchases. When you have run out of money to buy a large HD TV screen, you still have an option. You see today everyone wants a modern home. Though the structures might be modern, the accessories in it might not.

However, here is where you can start. These motorized projector TVs will make your home modern without breaking your pocket. Well, we are sure that you have heard of them. However, chances are there that you may be swindled when you use them. To avoid that risk, you need to trust this review of only the finest there are in the market. Check this out Top 10 Best Camping Screen Houses in 2020 

Motorized Projector Screens

Top 10 Best Motorized Projector Screens in 2020

Motorized Projector Screens Reviews – Highly Recommended

10. VIVO 100 Electric Motorized Projector Screen 100 inch 

VIVO 100" Electric Motorized Projector Screen 100 inch Diagonal Auto with Remote 4:3 Projection HD (PS-E-100E)

When choosing a motorized projector monitor, you should go for a noncomplicated one. This is what you should go for when complication plays out, the Vivo 100 Electric motorized projector screen of 100 inches.

The screen comes with up and down stop limits on the RF remote. You will be assured that it is among the best in the market. Try this then. Here are more of the meticulous features that sells it out.

  • It will give you a crisp viewing angle of up to 12o degrees. Enjoy your viewing thanks to the mate white surface diffusion light that dispenses in all directions
  • The 1.1 gain that has standard black backing eliminates light penetration for contrast photos
  • It has a durable metal casing so that you install it on your wall or ceiling
  • It is compatible with most LCD, LED and even DLP projectors

9. Best Choice Products Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen

Best Choice Products Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen, 100-Inch, 4:3 Display

Here is what you need to usher in your 2020 in style. This is the new and improved motorized projector screen from BestChoice Company, undisputable for projector screens.

Ones you get this projector screen you automatically transform your house into a modern one. It will deliver bright light and deliver beautiful images that you have ever seen.

  • It will run silently and in a smoothly
  • Comes with a remote control for convenience
  • Has a 1.3 high gain black-border white screen for out of this world watching experience
  • Essential for  home, office, business, and even classroom
  • It measures 92.5 by 74.5 inches while the casing is 92.5 and 4.75 inches width

8. VIVO 100 Electric Projector Screen, Motorized

VIVO 100" Electric Projector Screen, Motorized, Auto Remote 4:3 Projection Mount 80" x 60" (PS-E-100V)

Transform your house to a complete smart home using this projector screen from Vivo. It has just the right dimensions to suit your viewing experience and complement your home or office.

The motorized projector stands out from the rest with dimensions of 60 by 80 inches. The aspect ratio is 4.3. Nothing is off-limits. Here is why people like it.

  • The metal casing is sturdy and perfect for installation on walls and ceilings
  • Perfect for home, business or schools
  • Comes with a 1.1 gain screen material with a standard black backing that eliminates the penetration of light
  • You can adjust it effortlessly

7. Motorized Projector Screen with Remote Control

Motorized Projector Screen with Remote Control, ExquizOn Ceiling Wall Portable Projector Screen 100 inch 16:9 1.2 Gain AUTO Electric HD 4K Indoor Outdoor for Family Home Theater and Office

What’s more, do you want in a motorized projector screen if it is not this one from ExquizOn Company? The company has a rich history in the manufacture of motorized projector screens. These are screens that you will find nowhere.

They come with adorable casing, therefore they are not as fragile as one will expect with other projector screens. This casing prevents wrinkle and ensures that there are no creases left when you fold it.

  • This projector screen is thicker than all others. This means that it prevents light penetration of light therefore clear images
  • It is portable and you can carry it whenever you are traveling
  • Also, you can mount it effortlessly as it has nail hooks, and you can suspend it using ropes or tape
  • Backed by a warranty and money back policy

6. Cloud Mountain Electric Projector Screen 100Cloud Mountain Electric Projector Screen 100" 4:3 Motorized Wall Mounted Ceiling Projector Screen Drop Down Projection Screen HD Home Theater

Before they spend their money, wise people make sure that what they are about to purchase is of high quality. However, most still end up being duped. Nonetheless, you can t go wrong when you choose this motorized from Cloud Mountain.

The projector screen has been constructed using high-quality material like the PVC matte white. It is wrinkle free with mildew resistant as well as being static resistant.

  • It will deliver high Definition quality thanks to the 1.3 gain that delivers high contrast optimizing picture quality
  • You can install it easily without using any tools
  • Backed by a 12 months warranty
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5. Elite Screens Manual B, 100-INCH 

Elite Screens Manual B, 100-INCH 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready with Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M100H

You want a projector screen that is easy to install. Finally, what you have been yearning for is here. You can install this projector screen on the ceiling or wall. Only the top quality motorized projector screens can be mounted this way. Luckily this features in the list of the finest monitors to buy in 2020.

This projector screen measures 100 inches diagonal, has a 16.9 aspect ratio and measures 49 by 87 inches. The overall size is 59.8 by 93.8 width and 2.8 inches depth. It comes in a white.

  • Has a 3 inches interval auto lock mechanism. This one allows it to adjust to various heights setting lanyard and can be pulled down with ease
  • It is easy to set it up on the wall or ceiling
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • Lifetime warranty

4. Homegear 100” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/Remote Control

Homegear 100” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/Remote Control

When you are out shopping for a motorized projector screen, don’t look for a substandard screen. That said, the solution is this Homegear 100” HD Motorized projector screen. It has all the qualities to transform your modern home.

The projector screen’s size and aspect ratio are unspeakable. Talk of the aspect ratio being 16.9 and size being 100inches diagonally. This is approximately 48.5 by 85 87 inches. The case size measures 100 by 3 inches.

  • This product weighs 21.6 lbs
  • 2 gain screen that you can wash with soap and water
  • Delivers up to 160 degrees viewing angle
  • It is mildew and fire resistant
  • The motor system is efficient and energy efficient too. Operates quietly
  • Compatible with all projectors

3. Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control

Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control

This motorized projector screen’s size is unspeakable, and its aspect ratio is out of this world. Its aspect ratio is 16.9. If you are used to generic motorized projector screens, then you are in for a shocker.

The projector screen’s diagonal measurement is 96 by 54 inches. The case size measures 104 by Dia 3 inches. Also, it is lightweight, measuring only 20.3 lbs

  • Delivers high contrast of up to 1.3 gain
  • It is washable using soap and water
  • Delivers up to 160 degrees viewing angle
  • It is compatible with all projectors such as LCD, DLP, HD, CRT, and 3D

2. Elite Screens Spectrum, 100-inch Diag 16:9

Elite Screens Spectrum, 100-inch Diag 16:9, Electric Motorized 4K/8K Ready Drop Down Projector Screen, ELECTRIC100H

If you have long been searching for a projector screen to complement your home or office, look no further. This motorized projector screen is worth both your time and money.

Diagonally, it measures 100 inches and the aspect ratio is 16.9.  The projector screen’s view size measures 49 by 87.2 inches width. The screen’s material is of max white 1.1 gain multi-layer weave.

  • Enjoy 180 degrees viewing angle with this projector screen
  • Comes in a black-backed front screen with a textured surface
  • It is shipped when it is fully assembled thus you only need to assemble in sew simple steps
  • Comes with infrared remote control, a detachable 3-way wall switch and a 12 volts trigger cable
  • It is backed by a warranty when you purchase

1. Elite Screens VMAX2, 120-inch 16:9

Elite Screens VMAX2, 120-inch 16:9, Wall Ceiling Electric Motorized Drop Down HD Projection Projector Screen, VMAX120XWH2

This is an utmost motorized projector screen to buy as the year comes to an end. It will ensure that you start your new year in style. Always ask for the Elite Screens VMAX2.

It has a 120 inches diagonal measurement with an aspect ratio of 16.9. The viewing size is 58.9 inches height by 104.6 inches width. The package’s actual size is 70.7 inches by 117.8 inches width and 3.1 inches depth.


  • It is front is fully black-backed and has a textured surface
  • The motorized projector screen is 4J ultra HD and also active 3D projection ready
  • The GOLD and GreenGuard standards have certified it
  • Comes with a durable metal casing for durability
  • The synchronous motor makes it operate quietly


There are those things that don’t need rocket science to execute. Then there are those that look easy from the outside but are complicated; like buying a motorized projector screen. Unless you are i you are deemed to be duped each time you are shopping for nice motorized project screens.  However, this list has been tried and proven. Much time and resources have been plowed into undertaking such a credible list. For this reason, you can’t go wrong when you choose any of these 10 best-motorized projector screens in 2020. Next time you are out shopping ensure you have this list of only the best, finest projector screens and you will realize value for your hard earned money.


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