Top 10 Best Office Boards In 2021 

Do you have a home office or are you a business owner? If you are, have you thought about how you can improve your writing in various ways? Alternatively, have you thought about how you can get the business or your home office organized?If you have our editor’s choice of the Top 10 Best Office Boards in 2021 will be very helpful. Here you will find different office board reviews to make your selection easier. You will thank us, as they will help you with different important aspects to keep your home office organized.

Why Do You Need an Office Board?

Whether you want to leave notes for family members at home or need to get your office structured an office board can help you out. There are different models available here to buy from magnetic dry erase boards, white boards to just the plane dry erase board.

With a magnetic dry erase, board the great thing is it does not leave stains and they are suitable to get your day planned. If you prefer something different, the whiteboard has been popular for students and the office. The great thing is you can write all the important notes on it and once done erase it off as your lists complete.

The other outstanding thing when using an office board you are cutting down on paper waste and you can grasp important information at a glance. They are even amazing tools to quickly sketch your ideas or even reminders. We are not going to keep you waiting in anticipation and can find reviews here on the top rated office boards available on the market.

Best Office Boards Comparison

A Combination Office Board SetA Combination Office Board Set

4.3Below $50
The Premium Think BoardThe Premium Think Board

3.9Below $50
Europe Excellent Office Magnetic White BoardEurope Excellent Office Magnetic White Board

4.2$50- $100
Magnetic Dry Erase WhiteboardMagnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard

4.3Below $50
The VIZ-PRO Magnetic WhiteboardThe VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard

4.0$50- $100
 The Basics Dry Erase Board from U BrandsThe Basics Dry Erase Board from U Brands

The Office Marshal Office BoardThe Office Marshal Office Board

4.5$50- $100
The XBoard Porcelain Magnetic Dry Erase BoardThe XBoard Porcelain Magnetic Dry Erase Board

5.0$50- $100
Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board SetMagnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board Set

4.3$100- $150
The Quartet Glass Dry Erase BoardThe Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board
4.2$150- $200

Reviews of the Best Office Boards Available in 2021

Do you need to simplify your life at home or in the office? Here is a list of the best office boards you can buy in 2021 to get your life in order.

10. A Combination Office Board Set

A Combination Office Board Set - office boardsIf you have a home office and need versatility to keep it organized, choose the Combination Office Set. The board you can use as a bulletin board and great for Dry Erase use as well. This is a premium set made up of a combo white/ blue felt bulletin board. You receive extra a magnetic dry eraser, two magnetic black markers, two magnets, and ten colored push pins. The Combo Board you can only hang horizontally and has movable hanging hoots to adjust the mounting distance.

A marker tray includes board accessories and is removable. The surface of the boards, resin-painted and the bulletin board part has a blue fabric surface. For durability, while hanging, it has a sturdy aluminum frame. Another helpful thing is you receive a lifetime replacement guarantee by Navy Penguin.

  • Very practical to use
  • Keeps your work flow organized
  • Fits into a cubicle
  • Functional• Attractive
  • Easy to write on and clean
  • Designed to use horizontal and not vertical

9. The Premium Think Board

The Premium Think Board - office boardsNeed something extra to keep your ideas organized? You need the best office board. With the Premium Think Board, you can transform the smooth surface into a dry-erase surface. The great thing about this board is you can use it as a door, desk, or mounted to the wall. The natural board looks super cool and is easy to mount anywhere. The only difference with this writing board is it is not as smooth as the other brands reviewed here.

For ease of cleaning, you can use the erasing solution with a towel. You can enjoy writing your ideas on the surface as it does not get sticky and you receive an expo marker, squeegee, Velcro for sticking the marker to the wall, and the installation instructions.

  • This is one of the most versatile office boards you can buy
  • Includes a pen and cleaning solvent as a starter kit
  • Sticks to a rough wall
  • Transparent
  • The Velcro included keeping the marker on the board is small

8. Europe Excellent Office Magnetic White Board

Europe Excellent Office Magnetic White Board - office boardsFor the masters of whiteboard designs, you will not go wrong when buying the Europe Excellent Office Magnetic White Board. The notification board has a durable aluminum frame with a pearl white surface. For protecting the surface, it has a stain resistant exterior and includes easy mounting wall screws with an extra pen tray.

Choose how you want to mount the board, as it is versatile to use either landscape or portrait. For ease of use, the pen tray slides onto the magnetic board frame. There is a strong metal backing making the board very stable.

  • Excellent customer service offered by Dayton Home & Office
  • Easy to write and erase
  • Easy to place the tray as it slides into the frame
  • Magnetic
  • Has a slight indentation on the surface that could have taken place in transit of the product

7. Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard

Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard - office boardsWho wants a dry erase whiteboard that leaves ghost marks after you use the board? No one does, this is why the Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard has stain resistant to prevent this from happening. Choose your size from a wide selection of measurements. The writing board offers you the versatility to hang parallel or perpendicular. There are four corner screws with triangle hooks to mount the board.

Included with the official board set  you receive a complete mounting kit, four marker pens, a magnetic erase, blue magnetic rulers, a marker holder tray,  and four round magnets. The other exceptional thing is you receive a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

  • Easy to mount
  • Not heavy and definitely not fragile
  • Magnetic and great to use if you do collect fridge magnets
  • Includes outstanding extra accessories
  • May need additional help to mount the office board depending on the size you buy

6. The VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard

The VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard - office boardsFor the best office board to use at home or your company the VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard is all you need. The writing board has a durable surface of melamine and is easy to keep clean with a dry wipe and dry-erase markers.

For a great style, it has an aluminum frame with ABS plastic corners. The screws fix in the corners to make them invisible. Included you receive a fixing kit to mount the board horizontal or vertical. You receive extra a pen tray. This model is great to use magnets on to keep paper notes and photos on hand.

  • Does not stain easily
  • Affordable
  • Available in different size options
  • Versatile to hang and use
  • Best to use an expensive Expo Dry-Erase Markers with it

5. The Basics Dry Erase Board from U Brands

The Basics Dry Erase Board from U Brands - office boardsFor a functional solution for making notes in your home office, choose the Basic Dry Erase Board. You can use different brands of erasing markers on the board, but the U Brands work well. Underneath the dry erase surface, it has thick insulation with an aluminum frame giving it a durable construction.

Further, the U Brand office board has a universal mounting system with the mounting hardware and instructions included. The writing board has a stylish design and even looks great with the U Brands Bulletin Board. The only downside is you cannot use magnets on this board.

  • Affordable • Gets the job done
  • Erases but needs maintaining all the time
  • Suitable for home use
  • The board bows a little bit once hanged on a wall

4. The Office Marshal Office Board

The Office Marshal Office Board - office boardsFor the home office or fridge magnet hobbyist, the Office Marshal Office Board is what you need. Choose your scale from three different sizes. The board has a lacquered dry erase surface with scratch-resistant and suitable for commercial use. The great thing about the lacquer is it prevents the ink from making its way to the inner layers and helps prevent stains.

With the aluminum frame, it is harder and more resistant to wear and tear. Even the screws hidden in the plastic corners to give it an excellent mounting finish. This is a versatile board you can hang horizontal or vertical and use both dry and wet erase. Further, you can use different shades of color with the high contrast and you can use pin magnets on it.

  • Lightweight depending on the size you buy
  • Easy to hang
  • Versatile
  • Easy to write and wipe clean
  • Reasonably priced
  • Does have a tray to place your markers but an additional tray would have given it a nice touch

3. The XBoard Porcelain Magnetic Dry Erase Board

The XBoard Porcelain Magnetic Dry Erase Board - office boardsFor a versatile office board, the XBoard Porcelain Magnetic Dry Erase Board you can mount any way you prefer. Mount it horizontal or vertical the choice is yours.  You have the option of selecting from three different sizes to fit in with your office space. There is a detachable marker tray and you can place it on any of the sides of the board.

This office board has an aluminum frame with ABS plastic corners to prevent you from hooking yourself on the board. The surface has an anti-scratch surface and functions as a bulletin board to pin different items by using magnets to it. You receive a lifetime warranty when buying the XBoard.

  • The aluminum frame is durable
  • Has an all-metal back
  • Mounts with four screws, one in each corner of the board
  • Great to use if you are a fridge magnet collector
  • It would have been nice if the removable tray was a little bit longer

2. Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board Set

Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board Set - office boardsIf you need one of the best office boards get your hands on the Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board Set available in five different sizes. With the magnetic tempered glass design, you can easily use dry-erase markers on the surface. Included with the set you receive five glass-board magnets and a marker tray constructed of aluminum.

While in use, there is no staining and it erases effortlessly. For ease of installation, you get solid metal mounts and wall anchors. Further, you receive a mount template and instructions.

  • Mounts solidly without flexing
  • Can use liquid chalk and dry erase markers on it
  • Leaves no ghosting or residue behind
  • Installing the office board is a two person job
  • The anchors included are worthless buy stronger ones

1. The Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board

The Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board - office boardsNo matter what size of office board you need, the Quartet Glass Dry Erase Boards available in a size you need. This board has a glass surface that is great to use as a marker board that leaves no stains behind when erased. You get a smooth writing surface to use with dry-erase markers, it is magnetic, and you can use the earth magnets on it.

The design of the Quartet is frameless with rounded corners, has a concealed tray to keep your eraser, and markets together. You can write with and shade of marker as the surface is visible and easy to keep clean with the correct cleaning supplies. Once mounted it looks as if the board is floating as the mount and hardware you use is invisible. You receive included a mounting template to help you hang it correctly on the wall.

  • Available in different sizes• Can leave your work on this board for days
  • Does not collect whiteboard dust along the frame
  • Has no edges that hook you when walking by the board
  • The mounting template is a great help
  • Hanging the boards takes time as it has some extra weight and best to call someone to help you

Final Thoughts

If you need the best office board, the products reviewed here are useful in different ways. You can write on them and it is not permanent and is easy to clean. The other exceptional thing is that the majority of them are magnetic so you can stick your family photos to them or place your fridge magnets on them. Keeping the office organized has never been easier as the writing boards give you the freedom to use them as you please.

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