Top 10 Best Outdoor String Lights in 2021

The outdoor string lights have the power to transform nights spent outside. When it comes to summer, even nights are ideal for fun activities. As the kids run around or you are enjoying a barbeque with friends, these outdoor string lights can be of great help. Most of them are waterproof for obvious reasons. While some use electricity, there are others that use solar of the battery. That means that there is everything for everyone.

As you take a step towards better outdoor night parties, the decision will not be easy. That is because of the many options available. We must help you buy what is worth spending on at all times. Therefore, we have a list of the best. Read on for the top 10 best outdoor string lights in 2021.

Top 10 Best Outdoor String Lights in 2021

10. MineTom UL Listed 33 feet Crystal Ball 100 LED Globe String Lights 

Outdoor string lights commonly known as party lights transform your outdoor environment into a fantastic party venue. What exactly is the role of these lights? These outdoor string lights play a major part in decorating your outdoor activities to the maximum. In addition to the great party look, this product takes your imagination to the next level.

This product features multiple bulb string lights. Its design is stylish and elegant. During purchase, a remote and timer accompany the product to ease your work. The bulbs’ spacing is 4.3 inches which bring out a stunning look. Its lead made wire runs up to 5 feet. With the 100 bulbs, the entire place looks impressive.

  • It is multifunctional hence usable both indoor and outdoor.
  • This product features 100 stylish bulbs.
  • The bulbs have a 4.3 inches spacing.
  • It comes with a remote and timer.
  • The operating bulbs are the LED type. 

9. Globe String Lights, Crystal Balls Waterproof LED Fairy Lights


How exactly can you make your outdoor life more fun? These outdoor string lights are here to guarantee you just that. Imagine letting your imagination run and apply these lights differently. I know everyone would love that. As a result of that, make these outdoor string lights your everyday outdoor partner to get to that. Purchase these lights and live your outdoor life as a party.

These outdoor string lights are crystal balls with a sturdy wire connection. Its design is flexible and straightforward hence allows different placing. The source of power is the natural sun. Therefore, it is cheap and easy to work with. 6-8 hours of charging equals 8 hours of perfect illumination. Despite all that, rainy outdoor activities are okay to use these lights.

  • It is waterproof.
  • The bulbs are fashionable and stay cool. Consequently, safe to use.
  • These string lights feature two different light modes.

8. String Lights, Lampat 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights with Bulbs-UL Listd 


Outdoor dinners with friends and family are always fun. However, preparing for these evening family moments is always tough. Worrying about the look of your backyard and how comfortable people will be. These outdoor string lights are here to make things better for you. They will bring out an outstanding look and bring out the best in your dinner.

This product features 25 colorless bulbs with a strong holding. The bulbs spacing is up to 12 inches. The power supply is just enough with each bulb using 5 watts, and the strings power is 125 watts. It is perfect for both the indoor and outdoor activities. Each bulb works solely hence it is very economical.

  • The bulbs sum up to 25 with a 12 inches spacing interval.
  • The manufacturing company offers a full year warranty.
  • It is multipurpose.
  • It uses a high-class material of construction. 

7. AmazonBasics Patio Lights, Black, 25′


Make your parties better by adding an amazing, inviting glow with these outdoor string lights. Their design is suitable for different parties. Each great moments with your family is better with these lights. They give a warming welcome to everyone.

AmazonBasics outdoor string lights feature solely hanging bulbs. The entire product has 25 stylish bulbs. Connection technique is fast and simple. These bulbs are 12 inches apart from each other and operate under 5watts power. It has an elegant and beautiful design which is visually appealing.

  • It has 25 solely hanging bulbs.
  • Dimensions are 8.6 by 8.6 by 3.7 inches.
  • This product is perfect for both the indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Each bulb operates under 5W power and is 12 inches apart.
  • It uses end-to-end connection during operation. 

6. Brightech Ambience Pro LED Waterproof Outdoor String Lights


What are evening parties and dinners without these outdoor string lights? This product maintains a warm and relaxing environment for everyone. The product adds a magical feeling to your party. Make a bright choice today and introduce this product to your night parties and events. Purchase, and you won’t regret.

Brightech outdoor string lights have a unique and stylish design. The connection is easy but unique. Each bulb and the connecting wires are weather resistant. Its construction is efficient and delivers maximum light energy. Any event will perfectly match this décor. With these multiple bulbs with an equal spacing interval, one achieves an inviting atmosphere.

  • The stylish bulbs are water resistant.
  • It features multiple bulbs with similar spacing.
  • This product perfectly matches different occasions.
  • The connection is fast and easy. 

5. Outdoor String Lights 48Ft Edison Vintage Commercial Grade Lights


Getting the best holiday lights is becoming a big deal as days pass by. What is the real reason for this? Different types of outdoor string lights are available hence choosing one to purchase complicated. However, this product is here to offer you great holidays. Purchase these string lights and experience the best lighting experience.

MineTom waterproof string lights feature colorless bulbs with a strong wire connection. Installation technique is fast and straightforward. This product uses 11 watts for each bulb and 165 watts for the wire connection. The total number of bulbs is 15 with a spacing of 3 feet.

  • The product features 15 bulbs operating each with 11W of power.
  • They are multipurpose.
  • Its manufacturing company offers a whole year warranty.
  • It gets power from electric power.
  • This product is weather resistant.

4. Pro Outdoor Patio String lights w/Edison Vintage 


Take your outdoor evening dinners and parties to the next level with these outdoor string lights. The lights not only achieve an appealing and inviting look but also creates a relaxing and warm atmosphere. Make this product your evening welcoming item and provide a warm welcome to your guests.

Shine Hai outdoor string lights feature clear bulbs and sturdy black connectors. With strong connecting wires, accidents are rare. The lights are multifunctional and different parties works great under this product. You can bring out different design depending on your taste. The multiple bulbs each operating under 11W power have a spacing of up to 3 ft.

  • Multiple bulbs are separating under a 3ft interval.
  • The lights are multifunctional and weather resistant.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • High-quality material of construction hence, durable. 

3. LED String Lights, by myCozyLite


To become a designer is an excellent career but very competitive. Imagine having to create a fantastic party venue from a dulling backyard. Regular lights will not be enough. However, worry no more since these outdoor string lights are here to give you a hand. Make your designing work bigger and better with this product. From a dull venue to an outstanding glow. Make this your designing partner and deliver the best.

This product features flexible connecting wires and lighting cables. With this product, your designing skills run wild as you come up with an excellent look. Its power source is electric energy which is reliable. The lighting perfectly favors both the indoor and outdoor activities. Energy saving is to the maximum. Different weather conditions are okay since this product is weatherproof.

  • It is weather resistant.
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor activities.
  • The connecting wires are flexible and strong.
  • This product features multiple operating light bulbs.

2. Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights 


An inviting glow is an ultimate solution to creating a perfectly relaxing and appealing atmosphere. Make your welcomes warmer with Lemontec string lights. Purchase this product and experience a digital outdoor look.

Lemontec outdoor string lights feature a high-class engineering construction. The material is both water and tear resistant adding its working days. Different parties will match the achievable décor. Installing the product is easy and fast. This product achieves different lighting modes as per your preference.

  • It is durable due to the high-class construction.
  • Installation is fast.
  • This product features multiple bulbs with a 3ft spacing interval.
  • The product achieves, unlike lighting modes.
  • Its manufacturing company offers a three-year warranty.

1. Brightech Ambience Pro Waterproof Outdoor String Lights, Cafe/Bistro


Give your entire outdoor environment a new classy look. Every single evening is a partying and happy moment with this product. Despite the time or day of the year, these outdoor string lights will achieve an amazing party look. Get this product and experience precious, memorable outdoor times with your family and friends.

Brightech outdoor string lights feature colorless well-hanging bulbs with a strong wire connection. They are installable in different ways. Consequently, easy and fast to put in place. It is a guarantee of years of perfect outdoor lighting. Its inbuilt weatherTite technology makes this product weather resistant.

  • Inbuilt advanced technology which makes the lighting system weather resistant.
  • Easy to install string lights.
  • This product is multifunctional.
  • A total of 15 bulbs each working under 11 watts of power.
  • It is flexible and allows different designs.


From the above list, one will never run out of options when it comes to outdoor string lights. The styles and models are multiple. Regardless of your preferences, the list above offers you nothing short of the best. From paper lanterns to cafe-style globes to Edison bulbs.

You now have the power to illuminate your balcony or patio whenever a need arises. They will withstand all weather conditions as well. What else are you waiting for to make the next outdoor night even worth remembering? All the above items are worth it and available on Amazon. You should settle for one of them as soon as possible.


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