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Top 10 Best Packable Daypack in 2021

In search of a packable daypack. If yes, it is much joy seeing you make such a smart choice enough to change your trips for the better. A packable daypack has come to solve the problem posed by heavy bags. Some are too big to the extent that they become extra luggage. In addition to that, you may have to pay for them at airports or stations. Is it fair to pay for an empty backpack? The answer is a big no. Check this out Top 10 Best Tire Pressure Gauge in 2021

That is where a packable daypack comes in. The bag fits in luggage and occupies a negligible space. If unfolded you, the luggage it can hold would shock you. The many things you can do with it is too much for such a small item. They include camping, day trips, school and shopping among others.

Much as they are good, getting a foul one could be as disappointing as not having one at all. To add insult to injury, you will have wasted money on something not worth it. That is too much, and we cannot just stand and watch you go through such an agonizing experience. Consider our list of the best packable daypack in 2021.

Top 10 Best Packable Daypack in 2021

10. Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack

Gonex Packable Backpack is the solution to all your traveling problems. Why not when it is a portable, lightweight and easy to carry packable daypack? Besides being a perfect backpack, one can fold it which is an easy thing and put it in a suitcase. Then, you can use it once you reach there for your day to day needs throughout the vacation. It is also ideal for travel, camping, day trips & hikes, school as well as camping.

This packable daypack is not only foldable but also lightweight. It has the main compartment suitable for what you may require for a trip. Other pockets are an outer one for camera or guidebooks and the inner pocket that is zippered. It can secure valuables such as money, traveling and banking documents. For your water bottle, there are two nylon mesh pockets on either side. If you do not need two bottles, an umbrella would be a valuable occupant of the other meshed pocket.

Quality is undoubtedly perfect. The seams are well constructed, nylon material is the material of the packable daypack, and the SBS metal zippers lasts for long. It is no secret that nylon is both tear and water resistant.

  • The nylon material and the SBS metal zippers make it durable.
  • Though the packable daypack is lightweight, the construction is sturdy including that of the seams.
  • Once you no longer need it, you can fold it.
  • You have eight colors to choose.
  • Its dimensions are 44x30x15 and 16×16 when unfolded and folded, respectively.
  • The weight is 185g while the capacity is 20L.

9. Gonex 30L Lightweight Packable Backpack Handy Travel Hiking Daypack

When traveling, an annoying bag could take away all the fun that comes with that. However, this packable daypack by Gonex saves you the agony of such an awful experience. It is foldable, lightweight and has comfortable shoulders straps. What else would you wish for in a packable daypack?

Its design includes two side pockets and three zippered pockets. That is ample space for your storage. Besides that, you will remain organized by putting like things in each one of the many compartments.

It is durability that proves its high quality is well-known. The nylon fabric is waterproof and ripping off is a rare thing. There is a bar tacking in every area that may have to undergo stress when carrying your stuff for a long-lasting packable daypack. It has a waist strap at the front. If zippers’ damage annoys you as it does in my case, the 2-way SBS metal zippers strong enough to resist abrasion will give you a break that you have been looking for a long time.

  • Weighs 320g hence lightweight
  • Ample space with a 30L capacity.
  • Five compartments for organization.
  • Meshed breathable and comfortable shoulder straps.
  • Dimensions, when folded, are 17x17cm.
  • Measurements after unfolding are 48x30x20cm.

8. Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

This one by Venture Pal is a multipurpose packable daypack ideal for vacation, day hikes, camping, day trips, travel, school or shopping just to mention a few. Given its design and the incredible features, it fits perfectly among the best packable daypack. Check it out!

It has a large compartment which is quite spacious. It is zippered, and that is also the case for the two small pockets at the front and another one inside the main pocket. In addition to that, on either side of the packable daypack. They offer quick access to a water bottle, umbrella or a guidebook if a need arises. Its foldable design saves you both space when traveling and money for a supposed extra bag.

Its high-quality nylon material is waterproof and resistant to wear and tear. To strengthen the packable daypack, many bar tacks reinforce the stress points. The zippers are also robust.

  • Sturdy construction with the durable nylon water resistant material
  • Offers a comfortable carry thanks to the padded breathable mesh shoulder straps
  • One can fold it if not in need of it for easy storage until it is needed.
  • Foldable to a compact size of 9×8.5×2.2inches.
  • Dimensions, when unfolded, are 20x13x7.5inches.
  • Six compartments for enough storage and organization.
  • The weight is 0.7 LB while the capacity is 35L hence lightweight and spacious.

7. Hikpro 20L – The Most Durable Lightweight Packable Backpack

This one is something to consider if your hobbies involve moving around. It is perfect if you are tired of paying for big bags even when they are empty. The reason I fell in love with this packable daypack is how small it gets when folded and how it remains that way until you open it. Consider it if you intend to buy an amazing packable daypack.

It has three zippered pockets and two meshed side ones. The main one is enough to carry what your journey demands. On the other hand, you have an outer one for quick access and an inner one to secure important documents and cash. The side ones are perfect for water bottles or an umbrella.

The nylon material guarantees you a long-lasting packable daypack. Bar tacking at the stress areas and the SBS metals zippers that are not only durable but also durable ensures the longevity of its stay.

  • Easily foldable for transportation and storage.
  • It is durable since nylon is waterproof and wear and tear resistant.
  • Lightweight with a weight of 6.5 oz.
  • The 20L capacity offers you adequate storage.
  • Its many compartments help you stay organized.
  • The breathable mesh shoulder straps give you the comfort you require when carrying it.

6. ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Water Resistant Hiking Daypack

There is a way to end the panic attack you get whenever there are signs of raining while you are on the move. It is buying this ZOMAKE’s packable daypack. Since it is waterproof, your belongings are secure. It is an excellent choice because of that and many other reasons.

The lightweight design makes it suitable for use as a carry-on, small backpack or a day-trip pack. It has three zippered pockets and two mesh side pockets. Nylon material used is durable and waterproof.

  • It is waterproof
  • Reinforced at the stress point
  • Tear resistant material
  • Five compartments
  • Weight and capacity of 8.8 Oz and 20L, respectively.
  • Foldable to a compact size of 6.7×6.7 inches.
  • Dimension are 16.5×7.1×11.8 inches when unfolded.

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5. Hikpro 20L – The Most Durable Lightweight Packable Backpack

It is yet another reliable packable daypack from HIKPRO. That statement is enough to convince you to take it home because the quality products that the brand offers its customer is undebatable. It is advisable to carry it in case you need a bag. The good thing is that it will occupy little space and the weight is negligible. Once need arises, it will surprise you how much it can carry.

It has a total of five compartments. The main pocket, an outer smaller pocket, and another inner one are all zippered. The mesh side ones are open. Its lightweight design makes it an excellent choice.

Quality, on the other hand, is a guarantee. The nylon used is durable and waterproof to protect your belongings. Bar tacking process adapted reinforces every major stress point. There is an extra strength at the bottom because of the double fabric. Its abrasion resistant SBS metal zippers are durable.

  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Adjustable strap length
  • Firm lock
  • Many compartments for organization
  • Lightweight at 6.5 OZ and spacious measuring 18x12x5.5 inches with a capacity of 20L

4. 20L/33L- Most Durable Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

It is an ultra-light yet durable, packable daypack. In addition to that, it is also stylish and not even a minimalist can find it a bother when carrying it around. It is versatile when it comes to capacity. You can choose to go for the 20L or the 33L capacity depending on your immediate requirement. Isn’t that killing two birds with one stone?

It has a foldable design ensures that you can collapse it into a compact size when not being used. The compartments are six. The main, two outer and an inner pocket are zippered. We have two mesh open side pockets. With that, adequate space and organization is a guarantee.

The nylon fabric is durable and waterproof. The packable daypack, therefore, protects your contents for long and under even extreme conditions. Stress points are reinforced and the 2-way abrasion resistant SBS metal zippers are the icing on the cake.

  • Waterproof material
  • Weighs 0.46 pounds with a large capacity of 20L or 33L
  • Six compartments
  • Folded vs. unfolded sizes for the 20L are 6.29×5.9×1.97 inches and 16.92×10.63×7.08 inches, respectively.
  • For the 33L, the packable daypack measures 19x13x8.2 inches when unfolded and 6.29×5.9×2 inches if folded.

3. Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Outlander has a space-saving packable daypack ideal for a hike. Is it one of your hobbies? If the answer is a yes, then it is high time that you took it home. Do not worry about its quality because the manufacturer with the help of experts have ensured that it has all that one is looking for in a packable daypack.

The key design feature hard to ignore is the fact that it is foldable. The other one is its negligible weight and how despite that has a large capacity. The nylon used is waterproof and hardly rip. Reinforcing the stress points and the Abrasion resistant SBS metal zippers enhance its longevity. That sounds perfect for a good packable daypack.

  • Material resistant to wear, tear and water
  • Occupies little space once folded
  • Large capacity
  • Several compartments
  • Dimensions are 18.5x13x7.5 inches if unfolded
  • Measures 8.5×8.5×1.2 inches when folded

2. 60 L Waterproof Ultra Lightweight Packable

Are you a fan of hiking, camping, shopping or traveling among others? That is what you need to carry your items when doing so conveniently easily. Its great design and the incorporated features make it an excellent packable daypack.

It has both the waist belt and the shoulder straps to distribute the weight of the luggage. It is also lightweight hence does not add extra weight which could be a bother when on the move. The hip belt, elastic side, and front pockets enhance organization. Its material is nylon fabric resistant to water, wear and tear. In general, the packable daypack is durable and easy to carry.

  • Back support
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Comes with a rain cover that fits in the bottom pocket nicely
  • Waterproof material
  • The large capacity of 60L
  • The weight of 1 kg
  • Dimensions are 61x37x21 cm

1. Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack, Shadow Grey

Osprey has manufactured that this packable daypack with you in mind. It is large enough to carry all your essentials if you want to go for a day trip. It is great to the extent that if you are done using it, you will fold it into a compact size. There will be no more carrying of big bags if you buy this packable daypack from this amazing brand.

Its design is not only stylish but also lightweight. In addition to that, it is foldable for easy storage and transportation when not in use. It has side mesh pockets and the main one. On top of the packable daypack, there is another one for keys or the phone. The small inner one is perfect for the money.

  • Multiple compartments
  • Padded air mesh straps hence comfortable when carrying
  • The large capacity of 18L
  • Foldable into a compact size
  • Dimensions are 7x9x17 inches
  • Several colors including orange, lime, teal, and grey
  • Weight is 3 Oz


It feels nice to have a bag that “disappears” when not in use but comes to your rescue as soon as a need arises. Its size when folded is as little as a sandwich. On the other hand, if you unfold it, the capacity is roomy. That is why a packable daypack is something you should consider buying. Your purchase is easy no doubt. With the list of the best packable daypacks available in the market, some things are obvious. They include quality, perfect design as well as incredible features. What then are you waiting for? Grab one of the packable daypacks mentioned above.

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