Top 10 Best Pet Barriers for SUV in 2022

The importance of pet barriers for SUV cannot be understated when driving. They are a safety measure that any motorist especially one driving with their pets onboard needs to have.

A recent study shows that up to 65% of dog owners find their dogs a distraction while driving. Under such circumstances, a good number of these motorists admitted having used their hands to prevent the dog from further destruction when you use your hand to do other things while driving poses more danger to yourself and other road users. Check this out if you are looking for Best Vertical Mouses

For that reason, when driving and have your pet onboard, it is important to keep him safely away from you. Also, they help keep the interior of your vehicle from animal accidents that are frequent. Today, many companies manufacture these pet barriers for SUV. Finding the right one for your vehicle can be hard. However, this review puts the best pet barriers for SUV into perspective.

Top 10 Best Pet Barriers for SUV in 2022

10. Suki&SAMI Dog Car Barrier Adjustable Pet Barrier for SUVs

Suki&SAMI Dog Car Barrier Adjustable Pet Barrier for SUVs,Cars and Vehicles,Heavy Duty Wire Adjustable,Smooth Design

The SUKI-SAM pet barrier is the ultimate pet barrier you need in your SUV to keep both yourself and your pet safe. It will keep your dog safe in the cargo area, keeping it safe from the driver or passengers.

It is sturdy, having been made from a wire material which is excellent at withstanding the blow. This pet barrier is strong enough to protect both the dog and you.

  • It comes in a galvanized smooth design that will protect your car from scratches
  • Installing and uninstalling It is easy without needing any tools
  • It is compatible with most kinds of vehicle

9. Heininger 3048 PortablePET Pet Partition (adjustable 27″ to 45″)

Heininger 3048 PortablePET Pet Partition (adjustable 27" to 45")

This pet barrier for SUV is liked by many for its ability to keep your pet safe while you are driving. The pet barriers width adjusts from 34 inches to 60 inches. On the same note, its height also adjusts from 27 to 45 inches.

When there is no pet onboard, this pet barrier can be used to separate the luggage and cargo. Unlike most pet barriers for SUV today, this one allows for a clear view using your rearview mirrors.

  • It is see-through thus allowing for clear rear view while driving
  • Perfect for both the medium and large size dogs
  • It is sturdy and durable hence lasts longer and saves you money

8. Dog Barrier for SUV’s, Cars & Vehicles, Heavy-Duty

Dog Barrier for SUV's, Cars & Vehicles, Heavy-Duty - Adjustable Pet Barrier, Universal Fit

With this pet barrier for SUV, you will effectively keep your pets safe in the cargo area of your car. Here, they will be safe and away from the driver or passengers. These pet barriers for SUV are fully adjustable to accommodate a huge number of vehicles. They are perfect for SUVs as well as hatchbacks.

The pert barrier’s main panel is 35.5 inches in length while the height is 16.5 inches. It comes with an adjustable side panel of 12 inches length and 10.5 inches height.

  • It is sturdy, having been made using high-quality steel
  • Installing it is easy, and so is uninstalling it without any tools
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

7. MidWest Pet Barrier Wire Mesh Car Barrier

MidWest Pet Barrier Wire Mesh Car Barrier

This pet barrier is sure to keep your pet safely to the rear of your vehicle. Here they are kept safe from not only the driver but the passengers as well. The wire mesh pet barrier can be adjusted fully to fit most cars such as SUVs, hatchbacks as well as vans.

It comes in durable metal design and has a black e-coat finish. The finish is ideal for cutting glare as well as for improved visibility. This pet barrier guarantees safety while driving.

  • Its material is heavy-duty tubular steel wire mess to last long
  • Installing this pet barrier for SUV is effortless, and you would require no tools
  • A one year warranty backs it

6. Bushwhacker – Paws n Claws Cargo Area Dog Barrier for CUV & Mid-Sized SUV

Bushwhacker - Paws n Claws Cargo Area Dog Barrier for CUV & Mid-Sized SUV - Hatchback Pet Divider Crossover Vehicle Car-Net Mesh Travel Back Seat Safety Partition Universal Gate Restraint Fence Trunk

This is one of the best pet barriers for SUV, made with scratch and tear resistant screen. It is made of 0.5 inches lightweight metal tubing. This tubing is perfect for maintaining the barrier’s shape as well as preventing your pet from squeezing over around or under.

Installing it on the backseat headrest is easy. You can also tie it down on the baby car seat brackets. Even removing it is also easy and does not require any tools.

  • Measures 47 inches in width and 21 inches height
  • Before buying one, first, you need to measure the width of your interior behind the rear seat
  • It is lightweight but sturdy

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5. Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier for Pet Automotive Safety

Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier for Pet Automotive Safety For Adjustable Headrest Mounting Application

The first thing you check when shopping for a perfect pet barrier is its quality. This cannot be understated in the Walky Adjustable barrier. It is made using high quality powdered coated steel.

The dog barrier is ideal for medium to large dogs. Small dogs could easily slip through the bars. Its minimum extension size is 12 inches high and 34 inches wide while the maximum extension size is 18 x 56 inches wide.

  • The car needs to have adjustable headrest poles for mounting this pet barrier
  • Make sure you measure your car’s interior width to know whether it will fit your car
  • Remove it by loosening off the tightening knobs and then remove it from the headrest posts

4. Petego K9 Guard Universal Pet Safety Barrier

Petego K9 Guard Universal Pet Safety Barrier


This is a universal car barrier for pets with an adjustable height of 16 inches from 10.5 inches. The adjustable width’s maximum is 57.75 inches. It is a must-have, and most people prefer it because it can be perfect in the front or rear of SUVs and cars.

This product does not work on Volvo cars without vertically adjustable headrests. Therefore it is imperative to check on this before buying this product.

  • Comes with high resistant square steel tubing with solid galvanized steel elbows
  • The Headrest Clearing Extension is available but sold separately
  • Has a neutral grey color to reduce the visual impact
  • The product is in a compact package for storage and shipping

3. Walky Barrier Folding Universal Auto Pet Safety Barrier K9 Guard Pet Safety Barrier Fence

Walky Barrier Folding Universal Auto Pet Safety Barrier K9 Guard Pet Safety Barrier Fence

This pet barrier is among the best pet barriers for SUV to have in 2022. It is mountable on the headrest and needs adjustable headrest stems that are 29 inches apart. When not in use, they fold down.

It is a must-have pet barrier as it fits almost every car, mid-sized SUVs and hatchbacks. Therefore you need not to worry about taking your car’s interior measurements before purchasing.

  • The pet barrier is simple and effective
  • Has adjustable vertical bars
  • Keeps your pet safely away from passengers or the driver
  • Width adjusts to 55.5 from 32.5 inches and height to 14.25 from 11 inches

2. Zoo Keeper Auto Pet Barrier

Zoo Keeper Auto Pet Barrier

Are you in search of a perfect pet barrier with no success? Then try out the ZooKeeper Auto Pet Barrier, and you will not regret. This car barrier works with flexible cords which wrap around the headrest.

This pet barrier works with headrests and car seats in all vehicles such as trucks with extended cabs, 4- door cars, 2door cars, SUVs and even wagons

  • It is easy to set it up and unmounts as no tools are necessary
  • Custom fits your car with the vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • Its origin is the US and has 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Backed by money back guarantee

1. Bushwhacker – Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier 56″ Wide

Bushwhacker - Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier 56" Wide - Ideal for Trucks, Large SUVs, Full Sized Sedans - Pet Restraint Car Backseat Divider Vehicle Gate Cargo Area Travel Trunk Mesh Net Screen

This car barrier’s material is scratch resistant and tear resistant pet screen. It is all mesh design to allow rear AC heater vents flows through the pet barrier. This barrier also uses 0.5 inches lightweight tubing to retain its shape and prevent your dog from squeezing around the barrier.

Attaching it is easy and straightforward. You need to connect it to the front seat headrest, around your car’s seat frame or the seat belt mount.

  • Measures 56 inches wide
  • Excellent choice for full-size sedans large SUVs and trucks
  • Made using tough material to make it last for long


It is true that the safest type of barrier happens to be the most expensive type. Having a specially designed pet barrier in your car is so far the best method of separating your pets from the driver or other inhabitants. A pet barrier also gives your dog high chances of survival when peril strikes.

These should be properly mounted from the floor to the roof. It also uses the mounting approaches that are built into your car body for mounting. Now that you have gone through this list of the best ten pet barriers for SUV we believe you will make a sound judgment when out to buy one this year.


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