Top 10 Best Plastic Knives 2022

When stocking your home with steel look cutlery, design, color, and feel are key considerations. For big family meals, corporate events and banquets, classic cutlery is essential. However, purchasing utensils from a mall that has many utensils of varying quality may not be a piece of cake for first-time buyers. This is why we have decided to prepare you this list of the top 10 plastic knives in 2022. Read through this list and make your choice.

Plastic Knifes

Top 10 Best Plastic Knives in 2022

10. Crystalware Heavy Weight Plastic Knives 100/box, Black

Crystalware Heavy Weight Plastic Knives 100/box, Black

Crystalware heavyweight black knife is of premium quality. This plastic knife is rigid and durable. The rigidity feature makes this plastic knife suitable for foods that you would normally eat with plastics such as streak and chicken. When it comes use, this knife is fit for upscale use. If you are a professional cook, this knife is great for receptions, all catered events, parties, BBQ’s picnics. You can enjoy any festive with this reusable, disposable and very durable heavyweight knife.

The knife is also fit for office and home appliance. Crystalware heavyweight plastic black knife comes in a large pack of 100 premium black knives. Additionally, this is a full-size knife; 7 inches long. The dimension is 7.8 x 6.9 x 1.8 inches, while the weight is 1.5 pounds. Crystal heavyweight plastic knife is crafted to ensure comfortable grip as well as smooth edges. Customers state that this plastic knife is long, strong, and attractive and is suitable for an informal gathering.

9. Fineline Settings 100-Piece Extra Heavy Cutlery Knives, Clear

Fineline Settings 100-Piece Extra Heavy Cutlery Knives, Clear

Do you want to create sensational celebration? There is joy in setting your dream table with dishes that fulfill your desires for quality and beauty. To impress your guests with excellence, you so deserve. Fineline setting cutlery is not only recyclable but also reusable. These heavy cutlery knives come in four colors namely: black, clear, white and bone.

The knives are made of premium heavyweight upscale recyclable plastic thus are a great fit for a home appliance. Fineline setting cutlery 100-piece knives are molded carefully thus ensuring perfectly smooth edges. Their weight is 7.75 pounds, while the dimension is 0 x 7.5 x16 inches. Further, the handle is purposely textured for comfortable grip. The clear B004CGAST is a perfect fit for functions such as receptions, weddings, parties and catered events. Clients say that this is a great knife for a great price.

8. Embellish Cutlery Deluxe Heavy Weight Clear Plastic Knives 100 Knives

Embellish Cutlery Deluxe Heavy Weight Clear Plastic Knives 100 Knives In A Box

Embellish cutlery B01HONWCUQ are heavyweight recyclable and disposable plastic knives. The deluxe heavyweight knives are perfect for events such as birthdays, banquets as well as large parties. These embellish heavy weight knives come in a pack of 100 disposable knives for your convenience.

The package dimensions of this product are 7.5 x 7.5 x1.7 inches, while the weight is 1.5 pounds. I cannot forget to mention that these plastic knives are practical, cheap and easy to use. Customers say that the knives are sturdy and well made. Embellish cutlery deluxe heavy knives do not break when cutting meat. Their package is beautiful too.

7. Dixie Heavyweight Plastic Cutlery Knives (100 Count)

DXEKH207 Dixie Heavyweight Plastic Cutlery Knives (100 Count)

Dxekh2017 Dixie Heavy Weight plastic cutlery knives are solid and can comfortably cut basic foods such as sandwich and fruits. These heavyweight cutlery a good for spreading peanut butter without breaking nor folding. The cutlery is, therefore, a good fit for dining and kitchen use. Further knives are sturdy enough to spread to spread thick cream and perfectly cut cooked veggies.

In addition, these heavyweight knives are smaller than regular knives, and not very sharp. The dimension of these Dxekh2017 Dixie Heavy Weight products is 2.5 x 8×5.7 inches, and their weight is 2.16 pounds. Reviewers state that the cutlery is sturdy and sharp enough to well slice up a hardboiled egg without smashing it into separate pieces.


CUTLEREX 130 CLEAR PLASTIC KNIVES - Clear Plastic Cutlery Set - Disposable Flatware - Plastic Utensils Extra Heavy Duty, Solid, Durable

This is the cutlery designed for setting your table in flair. Cutlerex is clear plastic knives has a sleek handle that gives you a clear shine. This shine will convince your dinner is not only a real deal but an upscale table décor as well. If you are looking for silverware for your wedding, anniversary, rehearsal dinner, anniversary celebration and corporate event. You only need to arrange each place setting for a buffet. Once your event is over, clean-up will be a cinch.

You will not worry about the washing of dishes. You will worry not about valuable silverware being thrown away or accidentally break. The dimensions of this product are 8.2 x 4.7 x 2.9 inches and weighs 1.76 pounds. Further, these full-size cutlery comes in a pack of 130 clear plastic knives. Cutlerex 130 Clear Plastic Set is oven and microwave safe. Reviewers say that these is the sturdiest, nice sized, and disposable cutlery you can find out there.

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5. Amscan Big Party Pack 100 Count Mid Weight Plastic Knives, New Pink

Amscan Big Party Pack 100 Count Mid Weight Plastic Knives, New Pink

Amascan big party pack collection is the cutlery for a no-nonsense party thrower. This New Pink-B004UPYBS8 package contains 100 plastic cutters per order. The product is of medium weight; 1.25 pounds. The dimensions of this package are 8.1 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches.

Additionally, Amscan plastic knives are sturdier than most standard plastics knives. The USA made mid-weight knives have a vibrant bright color thus giving your table a top-notch décor. Reviewers say that these 100 packs are sturdy, flimsy, and a good value for the price.

4. Amscan Big Party Pack 100 Count Mid Weight Plastic Knives, Lavender

Amscan Big Party Pack 100 Count Mid Weight Plastic Knives, Lavender

Amscan big party Lavender B0051A53CY plastic knives are very well made. Purchasing this park saves the headache of doing dish wash when tired just because all the knives have been used. These 100 Count Mid-Weight Plastic Knives are sturdy and devoid of any rough edges like the other cheaper cutlery in the market. Further, this package is more flimsy than the ones you can buy in the supermarket.

If you like the bright colors of parties and events or need a great table décor, then this a must buy pack. The pack comes in bright and vibrant colors. The dimensions of this USA made the product are 8.1 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches, while the weight is 1.2 pounds. Customers state that the quality of Amscan big party pack is excellent for the price. Also, these plastic knives are much cheaper than purchasing plastic kitchenware from a party store.

3. Crystalware Heavy Weight Plastic Knives 100/box, Clear

Crystalware Heavy Weight Plastic Knives 100/box, Clear

Why not enjoy your festivity with disposable, durable and re-usable crystalware plastic knives? This 100 premium heavy weight plastic knives are great for picnic, weddings, parties, luncheons, camping and home appliance. Crystalware heavy weight knives have excellent rigidity and durability ideal for foods you wouldn’t normally eat with plastics. For instance, streak and chicken. Further, this cutlery is designed with excellent grip all for your comfort.

The heavyweight plastic knives are made of bent resistant polystyrene. The knives come in a box of 100 clear pack for your convenience. When it comes to the product has a length of 7.25 inches, dimensions of 7.8 x 1.8 x 6.9 inches, and a weight of 1.4 pounds. Notably, this is a new box and size of knives. Crystalware plastic knives are thicker than other knives in the market. They are larger than the knives sold at Wal-Mart. Additionally, B00H8CN12A serrations can cut pork chops, burgers, and chicken. Customers state that this pack lacks the discount store look, are attractive, and fit for use in an informal gathering.

2. Exquisite Plastic Cutlery Premium Quality Silverware Plastic Knives 100 Count

Exquisite Plastic Cutlery Premium Quality Silverware "Silver look alike" Heavy Duty Plastic Knives 100 Count

This exquisite plastic premium quality knife is fit for upscaling your home dining. Although silver look-alike heavy duty plastic knives are delicate in appearance, these knives are tough when it comes to quality. The 100 Count B01BMXAX82 comes in a package of 100 disposable silver cutter. If you are no-non sense party thrower, this cutlery will transform your party into an elegant affair.

The knives are a perfect use for glamorous events such as cocktail, wedding, or other formal gatherings. Exquisite knives are both cost-effective and durable. This product is 7.5 inches tall and weighs 1.25 pounds. The dimensions are 8.8 x 4.4 x 2.8 inches. Further, these heavyweight plastic cutters are light in weight though sturdy enough for use with dense foods. Reviewers say that exquisite plastic premium quality cutlery looks real silverware even without touching. They are a great for the price too.

1. Stock Your Home 125 Disposable Heavy Duty Silver Plastic Knives

Stock Your Home 125 Disposable Heavy Duty Silver Plastic Knives, Fancy Plastic Silverware Looks Like Silver Cutlery - Utensils Perfect for Catering Events, Restaurants, Parties and Weddings

Disposable heavy duty sleek silver sheen knives have an elegant feel that is perfect for banquets, official dinners, and ordinary dinner parties. When it comes to the make, these knives are made of reusable and disposable durable and sturdy plastic that feels like real silver knife in your hand. If you are planning to impress friends by holding an elegant event with lavish silverware.

The 125 Disposable Heavy Duty Silver Plastic is a must buy for you. Apart from flowering your event, after clean-up with these knives will be easy. These knives weigh 1.9 pounds, while the dimensions are 7.3 x 6.8 x 1.8 inches. This cutlery assures an intimate family celebration devoid of the dishwashing. What you should know is that 125 disposable knives are enough for your guests, multiple courses, serving trays and meals.

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As I conclude, we have gone through the top plastic tableware that will give your dinner a perfect décor. Although your guests or invited friends may not even notice the distinction between the real polished steel and silver from the medium or heavy duty plastic utensils, it is important to be selective with your purchase. To attain these, then this list of the top 10 plastic knives in 2022 comes handy. Now that you know what it takes to have a great table décor, why not get yours today?

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