Best Pool Table Lights in 2021

A pool table is a pocket billiard table with six pockets at every corner. It usually has a main pocket at the midpoint of the longer sides. Pool tables come in a different size, and in all cases, the tables are rectangular with 2: 1 ratio. The table pockets are situated at the back with plastic or leather. And of course, it needs pool table lights. Check this out Top 10 Best Postpartum Belly Wraps in 2021

In some instances, they usually have drop pockets that are small nets, cups or bags to catch the ball. Larger tables usually require many lamps to light the playing surface properly. The following are different types of pool table lights.

Best Pool Table Lights in 2021

9. Industrial Metal Black Pendant Light

Industrial Metal Black Pendant Light - Pool Table Lights

The product measures the 11.81-inch diameter, the maximum height is 5.64 ft, and the adjustable cable cord measures 4.92 ft, the cable cord suits different ceiling heights and length requirements. 

It has a UL-listed triple-core cable string and socket base, it bears up to 44 lbs of weight, and offers a safer and more durable operation. It uses perfectly with the E26 base vintage light bulb to create the excellent ambient and task lighting effect. 

8. Hathaway BG2576 3-Shade Billiard Light

Hathaway BG2576 3-Shade Billiard Light - Pool Table Lights

The six pool prompt stand is made of timber, it grasps a full combination of balls and 6 prompts. The cues, ball stands. It usually has a black finish mounting hardware including L brackets. The product measures 28 ¼”H*271/4” W*23/4”D. The quality of wood create the product excellent.

However, a person is not required to use more than 4 1bs torque on a driver to drive the screws and it will be fine. It highly recommends for a customer to purchase the L shaped bracket at the hardware to mount from the bottom and make it stable when removing pool sticks. It is easy to fix and works great.

7. 72″ Pool Table Light Billiard Lamp

72" Pool Table Light Billiard Lamp - Pool Table Lights

The pool table light usually has 4-15 metallic suspects which are tint white indoors to imitate the sunlit on the metal exterior. The product can use for 9-foot pool tables as it is plug with the adaptor or install with a hard-wired. A licensed electrician is usually recommended for its installation.

The instructions and mounting hardware usually include in the package, and an adjustable chain is preferred for its hanging distance from the ceiling.

6. Iszy Billiards 59″ Black Metal Ball Design

Iszy Billiards 59" Black Metal Ball Design - Pool Table Lights

The product has a quantity of 3-14 black metal shades. It has a pool balls combination fixed to the up lighter rod which enables it provides a prodigious light in the game room. The instructions and intensifying tools are usually contained within.

The pool table lights usually have an adaptable cable for the ideal dangling distance from the ceiling. It is primarily commended for seven to eight-foot pool tables and utilizes 360-watt bulbs. This product can plug in with the adapter. A licensed electrician is preferred for installation.

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5. Baiwaiz Wood Linear Chandelier

Baiwaiz Wood Linear Chandelier - Pool Table Lights

The product has a durable pendant light. It is constructed on an authentic wood and it is made of a sturdy iron. It has an iron wire caged kitchen island light that is decorated with a wooden frame. Which adds a touch of rustic industrial style to the kitchen, pool table, dining room as well as the bar. The pool table lights are usually suitable for both sloped and bar ceiling. Its height and adjustable and it easy to install.

The product requires 5*E26 60 W bulb that is not usually included in the package. It is compatible with LED as well as Compact Fluorescent and Incandescent or halogen bulb. It’s hard-wired has a two years warranty and its voltage ranges from 110-120 Volts.

4. CO-Z Billiard Pool Table Light

CO-Z Billiard Pool Table Light - Pool Table Lights

The product provides safety and superior quality lights. It is usually a sturdy steel construction with an antique bronze finishing for timeless elegance and durability. Its geometric handcrafted art in shades of cream, amber, warm honey, and sapphire blue enables it to focus light on the table so that layers exert themselves in gaming. The product uses a dimmable and compatible E26 bulb.

The types of bulbs used with the product include CFL, LED and incandescent. The pool table lights light up the room with gentle luminous lights. It saves the electric bills, as a little dimmer makes it more dimmable. Moreover, it is easy to install and has a one-year warranty.

3. BAYCHEER HL416343 Industrial Retro Vintage style

BAYCHEER HL416343 Industrial Retro Vintage style - Pool Table Lights

This pool table lights can use in indoor lighting, and pool table. Its fixture height is 11.02 inches, cord length is 35.43 inches, and the width is 47.24 inches. The poles are usually adjustable as a person can change the length to the pole according to their design and preferences. The available bulb types are Incandescent/ CFL/LED, while the bulb’s base is E26/E27.

The recommended maximum bulb power is 40w. Its installation is usually simple, however, the customer can contact the care service if he experiences any problem. Also, the shape of the light and glass covering makes it appear somehow dark, which makes customers to increase the wattage of the bulbs to 100.

2. Unitary Brand Antique Black Metal

Unitary Brand Antique Black Metal - Pool Table Lights

The product has a high quality two years guarantee. The installation type is hardwired, it measures 43 inches in length and the width is 5.9 inches, while its height is usually adjustable. The product can primarily installed in the kitchen, porch, living room and dining room. It makes from metal, its color is black, and its style is a rustic, traditional vintage.

The pool table light supplies 120 volts for North America and its maximum power. It mainly uses dimmable LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs or Edison bulbs. It is packaged with all accessories and customers are obliged to contact the care service if the product is damaged after receiving it.

1. Westinghouse 6332500 Iron Hill

Westinghouse 6332500 Iron Hill - Pool Table Lights

The pool table lights have three-light indoor island pendants with vintage-industrial details, which enable it to add unique appeal. It installs on slope ceilings and the instructions and mounting hardware are usually provide for easy installation. The table light measures 31-15/16 inches height, the width is 39-15/16 inches, it is 12 inches in depth, the maximum hanging length is 58-15/16, while its minimum hanging length is 31-15/16.

It uses 3 60 watts medium-base light bulbs, for the vintage appeal, and also uses the Westinghouse filament LED light bulbs. Moreover, the limited warranty is usually five years and covers defects in workmanship and materials. The pool table light fits the bill for the craftsman and the gold color in the reflectors is usually awesome.

In contrast, the cloth covering on the wires is not usually durable as it frays away when a person tries to get the length just right. The mounting base is usually very thin steel and flexes when a person tries to hang it. Moreover, the bracket that mounts to the box is usually flimsy for it holding a 15+LB light. The wire does not stretch out to be straight as demonstrated in the pictures, even after being sued for more than a month.


The lighting of the pool should be perfect for players to enjoy the game to the fullest. The best player cannot win in the poorly lit hall. Therefore, the pool table and Billiards usually require well-mounted lights for players to play effectively.

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