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Top 15 Best Portable Massage Tables in 2017

Portable Massage Tables

The earliest recognized massage was primarily a floor massage. Though, in this day plus age, with the progressions in technology doctors, now have a diversity of kinds and dimensions of portable massage table toward choose.A portable massage table is a significant piece of apparatus for all massage counselors to own. Fundamentally, massage is the skill of calming the tense joints as well as soft tissue of the body, using the hand. Consequently, a portable massage tables could ease the service anyplace and at any time.

Usually, you would find tables through a pair of legs on each corner as well as two pairs of recessed legs in the middle. This design permits the therapist toward work through all sizes and weight of bodies without any seeming stress otherwise table flex. This permits the massage analyst to focus on the massage, in place of wasting time bending as well as regulating the table, otherwise worrying around the extra-large customer. While it derives to non-stationary designs, numerous are prepared through Aluminum as well as many woods plus fibers. Though, Aluminum is a favored material while creating a massage table that is convenient. Aluminum is light weight, recognized to offer durability, as well as is easy toward setting up as well as take down.

Best Portable Massage Tables Comparisons

Sierra Comfort All Comprehensive Portable Massage TableSierra Comfort All Comprehensive Portable Massage Table

4.6$100- $150
Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage TableEarthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table

BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage TableBestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage TableSaloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

4.6$100- $150
BestMassage Black Reiki Portable Massage TableBestMassage Black Reiki Portable Massage Table

(BTM) Deluxe Lightweight Professional Massage Table(BTM) Deluxe Lightweight Professional Massage Table

4.7$50- $100
Sierra Comfort Professional Portable Massage TableSierra Comfort Professional Portable Massage Table

Best Massage Portable Massage TableBest Massage Portable Massage Table

BestMassage Portable Massage Table 3-Fold 84-inches LongBestMassage Portable Massage Table 3-Fold 84-inches Long

LCL Beauty WhiteLCL Beauty White
Heaven Massage Burgundy two-fold Portable Massage TableHeaven Massage Burgundy two-fold Portable Massage Table
Master Massage Santana Therma Top Memory Foam Portable Massage Table PackageMaster Massage Santana Therma Top Memory Foam Portable Massage Table Package
Master Massage 30″ Phoenix Therma-Top Portable Massage Table with MEMORY FOAM PackageMaster Massage 30″ Phoenix Therma-Top Portable Massage Table with MEMORY FOAM Package
MSG 3 Fold Portable Facial Bed Massage Table Sheet+2 Bolsters+Cradle+Hanger BlueMSG 3 Fold Portable Facial Bed Massage Table Sheet+2 Bolsters+Cradle+Hanger Blue
Master Massage Santana Memory Foam Portable Massage Table PackageMaster Massage Santana Memory Foam Portable Massage Table Package

Review of The Top 15 Best Portable Massage Tables in 2017

15.Sierra Comfort All Comprehensive Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort All Comprehensive Portable Massage Table - Portable Massage TablesPortable massage table converts one of the maximum favorite items now owing to high working efficiency and reasonable price. So, if you are in search of an effective tool for your household use otherwise spas plus salons, the massage table is an excellent recommendation. Amongst a great amount of massage table model, Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table becomes one of the finest buying options. For its excessive contribution toward human life, the device rates to grade 4.5 out of 5 stars.

If you are confused through diverse brands on the marketplace, Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table is certainly for you. The tool is not merely light-weight, however also useful in counting various helpful accessories.


The first impress while looking at Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table is its compacted design. As you distinguish, the tool not merely prepares a light-weight aluminum frame, however also features removable portions for the ease of storage as well as transport. A big plus of this device is the apparatus of carrying case.
Furthermore, other devices of the machine work healthy with each other in enhancing the massage table efficiency. The clear thing about this tool is a complete package of essential accessories. In adding to the carrying bag, you have a chance toward relish a high number of diverse constituents counting adaptable semi-circle bolster, face cradle, an oil pouch as well as a towel hanger. There is no added tool essential for its formation. Consequently, it takes you a few minutes toward complete all necessary steps.

Sierra has been recognized to be identical through beautiful features as well as great guarantee policy. Consequently, it derives as no astonishment that Comfort Portable Massage Table advances much of client’s trust as well as belief.

First of all, sturdiness is one of the most significant issues that maximum of users esteems when using this sophisticated massage table. It creates imposing by strong frame thanks to 4 legs related with sturdy coated tension wire. Strong legs verify its high compatibility on many floor surface. A significant advantage of using this tool is its long-standing time of usage. All parts of the table are prepared from high-excellence materials, which lead toward excellent durability plus stability. Furthermore, the apparatus of waterproof, as well as oil-resistant, is useful in protective this massage table from everyday wear and tear.

At that time, we state its high level of coziness. Because of a comfy 2.5-inch high-density foam deck, it not merely creates the essential safety, however also leads toward the surprising coziness of lying for numerous hours. Its convenience is shaped from adaptable height to be appropriate with diverse groups of clienteles. How delightful it is!

Last however not least, a maximum of persons feel pleased with its great guarantee policy of 5 years. It converts especially essential while you need repairing otherwise returning your produces. Quickly order it today and get its striking characteristics.

  • Entire supportive accessories
  • Durability
  • Great guarantee strategy (5 years limited)
  • Luxury
  • Foldable design
  • Easy toward use plus set up
  • Water-resistant
  • Reasonable price
  • Fast distribution
  • Adaptable height
  • Excessive customer service
  •  Not robust tailored sheet set

14.Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table

earthlite-harmony-dx-portable-massage-table - Portable Massage TablesThe Earthlite Harmony DX Portable is one of finest portable massage tables cash can buy; it is a high priced portable table however you will be blown away by the excellence and comfort. As far as massage tables go you just won’t get an improved portable massage table.

The Earthlite Harmony Portable Massage Table is packed with new features which comprise 2.5 inches thick, multi-layer, cushioning system, which is said toward offering extra comfort through a massage as well as afresh designed arm-slings for those who important additional support.

With this massage table, Earthlite has gone toward excessive lengths to make it as ecological as possible. The ingredients used in its building are resultant from accomplished forest hardwood, water based lacquers plus glues. The foam base is 100% PU vinyl as well as CFC-Free Foam. You could relax even more perceptive that your novel table is friendly to the atmosphere.
This portable massage table is accessible in one of 4 different colors. It derives with a more than a satisfactory 3-year guarantee on the product as well as even carries a lifetime warranty on the support scheme.


Owing to the compact design, it is suitable for you toward give the tool to spa center, gym classes otherwise offices. An impressive feature of this device is detachable mechanisms which lead toward a great comfort of transport plus storage. You would find it suitable to place the tool into the carrying case for stress-free moving.
Occupied accessories are an enormous plus of using this smart massage table. Earthlite efforts to feature all you requisite with a set of important parts counting table, deluxe adaptable face cradle through matching curve cushion as well as single pocket carry case. Though apiece of them plays precise roles, they work fine with each other in enlightening its working efficiency. There is no added tool requisite for its formation. As a consequence, it takes you a few minutes toward complete all essential steps.

Earthlite has been recognized as a renowned brand on the massage apparatus industry. So, Earthlite Harmony Portable Massage Table Platform is not an exemption. The tool derives with the perfect combination of design and feature, which pleases all of the clienteles in many sides.

First of all, sturdiness is the first significant issue that maximum of users concerns beforehand buying a massage table. The device provides powerful energy which might sustain up to 450 pounds of weight volume. This great purpose derives from high-quality ingredients and high hard maple leg. Furthermore, additional portions of the mechanism are prepared from 100% PU resources for the continuing time of use. It is hard-to-brake as well as generates high levels of security to all users.
Then, move on the astonishing comfort while using this portable massage table. Thanks to 2.5-inch dense padding, it offers the comfy sensation for the extensive time of usage. Relish all significant instants with this smart device.

The additional significant advantage of this tool is the long-lasting guarantee strategy of 3 years. It converts extremely significant while you have the demands around repairing otherwise returning your products.

  • Very strong
  •  Easy toward open and fold
  • High excellence carrying case
  •  Still costly
  •  Flimsy as well as stiff headrest
  •  A bit weighty

13.BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

bestmassage-two-fold - Portable Massage TablesThis is an actual well-built portable massage table, toward say the least. The design furthermore caters toward having a feature that even the maximum perceptive masseuse would love. It is accessible in your choice of 5 different colors as well as it folds up into a suitcase kind outline which creates it actual comfortable toward pack into its carrying case as well as goes to your subsequent appointment through.

The table is real strong while it is completed being set up. It is prepared of good looking birch wood as well as the producer claims it could support up to 450 pounds. There are furthermore several different attachments that originate in the platform; these comprise a hand rest, headrest, and a removable arm shelf. The carry weight of this table is merely a very stress-free to handle 40 pounds.


Let us get started seeing at this portable massage table. It creates imposing through the eye-catching hue of burgundy. In adding, the table derives with the astonishingly compacted design of 39 pounds, much lighter in contrast through other products in the similar category. Furthermore, all parts of the mechanism are detachable as well as convert easily for placing in the carrying case. As a consequence, you would find it suitable to carry the basket for long adventures otherwise outdoor activities.

Determine all striking characteristic of BestMassage Two Fold Transportable Massage Table in a complete way. It sturdily proves that the mechanism has a faultless blend between design as well as a function that creates a maximum of users feel pleased.

First of all, sturdiness is the most significant component while we mention around this kind of portable massage table. It is astonishing that this light-weight device might provide high power in enduring up to 450 pounds of weight capability. The machine creates imposing by its robust frame possessing to 4 sturdy legs. Distinguishing from additional products which use inexpensive PVC material, BestMassage Burgundy Portable Massage Table takes benefit of approachable PU leather toward improving its constancy. One detail is that four legs of the device have excellent

compatibility on all of the floor surface. Consequently, relish all of its excellent features through this quick tool.
High level of coziness is another impressive aspect of this table. It is delightful that the model efforts to offer astonishingly comfy feature because of 2 inches dense of padding.

  • We were impressed by the value for this portable massage table seeing how well constructed it is.
    It must easily be capable of handling the weight of an individual who is at 300 pounds.
  • The detail that the table has an adaptable height aspect is great too. This means that each masseuse that usages it could find a height that is comfy for them toward work at.
  • There were several concerns however with the building of this produce.
  • For one, the foam that covers the table appeared to get compressed even while a lighter individual was lying on it. A slight denser foam will have been improved here.
  • Another disadvantage is that several of the stitching in definite areas, for example, the face pad might use upgrading.

12.Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

saloniture-professional - Portable Massage TablesSaloniture has its skill in the salon trade and mostly targets hair artistes, barbers as well as tattoo artists. The firm started as a two-person group and later extended to nearly fifty personnel in less than a period. It manufactures an extensive diversity of salon furniture, counting stools, massage tables chairs, and trolleys. Saloniture objects to Proposal its client’s commercial-grade apparatus at reasonable prices.

This precise table features a sturdy hardwood frame through steel support cables intended at offering perfect balance plus support. It furthermore features a durable, soft, oil in addition to waterproof simulated leather cover through a filled 2-inch dense high-thickness foam cushioning. Furthermore worth stating is the detail that it comprises a removable headrest, arm sling, as well as armrests, which creates it actual comfortable toward transportation.

  • Sturdy – This best massage table is proficiently crafted with a durable hardwood frame and dual tension knobs on apiece leg for additional stability. The table support cables use the similar quality steel used in auto brake building, creating a sturdy table that could support up to 450 pounds.
  • Full featured – It comprises a variable headrest (face support) thru the best aluminum support that is tremendously sturdy. The face cradle could adjust in height plus angle for supreme comfort. This table furthermore features an adaptable section for multi-position provision, an arm sling underneath the headrest in addition to winged supports, permitting you to reposition your customer as required contentedly. Also comprised is one-half around lumbar support that measures 26″ long x 6″ wide x 3″ high toward assist diverse client preferences?
  • Best construction – The topmost of the table feature an entire 2-1/2” thick coating of high-density foam enclosed in lavish PU synthetic skin. PU leather is vegan-friendly, laxer than PVC, easy to fresh, has no invasive smell, as well as is oil plus water-proof. The comfortable face pillow comprises 3” of foam through a light cover. The table legs have solid, non-slip, non-marring bases to stop sliding as well as defend all kinds of floors.

This portable message table does not specify its frame building and in its place says robust hardwood structure in its product depiction. It is perhaps made of birch otherwise beech hardwood similar maximum tables are. The steel support cable is the similar quality as the ones got in car brakes. The additional stability delivered through the cables permits the table toward hold up to 550 pounds of weight. In adding, it has a 2-inch dense high-density spray covered in oil as well as water resilient PU leather.

This is an actual sturdy massage table, because of the sturdy hardwood building and steel support. It has oil as well as a waterproof leather cover that is actual durable as well as thick foam headrest for coziness. The headrest armrests, as well as arm slings, are removable for easy regulating as stated by your customer’s needs. Transport of this bed is comfortable plus the legs have a hard grip to stop slipping. The suitable nylon carrying case is valuable for holding the massage provisions.

  • Outstanding price point
  • Easy toward set up
  • Loads of accessories comprised
  • Slight face cradle
  • Padding is not so thick

11.BestMassage Black Reiki Portable Massage Table

bestmassage-black-reiki - Portable Massage TablesThere is nothing contented sooner than using a portable massage table correct at home. This is the motive why massage table converts one of the maximum preferred items currently on the market. Amongst an excessive number of massage table model, BestMassage Black Reiki Transportable Massage Table grades high position in client’s heart owing to the durability, reasonable value, and suitability. Consequently, if you are in search of an efficient tool to relax afterward a hard-working day, this kind of mechanism is an out-standing endorsement. For its excessive impacted to human life, the tool merits toward rank 4.5 out of 5 stars. Keep on reading as well as choose whether this massage table is appropriate for you otherwise not.


This kind of table is extremely valued through its movability. In adding toward the eye-catching entrance, it furthermore offers an astonishingly light-weight plan. Coming through foldable function, you would find it suitable for carrying the tool for great adventures otherwise outdoor actions. A significant advantage of using this model is the new apparatus of a convenient carrying case. As an outcome, it could equip a set of full accessories counting a table, adaptable headrest, face pillow as well as hanging arm shelf. How delightful it is!

The additional significant advantage of using this device is its excessive ease of use. There is no added tool essential for its establishing. So, it takes you few minutes toward complete all necessary steps.

Best massage Black Reiki Portable Massage Table is indeed considered as an operative tool to aid you to dismiss pains plus pressure. The device not merely derives with reasonable price, however furthermore occupied supportive accessories. If you are disordered by several brands on the market, this handy massage table is one of the finest options.

Check out all striking characteristics of Best Portable Massage Table in a complete way. It is an indication that the tool proffers a package of benefits to all kinds of clienteles.
First of all, sturdiness is one of the most significant issues while looking at this product kind. One detail is that all components of the mechanism are prepared from high-excellence materials. Distinguishing from additional massage tables which inexpensive usage PVC, this tool covers oil plus waterproof PU skin. This issue not merely creates the excellent sturdiness for many eras of usage, however also the extreme ease of cleaning. It is astonishing that this portable massage table comes with robust frame because of 4 sturdy legs. As a consequence, it might withstand up to 450 pounds in weight capability, which is appropriate for all kinds of clienteles. Hurry, order it now as well as enjoy its excellent features!

First of all, sturdiness is one of the most significant issues while looking at this product kind. One detail is that all components of the mechanism are prepared from high-excellence materials. Distinguishing from additional massage tables which inexpensive usage PVC, this tool covers oil plus waterproof PU skin. This issue not merely creates the excellent sturdiness for many eras of usage, however also the extreme ease of cleaning. It is astonishing that this portable massage table comes with robust frame because of 4 sturdy legs. As a consequence, it might withstand up to 450 pounds in weight capability, which is appropriate for all kinds of clienteles. Hurry, order it now as well as enjoy its excellent features!

Suitability is an additional component that Best Massage warranties to bring to its prospective users. Because of 2 inches dense padding, it creates persons feel relax for numerous hours of usage. Furthermore, it also prepares adaptable height from 26 inches toward 36 inch, which pleases all precise requirements.

  •  Complete accessories
  •  Extraordinary adjustability
  • Detachable constituents
  • Easy for transport and storage
  • Significant weight volume of 450 pounds
  • Sturdy design
  • Reasonable price
  • Robust frame
  • Easy to use as well as operate
  • Numerous colors
  •  Supportive client service
  •  Somewhat weak arm as well as recliner assistance

9.Sierra Comfort Professional Portable Massage Table

sierra-comfort-professional - Portable Massage TablesSierra Comfort Professional Portable Massage Table is a blend of excellence, performance, and worth. It has very sturdy construction through features 2.5-inch LUX high-thickness foam to offer you ultimate comfort whereas relishing the massage experience. The moveable design creates this massage table comfortable toward carry round even while you travel as it could be folded easily as well as comes with a carrying bag.

The beach maple hardwood assortment is its main fascination of durability. The best portion is the foldable aspect of the table. The 2.5-inch high thickness foam is sufficient to offer you the coziness you need throughout any workout or massage. It has an adaptable face cradle, onward swinging frame, as well as a carry bag through shoulder band. It is furthermore offering two half rounded bolsters for improved support and coziness. Let not your armrest feel the pain of uneasiness. The Sierra massage table precisely distinguishes what its clienteles want as well as is giving you two side supports.


The Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table is lots lighter in structure than numerous of its contestants, weighing around 39 pounds. The Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table is prepared of durable maple hardwood through 2.5 inches of high density foam provided that your customers a sustaining experience. This set comprises two half-round boosts for added comfort plus support. The bolsters adapt towards the body’s natural arcs and are occupied with high-density foam for sturdiness. A transferable adjustable face support attaches toward the conclusion of the table as well as could be positioned as said by each customer. Also comprised are an onward arm cradle as well as two side armrests. Usage the involved carry bag toward appropriately transport your bench from one site to the next.

Sierra Comfort Massage was originated on the resolve to offer a business of massage experts through the apparatus and accessories required to support a different profession. Whereas staying dedicated to quality structure plus value, we proposal the most consistent, light-weight, and suitable products. In keeping all business users in mind, Sierra Comfort is a one-stop resolution to serving your requirements. Whether a psychoanalyst, trainer, medicinal physician, or another expert, our product line contents all.

This package comprises two half-round boosts for added comfort plus support. The bolsters conform toward the body’s normal curves and are occupied through high-density foam for sturdiness. A transferable adaptable face cradle assigns to the finish of the table as well as can be located as said by each customer. Also comprised are an onward arm cradle as well as two side armrest. Use the included carry bag toward suitable transportation your table from one site to the next. Around Sierra Comfort, Sierra Comfort Massage was originated on the resolve to offer a business of massage specialists with the apparatus and accessories required to support a varied profession.

  •  Sturdy, oil resistant as well as water-resistant leather.
  •  Durable double stitching as well as reliable quality.
  •  The package comprises bolster, carry case, face sheet as well as arm shelf.
  •  Five year manufacturers guarantee.
  •  Several users are not pleased through the 500 lb weight limit.
  • This table proffers excellent worth for money, but specialists need a more expensive model.

8.Best Massage Portable Massage Table

bestmassage-portable-massage-table-3-fold-84-inches-long - Portable Massage TablesThe Best Massage Comfort Portable Massage Table is a produce that deserves its name. It is equipped with a 2.5-inch foam deck, an adaptable face cradle through the plush foam, arm breadth extenders, as well as an onward armrest shelf to offer customers the greatest comfort. Massage assemblies are individual to go along efficiently courteousness of the massage table’s adaptable as well as contoured backrest.

The legs are prepared of sturdy beach maple hardwood, which offers the guarantee that each customer is safe irrespective of body weight. When done through the massage meeting, you can simply fold the table up as well as place it inside carries bag.

This is the portable massage table of choice for persons who are in search of somewhat reasonable as well as long lasting.


The BestMassage Portable Massage Table is our finest massage table which has a weight volume of 450 pounds. While it comes downcast to structure, it is an actual inexpensive massage table which processes 73 inches in length, not counting face cradle. For suppleness, it furthermore has an adaptable height from 24 inches toward 33 inches.

For additional coziness of your customer, the massage table furthermore, has a black top foam deck that is of high density assessing 2.5 inches in width. In adding to its comfy top, it furthermore has a seashore timber frame prepared of great excellence wood for steadiness. For portability on the go, comprises a carrying case thus you can take it anyplace.

A perfect massage table for therapy apprentices, expert therapists, household therapy and numerous other resolves, the BestMassage Table is certainly one of a type. You will certainly enjoy a comfy massage with its extravagance padding toward keeping you tranquil. For more coziness in your massage therapy, an onward armrest shelf is comprised with the standard accessory kit. Also, arm side extenders are furthermore included in addition to a face cradle pad.

On its comprised features plus accessories, the face support is also changeable and adaptable for your suitability. What is more, the face portable is also detachable, and the head rest could also be tilted. This portable massage table is actually accessible toward assembling as well as store away. Most persons use it for eyelash additions as well as other spa services.

  • This portable massage table rocks on numerous levels. It is sturdy, comfy, and stress-free to set up. Whether you are a skilled massage therapist or a casual consumer, this massage table must satisfy you on numerous levels.
  • Assessed petite, it offers great worth for such a lesser investment. And it does not hurt that it derives through a five-year limited guarantee.
  • There had been somewhat a few minor complaints. However the one that stood out is that it could be quite hard for only one individual to fold it up, the cause being that the table does not lock up until it is in the maximum upright place.

7.BestMassage Portable Massage Table 3-Fold 84-inches Long

bestmassage-portable-massage-table-3-fold-84-inches-long - Portable Massage TablesThe BestMassage massage table is 84-inches extensive that means it would house a 7-foot person. The Birch hardwood offers strength plus stability. The pad has 2-inch of high-density lesser cell foam as well as PU faux leather casing. It is oil resistant as well as waterproof and easy toward wipe clean through detergent plus water. You could choose from black otherwise blue pillow color toward match your decoration. The table is stress-free to fold as well as carry with its 3-fold places.

You will obtain with your table a free of charge carrying case in black otherwise blue, massage table sheet, bolsters, as well as a free adaptable face cradle, a free droopy armrest, a free of charge pair of hand rests. Be certain to check your consignment. It must have a flat as well as round bolster as revealed in the image. Diverse vendors might ship different accessories, so regularly test the depiction carefully. This table is flawless for facials as well as eyelash add-ons.

The table lengths are 84-inches extended x 30-inches extensive without the face support. The height is adaptable from 25- toward 36-inches. The desk is 30-inches without the arm rests as well as 38-inch with the rests. The table sizes folded are 29- x 38- 6.75-inch. The table weighs 36.3 pounds. It would support a functioning weight of 450 pounds.
You would receive a User’s Manual as well as Best Massage table derives with a 5-year Guarantee. The table is prepared in China.


Your customers will relish the ultimate coziness that Max New Moveable Massage Table deals. The 84 inch is facial SPA as well as tattoo bed. It is secure through 1.6-inch high-density foam as well as a sturdy beach hardwood building. The leather protection is actually soft and advanced to augment the comfort. The table measures 72 inches long and 27 inches wide. You could adjust it from 26 to 36 inch. Furthermore, it has a weight capability of 550lb.

The headrest or face cradle is adaptable through durable and helpful aluminum post. The cradle is flexible for height as well as angle toward providing your customer the finest of comfort. The arm sling is under the headrest plus the armrests are aerial for coziness and relocation as needed. A half-round boost pillow is 26-inch long x 6-inches extensive x 3-inches tall for the preferred technique of your customers.

This movable massage table is the maximum ultimately featured as well as economical massage table set accessible anywhere. This massage table is perfect for expert therapists, therapy students, as well as home users similar. The massage table is precision-made with hardwoods plus features an occupied 2 section of high-density indulgence padding toward ensuring a more comfy massage experience. This massage table set comprises a standard accessory kit with an onward arm rest shelf, an adaptable and detachable face cradle, face cradle pad, as well as sidearm Extender, Removable or Integrated Face Portal, as well as a free carrying bag.

  • Novel 84” massage table derives through free accessories similar adjustable headrest for your head rubbing as well as a free face pillow toward rest your face on, using you relish the massage.
  • A bit weighty
  • LCL Beauty White

6.LCL Beauty White

lcl-beauty-white - Portable Massage TablesIf you are in search of a great excellence massage table that is capable to the proposal you a perfect service in addition to you to improve adornment of your salon, you must create this LCL Beauty facial bed/massage table top as your primary importance. Its soft foam will make you feel like you are having a massage on the comfy hotel as well as it is inventive as well as white color design augments its beauty as well as make it a perfect material appropriate for forming your salon. It is similar a stone through two birds, do not let off this prospect since you may not discover any other massage table that is occupied of perfection as well as professionalism.


LCL Beauty facial bed/massage counter is 72 inches long as well as its headrest could be extended for further 6 inches. Its breadth is 32 inches through armrests. Through this standard dimension, users could feel no worry toward serve all walks of life of user as well as with discount to their dimension and height. Feature through joined steel base, this table is real sturdy as it can hold approximately 500 pounds clients. Its high-density foam padding is 4 inches thick that it could capable to evade customers from touching the firm surface.

The pillow could be removed smoothly, and customers can enjoy this face holder while they have back massage. Its armrests are furthermore removable. Thus you can simply take it out if you do not desire it. Last however not least, its headrest could be stretched to regulate with taller customers.
Numerous clienteles said this table, both headrest as well as a footrest, could be converted without effort. It is very modest, and they might advance it in no time. What is more from clienteles are the headrest could be protracted up to 6 inches as well thus they do not feel hesitate toward serve taller clienteles. The value is also good-looking with such strong and high excellence table.

  • Rest your customers comfortably as well as steadily on this extremely adaptable Facial and Massage Table or Bed. The extendable headrest has a transferrable pillow toward exposing a face opening – flawless for back-work. The spreading headrest, as well as reclining backrest or leg rest, permits you toward modifying the unit for all your requirements.High-Density Coziness
  • Foam Stuffing: 4″ thick, high density foam for thrilling comfort.
  • Extendable Headrest: Headrest spreads an added 6″ for taller customers.
  • Removable Pillow for Massage Table Alteration: Rapidly and easily alters into a massage table while you eliminate the pillow from the headrest toward exposing the Massage Face Opening.
  • Detachable Arms: Arms could be quickly plus easily removed (no tools essential).
  • Welded Steel Strong Base: Welded Steel base structure confirms dependable service for years to derive.
  • Dimension: 72″ Long (spread headrest toward 78″ long) x 32″ Extensive through armrests x 24 1/2″ Extensive seat/backrest
  • People consider in a different way. Numerous clienteles claimed that the table is firm to place together. Few pieces did not fit through one additional flawlessly as well as they have to put a lot of effort toward finish it. Alternatively, the chair is demanded to be prepared for cheap material as it shredded a pair of months afterward

5.Heaven Massage Burgundy two-fold Portable Massage Table

heaven-massage-burgundy-two-fold - Portable Massage TablesHeaven Massage Portable Massage Table is lightweight, portable as well as durable. Also, with charges like ours you cannot go incorrect. Numerous massage therapist on a budget select to look for used massage tables however with values as reasonable as ours, it does not make sense to choose that route. This table derives comprehensive with all handy constituents. The frame is prepared of birch toward confirming expert strength through a weight boundary of 450LB. This table is stress-free to fold plus unfold and originates through a free exclusive carrying case. The upholstery is included of two-inch solid high concentration small-cell foam padding as well as oil and water-proof PU leather. This table is perfect for pupils, new doctors, home users as well as anybody who wants toward of having an excessive massage table through restricted budget


Coming through a free carry case, adaptable head rest, as well as transferable armrests, the massage table includes a lightweight design through sturdy materials. A segment of the price of the contest, the Heaven Massage Portable Massage Table merely really suffers alongside the competition while it derives to the 450 lb. Weight boundary.

The massage table could adjust from 26 inches toward 26 inches in height. It is 72 inches long as well as without the face support and it is a bit thin through a 27-inch thickness. The cushions are prepared of PU leather as well as other color alternatives comprise beige, black, in addition to purple. A 90-day limited guarantee is comprised of the massage table as well as added warranties could be purchased to spread this up to 2 years. The table weighs 70 pounds shipped. Without accessory, the table is around 35 lbs.
When you purchase this massage table you acquire added accessories, for example, a handy carrying case, great excellence hardwood skirting for enhancing value, and a transferrable armrest for additional convenience.

Preferred online, this two-fold massage table by Heaven Massage is the most suggested for both home as well as commercial usage for numerous reasons. In top 10 finest professional handy massage table in 2015 reviews, for example, its excellence construction using heavy-duty aluminum is the main draw. It lasts extended, supports massive weight (up to 450 pounds), resists rust plus corrosion during use in moist atmospheres. For ease, this table has a comfy foam padding. The PU leather used to fabrication its cover is furthermore comfortable, as well as water and oil resilient, while its adaptable height scheme (26-36-inches works fine for persons of all cadres. With each buying, you also acquire a convenient carrying case, changeable armrests, and excellence hardwood skirting that increase value.

What places the Heaven Massage Table overhead the rest is the incredible quality as well as versatility you get. However you would find a massage table that is improved in practically every esteem, none offer a decent experience at such a low price.

  •  A sturdy plus durable massage table that for the price can be usage professionally
  • Padding is rather comfy
  • Fast shipping
  •  Arm additions are not extensive sufficient
  • The massage table is a little heavy to carry

4.Master Massage Santana Therma Top Memory Foam Portable Massage Table Package

master-massage-santana-memory-foam-portable-massage-table-package - Portable Massage TablesSantana Therma Top Portable Massage Table is a high-end, additional extensive portable massage table through improved Memory Foam. This massage, as well as treatment table, has an ergonomic, adaptable face cradle as well as a completely adjustable, oversized armrest shelf, making it optimally comfy for all kinds of patients.

Designed over a heated top, this portable massage table has a three-inch thick cushion of multi-layer lesser cell foam. Featuring material in a deep, Mountain Red color, this portable massage table can be quickly assembled as well as disassembled for rapid access.


The Master Portable Massage Table syndicates the therapeutic excellence of gentle warmness with a high, sturdy design. Inventive and easy-to-use, this additional wide table derives with a carry case, a height in addition to angle adaptable padded arm shelf, as well as a deluxe multi-adaptable face cradle through matching face cushion. The height of this table could also easily be accustomed from 24 toward 34 inches. Easy setup through the auto lock leg design. Adaptable face cradle for additional comfort. In-built Heat, the Master Massage Santana Portable Massage Table, comes with a patented, inbuilt heating scheme that warms the whole table surface and derives with five unique heat settings for just controlled coziness.

The Master Massage Santana Therma claims lots of creative potentials – from the cushioning scheme on top, down toward the legs. The attention toward detail is imposing. For example, the 3-inch as well as 3-layer Small Cell foam. It does not only add width to the table. The layers are intended so as to the foam is stick to the outlines of the body whereas furthermore being firm sufficient so as to the body does not sense the table’s hard bottom. The additional invention is the face cradle as well as face pillow. Master Massage went through a custom design that is intended to house various face shapes as well as also overcome the negative force points that would or else cause uneasiness.

It’s completely loaded with In-built ThermaTop, Reiki end boards, memory foam, shiatsu cable release as well as five-year warranty PU material. The Master Massage’s patented in-built ThermaTop adaptable heat bed calms muscles develops circulation as well as increases energy. The extensive shouldered Big Top bed offers 26% additional cushioned space inside the same dimension footprint as regular tables, as well as that cushioning contains 3″ dense Multi-Layer Small Cell foam which a coating of memory foam is comprised. The cushioning is safe by beautiful Mountain Red PU fabric that is oil- plus water-resistant, CFC-free, as well as features a denim-like support to strengthen the upholstery sturdiness which is backed by a five-year warranty.

A sturdy table protected through double-strength Reiki leg panes, Duo-Plane joints at the middle of the table as well as a stabilizer bar means that through proper care, this table might last for years plus years. This proficient package comprises a six-way adaptable Ergonomic Dream Face support, memory foam Ergonomic Dream Face cushion to release pressure point, contoured armrest shelf as well as two-pouch carrying case.

  • In-built Therma-Top is pleasant
  • Additional width is perfect for larger customers
  • Natural toward set up
  • Solid plus stable
  • Overwhelming bundle
  • Heavy as well as bulky
  • Not so moveable
  • Steep pricing

3. Master Massage 30″ Phoenix Therma-Top Portable Massage Table with MEMORY FOAM Package

master-massage-30-phoenix-therma - Portable Massage Tables30” Phoenix is a TOP SELLING; additional wide handy massage table topped through a 3” thick pillow of Multi-Layer Slight Cell Foam. This table is sophisticated for heavy daily use. It derives equipped through our Exclusive Ergonomic Dream Adaptable Face Cradle, which comprises a face pillow kindly layered through heat sensitive as well as pressure-point-releasing Multi-Layered Lesser Cell Foam. While used in cooperation with the completely adjustable, contoured arm shelf you could customize the table for extreme comfort!

That is not all! This table furthermore comes furnished through our ÉLITE Patented Therma-Top Built-In Adaptable Warming Scheme! Our Therma-Top In-built Adaptable Heating Scheme adds intense warmth toward each massage—refining circulation, boosting vitality, calming away fatigue as well as relieving stiffness. Our “Therma-Top” Portable Massage Table PROTECTS you the cash and time you will spend on a distinct Warming Pad!

Top-of-the-line in-built adaptable heat system as well as beautiful craftsmanship all in one portable massage table: That is Master Massage’s Phoenix. Master Massage’s original ThermaTop flexible warming scheme soothes muscle, upsurges circulation
and progresses vitality of clienteles.


Top-of-the-line in-built adaptable heat scheme and beautiful craftsmanship all in one movable table: That is Master Massage’s Phoenix Therma Top. Master Massage’s untested ThermaTop flexible warming system soothes muscle, upsurges circulation as well as improves animation of clienteles. As added security insurances, the ThermaTop is ETL-Expert to North American security values as well as is EMR-secure. The Otter decorated PU upholstery is framed with French sewing as well as is oil plus waterproof, in addition to CFC-free. From strength to coziness to security, both expert and customers would experience nothing additional than an unbelievable bodywork otherwise salon familiarity.

Out Therma-Top is far other sanitary than any warming pad as well as pads could get “yucky” from oil as well as sweat construct up over time. It is an additional extensive 30”x72” size through 3” foam comprising a generous coating of Memory Foam. The Ergonomic Dream Adaptable Face Cradle through Memory Foam pillow provides you maximum coziness keeping your customers coming back. Additional long-lasting, high-end, safe Massage Table venture from MASTER.

Furnished through our Sculptured Ergonomic Dream Adaptable Face Cradle through Memory Foam Covered pillow as well as fully adaptable, oversized armrest shelf creates this the maximum comfortable table on the marketplace! Completely loaded through Reiki leg panes and Shiatsu cable issue, this table is the KEENEST investment you would ever make!
That is not all! This table furthermore comes furnished through our ÉLITE Patented Therma-Top® Integral Adaptable Warming Scheme! Our Therma-Top Integral Adaptable Heating System enhances penetrating warmness to each massage—refining circulation, boosting vitality, soothing away exhaustion and releasing tension. It is EMR (Electromagnetic Radioactivity) safe, provided that you and your customers with the simple massage experience!

  • The bed is robust, does not squeak. The warming option is delightful. The couch is heavy, we just wanted to be capable of moving it, not transportation it. If you are wandering with it, get a roller cart toward aid you move it.
  • The foam in the padding is a little firm, afterward an hour massage your face becomes tired.

2. MSG 3 Fold Portable Facial Bed Massage Table Sheet+2 Bolsters+Cradle+Hanger Blue

msg-3-fold-portable-facial-bed-massage-table-sheet2-bolsterscradlehanger-blue - Portable Massage TablesThe Portable Massage Table is the maximum ultimately featured as well as economical massage table set accessible anyplace. This massage table is perfect for expert therapists, therapy students, and home users similar. The Massage Table is accuracy-crafted through hardwoods and features an occupied 3 Fold of high-density extravagance padding toward confirming a more contented Massage experience. This massage table set comprises a usual accessory kit through a forward arm Rest shelf, an adaptable and Detachable Face cradle, Face cradle pad, as well as sidearm Extender, Removable Face Portal, free carrying basket.

Without a set of 8 massage table fittings counting fitted sheet, headrest plus armrest covers, towel hanger, semi-circle as well as round bolsters, your massage table would keep sanitary as well as more suitable.

Featuring a removable as well as adaptable face cradle as well as armrest high-density spray, it works just similar the ones at expert therapy clinics as well as massage centers, perfect for professional analysts, therapy students as well as home consumers alike. Our massage tables have importantly enhanced durability, and high-density foam would ensure extreme comfort for users through precision-crafted hardwoods feature a high-density extravagance padding to confirm the comfiest massage experience. Separately from that, height could be adjustable, so you can select the height that is maximum ease you.

  •  Mainly designed reinforced strong frame structure, Perfect for professional therapists, therapy students as well as home users similar
  •  Featuring a changeable and adaptable face cradle as well as armrest high-density foam
  •  Table Sizes: 84 Long (without face structure) × 23.6 Wide, Adaptable Height: 24.4 to 33.5, 496lb Volume
  •  Ultra soft resources prepared it,3 Fold Foam Stuffing through hardwood frame
  •  Free Best Carry Case, Easy toward fold plus carry,1pc of trim sheet+1pc Round Bolster+ +1pc of Cradle+1 piece Semi-Circle Bolster+1pc of Towel Hanger

Featuring a detachable and adaptable face cradle as well as armrest high-thickness foam, it works just similar the ones at expert therapy clinics as well as massage centers, perfect for professional analysts, therapy pupils and home customers alike. Portable massage tables have greatly improved strength, as well as high-density foam would ensure maximum coziness for users with precision-constructed hardwoods features a high thickness luxury stuffing to confirm the comfiest massage experience. Separately from that, height could be adjustable. Thus you can select the height that is maximum ease you.

The headrest or face cradle is flexible with durable as well as supportive aluminum post. The cradle is adaptable for height as well as an angle to provide your customer the greatest of comfort. The arm sling is under the headrest as well as the armrests are winged for coziness and relocating as required. A half-round boost pillow is 26-inch long x 6-inch wide x 3-inch high for the favored technique of your customers. A nylon case derives with robust strap for easy transporting whereas traveling that offers an easy plus convenient method to store your moveable massage table is given toward you like a gift toward match your table.

  • This portable Massage Table Is Perfect For Professional Therapist, Therapy Student, And Home User Alike. The Massage Table Is Accuracy-crafted through Hardwoods As well as Features a Complete 3 Fold of High-Density Luxury Padding toward Confirm a More Comfy Massage Experience.
  • A Bit heavy

1.Master Massage Santana Memory Foam Portable Massage Table Package

master-massage-santana-memory-foam-portable-massage-table-package - Portable Massage TablesThe Master Massage Santana Memory Foam Transportable Massage Table, otherwise more usually recognized as the Santana LX is an additional-wide table through memory foam enrichments, in addition, to supporting for Reiki plus Shiatsu.

Santana memory foam is a high-end, additional wide, portable massage tables fine with MEMORY FOAM!
Furnished through our Sculptured Ergonomic Dream Adaptable Face Cradle through Memory Foam Covered pillow and completely adjustable, oversized armrest shelf creates this the comfiest table on the marketplace! Completely loaded through Reiki leg panels as well as Shiatsu cable release, this table is the SMARTEST asset you would ever make!
This table works for Reiki practitioner, massage therapists, as well as all round sporting therapists. Customers love the memory foam through the 3” of stuffing. Sure you are not going toward getting near toward the 1,500 lbs of accessibility, but it is a good sign that it is an incredibly steady table.


This portable massage tables comes through an adaptable face cradle, layered through a memory foam cushion for additional comfort. The table top itself is 3” memory foam, which anybody in the industry distinguishes is beyond average. Consequently, you could expect a tremendously relaxed stance is, however, lying on this table.

This table is truly popular amongst skilled massage therapists in addition to a freelance therapist. The Santana memory foam table offers that slight additional comfort than you get from the internal of the road tables. Thus it’s worth seeing if you worth comfort.
The table derives through Reiki leg panels, as well as Shiatsu cable release. I’m impressed by a number of features they crowded into this table as well as kept the value down. The deluxe carry case through two accessory pouches is a great slight addition; it hangs off the side of the collected table as well as doubles up as more storing.

The Shiatsu cable release is a fascinating feature. Fundamentally you get a two massage skills from one table, as I would explain. Most tables could only be used in their standing, four-legged places. With the cable release aspect, you could use the table for a tatami skill. Another useful feature, as well as I, ’m certain a lot of people would use it more afterward trying it once.

This table furthermore comes furnished with our ÉLITE Patented Therma-Top Incorporated Adaptable Warming System! Our Therma-Top Integral Adaptable Heating System enhances penetrating warmness to each massage—bolstering vitality, improving circulation, soothing away fatigue plus relieving tension. It is EMR safe, providing you plus your customers with the most high massage skill!

The Santana portable massage tables boast structure qualities that have made this the massage table of choice for both proficient massage analysts and at home bodywork fanatics. No matter which kind of body you favor, a practice otherwise Studies, Master’s Santana is the just transportable massage table you will ever need. The Santana represents the brand of dependability and luxurious comfort that Spa Care Specialists have learned to anticipate from Master Massage Apparatus!

  • Loads of extras in the package similar the carry case.
  • Supports up to 1,500 lbs, well beyond average.
  • Excellence construction, as well as ingredients, are used.
  •  Several persons ponder it not to be the maximum stunning of tables.
    There are less expensive tables that could do a lot this table could.

Why portable massage table?

A transportable table for massage is a significant apparatus that all massage analysts appreciate. This tool offers them suppleness of visiting their customers just anyplace at all. It goes without saying that each single kind of massage table, as well as/or chair, has its own profits you can take benefit of.
If you occur to be a massagist who functions on the go, then you would need to have the suitable equipment toward suit your way of life; among the things, you would need a portable massage table.
Here are a quantity of causes why any massage trade proprietor would like to favor a portable massage table over a stable one.

  •  Flexibility through Location: The first benefit is flexibility that these tables offer. You could carry them toward any place wherever your masseuse will like to enjoy a soothing therapy. Even while your customer wants a massage therapy at his home or office, you can simply carry these tables. Maximum of the tables comprise safety carrying case, as well as table, could be folded down as well as carried suitably.
  • Strong plus Durable: Finest Massage tables that are portable are typically made up of wood or else aluminum. The ingredients used are sturdy and easier to keep thus ensuring the sturdiness of table.
  •  Customization for entire Body: A portable table could be customized as stated by a client’s distinct requirements. You get a diversity of resources, sizes, heights as well as width while it comes to purchasing one such table. Therefore creating your customer feel totally relaxed. A massage table could give your customer a full body massage in the most operative manner that yet one of the finest massage chairs might not be capable of offering.
  •  Less Space Required: These tables are lightweight as well as occupy less space so even while you are small of space, you could set up the table as well as offer massage. These tables are
  • furthermore better alternative when you would be massaging outdoors.• Low Price: Fixed tables are usually more costly than moveable ones.

While shopping for portable massage tables, the value should not be your primary concern. Massage tables that are furthermore portable could be very costly. However, you can furthermore find great excellence reasonable tables. In your exploration for the perfect, however, most generous equipment, classify massage table sets that offer a guarantee for the good deals. For any doctor, the client’s coziness must be of prime significance. You must look for a package that gives you a comfy portable device that provides you suppleness with your work, an adaptable headrest as well as a protecting case. The additional features can create a big variance in the value.

The extra foam inside the cushions, the softer would the table be. Though, the excellence of foam is a significant factor. It decides the sturdiness of the table. Additional factor toward consider while purchasing your portable massage table is sturdiness. Your massage table would be capable of withstanding hazardous conditions. You must review the guarantee thoroughly. Good quality tables usually carry a lifespan warranty alongside any defects.

If you are a proficient otherwise a student you could find useful portable tables in a diversity of massage table sets that are designed toward meet your requirements. Find an enormous collection of lightweight as well as portable designs toward fit all budgets, counting the most renowned and valued brands.


All persons love a good as well as relaxing massage. The profits are numerous thus more tables are being sold—both stationary plus portable. Expert massage therapists want a comfy table for their customers. They also offer soft music if you favor and excellent aromatherapy through essential oil diffuser.
The first thing toward considering is the power and steadiness potentials of the table. Portable massage tables must be capable of supporting weight as well as maintain this excellence over the years. Continually check the weighted boundary of tables you have in mind.

Be certain to check for a Guarantee and the extent of time, particularly with Restricted Warranties that simply cover precise issues. A 1-year Guarantee is standard as well as more years are even improved.

SizeHeight adjustabilityWeightWood otherwise Aluminum

Maximum massage tables are approximately the similar size as each other as regular. The lengthiest massage tables on the marketplace are about 77 inches long as well as 28 inches wide. Tables of this dimension are relatively rare, though and the average size of a massage table is 72 otherwise 73 inches extensive through a breadth of 27 otherwise 28 inches. Noticeably, the large the massage table, the less suitable it is to transport as well as it might be harder to fit into a vehicle otherwise storage than the shorter massage tables as the regular fold for massage table is two fold with removable accessories.

As the customer of the massage table might be any height at all, maximum massage tables are height adaptable. You can just adjust the altitude of the massage table . Thus you do not have to strain your back while performing massages. If you are an expert who relies on execution massages for a living, then confirming that you are as comfy as possible while working is significant. Not all massage tables are altitude adjustable. Thus it would be a worthy idea toward check the height of a static table is appropriate for your height. Or else, the adaptable folding massage tables have adjustable heights of among 26 to 36 inches. This is an adjustability of practically a foot, which is valuable and confirms that the folding massage table would be suitable for practically any user.

Weight is a significant factor while it comes to selecting the finest massage table. Both the real weight of the table is an important factor to ponder, as well as the quantity of weight that the massage table could support while in use.
Maximum folding massage tables could take weights of above 400 pounds. For maximum customers, this is a sufficient extreme threshold. If you desire a table that could support additional weight, there are some more expensive models that could take weights of about 550 pounds.

For the finest possible movability, massage tables are intended to be as frivolous as likely while still being capable of supporting lots of weight. While folded, the table typically has a case or an integrated handle toward make carrying it stress-free, as well as most tables weigh 45 and 50 pounds.
Working weight of the table is the quantity of weight a table could take spread out consistently or balanced evenly crossways the surface of the table, throughout normal treatments.
Standard working weights are about the 450lb mark with some offering up to 500lbs. Keep in mind that the customer weights that you would frequently come into contact variety from 120-250lbs as well as you will never actually need to usage the higher end of 450lbs working weight.

Wooden folding massage tables are the maximum common kind of portable massage table that you could purchase today. Whereas it is the common belief that massage tables might be sturdier if they use an aluminum construction, this is just not the case. To make an aluminum table light enough to be portable, it is essential to make the legs plus frame from a stripper aluminum than is essential to support sufficient weight. This outcome in the table being prepared from a tube-shaped aluminum through a lower weight volume.

Wooden tables instead are prepared from dense hardwood. The wood is treated toward making it last for as long as likely too. Since only the finest grade of wood is selected for their production, they could guarantee to be sturdy sufficient to support loads of over 400 pounds. Wood is furthermore extremely lightweight, yet if it is a superior solid wood. Folding massage tables develop far more transferable as a result.

FoamUpholsteryCable systemGuarantee

All portable massage tables aspect cushioning on the table surface toward allowing the person is getting the massage toward be as contented as likely to the extent of the session. The denser this foam is, the softer as well as more comfy it is. Maximum massage tables feature a foam pillow that is about 2 inches in width, while more expensive tables could have softening that is up to 4 inches in width. The excellence of the foam is furthermore significant. Some of the finest foam kinds that you must look out for have small cells as well as are dense plus firm. The softer the foam, the less potential it is to retain its shape. Memory foam, for instance, is a steady foam and retains its outline for an extensive time.

So as to confirm that the portable massage tables are comfy and remnants looking comfy and new for as long as likely, it is significant to select a massage table that features worthy upholstery. For as strong finish as likely, you must try to choice a table that has leather material. The leather is sturdy, natural as well as doesn’t reason the jeopardy of allergic responses for your customers either. Maximum folding massage tables aspect PU leather that has been intended to be completely waterproof as well as oil resistant. This creates the material as easy toward maintaining as well as clean as likely for your suitability.

The cable system is the portion of the massage table that aids it to keep its power during use. Owing to the fold to generate portability, while it is created, it requires some way to confirm that it stays securely supported. The cables on portable massage tables must be very sturdy. It is significant that you check the weight capability of the table, as this is the last quantity of weight that could be suitably supported by the cables. The cabling scheme on a portable massage table is typical of the similar caliber plus strength as cables you will find in a car brake system as well as-as such as actual active.

Diverse portable massage tables come with several levels of warranty and guarantee. Dependent on which one you select, you will discover that it derives with its own producer’s guarantee.
As long as massage table is used as said by warranty strategies, they are usually covered for one year. There are several tables though that derive through a 3-year guarantee and some even have a lifespan warranty.

Portable massage tables are eminent for professional massage analysts, home consumers, and massage therapy pupils. The portable tables fold up just, unfold rapidly, fit into their case, and trip in the car through you. If they feel too hefty, get yourself an extensive-handled carrier on the wheel.
The fake (faux) leather could be cleaned with a mild cleaner or a 50/50% answer of water and impression alcohol toward disinfect.
Portable massage tables boast an outstanding diversity of preferences, breadths, and height varieties to simply house any size analyst and bodywork modality.

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