Top 10 Best Portable Photo Booths in 2018

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If you need an extra income and thinking of what type of small business you can start with you may find our editor’s choice interesting. A photo booth may just help you with what you need. Here we have selected the top 10 best portable photo booths in 2018.

With one of these booths, you can leave it standing in one place or you can transport it to an event and charge approximate 100 bucks an hour. Use it at a birthday party, company event, anniversary party or a wedding reception.

However, before deciding which portable photo booth is the best one to buy you need to know various factors before buying one.

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Best Portable Photo Booths Comparisons

The Photo Booth Package 5The Photo Booth Package 5

Treasure Booth TB11 2.0 with Printer Stand & Flash RodTreasure Booth TB11 2.0 with Printer Stand & Flash Rod

N/A$1400 - $1500
The Ts200 Photo BoothThe Ts200 Photo Booth

The Inventive Photo BoothThe Inventive Photo Booth

The Stagerbooth® Inflatable Portable Photo BoothThe Stagerbooth® Inflatable Portable Photo Booth

The Portable Tablet Photo Booth by Luft BoothThe Portable Tablet Photo Booth by Luft Booth

Inventive Photo Booth TentInventive Photo Booth Tent

Eurmax Basic Photo Booth TentEurmax Basic Photo Booth Tent

4.2$350 - $400
Mophorn Inflatable Photo BoothMophorn Inflatable Photo Booth

AmazonBasics Portable Photo StudioAmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

Review of the Top 10 Best Portable Photo Booths

10. AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

Portable Photo Booths

For one of the best portable photo booths, the AmazonBasics is a collapsible photo studio with built-in LED lights. Use the booth with a camera or your Smartphone. For consistent color, there are two LED light banks and a 5600k daylight balanced LED for the Color Rendering Index. The door is a three-door system to reduce outside reflections and above it has a top hole for imaging. The studio measures 25 x 30 x 25-inches to fit different photographic equipment. The white backdrops pre-installed. This unit required no assembly as it collapsed into a portable portfolio case and backed with a one-year warranty.

  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent photographs were taken in the booth
  • Good value
  • Portable
  • Stores easily
  • Has no on/off switch for the lights

9. Mophorn Inflatable Photo Booth

Mophorn Inflatable Photo Booth - portable photo booth

For a portable photo, booth Mophorn manufacturer the inflatable one made with 210D oxford cloth for durability and low maintenance. With the ample space inside the kiosk, groups of people can have their photo taken. The tent measures 2.5m and come included with changeable LED lights with five colors you can change via the included controller. Place it in the carry bag for ease of transport. There are doors on the side and a drop-down curtain. With your purchase, you receive the Air Photo Booth, Electric Pump, LED power supply, five LED light strings, and a zipper carry bag.

  • Easy to transport
  • Made with durable material
  • Includes all the setup hardware
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Can get a puncture

 8. Eurmax Basic Photo Booth Tent

Eurmax Basic Photo Booth Tent - portable photo booth

Another basic tent model you can buy is the Eurmax Basic Photo Booth. Setting up the tent is super easy in three steps. The booth consists of a 5 x 5 tent made with a durable 300D polyester top that is UV protected and CPAI-84 fire resistant. The steel frame is powder coated to prevent it from rusting and makes it easier to keep clean. This is a full truss design. There is a vented window and the canopy is waterproof. The sidewalls attach with horizontal Velcro strips.

The walls are removable with the built-in zippers and have two solid walls and two door walls. There are ropes and stakes to keep the tent secure. Lock the canopy in with thumb latch system for ease of setting up and taking down.

  • Can buy extra accessories separately
  • Easy to setup and take down
  • Carries a one-year warranty
  • Available in different color styles
  • May need more than one person to set the tent up

7. Inventive Photo Booth Tent

Inventive Photo Booth Tent - portable photo booths

Compared the majority of portable photo booths you buy made out of steel you can buy these units with a tent structure as well. Take the Inventive Tent model, for instance, this unit is easy to set up and take with you and great for a small photographic business. The tents made with 600D polyester and the walls are sewn and suitable for outdoor use.

The material is wrinkle free and you can store the tent with the sides to set up easily. The backdrop and curtains are sewn in and helps save time when setup. The photo booth tents compact as it attaches to the touchscreen monitor and includes a 5 x 5-aluminum frame. The tents made with black fabric and fit in with any occasion.

  • Quick to set the tent up• Durable
  • Suitable to use outdoors
  • Easy to transport
  • Stylish
  • A bit difficult to use indoors

 6. The Portable Tablet Photo Booth by Luft Booth

The Portable Tablet Photo Booth by Luft Booth - portable photo booth

Portable photo booths have never been as convenient as the Luft Booth Glaze. For any upcoming event, you will be the talk of the town using the Glaze. This booth has a thick acrylic construction and lightweight to take anywhere. The amazing thing is the photo booth accommodates the iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro 9.7. The tablet mounts in the base and with the photo booth app available in the Apple Store called Simple Booth – Event Edition you are in business.

Instead of images being printed at the event, it emails them their photo and some of the apps allow you to print to the AirPrint Printer. Included with your purchase you receive the photo booth, tablet mount, and metal stand for the box. You can buy the booth in different colors black, blue, pink, and white.

  • Portable
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Great for any type of event
  • Includes a cold shoe mount to use LED lights on it Affordable compared to renting one
  • No negative feedback and customers are pleased with the product

5. The Stagerbooth® Inflatable Portable Photo Booth

The Stagerbooth® Inflatable Portable Photo Booth - portable photo booth

Now for something completely different an inflatable portable photo booth. Yes, you heard right the Stagerbooth® has an exterior size of 94.5 (L) x 94.5 (W) x 98.4-inches (H). For durability, the inflatable photo booth has a 210D Oxford construction and lightweight to transport anywhere. The booth includes a carry bag, inner fan, and LED lights. You can change the colors with the controller and needs a power point for the fan to work. The great thing is the lights will light up any event and your clients will love you for this feature.

Further, you will receive the Photo Booth Props 58 piece do-it-yourself kit FREE. Choose your props from the kit and glue them on the included wooden stick. The inflatable you can buy with one, two, or three doors. The doors have drop-down curtains to close making sure clients have privacy.

  • Blows up in minutes and comes down fast
  • Great to use indoors and outdoors
  • The LED lights and remote is great
  • The lighting gives a great setting
  • The fan is a bit noisy
  • Once used it is difficult to put back in the case
  • Can get punctures

 4. The Inventive Photo Booth

The Inventive Photo Booth - portable photo booth

With the Inventive Photo Booth, you can set it up in four different ways. You can use it for sitting down, standing, enclosed, and open air. The kiosk you can set up in minutes and fits into a 4-door car. Choose your backdrop color blue or red the other great thing is the cart’s built-in making it easier for transport. You can buy the photo booth with the photographic equipment as well. You will receive a professional DSLR camera, Darkroom Software, External Monitor and a Fast dye-sub printer. The booth has a lifetime warranty and all the electronics have a one-year warranty.

  • Sets up and breaks down easily
  • Great quality photos
  • Can set up the portable photo booth in four different ways
  • Includes top quality products
  • Excellent customer service
  • There are not many new stands available from certain retailers and only second-hand ones and this may cause a problem with the lifetime warranty

 3. The Ts200 Photo Booth

The Ts200 Photo Booth - portable photo booth

The following portable photo booth as the shell only or as a complete package. The EZ Ts200 photo booth you can use at any type of event, as it is an open view design. This stand has a three-year warranty and you can set it up in 10-minutes. The casing weighs 31 lbs and has an acrylic diffuser with 3-inch camera hole. The monitor displays customizable and fits 13 ⅞-inches x 11-inch monitors. There are four handles on the side and the top and has interior rubber feet at the bottom. You have two shelves the top one has a flash mount while the middle one has a swivel camera base with camera blot included.

There is a laptop mount with a strap to keep it secure and has a power cord slot and fitted out with black felt. You can buy the photo kiosk with included equipment as well and consist of the booth, software, 180W Strobe Flash System, the Canon T5 DSLR Camera, Hote Shoe, 21.5-inch touchscreen PC, DNP RX1 Dye Sub Printer, media kit and more.

  • Available in two packages
  • Made with durable material
  • Compact
  • Includes all the hardware
  • Suitable to use with different equipment
  • The booth is a bit on the heavy side

 2. Treasure Booth TB11 2.0 with Printer Stand & Flash Rod

Treasure Booth TB11 2.0 with Printer Stand & Flash Rod - portable photo booth

The Treasure Booth TB11 2.0 with Printer Stand & Flash Rod is only the photo booth and does not come included with the photographic equipment. The kiosk has an aluminum construction and powder coated to keep it in tip-top condition. The booth weighs less than 25 lbs making it lightweight and compact to transport.  For ease of transport, the booth breaks down into four parts and includes all the mounting hardware.

Further, the display plate’s compatible with the Surface Pro ¾. Included you receive an attachable printer stand compatible with the DNP RX1 & DS40 printers. There is a camera base plate to use with DSLR cameras and the Flash Rod mounts to the external strobe flash for added lighting.

  • Is a smaller portable booth and great to transport
  • A great kiosk to buy if you already own a printer
  • Includes all the mount hardware
  • The extra base plate and rod is great
  • Fits in any vehicle
  • Does not have wheels to move the booth around

 1. The Photo Booth Package 5

The Photo Booth Package 5 - Portable Photo Booth

For a complete photo, booth package 5 includes the basics you need to start your small business. The booth itself has birch ABS laminate handles with two finger hole handles for ease of movement. There is a printer door but it does not have wheels. Further, the booth you can customize to fit any monitor size from the manufacturer at an extra charge. The photo booths constructed with aluminum and have an overall size of 17 (L) x 16 (W) x 15-inches (H). With this cubicle, you receive the PS100 Portable Printing Station to create event-based social media print stations for both Instagram & Twitter. This allows the users to # the photos on their mobile devices to print in real time. Included with this package you receive the heavy-duty case with a lifetime warranty, a Mitsubishi CP-K60DWS Dye Sub Printer, the Dell XPS 18 Touchscreen PC, and the software.

With this cubicle, you receive the PS100 Portable Printing Station to create event-based social media print stations for both Instagram & Twitter. This allows the users to # the photos on their mobile devices to print in real time. Included with this package you receive the heavy-duty case with a lifetime warranty, a Mitsubishi CP-K60DWS Dye Sub Printer, the Dell XPS 18 Touchscreen PC, and the software.

  • Supports Instagram Video
  • Can create Instagram Flip Books from a video
  • Supports roaming photographs
  • Can upload incoming photos directly to Facebook
  • Includes all the hardware and software
  • The booth does not have wheels to move around and needs to stand still

Factors to consider before buying photo booths

The most important factor is how easy will the booth setup and is it easy to take down. How easy is it to transport it to and from your car? The best portable photo booth needs to disassemble and be manageable and a plus to make your photo business a success.

Further, you need to check the material used to construct the photo booth. Do you have quality equipment offering your clients amazing photos with different fun options? Will your client be able to print their picture after use? Is the monitor you are using a touchscreen with a large viewing area and how much memory does the computer have.

How fast is the image processing speed and do, you have a digital camera. The majority of photo booths reviewed here does not include the equipment and you can buy certain models with the devices included. If you do buy one with the equipment included, make sure that it comes with upgrades.

Always compare the different features of the equipment and software included. Lastly make sure to get your marketing plan ready, as you need to advertise your business to make money.


The photo booth is a popular way to start your own small business. We hope that the Top 10 Best Portable Photo Booths in 2018 helps you find an affordable one to start your own photographic business. With the ease of setup, portability, and included accessories you can have your business running smoothly in not time.

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