Best Portable Photo Booths in 2022

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If you need an extra income and thinking of what type of small business you can start with you may find our editor’s choice interesting. A photo booth may just help you with what you need. Here we have selected the top 10 best portable photo booths in 2022.

With one of these booths, you can leave it standing in one place or you can transport it to an event and charge approximate 100 bucks an hour. Use it at a birthday party, company event, anniversary party or a wedding reception.

However, before deciding which portable photo booth is the best one to buy you need to know various factors before buying one.

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Review of the Best Portable Photo Booths in 2022

Portable Photo Booths | Top Pick for Small Business

15. SAYOK Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure

SAYOK Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure

SAYOK Camera Shape Inflatable Photo Booth makes an alluring feeling and staggering foundation that will make your photo one of a kind and noteworthy. Utilizing inflatable photograph corner has truly upset the universe of photography, making a stunning situation for any event or occasion.

Unique and uncommon camera shape, stand out for people: shocking shading coordinating, three hues for decision. Open inside with full white shading texture. You can control the shading changing by the remote controller. Removable zipper entryway shade. You can evacuate it or tie it up when you needn’t bother with. There is additionally a zipper in the opening.

  • Special and rare camera shape, attract people’s attention.
  • You can control the color-changing by the remote controller.
  • You can remove it or tie it up when you don’t need.

14. ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box 20″/50cm Adjustable Brightness

ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box 20"/50cm Adjustable Brightness

It fits comfortably around your work area, enabling you to snap photographs and quickly check the quality on the PC before proceeding onward to the following thing. Increment the brilliance and make the situation wholly presented to light.

Foundation sheets utilize propelled PVC material, waterproof, dustproof, and wrinkle safe. However, utilizations a dimmer change to alter brilliance and a determination of 4 sceneries for the best differentiate for photographs and an enormous improvement in picture quality. Also, the light board is introduced inside the box, 156 lights dab gleam uniformly.

  • Built-in LED lamp & reflective material
  • Four color PVC background board
  • Safety voltage adapter

13. Zenic 17 inches Portable Photography Photo Studio

Zenic 17 inches Portable Photography Photo Studio

When you are searching for a photograph shooting lightbox to shoot your little thing or items, Zenic Portable Photography Lightbox is the arrangement. This LED lightbox with double light stripes, including 70 pcs of light globules altogether.

It is powered through a USB link, basically attachment and play, and uninhibitedly constrained by the exchanging board, If you want to shoot a pic under the common light conditions to ensure the pic all the more genuine, turn off the light, and on the off chance that the light condition isn’t brilliant enough for your shooting, at that point you can control the splendor from 0-100%, it meets your expert shooting light source prerequisite consummately.

  • Waterproof so can be cleaned by wet cloth directly, but do not wash it by running water
  • Adjustable brightness from soft light to strong light according to your shooting need
  • Compatible with any phone camera

12. AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

Portable Photo Booths

For one of the best portable photo booths, the AmazonBasics is a collapsible photo studio with built-in LED lights. Use the booth with a camera or your Smartphone. For consistent color, there are two LED light banks and a 5600k daylight-balanced LED for the Color Rendering Index. The door is a three-door system to reduce outside reflections and above it has a top hole for imaging. The studio measures 25 x 30 x 25-inches to fit different photographic equipment. The white backdrops pre-installed. This unit required no assembly as it collapsed into a portable portfolio case and backed with a one-year warranty.

  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent photographs were taken in the booth
  • Good value
  • Portable
  • Stores easily
  • Has no on/off switch for the lights

11. SAYOK Octagon Inflatable Photo Booth Backdrop

SAYOK Octagon Inflatable Photo Booth Backdrop

The Inflatable Photo Booths gear is actually what you require for a fabulous and fun component ideal for Weddings, Corporate Events, Proms, Birthdays and Parties. With just a few minutes of swelling, the corner is prepared to go.

Lightweight, open, however, it is stable. The ideal properties for the perfect diversion piece. Sufficiently bright, keep splendid inside when taking photographs and octagonal shape, contrast from standard block structure. A remote controller can change Seventeen hues.

  • Well-lit, Keep bright inside when taking photos.
  • Black outside white inside
  • Spacious and wide in its interior.

10. Impact Canopy 8 x 8 Pop Up

Impact Canopy 8 x 8 Pop Up

This  Portable Photo Booths is portable and very professional. It is sturdy, and a commercial grade pops up canopy photo booth. It is perfect for weddings, birthdays, craft shows, and other events.  You can use it photo props, inflatables or even as an event booth tent.

It comes with Canopy frame, a top, three solid sidewalls with roll-up door, rope & stake kit, and roller bag. The photo booth is easy to set up, and no tools are required to set it up. The canopy of this booth measures 5 by 5 feet. Its highest height is 80 inches. The fabrics are coated with UV, water resistant 300 denier plus. On top, the booth meets the CPAI-84 code requirements for fire retardant features.

  • Easy to carry and is professional
  • Easy to set up and undo.
  • Comes with canopy frame, top, solid sidewalls etc
  • Two years warranty upon purchase
  • No negative feedback and customers are pleased with the product

 9. Eurmax Basic Photo Booth Tent

Eurmax Basic Photo Booth Tent - portable photo booth

Another basic tent model you can buy is the Eurmax Basic Photo Booth. Setting up the tent is super easy in three steps. The booth consists of a 5 x 5 tent made with a durable 300D polyester top that is UV protected and CPAI-84 fire resistant. The steel frame is powder coated to prevent it from rusting and makes it easier to keep clean. This is a full truss design. However, there is a vented window and the canopy is waterproof. The sidewalls attach with horizontal Velcro strips.

The walls are removable with the built-in zippers and have two solid walls and two-door walls. Also, there are ropes and stakes to keep the tent secure. Lock the canopy in with the thumb latch system for ease of setting up and taking down.

  • Can buy extra accessories separately
  • Easy to setup and take down
  • Carries a one-year warranty
  • Available in different color styles
  • May need more than one person to set the tent up

8. Glow WhiteBox II Portable LED Photo Booth

Glow WhiteBox II Portable LED Photo Booth

The Glow Portable LED Photo Booth disentangles the overwhelming undertaking of lighting a broad scope of large items, attire, and even individuals, on the area or in the studio. The edge sets up rapidly, with simple separate of every one of its parts for capacity in its movement case and redeployment.

Foot lightweight aluminum edge load is fixed with a nonpartisan silvered, plasticized extreme texture, furnishing the highest fold-over lighting with minimal measure of exertion. The adaptable and brilliant sunlight adjusted LED secluded strip configuration can be designed to make immaculate sans shadow pictures or progressively emotional differentiation in lighting, basically with the flip of a switch.

  • Provides better stability
  • Plasticized tough fabric providing the maximum wrap-around lighting
  • Background integration and baffles give endless possibilities for any level of user

7. Inventive Photo Booth Tent

Inventive Photo Booth Tent - portable photo booths

Compared the majority of portable photo booths you buy made out of steel you can buy these units with a tent structure as well. Take the Inventive Tent model, for instance, this unit is easy to set up and take with you and great for a small photographic business. The tents made with 600D polyester and the walls are sewn and suitable for outdoor use.

The material is wrinkle free and you can store the tent with the sides to set up easily. The backdrop and curtains are sewn in and helps save time when setup. The photo booth tents compact as it attaches to the touchscreen monitor and includes a 5 x 5-aluminum frame. The tents made with black fabric and fit in with any occasion.

  • Quick to set the tent up• Durable
  • Suitable to use outdoors
  • Easy to transport
  • Stylish
  • A bit difficult to use indoors

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6. Happybuy 8.2X 8.2ft Inflatable Portable LED Lights

Happybuy 8.2X 8.2ft Inflatable Portable LED Lights

This is a convenient 8.2X8.2X8.2ft inflatable photograph stall with vivid LED capacities. It permits a few people or a gathering of individuals to enter in and take gathering pictures. Ample inward space, you’ll not have confined or awkward emotions.

Worked in 250W super power fan takes around one moment to get wholly swelled. Have two huge 6.5*2.5ft (H*W) front entryway with zippers for helpful come in and out. The entryway can be taken off and fixed with enchantment tapes on the two sides.

  • Pre-built-in the photo booth
  • The door can be rolled out and fixed with magic tapes on both sides.
  • Superpower fan only takes about 1 minute to get fully inflated

 5. The Inventive Photo Booth

The Inventive Photo Booth - portable photo booth

With the Inventive Photo Booth, you can set it up in four different ways. You can use it for sitting down, standing, enclosed, and open air. The kiosk you can set up in minutes and fits into a 4-door car. Choose your backdrop color blue or red the other great thing is the cart’s built-in making it easier for transport. You can buy the photo booth with the photographic equipment as well. You will receive a professional DSLR camera, Darkroom Software, External Monitor and a Fast dye-sub printer. The booth has a lifetime warranty and all the electronics have a one-year warranty.

  • Sets up and breaks down easily
  • Great quality photos
  • Can set up the portable photo booth in four different ways
  • Includes top quality products
  • Excellent customer service
  • There are not many new stands available from certain retailers and only second-hand ones and this may cause a problem with the lifetime warranty

4. The Stagerbooth® Inflatable Portable Photo Booth

The Stagerbooth® Inflatable Portable Photo Booth - portable photo booth

Now for something completely different an inflatable portable photo booth. Yes, you heard right the Stagerbooth® has an exterior size of 94.5 (L) x 94.5 (W) x 98.4-inches (H). For durability, the inflatable photo booth has a 210D Oxford construction and lightweight to transport anywhere. Also, the booth includes a carry bag, inner fan, and LED lights. You can change the colors with the controller and needs a powerpoint for the fan to work. However, the great thing is the lights will light up any event and your clients will love you for this feature.

Further, you will receive the Photo Booth Props 58 piece do-it-yourself kit FREE. Choose your props from the kit and glue them on the included wooden stick. The inflatable you can buy with one, two, or three doors. The doors have drop-down curtains to close making sure clients have privacy.

  • Blows up in minutes and comes down fast
  • Great to use indoors and outdoors
  • The LED lights and remote is great
  • The lighting gives a great setting
  • The fan is a bit noisy
  • Once used it is difficult to put back in the case
  • Can get punctures

 3. HAVOX – Professional Photo Booth

HAVOX - Professional Photo Booth

This photo booth is the best solution for taking photos of models, clothes, or large objects and delivers professional results. Only set your camera well and get perfect and professional photos you desire. It has 6 LED light strips with a light flux of 6,500 lumens for every strip. Also, the lights are sure to bring the desired light source for pictures who’s background need to be white.

Setting up this photo booth is so easy and also its removal.  It can take you at most 50 minutes, and you need not have any tools. The photo boot comes with a carrying bag and also a white background semi-rigid, and wrinkle resistant. It is also easy to clean.

  • Measures 200cm x 120cm x 80cm.
  • Comes with 6 LED light strips
  • Easy to set up, takes only 40 to 50 minutes.
  • The booth is a bit on the heavy side

2. Neewer Photo Studio Light Box 20 inches/50cm Shooting Light Tent

Neewer Photo Studio Light Box 20 inches/50cm Shooting Light Tent

120 brilliance customizable LED lights to change light splendor steadily and unfaltering utilizing the handle. The light groups are made of aluminum plates with a fantastic warmth dispersal execution. The expert silver intelligent texture inside diffuses light equally and maintains a strategic distance from the vignette. Adequately upgrade the splendor of the lightbox, the item progressively three-dimensional.

The compact and foldable plan makes it simple to set up and convey, make versatile lighting studio conceivable. Outside little work pockets can be utilized to put small parts or different things. Numerous opening and shutting ways to empower the camera to pick any photograph shooting position.

  • Fastening tape design for easy setup and easy collapse.
  • Use a dimmer switch to adjust brightness.
  • The background material is covered with a zero-texture and durable coating

 1. LimoStudio 20 Inch Cube Box

LimoStudio 20 Inch Cube Box

This product for photo shooting is a 20 inches cubic box photo tent. It enables one to change to up to 4 of your favourite background colours, which include Sky blue, black, white, and light orange. It comes with a powerful ac power code and a grey cleaning cloth to ensure that it is clean before you can start your work.

The photo shooting tent has a LED light panel which is foldable into a flat bag for portability. It is so easy to change the Kelvin temperature with the four colour background. Also, the fact that it is foldable means that you don’t have to assemble the tent frame.

  • Comes with a grey cleaning cloth
  • Includes one strong AC power cord
  • LED light panel
  • The booth need more lights.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Photo Booths

Photo Booths

The most important factor is how easy will the booth setup and is it easy to take down. How easy is it to transport it to and from your car? The best portable photo booth needs to disassemble and be manageable and a plus to make your photo business a success.

Further, you need to check the material used to construct the photo booth. Do you have quality equipment offering your clients amazing photos with different fun options? Will your client be able to print their pictures after use? Is the monitor you are using a touchscreen with a large viewing area and how much memory does the computer have.

How fast is the image processing speed and do, you have a digital camera. The majority of photo booths reviewed here do not include the equipment and you can buy certain models with the devices included. Also, if you do buy one with the equipment included, make sure that it comes with upgrades.

Always compare the different features of the equipment and software included. Lastly make sure to get your marketing plan ready, as you need to advertise your business to make money.

The photo booth is a popular way to start your own small business. We hope that the Top 10 Best Portable Photo Booths in 2022 helps you find an affordable one to start your own photographic business. With the ease of setup, portability, and included accessories you can have your business running smoothly in no time.

Things to consider when buying portable photo booths?

Photo Booths

Photography is quite a rewarding job. A good way of enjoying its benefits is looking for portable photo booths. They ensure that you are flexible which is good for the business. After all, there are low chances of events taking place in the same place every day. Nevertheless, portability is not the only thing worth considering when buying one. That’s because you have to choose between indoor shoots or outdoor photography or be in a position to accommodate both without compromised quality in either case.

You also need to be better than your competitors. That’s why we have a guide. It discusses the things to consider when buying portable photo booths. That way, you will be in a position to get the best according to your requirements. Consequently, you will have happy customers and great revenue. There is also a great reputation which is a great tool for the future of your business. Read on!

Things to consider when buying portable photo booths?

Let us discuss what to keep in mind when buying portable photo booths.

Where can this portable photo booth be set up in?

It is often hard to know the ideal place to set up a photo booth. However, you can’t afford to get it wrong. That’s because just like any other business, its location will play a huge role when it comes to the customers who will identify it and also access it after that. That’s why you need to consider the following when setting up your photo booth. Before we look at what to consider when buying a photo booth as far as setting it up is concerned, here are things to consider when setting up a photo booth.

1. Visibility

As much as people enjoy photo booths, don’t expect then to get out of their way to find them. As a matter of fact, out of sight out of mind. It is advised that you ensure your customers know that it exists. Once they know that it does, don’t let them forget it either. The people are of course there for other things. So, make sure that it is only a short walk from where they are seated. Also, let it be inside the reception room. Unless other unavoidable circumstances, make sure that there is nothing such as a wall between your photo booth and the reception area. That way, those who may come to take a photo in your booth will not miss out. Equally important, the thought of going to the booth will not be discouraging because of the proximity.

2. Accessibility

There should be free space around your photo booth. Ensure that there will be no struggle with dress hems, purses, seats, and closely packed tables when accessing it. If that happens, you can rest assured that very few people will be willing to withstand that.

3. Awareness

A good way to achieve that is to ensure that the MC is on your side. He or she should guide the photo booth users on when is the best time to go there. They should inform them of when to keep away too. If it is an appropriate time to use it, the MC should also direct them to where it is.

4. Convenience

A photo booth may meet all the three characteristics but still, lack fans because it is inconvenient. In fact, the owner of the party might chase you away. To avoid such situations, make sure that you don’t put it near the head table or podium. Preferably set it at the back of the room. That way, people accessing it will neither feel uncomfortable nor distract the event.

Avoid setting them up in high traffic areas to avoid congestion, in front of your display window to maximize profit from other products and away from windows so that light cannot ruin the photograph.

Having seen the ideal ways of setting up a portable photo booth, now it will be easy to know what to consider when buying one. Depending on where you intend to set it up most of the time, do you think that an open-air photo booth or an enclosed one will be the best? Equally important, does the occasion or weather demand one with or without the enclosure? Answering these questions accordingly is a step closer to buying an incredible portable photo booth.

What is the size of the portable photo booth?

When it comes to a portable photo booth or any other type whatsoever, the size is important. When it comes to height, it is important to be about 7 inches because it is hard to find someone taller than that. Most of them measure about 4 feet by 6 feet or 5 feet by 6 feet 2 inches.

The pioneers had a height of between 3 feet and 3 feet 6 inches. That’s because they were ideal for taking photos of people while seated. However, that has changed over the years. As of now, there are other options available and can also accommodate someone when standing. Therefore, when buying portable photo booths, ensure that the height is ideal for your customers. Preferably, go for a taller one because it can accommodate all normal heights. That is portable photo booths of height between 6 feet and 8 feet.

In addition to the height, you should also consider the width. How many people can that photo booth accommodate at any one particular time? In most cases, you will find one that can hold between two and three people. The same photo booths will allow you to squeeze about 5 to 6 people. To be on the safe side, buy one that can accommodate various group sizes so that even those who want a group photo will find your photo booth most suitable.

If your major customers are the corporates, then the width should be relatively big. That’s because there are high chances that they will need photo booths during their corporate events. Also, they are likely going to take the photos as a team and not individuals.

As much as large photo booths are great, they also have a downside. People tend to take quite some time to enter the photo booth. That’s understandable given the number of people taking the photo. However, the delays don’t end there. They also take a lot of time to pose and even leave after that. Consequently, there are fewer pictures in every session and in return low revenue. Therefore, size matters when buying portable photo booths.

Does the backdrop help enhance image quality?

Photo Booths

If you find two photographers who differ when it comes to whether a backdrop helps enhance the image quality. That’s because it is something that has a bright side and a dull one. AS a matter of fact, the material of the backdrop also plays a role in that.

One good thing about using a backdrop is that it prevents too much light from shining through. Under such conditions, the quality of the image will be great. After all, too much light is not good when it comes to photography. In the same vein, too little is not also ideal.

As far as the usage of a flash is concerned, a backdrop is also something. That’s because it eliminates the illumination of objects that may be behind your background. As a result of that, there are no weird images on your picture which is good for the quality.

It is no secret that the background of any photo can build or break its look. A good way of achieving a background is using a backdrop. If by any chance you get a good backdrop with great patterns or photos, the image will absolutely look great. The vice versa is also true.

There are backdrops that allow you to use dyes and come up with stylish looks. That could also enhance image quality. That would mean taking two photos at the same place but they look different altogether. If that’s what your customer needs, then a backdrop is a sure bet, no doubt.

Some backdrops resemble some of the best sceneries in the world. With such a background, the chances of having a great photo are high. The better part of it is that you won’t have to travel to those places. All you need is a matching backdrop.

Unfortunately, if the backdrop is stained by either spillage or colors from different fabrics while washing, it may do more harm than good. If a picture needs a solid background, wrinkles on your backdrop may compromise that too.

Fortunately, there are materials that are easy to clean and hardly get wrinkles. Therefore, you must also consider the material of the backdrop.

How long does it take to set up the booth?

The fact that these are portable photo booths means they are not designed for a permanent place. Therefore, there are many times when you will be setting it up or taking it down. You definitely don’t need one that takes all your energy to set it up. As a matter of fact, it could be moralizing. Therefore, you should consider the ease of set up when buying a portable photo booth.

That’s not enough though. Some are easy to set up but takes a lot of time to set up probably because you have to assemble a million and one pieces for it to work. One can only imagine the inconvenience that come with it. If you are attending a brief event, there are high chances that you won’t have ample time for the photo session. Most of it will be used to set it up. That’s not good for any business. It might also inconvenience your client especially if he did not hire a photographer. Bad word is also not good for the future of your business.

If there is need for an adjustment, the portable photo booths should allow that within the shortest time possible. Otherwise, that change may also lead to time wastage.

When buying a portable photo booth, ensure that you can afford the time it takes to set up. The same case applies when it comes to taking it out. Imagine a situation where an event is over and something else has to take place in the same venue. Do you think that the organizers will be happy if you are taking forever to take your photo booth down? I doubt that. Therefore, consider that before settling for one.

Some will take a maximum of 20 minutes to set up, adjust or takedown. That’s isn’t bad.

How is portability?

Since you have to move around with your photo booth, its portability is equally important. In most cases, you will use a car to transport it. How big or small is it compared to your car truck? It must be possible to disassemble it into parts that will fit it. Otherwise, its portability may be a challenge.

Another option of having a photo booth that is easy to transport is buying an inflatable one. Inflatable portable photo booths simplify not only transport but also storage. Once you remove the air, it will be light and manageable.

It would be wise to keep that in mind when buying portable photo booths.

Having said all that, we believe that it will be easy to get yourself portable photo booths. Evidently, there are myriad options available today. That’s because of various manufacturers. There are also cases where a single manufacturer has a number of styles to cater for the diverse customer needs. That’s why you need to understand your needs. Once you do, use the guide to identify the most appropriate. Once that happens, you will definitely take home one of the best portable photo booths. The ball is now in your court. So, do yourself the justice that you deserve by getting yourself the best.

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