Top 10 Best Security Alarms in 2020

Top 10 Best Security Alarm copyIf there is, one place you want to protect it is your home. Crime is escalating at a tremendous speed and the only way to keep your home and family safe is with an alarm system. Our editor’s choice of the Top 10 Best Security Alarms in 2020 comes highly recommended.

One of the highly competitive markets is the security industry as new technologies released on a daily basis. Keeping up with the changes difficult and there is so many to choose and consider. So which one is best for you? To find out you can read our home security system reviews available from top contenders.

Top 10 Best Security Alarms in 2020 Comparison


4.3$200 - $250
 Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000

3.4$350 - $400
SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command BravoSimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Bravo

Blink Home Security Camera SystemBlink Home Security Camera System”

The GSM VEA Classic KitThe GSM VEA Classic Kit

The Home8 OPLINK Connected AlarmShieldThe Home8 OPLINK Connected AlarmShield

3.9$120 - $150
The SkylinkNet SK-200The SkylinkNet SK-200

NexGadget Mini IP Camera Wireless Security SystemNexGadget Mini IP Camera Wireless Security System

4.1$100 - $150
ENKLOV Wi-Fi/Landline Home Security SystemENKLOV Wi-Fi/Landline Home Security System

The Fortress Security StoreThe Fortress Security Store

Review of the 10 Best Security Alarm Systems

10. The Fortress Security Store

The Fortress Security Store - security-alarmsFor an ideal security alarms system to setup at home, the Fortress Security Store So2-B kit is perfect. The kit has magnetic sensors to place on windows and doors. Further, you receive an extra siren as an alarm for forced entry.

Included with the package you receive three motion detectors, ten by door contact points and easy to install. The systems programmable and automatically calls the selected number when the systems breached. You can record a message or custom sound and call the system directly from your phone to hear what is going on at your home.

Use the keypad to activate or disarm the system before entering the front door with the supplied keyfob. If you suspect and intruded there is a panic button to sound an alarm. Included with the package you receive the main control panel with auto-dialer, ten by door/window contacts, three by passive motion sensors, a panic button, one loud alarm with 30-inch wire, extra outdoor siren with a 5 ft wall adapter, panic alarm, power supply, Ni-MH battery and three keyfobs.

  • Affordable
  • Different sensors included
  • Can program more than one sensor to a zone
  • Comes pre-programmed
  • The keypad does not use a code Final Thoughts

9. ENKLOV Wi-Fi/Landline Home Security System

ENKLOV Wi-Fi/Landline Home Security System - security-alarmFor both landline and Wi-Fi connection, you can buy the ENKLOV home security system. They arrangement works with 2.4GHz bandwidth to connect to your Smartphone or directly to a landline. Via your Android/IOS phone, using the app you can arm or disarm the alarm from anywhere.

You need a phone line for receiving the phone call alarm in case the wireless connections lost. Add up to three contact numbers for notifications.Combined with the use of the MIPC cameras and the alarms triggered, you receive notifications directly to your cell phone and the pre-added numbers called via the landline.

Check real-time video via your mobile device and the alarm systems triggered via five sets of wireless contact sensor used in important areas throughout the home.You receive two sets of wireless PIR motion sensors detecting movement within 8 meters and has a 110° FOV for day and night use. With the remote control, you can arm or disarm the system and in the case of an emergency press SOS. Further, the alarm system has an 8-hour backup battery.

Set up different zones to protect your home from standard, stay arm, emergency, doorbell, and more. The kit’s suitable to use in a single home or townhouse. Included with your purchase you receive the Alarm Panel, two by PIR motion detectors, five by door/window contacts, two by remote controls, and the user manual with fixing accessories.

  • IOS support
  • Expandable
  • Affordable
  • Has linked sensors
  • Alarm is loud
  • Poor setup instructions
  • Need a landline

8. NexGadget Mini IP Camera Wireless Security System

NexGadget Mini IP Camera Wireless Security System - security-alarmOne of the best security alarm systems is the NexGadget Mini IP Camera Wireless Security System. With your purchase, you receive four by cameras. The setup is easy with the one-key Wi-Fi via your Android and iPhone using the Smart View Pro app to control and view from anywhere.

The system allows you clear HD video with one-way audio in day vision only. Receive alarm notifications directly to your phone or via email. The cameras give you an 80° wide-angle view and can place them anywhere in the home. You can use it at night if the lights are on.

They system is great to use as a nanny-cam as well.


• Setup is easy
• Connects to Wi-Fi
• Small and lightweight system
• The cameras are egg shaped and fit in well with any décor
• Perfect for a three bedroom home


• Difficult to receive email notifications we recommend you read the following to rectify this problem by clicking here

 7. The SkylinkNet SK-200

The SkylinkNet SK-200 - security-alarmAnother, Smartphone security alarm system is the SkylinkNet SK-200 you can use with the app to arm or disarm and see the sensor status. The system sends push notifications with any activity in your home.

The SK-200 is IFTTT compatible a free web-based service to create chains called applets. With this system, you can integrate it with other mobile devices. Installations easy and you can do it yourself and does not have any monthly fees or contracts.Customize the SkylinkNet with extra sensors and controllers.

You receive with your purchase the Internet Hub, two by door/window sensors, one motion sensor, one remote keyfob, all mounting accessories, adapters, the alarm automation system, and the Smartphone solution with alarm & automation. The home security system works with Google Home and Alexa, has no wires, and the sirens built into the system. There is a low battery alert for all sensors and event logs stored. Further, you receive a one-year warranty.

  • No monthly costs
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Works with standard AA and AAA batteries plus you receive a low-battery notification
  • The sensors do not have screw holes to mount and uses double sided tape and best to drill holes in them

6. The Home8 OPLINK Connected AlarmShield

The Home8 OPLINK Connected AlarmShield - security-alarmThe Home8 is a verified video alarm system with reliable alerts and notifications and you can purchase the cameras separately. Further, you have Smartphone control to arm or disarm the alarm and monitor different parts of the home.

The system uses Smart & Secure Cloud Technology to protect your personal data. You do not need to sign up with a contract and there are no monthly fees. You get video storage that includes night vision capabilities. With the pairing technology, you can easily install the system and download the Home8 app to your mobile device.

The systems made up of the OPU, two by door/window sensors, one siren, one motion sensor, and two by remote controls. The entire security alarm systems Smartphone controlled and keep you connected all the time. Customize the system with multi-users and contact, view history events, use event recording and share it with others.

  • Easy to install
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • App works well
  • Notifications to phone works
  • Has a “Stay Mode” to arm selected sensors
  • Loud siren
  • The main unit and cameras has an Ethernet port and two USB ports
  • The siren has a battery backup
  • The camera resolution is bad and the night visions poor

5. The GSM VEA Classic Kit

The GSM VEA Classic Kit - security-alarmFor a perfect home security kit, the GSM VEA Classic kit has all the high-end functions offered by an elite monitoring system. Included, you receive the 3G & 4G Panel wireless DIY home security system.When intruders enter your home, the dialer activates a siren and calls your cell phone or sends you notification. You can check the status at home anytime with the remote monitoring and arm/disarm the alarms with the intercom function. Connect the system to your included GSM SIM card that needs activation and enter six contact numbers to dial into the system.

Download the free mobile app to use on your Android or iPhone to control the security system from anywhere. There are no added fees and the kit has a sleek design. The systems wireless and the main console use remote sensors to monitor and trigger the alarm.

The main panel has a color screen with user-friendly interface to set it up. Included with your purchase you receive the GSM Main Panel, five by window/door contacts, two by passive infrared motion detectors, two by remote control keyfob, one by panic button and one loud indoor plug-in strobe siren.

  • Affordable
  • Includes all accessories
  • The additional accessories are cheap to customize the system further
  • Comes pre-programmed
  • Easy to setup
  • Siren is loud
  • Has rechargeable battery backup
  • No way of knowing which sensor set off the alarm
  • Not a user-friendly manual to use

4. Blink Home Security Camera System

Blink Home Security Camera System - security-alarmFor keeping track of your valuable at home, the Blink Home Security Camera System keeps the home secure. The security alarm system has built-in motion sensors and the cameras work with wireless technology alerting you directly to your Smartphone.

The Blink is battery powered and the camera works with two Lithium batteries. The complete systems made up of the Blink Synch Module, wall mounts, batteries, cameras, and accessories. The cameras easy to control when paired with your mobile device or use it via the Amazon Alexa Skill.

For real time, video streaming mode the system monitors your home and pet and has no monthly costs. In addition, you get free cloud storage. The alarm systems versatile to use place anywhere indoors. With the live view mode, you can use the Blink app to check in at home. Further, the systems customizable to add extra cameras and has low-light illumination.

  • Easy to set up the system
  • Easy to move around in the home as it has no wire connections
  • Images visible in light or dark conditions
  • Great image quality
  • No monthly fees
  • Video recording
  • Has live stream
  • The Alexa disarm command could be made more understandable
  • Blue light keeps coming on when viewed over mobile device

3. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Bravo

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Bravo - security-alarmAnother do it yourself system is the SimpliSafe Command Bravo alarm system. All the monitoring stations are UL-certified and have a cellular connection. Further, you can enjoy 24/7 security at an added cost for $15 a month. This is an 8-piece bundle offering wireless sensors, fire protection, mobile app control, no annual contracts, mobile connection, notification alerts, pet-friendly and easy to install.

The kit includes pre-programmed sensors that work out of the box and the entire system is customizable to add more sensors. Further, there is an HD security camera and you can add more if needed. With the base station, the alarms signals sent to the monitoring center. Even if the keypad is smashed, it continues to function when you have the added monthly subscription. The motion sensors detect movement within 30-feet and have an FOV of 90° while the entry sensor detects when doors and windows open. The other amazing thing is the SimpliSafe has a three-year warranty.

  • No contracts
  • The system works well
  • Can cancel the extra service anytime
  • Setup is easy
  • Works with home automation
  • Has a 48-hour battery backup
  • Works with an app on your mobile device
  • Can add the carbon monoxide sensors if needed
  • The keypad does not light up

2. Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000

Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 - security-alarmFor a complete alarm, system kit to use at home, the Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 includes everything you need. This all-in-one home system has a 7-inch full-color touchscreen, intuitive prompts, and graphic icons. View live video with the Z-Wave capabilities and advance alarm communications and has garage door notifications with tornado alerts.

Further, the system’s wireless with a two-way voice and remote service and you can use it on your iOS and Android device operating and viewing feedback from anywhere with an added fee. You can control the lights, thermostats, locks and more with a remote control. Additionally, you can receive notifications directly to your mobile device while traveling. Included with your purchase you receive three door/window transmitters, one four-button wireless keyfob, a Pir-Res Wi-Fi motion detector, and a Wi-Fi and Zwave module.

  • Easy to install
  • Can arm/disarm the system in your bed with the remote control
  • Includes all the hardware needed to install the home security system
  • Has a learning curve

 1. SMONET 4CH 720P

SMONET 4CH 720P - security-alarmFor a pre-installed home security system, the SMONET 4CH 720P HD stands out for all the right reasons. Included with your purchase you receive a 4-Channel 1080P NVR 1TB Hard Drive, four by Bullet IP cameras, four by 10-feet power supplies for the cameras, one by 3.3-feet power supply for the NVR, a 3.3-feet network cable, a mouse, a screw bag and the user manual.

The system needs a TV or PC monitor, WAN Router, and a VGA or HDMI cable separately. Further, you receive included a 720P HD video and the wire free plus a two-year warranty. The cameras are not battery powered and need to be set up to a power outlet. They system is a true plug and play and you need to connect it to a LAN port with the included Network Cable. You can view the live stream of your home via your phone or pad and works with Android, IOS, and Windows. With the system, you get both day and night surveillance.

  • Can use the camera system and DVR as a standalone without using the network
  • The cameras are wireless
  • Great to use in winter as the camera’s weather protected
  • Can upgrade the system with other cameras
  • Viewing surveillance over the net is not good
  • Not wireless and needs a connection cable

Why do you need the best security alarm system?

If you own a home or renting one installing a security system becomes costly. However, not having one can cost you more your valuables. Many of your valuables you cannot replace, especially if you have antique furniture or jewels. With a home security system, you can protect your valuables and family from intruders breaking in.Many of the security alarm systems do not only protect you from intruders they guard you with added protection barriers such as fires as well.

Certain brands can even protect you against carbon monoxide poisoning when using gas at home. As this is an undetectable poison certain alarms systems work similar to smoke detectors and provides emergency service enabling you to leave the home. Further, a security alarm system saves you money on your Homeowners Insurance that is mandatory to have if you are a homeowner.

The security alarms reviewed here offer you Wireless Security with CCTV surveillance systems to use at home or in an office. Some systems are battery operated while others offer you complete control of lights & doors, garage doors, thermostats and more.


If you need a security alarm system for your home or office, we hope our Top 10 Best Security Alarm Systems in 2020 can help you find a reliable one. Each brand has unique features from setting it up with a wireless connection to controlling it directly from your Smartphone. Be safe this year and choose a home security system that is affordable and easy to install.Do you need a DIY home security system, look at our Top 10 Best Security Alarms in 2020 to keep your home and family safe?

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