Top 10 Best Security Bars in 2022

Even though we all love to have open windows at home from where the cool breeze will fill our room, but they are not at all safe. If you have kids or pets at home, there are high chances of them passing through the windows and fall accidentally leading to fatal injury and even death. Not just that, robbers can break into your home in your absence pretty easily and take any all your assets.

To prevent such occurrences, you can install security bars at your windows which once installed cannot be opened naturally. There is an emergency mechanism available to break them open from the inside. We have listed the best security bars for different types of windows that are highly durable and reliable.

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Top 10 Best Security Bars in 2022

10. Defender Security S 4747 3 Bar Fixed Window Guard

Defender Security S 4747 3 Bar Fixed Window Guard

This security bar has got mounting options both inside out. This weighs 4.5 pounds and comes in a dimension of 22 x 15 x 2.1 inches. The width ranges from 14 to 22 inches wide. It also meets the other building codes when it comes to safety and health.

With this, there will not be any accidental falls thereby protecting your children and family. The bar spacing is 3 to 7 inches and comes with tamper-proof screws. You don’t have to get a security guard when you install this security bar in your home.

– Meets various home and safety building codes.
– Designed for indoor and outdoor use.
– Thick carbon steel bar with adjustable width.

9. Prime-Line S 4763 FIXED Window Guard

Prime-Line S 4763 FIXED Window Guard, 22 in. - 38 in. x 21-1/2 in., Steel, Black, 4-Bar, NON-EGRESS

This is another security bar which will safeguard your home and you don’t have to shell extra by recruiting a security guard. It will assist to avoid children to have accidental falls in open windows. You will be able to mount this security bar both inside and outside. It also meets health codes but, is not suitable for bedrooms.

This is made up of plain carbon steel and comes in a black painted finish. It is available in the size of 22 x 21 x 0.8 inches and weighs 8.55 pounds. This will safeguard your family by avoiding accidental falls.

– Thick black carbon steel guard.
– Very stable and sturdy to prevent falls.
– Child safety measure bar with adjustable width. 

8. John Sterling 4Bar Basic Fixed Window Guard

John Sterling 4Bar Basic Fixed Window Guard,14x14-24 Inches White

With this security bar, you will be getting a fire safety release pin. You don’t have to bother during the time of emergency. This is safe for your child and can be mounted inside the house. You can lock shut it padlock or bolt. It comes with hinges which allows you for an emergency exit as well as cleaning the window.

The item weighs 12.61 pounds and comes in a size of 30.5 x 21.5 x 2.2 inches. You can install it either vertically or horizontally and will protect your hung windows.

– Fire safety release pin available.
– Can be locked with padlock or bolt.
– Can be installed in both ways for all windows. 

7. Defender Security S 4776 Operable Window Guard

 Defender Security S 4776 Operable Window Guard, 22 in. - 38 in. x 21 in., Steel, White, 4-Bar, Egress Compliant

This security bar for your window comes with inside mounting. It has got tamper resistant screws and will keep your guard attached firmly. This will prevent accidental fall of your children when you have open windows.

This comes in the size of 38 x 21 x 2.1 inches and weighs 10.55 pounds. This is recommended to give your family a complete safety at home. The square tubing is made up of carbon steel and is .048 thick. Moreover, it is an operable window guard which has got a feature of quick-release.

– Tamper resistant screw for firm attachment.
– Quick-release feature for emergency.
– Carbon steel has a white painting for weatherproof. 

6. Prime-Line S 4768 Fixed Window Guard

Prime-Line S 4768 Fixed Window Guard – Prevent Accidental Falls and Add Child Safety Measures to Windows

This security bar will avoid falls of any person if you have an open window. This has got extra child safety features and is perfect for high-rise buildings and apartments. Although it comes in a size of 54 x 21 x 0.8 inches, you can easily adjust its width.

With this, you will be able to rest easy as it is perfect for your family and also for your pocket. This is a fixed window guard which is non-egress. It weighs 10.45 pounds but does not have an emergency exit. This is also easy to install.

– Provides additional safety for children.
– Easy to install with adjustable width.
– Can be removed only using emergency mechanism. 

5. Defender Security SEGAL S 4766 Fixed Window Guard

Defender Security SEGAL S 4766 Fixed Window Guard, 22-Inch - 38-Inch x 21-Inch, 4-Bar, Adjustable Width, NON-EGRESS, Painted Bronze,

In this security bar, you will be getting the option to mount the inside window jamb. You can also mount it over the interior casing. It has got narrow bar spacing which prevents any accidental falls which occur in open windows.

This is perfect for children and your family members. It is available in the size of 38 x 21 x 0.8 inches and weighs 8.55 pounds. Therefore, it comes with tamper-proof screws for installation and has been approved by the Health and Mental Hygiene Department of New York City.

– Can be mounted over interior casing of the window.
– Effective spacing to prevent children passing through.
– Meets all home and safety building standards. 

4. Knape & Vogt John Sterling Swing-Open Style

Knape & Vogt John Sterling Swing-Open Style 5-Bar Child Safety and Window Guard, White, 1135-

In this security bar, there is a swing open-style for the safety of your child. This comes in the size of 24.5 x 33.1 x 2.5 inches, but can easily be adjusted in both height and width. The product weighs 7.85 pounds and can be mounted both outside and inside.

The solid steel bars are very strong and has got spaces for adding security to your home. It comes in a five-bar unit which allows maximum window opening. The product is manufactured by a very reputed brand and once mounted it cannot be removed from your window.

– Has swing-open style which is more attractive.
– Applicable to large windows and has width adjustable feature.
– Properly spaced bars for security and durable white powder coating.

3. Budget Window Security Bars (Adjustable)

Budget Window Security Bars (Adjustable) Pack of 6 Supplied with security screws

Unlike other security bars, this is a fully adjustable product which comes in a pack of six bars. This is very simple to install and is also pocket-friendly. This is a very robust product where a single bar is one inch in diameter.

Every bar is powder coated and comes in white color. Installing it requires screwing the position in a 5 mm hole. You can fit it in spaces from 28 inches – 48 inches. This is designed by engineers who have also made them with their own hands.

– Tamper resistant bar with quality screws.
– Easy to fit, highly durable and strong.
– White coating makes it weatherproof. 

2. Window Security Bars (Adjustable) Pack of 6 Supplied

Window Security Bars (Adjustable) Pack of 6 Supplied

This is a pack of six bars which you can install directly in your windows to give added security to your home. This is very secure for your windows and is also adjustable, with it you will be getting all the fixings to install it without any problem. They are very robust and come in a diameter of 1 inch.

Especially, you can fit it in any space from 28 to 48 inches. The entire weight of the bars is 17.37 pounds and they are very strong. This will not disappoint you when it comes to performance.

– Thick bars for preventing breakage.
– White coating for premium steel material for durability.
– One of the highly rated security bars for child safety. 

1. Guardian Angel Window Guard, 4 Horizontal Bars

Guardian Angel Window Guard, 4 Horizontal Bars 

This security bar is manufactured in the United States. This not only prevents accidental falls from your window but has also got emergency released buttons. It is 13 pounds in weight and comes in a size of 57.5 x 18 x 1.5 inches. This will safeguard not only your window but your entire home. You can avoid having security guards to control thefts and robbery.

This is very strong and sturdy and is ideal for every home. It is also egress and you can easily exit from your window during the time of an emergency. It is one of the most highly rated security bars for horizontal windows only.

– Suitable for horizontal windows.
– Emergency release buttons available.
– Prevents kids or adults for climbing.
– Sturdy construction with attractive design. 


Every window you have in your home needs to have security bars for the protection of your kids and pets. While buying security bars, check out the size and shape. Some are applicable for horizontal windows while others are suitable for vertical windows. Most of the above-listed security bars have an adjustable width for a perfect fit.

Most of them are made of steel with a coating that prevents rusting corrosion, and various other weather conditions. The thickness and the spacing among the bars also matter and there should always be a mechanism to open the bars quickly during the emergency.

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