Top 10 Best Sleeper Sofas in 2022

Are you looking for the best sleeper sofas to up in your room? Let your worry come to an end today. Having your residence in a small room will concurrently mean that you are limited with the number of furniture you install in your room. This is so since the space for your furniture will always be limited in one way and the other.

To counter this, you need to embrace the use of small pieces of furniture which will fit better than the large furniture. Through the use of Sleeper Sofa, you will kill two birds using one stone. This is so as sleeper sofas will be used as seating area as well as sleeping area hence saving much space that would be needed.

This article gives you the immediate guide on the best sleeper sofa you will need and that will suit you. Check it to get the latest best options for your room today. check this out to see Best Corner Sofa (L shape sofa)

Top 10 Best Sleeper Sofas in 2022

10. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed - Sleeper Sofas

For perfect comfy, the Milliard sleeper sofa, will best suit you. It is accompanied by the following amazing features:

  • Where you do not opt for full sized sofa beds, this will be the best choice as it has a very simple design.
  • Best option for college dorms, travels, apartment dwellers as it is best in limited spaces.
  • Universal as you can use it in reading books, gaming, etc.
  • Contain a machine washable cover which is removable to keep it both neat and clean.
  • Highly portable and light in weight for easy travelling.
  • Can be folded for easy storage purposes in small spaces.

9. Divano Roma Furniture Collection

Divano Roma Furniture Collection - Sleeper Sofas

Featuring one of the best sleeper sofas, wonderful features make it to be loved by its customers which include the following:

  • This sleeper comes in fun colors that make it to give a stunning color that is shouting to your room.
  • Suitable for bonus rooms as well as apartments or even in offices for perfect comfy.
  • Contain a split back feature which ensures that you get your preferences.
  • Made of a tufted linen fabric which is filled with hypoallergenic for maximum comfort. 

8. DHP Delaney Sofa Sleeper

DHP Delaney Sofa Sleeper - Sleeper Sofas

From its design to the comfort provided by this sleeper sofa, you will with no doubt enjoy using this sleeper sofa. It will ensure that you are full satisfied with its incredible features which include:

  • Contain beautiful contrast stitches which give it the wonderful design you will really love for your room.
  • Highly durable form the construction made of robust wooden which, in addition, makes it to be much stable.
  • Conversion from sofa to lounger to sleeper is very quick and easy without any need of technical skills.
  • It can support up to a maximum of 600lbs.
  • Can easily match with the rest of your room collection making the look much beautiful since it is of black color.
  • Made of a Faux Leather Upholstery which has got easy maintenance by wiping it with a damp cloth. 

7. DHP Premium Sofa Bed

DHP Premium Sofa Bed - Sleeper Sofas

Enjoy the double functionality of this sleeper sofa which will be useful for your different room activities. This is enhanced by its features which include the following:

  • Supports sitting for two people featuring coil seat cushions that give firm support and adequate comfort.
  • Easy conversion from a sofa into a sleeper bed.
  • If you are limited on space, this will be the best option as it has dual functionality.
  • Extra comfort from the padded arm rests on its sides.
  • It features twin size coil mattress which has a simple design for your room’s beauty.
  • Supports a weight of up to 400lbs.
  • When open it will measure 45.5”W by 85.5”D by 35.5”H. 

6. Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa

Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa - Sleeper Sofas

If up to date sofas are one of your best consideration, this will best suit you from its stunning features which include the following:

  • Contain a modern design which ensures that your room remains updated in design.
  • Has an independent encased coil cushion which gives an extra comfort for the perfect comfy.
  • Mattress contours of memory foam for weight distribution evenly on the seat.
  • Durability from the CertiPur-US certified memory foam which is easy to maintain.
  • Contain piping detail on the padded arms and seat’s cushions.

5. Signature Sleep Devon

Signature Sleep Devon - Sleeper Sofas

With its features, you will enjoy incredible experience from this sleeper sofa. It will suit your purpose for limited space in your room. Also, the pull out couch you will enjoy wonderful experiences which will be enhanced by the below features:

  • Easy assemblage makes it effective on use as you will not need special skills.
  • It is of a standard sized box spring.
  • As it is made of a metal construction, this sleeper sofa is of high durability hence long-lasting services will be offered by this sofa.
  • Stability achieved from the metal construction of the sleeper sofa.
  • Can support a weight of 225lbs.
  • Made of the Jacquard cover which is very easy to maintain. 

4. EMILY Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather

EMILY Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather - Sleeper Sofas

For a large lodging space, go for this sleeper sofa. From its wonderful customer ratings and reviews, it has gained much positive popularity to the customers. This has been brought about by its features which include:

  • It is of a modern design making your room up to date with a thoughtful design being incorporated.
  • Made of the Faux leather which makes it provide perfect comfy to you.
  • Can be easily converted into a sleeper as well as chaise from being a sofa.
  • Its sleeper dimensions include 70” L by 30” W by 15.4” H
  • Its chaise dimensions are 61.4” L by 30” W by 32” H
  • Can be universally used in different places including an office, living room, study room, etc. 

3. Pearington Mia Microfiber

Pearington Mia Microfiber - Sleeper Sofas

Ensure that you enjoy your stay in your room with the wonderful and most modern Pearington Sleeper Sofa. You will enjoy some of these features that include the following:

  • It is made of a sturdy natural hardwood frame that is upholstered making it very durable from the microfiber fabric.
  • Universal use in which it can complement any home ranging from you residential uses to commercial uses.
  • Contain couch cushions which are plush delicate filled with plush polyester also rich foam to ensure that it gives perfect comfy.
  • Conversion from a sofa to other positions such as a lounger and sleeper very easily.
  • This sleeper’s bottom cushion lifts up which ensure that it takes less space in storage hence storage efficiency.

2. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Sleeper Sofas

Featured by wonderful characteristics, makes it lie at the second position and different from most standard sleeper sofas. You will enjoy its use to a great deal from its wonderful features which include:

  • Contain soft cushions made from the high quality foam and a polyester upholstery wrapped together to give you a perfect comfort.
  • It will be suitable for large spaces in which it has a full extension of 89” on the length.
  • Fully assembled without any need for assemblage on your own hence saving you time as it will be ready for use.
  • It has a casual and stunning cool look from the dark finishing of the sofa which coordinates with the toss pillows tie.
  • Has a contemporary design from the crisp box cushions, sleek lines and the pops of its color.
  • Stylish with a look that never gets old hence will remain stunning for a long period of time. 

1. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed

DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed - Sleeper Sofas

On the top of the list is the DHP Emily sleeper sofa which comes in awesome features. It has gained much popularity from its wonderful features that have made it gain customer trust for a long period of time. Below are some of its features, which you will surely enjoy in using them:

  • A multifunctional sleeper sofa as it can easily convert from a coach to a bed in very little time.
  • Assemblage is required but only takes very little time as it is very easy and quick.
  • Guaranteed service which features a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It can hold up to a maximum of 600lbs on the total weight from the frame attached to support it.


In conclusion, sleeper sofas are seen to be one of the best solutions in limited spaces. With the above article, you are sure to receive the best sleeper sofa as there are a variety of them in the market which makes the choice of one become a major challenge.

Lastly, with increased efficiency and convenience of use you can’t miss out on their beneficial features. Considerations on the list which the above ten sleeper sofas to ensure that you check out on them and get the best that fits your use today.

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