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Top 10 Best Snow Roof Rake in 2020

Anyone living in a place that is prone to snowfall requires a snow roof rake. There are various solutions to clear snow from the flower garden, patio, paths, and drives. For example, you can use electric snow shovels or snow blowers. However, you need a perfect tool to remove any snow that builds up on your roof. That is why snow roof rake comes in handy. Check this out Top 10 Best Shoe Dryers in 2020

The rakes come in various designs and features. The manufacturers have ensured that they can be lifted easily. Therefore, you do not have to risk your life anymore by climbing on the roofs. In our list, we have included all the best snow roof rakes that you can ever own. Let’s discuss each one of them.

Top 10 Best Snow Roof Rake in 2020

Snow Roof Rake Reviews | Help You Remove Snow Easily

10. Ohuhu 21 FT Adjustable Snow Roof Rake

Ohuhu 21 FT Adjustable Snow Roof Rake, Twist-N-Lock Telescoping Snow Rake for Roof with 6" X 25" Poly Blade, Snow Shovel for Cleaning Roof Snow, Blue

This snow roof rake will help you remove all the snow from the roof as you stand on the ground. Why should you keep crawling on the roof when there is a tool for the job?

Ohuhu telescoping snow roof rake is lightweight. Also, it has a large poly blade which can remove large amounts of snow. Therefore, you will not spend a lot of time clearing. Additionally, this rake has a telescoping pole that you can adjust up to 21 feet. This pole also does not slip. You can unlock the appliance to dismantle it after use.

  • It has a lightweight of 4.8lbs only
  • You can adjust its pole to a whopping 21ft.
  • The poly blade is large with a dimension of 6”x 25”
  • Additionally, its pole is telescoping and does not skid

9. Snow Joe RJ205M Twist-N-Lock Snow Joe RJ205M Twist-N-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel Aluminum Roof Rake, 21'

You can use this snow roof rake to remove snow, debris, and wet leaves from your roof. It is comfortable to use even with large amounts of snow.

It boasts a Twist-N-Lock design for its telescoping pole. Thus, you can change it from a 6.2 feet reach up to 2.1 feet reach. This minimizes any requirement of a ladder. Roofer Joe Model RJ205M is light and easy to handle. Lastly, its aluminum blade rake is large and durable.

  • This snow roof rake has a light weight of 5.7 lbs
  • Its blade rake is 6” x25”
  • Innovative Twist-N-Lock telescoping design of the pole makes it comfortable
  • You can adjust the pole from 6.2 to 2.1 feet

8. Garelick 3004.2343 89600 Roof Brush

Garelick 3004.2343 89600 Roof Brush

This snow roof rake might be everything that you need. It removes snow and any other material stuck on the roof of your building.

To use it on for light snow removal, you can use this model. Also, you can opt the other Snow Trap Roof Snow Rakes such as Model No. 89521 and model number Model No. 89421. This snow roof rake has a wide brush to clean a large space. It is easy to assemble using the user guide’s instructions.

  • Includes 2 inches Palmyra Bristles
  • Also, it features a wide hardwood brush
  • Angled tube neck and braces made of aluminum
  • Lastly, it comes with assembly hardware and instructions

7. Snow MOOver 46″ Extendable Snow Brush

Snow MOOver 46" Extendable Snow Brush with Squeegee & Ice Scraper | Foam Grip | T-Shape Auto Snow Brush | Auto Ice Scraper | Car Truck SUV

If you love the orange color, this snow roof rake is one of the best. It is a multipurpose snow remover. Therefore, use it for your hood, top, and car windshield.

This snow roof rake has a unique design. It has a snow brush head with two uses, the broom, and the squeegee. In addition to that, you can adjust its scraper up to 46 inches. Therefore, you will reach the furthest snow pockets. With the ice scraper and jaws, you can crack the ice and remove it. Besides, it high-quality and durable.

  • The snow brush head is wide for large coverage
  • Dual use head with a squeegee and snow broom
  • Also, you can extend it up to 46 inches
  • Lastly, it has an ice scraper for easier work

6. Extreme Max 5600.3207

Extreme Max 5600.3207 Roof Snow Rake (Shingle-Saver 21’, with 24” Blade) 

If you need a snow roof rake to reach a two-story building or a low pitched roof, you have a solution right here. This rake has everything you need to scoop the ice without damaging the roof.

It has an angled blade that make it suitable to use in a small space. The blade rollers increase your shingles’ safety and work well at the same time. Furthermore, this snow roof rake is easy to assemble and disassemble. When it comes to quality, the aluminum construction makes it light and corrosion resistant.

  • The pole can reach 21 inches
  • The angled blade measures 7” x 24”
  • Light aluminum construction
  • Also, it is easy to set up and dismantle

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5. Garant GPRR24U Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade

Garant GPRR24U Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake

Garant roof rake is ideal for removing snow from skylights, awnings, and roofs. With its construction, it will give you a lifetime service.

This snow roof rake has a simple design with a sleek pole. Its polyethylene blade cares for your roof too. The manufacturer made the handles with aluminum which makes the raking light. Furthermore, you will receive three sections of the handles. Each of them measures 5 feet long. Besides, the grip is anti-slip to make it convenient.

  • The head is angled and wide for easy removal of snow
  • It features anti-slip grip
  • This snow roof rake has resistant polyethylene blade of 24 inches
  • Lastly, the 3 sections of aluminum handles make it ultra-light

4. Avalanche – Original 500 Roof Snow Removal System

Avalanche – Original 500 Roof Snow Removal System – 17 inches by 16 feet

This snow roof rake is worth spending on. Why not when it protects your roof from ice dams? Let’s get into more details.

It has a lightweight construction. Therefore, you will not experience back pains after working. The snow roof rake has a patented cutter frame that cuts the ice. In addition, the frames have wheels with 1.5 inches. With only four parts, it is easy to assemble and start using. Lastly, the manufacturer used aluminum to make it durable and corrosion-resistant.

  • It has a plastic slide of 17 x 8 inches
  • Avalanche has a wheeled patented cutter frame
  • You can protect your roof from ice dams by attaching the wheels to the snow roof rake
  • Lastly, the kit has a light weight of about 10 pounds only

3. Suncast SRR2100 24-Inch Snow Shovel

Suncast SRR2100 24-Inch Snow Shovel Roof Rake with 20-Foot 3-3/8- Inch Reach

Are you still experiencing ice dams on your house and garage roofs? You should get this snow roof rake from Suncast. It makes you ready to face the winter and protect your roof and ceiling.

This rake has four sections of handles that you can put together. Also, its blade is wide to unload the roof fast. Another feature about this blade is that Suncast made it with graphite. It is non-stick making it more effective. Lastly, the aluminum handles are light and durable.

  • The snow roof rake reaches a length of 21 foot
  • 4 sections of the snap connector come in handy
  • In addition, it has a blade measuring 24 x 7 inches
  • Also, it boasts a non-stick graphite blade

2. True Temper 17-Feet Telescoping

True Temper 17-Feet Telescoping Snow Roof Rake – 193055510

This is one of the most innovative snow roof rakes in the market. The True Temper Telescoping Roof Rake has tons of features as discussed below.

It has a simple design and an ergonomic handle. This is because the handle is telescoping and non-slip. Also, it is long to reach the ice pockets as you stand on the solid ground. Also, the manufacturer enforced the blade with wear strip. Therefore, it is very durable. The snow roof rake has a poly end grip and a hole. Thus, it is easy to store after use. Last but not least, the aluminum construction makes it light and long-lasting.

  • Its handle does not slip
  • Along telescoping aluminum handle can be adjusted up to 17 feet
  • Also, it features a push-button for telescoping
  • The 24-inch blade is durable

1. Garelick 89421 Roof Rake

Garelick 89421 Roof Rake - 21'

This snow roof rake protects you from ice dams. Thus, under no circumstances will the roofs, walls, and ceilings are destroyed. Why not choose it for its efficiency.

The Garelick 89421 21-foot Snow Roof Rake has an ergonomic design to deal with rooftop snow. It has patented “Shingle Saver” rollers. Therefore, the blade does not come into contact with your roof for more protection. It is made of high-quality aluminum handles which also makes the snow roof rake light.

  • Has four sections of the handle that can extend to 21 inches
  • Its lightweight is about 5.75 lbs. only
  • The “shingle saver” rollers protect your roof
  • It is ideal for preventing the ice dams


It is clear that we cannot compete with nature since it will always win. Therefore, you need a snow roof rake to remove any snow that accumulates on the top of your roof. Why should you risk your life climbing at the top? These rakes can clear all the snow as you stand on the ground. In our list, most have handles that are ergonomic and non-slip.

In addition to that, you need to check the weight of the snow roof rake. Most of them are light due to the aluminum materials. You can also choose different brush heads and blades. From our research, we have presented the best snow roof rakes to keep you ready for the winter. Do not hesitate to purchase your favorite from the list.

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