Top 10 Best Soccer Shoes For Kids in 2022

Soccer Shoes For Kids

If you have been looking for soccer shoes for kids for the coming football season, then you are probably at the right place. This can be a minefield, and if you are not careful, you may end up spending the whole day trying to figure out what it is that you want for the kids. What do FG and SG mean? And what kind of material should I buy? These and many others are probably some of the questions that are running down in your head. Finally, we have some good news for you here then. Just back and hold fast as we delve into some of the soccer shoes for kids that are available in the market for you. Check this out Top 10 Best LED Chargeable Lanterns in 2022

It is important to identify the turf they play on. That’s why the very first task that we have for you is first to identify the type of surface your kids are going to use for their playing. Furthermore, this will in establishing the kind of shoes that will be perfect for the job that is at hand for them. We do not want to recommend any kind of shoes that will end up not suiting the kind of environment where your kid is playing. There are a different stud and boots like the SG re for soft ground. These are for the grass pitches and any potentially wet and muddy winter grounds. Furthermore, the FG is for firm ground also called as the hard ground. For this purposes in the summer months and artificial turf that requires softer studs.

Why They Need Shoes

In soccer, the feet are the main means of moving the ball and making scores. So, it is for this reason that the best soccer shoes for kids should be given much consideration if you want them to have success in their career. Also, the more suitable the shoes are for them, the better the chances they have for playing better and also scoring in the game. As a result, having good shoes will provide the additional traction that is needed especially when they are playing on a surface that is slippery or is soft.

Therefore, having soccer shoes is a must if you are playing football regardless of the kind of surface that you are playing on. Although there are many risks of injuries and slipping, when you have good shoes, these risks are reduced, and one will enjoy playing soccer in them regardless of what may.

What We Recommended

Most of the top brands and big, athletic brands like Nike make various types of children shoes, and a majority of them are takedowns from the adult shoe models. Well, we shopped around to find the best styles packed with high tech performance features that will enable the kids a force. Here is our top selection of soccer shoes for kids with Messi collection also included in the list. Your kid will love these shoes. The firm ground shoe features an appearance that is embossed horizontal ridges designed to enable better control of the ball holding. In this guide, we have reviewed ten soccer shoes for kids and featured what will suit your kids.

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Top 10 Best Soccer Shoes for Kids in 2022

Best Soccer Shoes for Kids Reviews | Get Your Kids To Stay Active

10. Hawkwell Athletic Outdoor/Indoor Comfortable Soccer Shoes (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Hawkwell Athletic Outdoor/Indoor Comfortable Soccer Shoes(Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

These Hawkwell athletic soccer shoes for kids are comfortable and suitable for use in the outdoor and indoor. The material of the shoes is breathable and is synthetic. Therefore, this means that it is also lightweight and durable for one to use for a long time. Additional comfort is added with the soft textile lining on the shoes to make sure they are good for kids and will be loved. They have a rubber mould cleat on them that have rotational taction configuration.

The design has unique graphics on them that makes the shoes to have shiny durable synthetic upper. The design is great and very comfortable and the outer sole hs a good grip that enables easy movement and traction. Also, the upper design is supple and breathable equipped with fold over tongue that keeps the laces secure when striking.

These shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and water-resistant. The laces adjust easily, and the tongue folds over the laces to help them stay tied all game securely. These cleats come in a wide range of sizes – kids as young as one and as old as 12 can wear these shoes.

  • Has synthetic sole
  • Breathable material
  • Soft textile
  • Unique graphics
  • Shiny synthetic leather uppers
  • Rubber soles with moulded cleats
  • Durable construction
  • Fold-over tongue keeps laces tied

9. Adidas Kids’ Ace 16.4 FxG J Soccer Shoe

adidas Kids' Ace 16.4 FxG J Soccer Shoe

The Adidas kids ace soccer shoes for kids have an ultra-thin film on the upper side which helps in keeping water and debris out of the way. The textile that makes them is ultra-thin film that helps to keep the water out with the debris. These enable one to move with great speed and have good control and stability on the field.

The design has prime mesh on the upper that provides a comfortable feel and offers a sock-like a feel. Movement with instinct is enabled with high-speed ball controls. Real good quality for the field and the cleats don’t fall apart. One of the standout characteristics that I have liked about these soccer shoes is their thin, soft uppers. They may feel fragile if you are used to having the thicker ones but don’t be fooled. They have a hybrid touch material that combines the best characteristics of leather and synthetic materials. This makes it as tough as you can see it.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Comfortable and sock-like fit
  • Has ultra-thin film
  • Made for firm ground and artificial turf
  • High collared ankle
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive fit

8. Hawkwell Athletic Outdoor/Indoor Comfortable Soccer Shoes

Hawkwell Athletic Outdoor/Indoor Comfortable Soccer Shoes(Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Hawkwell is making some of the best soccer shoes for kids that have the upper part having breathable material. They also have a soft textile lining that offers additional comfort as the kids play in them. the graphics on the shoes are unique compared to the other designs of shoes and have a shiny durable synthetic upper. The shoes have a sock line mould that enables all game cushioning and also comfort. The antimicrobial technology fitted in them prevents odour causing bacteria from growing in the lining.

The design of the shoes has a rubber mould cleats that have rotational traction configuration. The design is also great, and comfortable and features an extremely lightweight design. The shoes also have a very good and strong grip which enables easy movement and traction on the field. There is a breathable supple on the upper design of the shoes with a fold over tongue which helps to keep the shoelaces secure when the kid is striking.

  • Soft textile lining
  • Rubber mould cleats
  • Unique graphics
  • Foam insole
  • Lightweight
  • Made for use on firm ground

7. Vizari Blossom FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid)

Vizari Blossom FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid)

The Vizari Blossom soccer shoes for kids are a few of the most comfortable shoes that you will find out there for kids. The shoes are comfortable and their make is good for use with children. They are 100% synthetic leather and have a rubber sole, and the heels have pads. They also have a collar lining that ensures the shoes are very comfortable and the kids will enjoy using around the fields as they play. There have not been other soccer shoes for kids that have such good qualities like these before and likeable.

The design of the shoes features unique graphics that are on the shiny durable synthetic and very comfortable. The outer sole of the shoes is stitched to the upper, and there are rivets that ensure it is very durable. There is also a collar lining that adds up to the comfort and the heel that has pads. Kids will love this design and will enjoy playing in them also.

  • Has unique graphics
  • Has collar lining
  • Padded heel
  • Die-cut sockliner
  • Traditional fit
  • Made for firm ground
  • A less expensive alternative to Copa Mundial cleats

6. Adidas Kids’ Goletto VI J Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

adidas Kids' Goletto VI J Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

The Adidas kids Goletto is firm ground soccer shoes for kids that are made of synthetic leather, and the sole is also synthetic. The shaft of the shoes measures low top from the arch, and they are lightweight which makes them good for children to play with. The fact that they are also durable with synthetic leather that lasts long is an added advantage as the kids will grow in them and will continue to play with them even after a long time.

The design of the shoes is of a classic look and good for all game. The juniors will like to enjoy the cleats of these soccer shoes and have a good feel of them as the play in the field. The design also enables the kids to have stability as the run and control the ball on the field. Their speed is also highly enhanced when they use these shoes, and they will enjoy the fact that they are lightweight for them.

  • They are lightweight
  • The shoes are durable
  • They are comfortable
  • Synthetic uppers and soles
  • Made for use on firm ground
  • Compression upper reduces break-in time
  • Three colour options available
  • Best for players with narrow feet

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5. Vizari Blaze FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid)

Vizari Blaze FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid)

The Vizari blaze soccer shoes for kids are 100 synthetic leather and have a rubber sole that makes them the shoes your kids will like to play with. The rubber gives them the soft landing and enables them to lay with much comfort and stability compared to other shoe types. The leather on the shoes is durable and synthetic, and this will ensure that they stay with them for a very long time as they grow.

The design has padded heel cushions and ankle collar and also a cushioned insole which ensure more comfort on the ground. The two-tone colour moulded rubber on the shoes is also an added advantage to the shoes, and they fit so well and match what the kids will enjoy most.

  • Has a rubber sole
  • Comes with durable synthetic leather
  • Has cushion insole

4. Vizari Stealth FG Soccer-Shoes

Vizari Stealth FG Soccer-Shoes

The Vizari stealth FG soccer shoes for kids are rubber shoes that are for kids and have much comfort that the kids need. The shaft of these shoe measures approximately low top from the arch and they have a two-color textured synthetic upper that ensures they are far above the league of other shoes. Considering that they are also very strong and also durable and have an anti-stretch lining on them that makes sure they fit the kid’s feet so well.

The design of these shoes has an outsole that is stitched to the upper to enable the shoes to become very durable and last for a long time. This makes sure the kids grow in them for a long time as they play ball. The two-colour mould rubber outsole ensures that there is comfort in the shoes as they play with them.

These cleats have a moulded sock liner for all-game-long cushioning and comfort. They’ve been treated with anti-microbial technology to prevent odour-causing bacteria from growing in the lining. Choose from two fun, colourful designs that will make you stand out on the field.

  • Has a rubber sole
  • They are strong and durable
  • Collar lining for comfort
  • Ultra-light uppers
  • Soft, thin HybridTouch material
  • Comfortably moulded sock liner
  • Antibacterial lining to prevent odours
  • True to size

3. Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

The Vizari striker FG soccer shoes for kids are lightweight shoes that are durable and also water resistant. There are few other shoe brands that are water resistant and these are just a few of them. You will not have to worry about the rains of the water when your kid plays in them. The rubber sole also adds to the list of advantages that you will get with these shoes. Rubber sole ensures comfort and a soft landing when they are on the ground, and this helps them to have stability.

The design of these shoes is soft and have a shiny synthetic leather upper. The outsole of this shoe is stitched to the upper and also riveted to enable the shoes to become more durable. This means they will stay around for quite some time and you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon. The two-colour mould rubber outsole also adds to the comfort and traction of these soccer shoes for kids are what you have been waiting for.

The laces on the shoes adjust themselves more easily, and the tongues fold over the laces to help the stay tied securely for the whole game. When your soccer champ hits a growth spurt, replacing these cleats will be relatively painless for your wallet.

  • Has a rubber sole
  • They are water resistant
  • They are lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Fold-over tongue keeps laces tied
  • Water-resistant

2. Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Fg J Soccer-Shoes

adidas Kids' Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Fg J Soccer-Shoes

The Adidas kids Nemeziz Messi soccer shoes for kids are man-made and have a synthetic sole with the shafts measuring approximately low-top from the shat. These are the kinds of shoes that will give the kid a responsive touch of the ball. They will be able to have optimum control and agility with better stability considering how comfortable these shoes are. The dual lock collar of the shoes is a security lockdown and will enable ankle stability for the kids.

The design of the shoes features a synthetic sole that ensures they enjoy playing with them. They are the dream shoes for strikers and nightmares for defenders. The grip and comfort they provide are likened to football star Messi, and they will help in haunting the keeper with many goal bound strikes. The shoes are designed one to have a firm ground and stability on the pitch for them to enjoy playing.

The shoes will make sure that the kids remain comfortable. They also tend to run large and have a roomy toe box. Kids that have wide feet and those that are fast growing will appreciate these shoes.

  • Has a synthetic sole
  • Has dual lock collar
  • Soft agility mesh
  • Durable construction
  • Fold-over tongue keeps laces tied
  • Antibacterial lining to prevent odours
  • True to size
  • Endorsed by Leo Messi
  • Compatible with MiCoach technology
  • Two colourful designs available

1. Adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe

adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe

The Adidas same classic leather soccer shoes for kids have a rubber sole, and they are extremely durable. Much of the durability of these shoes is linked to the leather construction they have. The suede toe area is one particular point to note that bears the brunt of much soccer-related activity. These are shoes that will show little wear even after they have been used. If you are tired of spending lots of money on adult shoe prices on getting kids shoes that are made of fabric and don’t survive, then here is the solution for you.

The design of these shoes is full leather, and they will hold up. The soles of these shoes are great, and they are not easy to slip. The brown soles they have is a lifesaver compared to the white ones especially if your driveway is not poured concrete. The soft synthetic uppers of these shoes come in a variety of bright colours. If you want your kid to stand out in the field even before the game begins, then you have the eye-catching choice that will help you do that in the game.

Most people who have used these shoes have also said that they are accommodating for the wider feet. This is especially if the feet of the kid is a half size up from the regular shoe size. This gives them the space to grow in these shoes and feel more comfortable.

  • Rubber sole
  • Made of textile and synthetic
  • Extremely durable

Why We Recommend These Shoes

The choices we have set for you above here will help you to get the best out of soccer shoes for kids, and they will enjoy them as they grow up to become professional players. Also seeing the quality of the shoes above, you should make sure you take care of the durability and quality of the shoes. You don’t want to buy something that will not be suitable for the kid, choose something that will be worth them remembering you for. Something that will create memories in them till they grow up.

We have covered an array of footwear brands like Nike and Adidas. The models are distinguished by the different designs they have and what you have to choose. We came up with this list after receiving emails from eager fans on a day that were soliciting for our tips and recommendations in helping them choose the right soccer shoes for kids. These are our ample choices from the market, and we have found that they are good and their quality is also liked by many.

The Benefit Of These Shoes

These soccer shoes will help the kids to stand firm and make them safer by providing the grip that will enable them to play better. These are different types of shoes that are made with different types of technologies, and the designs are the best we have come across. But first, you have to consider what your child likes first. This is because there may shoe options out there if you want the kind that is laceless to help you have ease in tightening and playing.


It is very important to think of it this way that shoes have an important part to play in deciding the nature of how your child plays. This then means that selecting the kind of shoes that suit them has to be done with so much consideration and care to ensure there are no better results. It is good to create good memories for your children, especially with new soccer shoes. They will love it and will enjoy playing in them regardless of the situation they face.

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