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Top 10 Best Tennis Racquet in 2019

Exercising is great for your immune system and you can do this by partaking in basketball and other games. However, one of the prime choices to keep fit is tennis and helps to develop stamina. To enjoy your tennis game comfortably you need something important a Tennis Racquet.

Here you can find our editor’s choice of the top 10 best tennis racquets in 2019. With us, you will find the perfect choice with descriptions of each reviewed tennis racket available on the market. Enjoy your tennis game with the right racquet in your hand today. Check this out if you are looking for Best Tennis Skirts

How to choose a tennis racquet

Before you rush to reading our tennis racket reviewed there are few important things you need to consider before choosing one. Each brand of tennis racket offers you different play styles and techniques to enjoy the game. Certain models give you different strengths and weaknesses that can or does not complement your game.

Before choosing, one decides how good you are at playing, as you may need an intermediate or advanced one. The tennis racquet has different designs with small head sizes to larger ones. Using a 340g one is more suitable for a player with precision. Another important factor is your age if you are younger than fifteen you may need a lighter racket.

Further, consider your play style related to the strokes you use. Are you aggressive on the court as many tennis rackets compliment your play style?  You can buy tennis rackets in different sizes: midsize is normally 85 – 95 sq. inch, mid plus is 96 – 105 sq. inches, oversize measures 106 – 118 sq. inches while super oversize measures 119 sq. inches.

Best Tennis Racquet Comparison

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis RacquetBabolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

The Warrior ESP 100LThe Warrior ESP 100L

Head Graphene XT SpeedHead Graphene XT Speed

The Wilson US Open Tennis RacketThe Wilson US Open Tennis Racket

The HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis RacketThe HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racket

The HEAD Ti.S6The HEAD Ti.S6

The HEAD Ti.S5 Comfort Zone Tennis RacquetsThe HEAD Ti.S5 Comfort Zone Tennis Racquets

The Wilson Tour Slam Tennis RacketThe Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket

4.5Below $50
Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis RacquetWilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet

Wilson Triumph Tennis RacketWilson Triumph Tennis Racket
4.1Below $50

Review of the 10 Best Tennis Racquet

10. Wilson Triumph Tennis Racket

Wilson Triumph Tennis Racket - tennis racquet The Wilson Triumph is an adult tennis racquet with V-Matrix Technology with V-Lock Bridge to add stability while you play. The head size is 112-inches and has a strung weight of 10.2 ounces with a length of 27.5-inches. The balance is 6-point HL with a string pattern of 16 x 19.For a larger sweet spot and reduces string vibration, the Triumph is the best tennis racquet you can buy.

The head is not completely metal and does have part plastic. This is a beginner to intermediate player’s racquet to use until you decide to play professionally.

  • Perfect racquet for a beginner and for having fun
  • Great to use if you want to get back into the game
  • Affordable • You receive it pre-strung
  • Has different grip widths to choose
  • Great selection of colors
  • Not suitable for professional players

9. Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet

Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet - tennis racquetThe Wilson Hyper Hammer tennis racket has a classic frame to give volatile power with a larger head size. This is a perfect racquet for the beginner to intermediate player that uses a modest swing speed. The construction is Carbon and you receive it pre-strung with the Wilson Synthetic Gut for better control.Wilson has reduced the weight but maintained the mass in the top of the hoop making it a playable racket.

The head size of the tennis racket is 110-inhces and has a weight of 9.0 ounces and measures 27.5-inche. The balance is 11-points and has a 27mm dual taper beam and head balance of 5.3 ounces. Further, it has an HH string pattern of 16×20.

  • Great for topspin and control
  • Gives a solid serve
  • Lightweight
  • Does vibrate and the strings do move a lot when hitting

 8. The Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket

The HEAD Ti.S5 Comfort Zone Tennis Racquets - tennis racquetYou can buy the Wilson Tour Slam in three-color designs green, red, and purple. The construction of the tennis racquet is aluminum and the strings synthetic. For power and stability, the frame has Volcanic Frame Technology and the power strings help increase your power when you hit the ball.

For a greater control and reducing vibration, the structure has Stop Shock Pads and the strung balance is 3-points head light. The head size is 112 sq. inches and the strung weight is 10.3 ounces. The tennis racket has a 16 x 19-string pattern and a length of 27.5-inches.

  • Great starter racquet
  • Affordable
  • The head size is huge and gives a large sweet spot
  • This is an adult tennis racquet
  • The strings do not break easily
  • Can be a bit small to grip if you have long fingers

 7. The HEAD Ti.S5 Comfort Zone Tennis Racquets

The HEAD Ti.S5 Comfort Zone Tennis Racquets - tennis racquetAnother great tennis racket is the HEAD Ti.S5 Comfort Zone model and best suited for beginners to intermediate players. The reason for this is the racket is great with slow to medium speed swings. Further, it has an open string pattern for the best control.To help reduce the string vibration the manufacturer used a combination of hard and soft materials. This technology reduces vibration up to 25%.

The grommets cone shaped and with the added dampening it gives, you control. The head size is 107 sq. inches and has a length of 27.50-inches with a strung weight of 8.90 oz.The stiffness is 72 with a 15.16-inche head heavy balance and a 27mm straight beam. You can reach a swing height of 310 kg per sq. cm. The handle construction is SofTac.

  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Places spin on the ball
  • Lightweight
  • The strings stretch after three weeks of use

 6. The HEAD Ti.S6

The HEAD Ti.S6 - tennis racquetThe HEAD Ti.S6 has a combination of graphite and titanium for durability and a great feel when used. The head size is 115 sq. inches and one-inch heavy while the beam measures 28.5mm. The string pattern used on the racket is 16×19 with a strung weight of 8.9 oz.

Further, the length of the racket is 27-inches and has a balance of 8-points head heavy with a swing weight of 312. While using the racket it gives you a high power level with a slow swing speed. The string tension is 57 to 66lbs.

  • Great to use if you want to get back into the game
  • Lightweight
  • Gives you tremendous power
  • The gut on the racket gives a good spin
  • Only problems with transit

 5. The HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racket

The HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racket - tennis racquetFor a rock-solid feel when using your tennis racket you need the HEAD MicroGel Radical model. With the microgel, it distributes evenly on impact around the frame. The head size of the racket is 98 sq. inches and the beam are 21mm. Further, it has an 18 x 20-string pattern with a weight of 10.4 oz and a standard length of 27-inches. The strung weight is 11 oz and the balance is 2-points head light with a swing weight of 315. The stiffness is 57 and has a composition of graphite and microgel. While using it has a low power level with a fast swing speed and HydroSorb grip type.

The stiffness is 57 and has a composition of graphite and microgel. While using it has a low power level with a fast swing speed and HydroSorb grip type.

  • Powerful and lightweight when used
  • Serves great
  • Can buy it strung
  • Not suitable for a professional player

 4. The Wilson US Open Tennis Racket

The Wilson US Open Tennis Racket - tennis racquetThe Wilson US Open tennis racket is an adult version available in a stylish design. This racquet comes pre-strung and you can buy it without the string. The shafts built with fused graphite giving it a lightweight feel in the hand. With the double holes, it increases the grommet size for a better string movement.The Arc 2 Technology gives the tennis racquet stability and gives you extra control. The strung balance is 1-point head light and gives you a great return against your opponent.

For protection, the exterior of the tennis racket has an AirLite bumper guard while the perforated grip helps to wick moisture. The head size is 103 sq. inches and has a 23mm Arc Cross section with strung weight of 10.2 oz.

  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for beginners who make light hits
  • The handles not very stable

 3. Head Graphene XT Speed

Head Graphene XT Speed - tennis racquetFor one of the best tennis racquets, the Head Graphene XT Speed is a limited edition racket for speed and precision. This is an intermediate weighted racket but works for advanced players as well.The racket weighs 11.1 ounces while the Speed MP delivers accuracy while use with full cuts. The open string pattern is 16 x 19 with a tight grip when hitting the ball and makes it easier to use with topspin.

The shaft has Graphene XT to help move additional mass from the grip to the tip.The head size is 100 sq. inches and the length of the racket are 27-inches. The balance is 13-inches and the swing weight is 321 and has a tension 48 – 57lbs.

  • Great for players who like a hybrid style racket
  • Gives you great control and power • Stylish
  • None mentioned as it is a superb tennis racquet

 2. The Warrior ESP 100L

The Warrior ESP 100L - tennis racquetWhen you buy the Warrior ESP 100L tennis racquet you can choose from different sizes 4 ½, 4 ¼, 4 ⅛ and 4 ⅜. Warrior uses ESP Spin Technology and it has a double bridge dampener. The rackets built for power, spin, and have a head size of 100 sq. inches. The racket length is 27-inches and has a strung weight of 9.5 oz. The tension is between 55 to 65 pounds with a composite of graphite.

While using the tennis racquet gives, you medium to high power and the string patterns made up of 14 mains and 16 crosses. Further, you can achieve a medium to fast swing speed with a swing weight of 285 and great to use if you want to get back into the game.

  • Excellent value• Lightweight
  • Well-balanced• Stylish
  • Great if you hit a lot of top spins while using ground strokes
  • Great for traditional play style as well
  • Not made for college or professional players

 1. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis RacquetBabolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet - Tennis Racquet

One of the most popular racquets for playing tennis is the Babolat Pure Aero model. The latest version updated with the AeroModular wing shaft design making it one of the fastest frames with woofer grommets found in the midsection of the frame.This is an aerodynamic tennis racket for increased ball pocketing and gives it a trampoline effect when used. The Cortex system inside the frames been updated and helps dampen bad vibrations allowing you to get maximum ball feel. There is an open weave found in the string bed consisting of FSI spin technology. The racquets available in different size options and strung with synthetic gut strings.

The tennis rackets mid plus size measuring 100 sq. inches and has a 27-inch length with a strung weight of 11.3 oz. Further, it has a swing weight of 327 and a stiffness of 69. The composition is graphite for a fast swing speed and full style stroke.

  • Has a lot of power and control depending on the string
  • Racket comes pre-strung
  • Affordable
  • Different sizes available
  • Replace the strings with a better one as the ones on the racket does not last


Playing tennis is fun and a healthy way to keep your body fit. With our Top 10 Best Tennis Racquets in 2019, you can enjoy playing the sports in no time. Each one caters for different players from the beginner to professional. No matter what your play style is, you can find a suitable tennis racket here at an affordable price.

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