Top 10 Best Tie Racks in 2022

Any gentleman somehow requires tie racks in their closet or hanging elsewhere. This is because you are likely to get disappointed while searching for your ties all over. If you have many of them, you need to organize them for easy access and for safe storage. That is why tie racks come in handy. Check this out Top 10 Best Budget Robotic Vacuums in 2022.

There are various types of tie racks with totally different designs. They also have different strength due to their construction materials. Since choosing one of them might be hectic, we came up with the detailed list of the best tie racks. Read on and choose the one(s) you need.

Tie Racks

Top 10 Best Tie Racks in 2022

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10. Tenby Living 2-Pack Black Tie RackTenby Living 2-Pack Black Tie Rack, Organizer, Hanger, Holder - Affordable Ti

Are you tired of your neckties falling off where you hang them? This tie rack is the best solution. It holds your ties in place and you will get them in the same position when you come back to the closet.

It has a classic design with 20 bars to hang 20 ties. Tenby Living divided it into two sides to hold 10 ties on each side. Each bar has a clip with a narrow distance in order to hold the necktie. The quality is great since it is made of sturdy plastic.

  • It rotates at 360 degrees making it easy to get your ties
  • Can hold 20 ties
  • Its material is sturdy ABS plastic
  • It has 20 clips

9. ClosetMaid 8051 Tie and Belt Rack, White

ClosetMaid 8051 Tie and Belt Rack, White

This is a classic tie rack for classic men. ClosetMaid provides you with accessories that can be stored anywhere in your apartment. You can install it on a door or a wall and use it to store your neckties.

When it comes to design, it has 27 hooks that you can use to hang your ties and other accessories. The seller provides you with the installation hardware so that you mount it wherever you want. It is lightweight but still sturdy.

  • The tips have a rubber coating
  • It has 27 hooks with dimensions of 3.5″ H x 15″ W x 2.38″ D
  • You can mount this tie rack on your walls or anywhere it fits
  • It has a lightweight

8. IPOW 2 Pack Updated Twirl Tie Rack Belt Hanger Holder Hook

IPOW 2 Pack Updated Twirl Tie Rack Belt Hanger Holder Hook for Closet Organizer Storage

It would be disappointing if you found out that your ties were wrinkled. To make the matter worse, this continues to happen. You should not worry anymore. This tie rack is a perfect solution for total neatness.

According to the manufacturer, its design is still the same but a few features have been improved compared to the previous version. This tie rack has a big hook that you can use to hang it on a rod. Besides, there are other hooks attached at its base in a circular manner to hold your ties or any other accessories. The arms have a good design to ensure that the ties do not slip. Also, this tie rack is of good quality and durable.

  • It has a fingertip spinning of 360 degrees for easy access
  • The arms are curved and non-slip
  • Comes as a package of 2 tie racks
  • The dimensions are 4.85″D x 4.5″ H

7. HANGERWORLD Natural Wooden 15.7inch Tie Organizer Accessory Rack Hanger

HANGERWORLD Natural Wooden 15.7inch Tie Organizer Accessory Rack Hanger

If you are looking for just tie racks, why not change and buy a hanger that can you can store ties, belts, and scarfs? A multipurpose tie rack will save you space and money that you would have used for extra items.

It has a shiny wooden design that will make your closet look awesome. In addition, the chrome swivel hooks are twenty-four in total and are all polished. Lastly, the manufacturer used a hardwood to make it stronger and long-lasting.

  • It measures 5.8 x 1.2 x 16 inches and has a weight of 11.5 ounces
  • All 24 hooks can be used for various accessories
  • The hooks have clips to prevent falling
  • Also, it features a smooth quality hardwood

6. Rubbermaid FastTrack Tie & Belt Holder, White

Rubbermaid FastTrack Tie & Belt Holder, White (FG3R14FTWHT)

Purchasing one or two of these tie racks guarantees you a lovely display of both ties and belts. If you have a wire shelving, it is an added advantage.

This tie rack has numerous accessories, brackets, shelves, and sturdy uprights. Therefore, you can assemble it easily. You can also clean the white finish without straining. When it comes to quality, you can rest assured of durable epoxy-coated steel that makes it stronger than most tie racks.

  • It contains 28 hooks that you can use to hang belts and ties
  • You can mount it perfectly on a wire shelving
  • In addition, it has brackets, uprights, accessories, and shelves for easy setup
  • The epoxy coating on the steel makes it long-lasting

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5. IPOW Upgraded 2 PCS See Everything Cross X 20 Tie Rack Holder

IPOW Upgraded 2 PCS See Everything Cross X 20 Tie Rack Holder, Rotate to Open/Close Tie and Belt Hanger with Non-Slip Clips, 360 Degree Swivel Space Saving Organizer

This is a space-saving tie rack that has tons of features. If you are tired of messed up storage, this rack will display your ties in a gorgeous manner. Besides, you do not need to assemble it after buying.

The design is incredible and makes you see your ties clearly. It stands upright during storage. Also, you can also revert it into X position for easy viewing. The design also makes the hooks to rotate in all directions. This tie rack has twenty pongs that have rims with bulges. Hence, your ties cannot fall.

  • Hooks can rotate at 360 degrees
  • It is easy to adjust to the X position
  • There are 20 prongs
  • Multi-purpose. Therefore, you can keep scarfs, belts, sashes, chains, etc.
  • You can fold it to save space

4. Ohuhu Wooden Tie Hanger Rotating Twirl 24 Ties Organizer Rack Hanger

Ohuhu Wooden Tie Hanger Rotating Twirl 24 Ties Organizer Rack Hanger Holder Hook (2-Pack)

These are great tie racks from Ohuhu. With their design and quality, they can fit in any closet. So, you can go for this package with two strong tie racks. Why not gift somebody you love with one if you do not the need two? Let’s look at its design.

When you look at it, you will realize that the wooden part has a smooth polishing. The hooks are also shiny. Therefore, these tie racks are an added beauty to your closet.

This design also makes it easy to declutter to save time. Thanks to Ohuhu for making it using durable solid hardwood. They also made it with polished stainless steel hooks.

  • The set contains two tie racks
  • Each tie rack weighs 0.7lb and measures 17”x 5.6”x 1”
  • Also, there are 24 hooks on each tie rack
  • Its ability to declutter saves space
  • Made using quality steel and hardwood

3. EZOWare Belt Hangers

EZOWare [2-Pack] Belt Hangers, Adjustable 24 Tie Belt Scarf Racks Holder Hook Hanger for Closet Organizer Storage – Beige

Adding to our list is EZPWare tie racks. They provide you with enough space to support your belts, bags, ties, scarves and more. Even if you have many of them, you do not have to worry you will receive two tie racks in a pack.

They have an elegant design that makes them look natural. They are ideal to save space in any wardrobe or closet while organizing it at the same time. There are 12 swivel hooks on each side making a total of 24. EZOWare made it using hardwood and steel. Therefore, you are guaranteed a life-long service.

  • The pack contains two tie racks
  • You can fold the 24 swivel hooks
  • They are multipurpose tie racks
  • These are premium quality tie racks

2. Motorized Tie Rack w/Dual LED Lights – Electric Motor Automatically Rotates Up

Motorized Tie Rack w/Dual LED Lights - Electric Motor Automatically Rotates Up to 72 Ties & 8 Belts, Includes Mounting Kit for Most Closet Types

In case you have so many ties, you need two or three tie racks to hold them. But here comes the best option. This motorized tie rack can support up to 72 ties and 8 accessories.

It has an elegant design with high holding capacity. The tie rack is suitable for any closet with rods of 1.4” or less. The neckties can rotate when the button is pressed. Lastly, it is easy to set up with the instructions provided.

  • Dimensions are 16” x 6” x 3.5”
  • The motor is batteries powered
  • Holds 72 ties and 8 belts

1. Primode Motorized Tie Rack with LED Lights

Primode Motorized Tie Rack with LED Lights - Bonus Stainless Steel Tie Clip Set - Stores Up To 72 Ties with 8 Belts, Rotation Operates With Batteries, Includes J Hooks for Wire Shelving

To perfectly organize your closet, you can opt for this Primode motorized tie rack. Why not yet it takes a little time to assemble. It could be a nice gift to your male friend or family member on Men’s or Father’s Day.

Primode designed it to support 8 belts and 72 ties. It is modern since it runs on 4C batteries. Therefore, when you touch the button, it rotates automatically. You will also get special screws that you can use for wired shelving. Despite having a motorized Carousel, it has built-in LED lights.

  • It is powered by 4 C batteries
  • High capacity of 72 ties and 8 belts
  • The tie rack measures 18” L x 8” W x 4.06” H
  • Comes with a bonus of stainless tie clip set


As mentioned earlier, tie racks help you to keep your closet or wardrobe organized. They also save your time since you can easily locate the tie you need to wear.

From the list above, you can see that all tie racks have different features and capacities. Some are electric with automatic rotation. You can choose from the above list since we did the research for you. All these tie racks will keep your ties, belts, scarfs, and other accessories from falling. They are also the best for spacing space. Whether you have many or just a few ties, check the above solutions.


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