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Top 10 Best Toaster Oven in 2022 Reviews

Let’s begin with some history about toaster oven first. This is a controversial part in the history of kitchen appliances. General Electric claims the creation of the toaster back in 1909, by the patent of a really not functional device, and the Pacific Electric Heating Company allege George Schneider invented it in 1905 as a complete engineering device ready to be produced.

Both toasters were patented. The facts speak for itself in this case. In 1910, a creator named William Hadaway, built it for the Westinghouse Corporation (the company that patented most of Nikola Tesla’s work) the first toaster oven BASED in the George Schneider’s invention, being that design the best and really functional, as an enclosed toaster, which patented in 1909 by Harold Bradley. The horizontal combination toaster-cooker developed by William Hadaway, along with the important feature of a flat iron base, became the first toaster oven made by Westinghouse.

The toaster oven was then offered as a kitchen appliance with a size that allowed accommodation in the kitchen, is very easy to use to bake, roast, cook or keep food warm. That was an immediate hit sale as the first kitchen appliance developed directly for the domestic kitchen, and not for the industrial use (the usual first step for every kitchen appliance).

A toaster oven used to be seen by several persons as a luxurious artifact they do not need, because let’s face it, why owning a toaster oven when you already have a toaster and a stove? Then you realize a toaster oven is a great energy saver that allows you to cook, bake and warm the food without raising the gas bill to the stratosphere, working efficiently to take advantage of a minimal portion of electric energy, and then the toaster oven does not sound that bad after all.

As a matter of fact, the best electric toaster oven allows you to gratin food, toast bread, sandwiches, prepare lasagna, cakes and reheat food packed in metal trays, unfreeze food and cook at the same time, being this a “battle horse” that allows use and abuse. Maybe you haven’t heard of a damaged toaster oven, or have a friend that owns one since forever. Your elder relatives own one. Ask them. Once you own a toaster oven, you never go back.

These artifacts work with electric power, with a powerful bulb generating heat as an electric oven. The prior models used to work with resistance technology, but they all are adequate to make heating process even. The toaster ovens also evolved to present more features, as grill, slow cook, defrost and Dutch oven, which make this particular unadvertised piece of engineering, an underrated great helper to the cooking process. Some models feature clock and timer, being a great substitute for the microwave oven if you do not like the idea of electric waves to be near your food.

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Keeping all that in mind, let’s begin the chase of the best toaster ovens in 2022:

Best Toaster Oven  Comparisons:

Breville BOV845BSS

4.7$250- $300
Cuisinart CSO-300N

4.5$250- $300
Breville BOV800XL

4.5$250- $300
Cuisinart TOB-260N1

4.5$200- $250
Breville BOV650XL

4.4$150- $200
Breville BOV450XL

4.5$150- $200
Cuisinart TOB-135

Black & Decker TO1313SBD

4.1Below $50
Panasonic Flash Xpress

4.4$100- $150
Hamilton Beach Easy Reach
4.1Below $50

Review of The Best Toaster Oven in 2022:

10. Hamilton Beach Easy Reach

We saved the best for last.

This affordable and useful device will grant you the great sale price it has with years of being magnificent. This bakes, roasts and broils really easily. The big door, with easy reach technology, makes this, by far, the best, most affordable option you have to take immediately.

This is so light, steady, good and small, you will never think about buying another one. Hamilton Beach develops great products, but this one outstands among the other productions they manufacture.

The dimensions in this one are 17.6 x 13.6 x 10.6 inches, so it’s really comfortable to cook and retire the food. It has the speed of a toaster with the cooking power of an oven. This user-friendly artifact with easy and understandable knobs is another perfect gift you can make!

The design in this one really attends the needs of an experimented cooker and a rookie. It fits in a fancy kitchen as in a dorm room, being a great design accomplishment for the creators of this concept. It’s good to be the first toaster oven you own, and it’s a great gift for your elder relatives, which will find this device so basic, clever and suitable, they will be thankful for this thoughtful present.

This really looks more expensive and sophisticated than it really is due to its beautiful stainless steel and tempered glass appearance. It’s easy to remove, wash and put back. Actually, you must think of this as a gift. No doubts! Try to be careful while washing, you can break the door, place it patiently and enjoy your small stove.

The quality of this product is out of the discussion. It will treat you as good or bad as you treat it. Be careful placing the grills and trays. Do not overload it. Some customers mention troubles with this particular item because they treat it as a big bulky industrial oven that will replace a regular stove or shipping troubles.

This is perfect for bachelors due to its size, people that live alone, families, allowing a FAST heating process. This is a real “back to the roots” for the toaster ovens, resembling the old-fashioned ones, with the actual durability of the old fashioned ones. The price is so tempting. So why don’t you take this in the account as the most useful, durable gift you will ever make?

  • Eternal
  • Good.
  • Cheap.
  • No cons.

9. Panasonic Flash Xpress

A small piece of future in your kitchen.

This gorgeous piece of electronic engineering provides double infrared rays to be even faster than conventional roast ovens. The smart toaster feature seems to guess when the food needs more heat and it’s ready. The compact design, the small footprint on your countertop, the removable tray and the nonstick interior makes this so easy to clean, it will be a pleasure to be the owner of this device.

You surely will brag about this affordable and modern toaster oven that resembles a microwave oven. This has some features as adjustable heating; you will never be wrong with this one. It’s light, steady and neat. Its dimensions are 14.5 x 13.5 x 13.5 inches, so, this is small but great.

The design is futuristic, clean, modern, looks like a very fancy microwave oven, you can only adjust cook time at the beginning, not while cooking. It’s made in stainless steel, so this will resist scratch and bumps. The design has got the control panel in the bottom part. That’s the hack that makes this save space.

The quality in this one is very doubtful. This must be a beta version for the future toaster ovens. The bulbs might be not so durable, so, the infrared technology that makes this item very attractive is the Achilles heel in this beautiful model and technology. Buy assuming the risk.

The precision in the temperature control is a strong incentive to buy this item. But you better be careful. Reviewers are not split about this one. The most of them just love it and I agree, this seems to last long enough to have a nice lifetime in your house.

  • Affordable.
  • Luxurious.
  • Modern.
  • Maybe the lightbulbs could not last long.

8. Black & Decker TO1313SBD

Perfection right in your hands. This top 10 is closing with excellent results!

This incredibly cheap is the perfect gift, looks expensive. It’s basic, okay, but it allows you to have perfect gratin, 30 minutes heating time, try to open with a cloth when it’s hot. This oven broils, bakes, toasts, just the basic needed. The stainless steel material is beautiful and the knobs are really well identified.

This is great in a dorm room, a small flat, a small kitchen, and fits perfectly in small counters. Its size is 16.4 x 11.3 x 9.4 inches, so, you can guess this is very small. It looks sophisticated and good, if you have a low budget, this is the deal you were looking for!

The design looks sophisticated, elegant, cute, almost nostalgic. You will never see this outstanding in a decoration, because it tends to blend in the environment, making it very discrete. The stainless steel provides a nice neat appearance you will love. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a great deal in this product.

The quality is supported by Black and Decker, so you know this is good. Good materials, good products, good warranty, good customer service, good wherever you see it. This is a really good durable purchase you can brag about. This is perfect to have as the ally in your breakfasts, lunch, and dinners.

If you are a cooking lover, you will figure out more purposes and best performance in this product than already existent. This is perfect to make muffins and cupcakes, lasagna, beef and pork. It’s easy to clean and materials will last forever. You only will change this when you give it away and buy a bigger one for your future big family.

  • Eternal.
  • Cheap (in a good way).
  • Multitask if you handle it with creativity. It’s a basic.
  • It uses to get too hot in the outside. Open with a cloth or cooking gloves.

7. Cuisinart TOB-135

The most recognizable one in the bunch.

This is a typical case where a product, a simple one, meets the airbrushing the publicity could give. This is not as fancy, as multitask as adds claim, the alleged nine functions could be the simple bake, cook and toast ones made very catchy and redefined. Another very light toast oven, the new lightest of the bunch now. This is one of the simplest models with no lights inside.

The buttons wear off and the letters printed fade away, but this is a great basic and affordable oven that has something to prove. As a matter of fact, the simplicity and the great accessories this brings: oven rack, baking and drip pan, a broiling rack, a removable crumb tray and the corresponding recipe booklet, make this need not “airbrushing” by the publicist. This could cook a small chicken very well. Its dimensions are 15.3 x 18.3 x 9.3 inches, so, this is a compact one for your kitchen.

The design in this one is boring and functional. The stainless steel and the assembly gives it an aseptic look. You easily can find this one in a hospital cafeteria. The low part in this are the lousy buttons, but the LCD screen is good. The interior is made in stainless steel too, so neat and steady, you cannot help to fall in love with this toaster oven. Do not doubt about purchasing. You really do not need an inner bulb when you buy this beauty.

The quality is great, excellent, absolutely neat, but the buttons are the low part. But it’s meant to be eternal, it’s scratch and bump proof and foolproof. When you get to know the position of the buttons and what are they meant for, you won’t even miss the lost letters in the panel.

The LCD screen is durable, understandable, and you will need to replace this when you get bored, otherwise, it will be a steady inhabitant of your house. The simplicity in this model makes this be perdurable. It’s a chance you do not need to miss. Buy, Buy, Buy!

  • Eternal.
  • Timeless.
  • Affordable.
  • The letters in the control buttons disappear.

6. Breville BOV450XL

Another great candidate for your house and catering service!

This light engineering piece (the lightest this far) is the best of Breville brand today. It comes with accessories you will love, as pan and plate. This product needs to have some room to work, because of the heat it uses to produce. The non-stick interior makes it really easy to clean and use.

The performance in Breville BOV450XL, the consistency, even heating and the control are just appreciable, the element IQ functions present in Breville models, work increasing or decreasing power with a simple turn of the knob it has, so you can experiment while cooking and pull out the best out of this item.

Its design is made to be admired and imitated. Fits in small spaces being so shiny and durable, resistant to hit and scratch proof. Do not use abrasive products to clean. It’s sophisticated and simple. It looks even more expensive than it really is, so you are making a good purchase for less with this one.

It’s a quality product you have to take care of. The LCD screen is durable, as the electric and cooking parts. Overheating is a risk if you don’t give it much space. The quality of this toaster oven requires still some trial and error by the customers, that used to give great reviews about this in the three following months to the purchase.

So be careful when you are reviewing it after the acquisition. People need to be more prudent when they review electric devices because the durability and quality of the items are better appreciated when they have a long time being used. Maybe 8 months, because they all work perfectly fine the first three months.

  • Cute.
  • Affordable.
  • Durability is still in a “let’s find out” moment.

5. Breville BOV650XL

This brand is really in the pursuit to have a name as a great kitchen appliances’ manufacturer. It has a superior performance, but it’s best to keep it on your own kitchen, not in a business. Breville models are the same pattern and concept developed in several sizes, that could work when it’s developed in a small size, just as this one.

Stainless steel frame, LCD screen, 17 x 15 x 10 inches’ size, makes it a nice portable device (As a toaster oven could be) you can make work for you in a catering service just to improve and reheat food and not leave it humid or mushy, as microwaves use to do. This is perfect for a small place selling pizza slides, almost pays itself. This works fast and really good. Think about this option very seriously.

The design is the same that other Breville ovens, this is the compact one, the smaller brother of the Breeville family. The LCD screen tends to be better in this model, maybe the size, and it’s a simpler toaster oven you must have to enhance a small kitchen. The smaller these products are, the better, really.

The quality is not assured. It’s warranted, but somehow if you are not lucky enough to receive a good one, you will be very disappointed by this purchase. Just try to make sure you have worked with it in a continuous way within the year of your purchase and notify the seller as soon as you see a malfunction. Be aware you have to be careful with the inside of the oven.

If paint starts peeling off or bubbling, you have to check the resistance in this device. It’s clearly overheating and this might be a risk. This handles very well the hard work.

  • Small but reliable.
  • Affordable.
  • Lighter than other models.
  • Make sure you are one of the lucky purchasers. You have great chances to be one, check your toaster oven carefully and remove plastic parts and protection coats.

4. Cuisinart TOB-260N1

A classic toaster oven ready to be in your kitchen.

This product definitely is one of the best available in the market. Its average price and functionality makes it a great investment for you. Its medium range in size, makes it good to bake a chicken, a big cake. This one resembles a fancy microwave, but you can be sure this is a great quality oven. It has an LCD display, that makes this product versatile and good to have in your kitchen. This is really affordable to be that good, its dimensions are: 22.6 x 18.5 x 13 inches. It’s heavier than other toaster ovens, but this is a great purchase by sure.

The design in this product is really well developed and classic. It screams good taste and functionality. It is so great to use; you might want not to use your stove anymore. The polish finishes and defined shapes could make you think this is a generic model, but the features it present are better that other similar models.

The quality in this model is certainly better than seen in other products, the LCD screen is better. The inner parts are developed in good materials, and you will be using it for several years. Its quality is solid and respectable, you are making a good, if not the best, investment in your home or business by choosing this particular toaster oven.

The superior features allow this to be the smartest choice available around in size, price durability and functionality. Just be careful when you install it, do not use auxiliary wire extensions and clean it regularly. This artifact delivers!

  • The best available.
  • Amazing price.
  • Not sustainable cons.

3. Breville BOV800XL

The heavy duty toaster oven.

This toaster oven is perfect to reheat, cook and bake industrial amounts of food. Its dimensions are 47 x 41.1 x 28.4 cm, and intends to handle extreme conditions of work. So you have to think about getting this as a substitute oven in your restaurant or bakery. This is actually faster than a regular oven, and its price is a big deal.

The upper part heats and the steam it produces is very hot, so try not to place stuff over this product and try to open it very carefully from a side. It has one-year warranty just as every Breville product. The LCD screen is clear and user-friendly. Its features are defrosting and fan, being tempting to make this purchase.

The design in this product is very strong and practical. This is developed to work hard. The low part in the design are the materials in the LCD display. This is reported as one of the biggest issues in this product, so, the LCD screen could be a nice appealing feature if that was more durable. The appearance of this toaster oven is simple but yet sophisticated.

The quality of this product is not that high. Several troubles and malfunctions are constantly reported by costumes, which are not attended by customer service as they deserve, that simply tend to make customers hate it because they consider this as a bulky waste of money. But there are some other reviewers alleging this last for years. Being in the middle, I could think about this product as one that will treat you the way you treat it. Be careful with the knobs and try to set it in one try. LCD screens are delicate.

The product, per se, is good, because it will work for years as an oven, and if you are capable of knowing your own regular stove, you surely can know this one by the time the LCD screen stops working. The important pros in this model are its great inner and cooking parts.

  • Good.
  • Perfect for restaurants and cafeterias.
  • Expensive, but reasonable.
  • Cheap LCD screen.


2. Cuisinart CSO-300N

A plus-size steam toaster oven you will love!

This toaster oven provides an innovative feature: the steam cooking during 120 minutes. Enough to prepare a chicken. Its dimensions are 18 x 15.5 x 10.8 inches, making this capable of cooking big amounts of food using steam or heat.

It also has a button to light the interior of the oven and turn it off. Steam is produced by a water tank attached to the structure, and the steam goes out by a side. That won’t damage your cabinets and wooden parts in the kitchen. The steam also makes it easy to clean. Just a wipe and that’s it.

This is made in stainless steel, it has an LCD screen, easy to read and understand in case you are not a fan of reading manuals. Customers love this product and so you will!
The design in this product is very fancy and elegant. Solid and heavy. The materials are easy to maintain and clean. This is an expensive product, over average. The bad part in the design is the water tank. It tends to develop mold and become opaque, making this product age very badly.

The quality of this product is high. If you see a bad review, try not to keep it in mind. The mold is caused by neglecting water in the tank, and some pictures you will see that tries to explain this product is bad because the glass cracked by itself while cooking, are false. You can even see the hit in the glass and the trajectory of the crack from the impact zone. Heat does not damage an oven glass that way. The materials in this product are really good, take care of the plastic part, the knob and the glass and it will last forever.

  • Steam cooking.
  • Wide and tall.
  • Good.
  • Expensive.
  • Ages badly.

1. Breville BOV845BSS

A nice multitask oven you must have.

Produced in stainless steel, this toaster oven offers an unsuspected fast way to bake, Breville offers this fancy number which turns out to be the best first one to begin in the world of toaster ovens. This is really powerful and really well assembled. It’s certainly steady but not that heavy, about 9 pounds.

The polish finishes make this certainly elegant on your kitchen counter. Its price is standard and this is a purchase you would recommend to your friends and you will never regret. It has an inner light and an LCD screen to track and program the level of cooking you want to use. It’s easy to use and clean. Just as a regular oven and better. Its dimensions are 18.5 x 15.75 x 11 in, so you can cook in a pot, bake chicken, beef and a big cake.

The design in this product is really cute and functional, you actually will love to place it in your kitchen, it’s user-friendly and sophisticated. It looks more expensive than it is. The finishes are really clean and gorgeous, besides, this is really good to handle scratch and bumps. The control board and the LCD screen gives it a great appearance. Definitely, this will fit in every kitchen decoration, making it very modern. Buy the Range Kleen 671 Toaster Oven Sized Liner to make the cleaning even easier!

The quality in this item is really solid, being manufactured in first-class materials, ready to endure a long time. If this oven gets a damage, be sure that was defective. A non-defective one won’t break, will last several years of use and abuse and will be an investment. The low part is the LCD screen. This is the least durable part in this item, but it will work for several years, until you handle how to work without it (unless you know where the LCD could be repaired). But about this model, it’s so hard to find one damaged, because they all are made for a long life of heavy use.

  • Durable.
  • Great quality.
  • Versatile.
  • The inner light must be changed after some years.
  • The LCD screen will stop working after some years, leaving intact the functioning of the oven.

Why using a toaster oven?

This is the most asked question when you are buying kitchen appliances and you see the display of toaster ovens. As a matter of fact, several persons think this is only a fancy bread and sandwich toaster, when it is actually a device that allows you to forget about the traditional ovens, saving time, energy, gas and money. Buying one will be an investment for you in order to save resources and having a useful tool to make your life easier.

A toaster oven is easy to maintain, clean and place in your kitchen’s counter, there are several models with a small footprint that will allow you to place in small places, and the timers several models have, will be the best improvement to allow you to attend other chores while baking, roasting or toasting.

The toaster oven will turn off automatically due to the time set, so you have to handle this very consciously because they are powerful. You can experiment with different baked recipes in half of the time required in an ordinary stove.

Toaster ovens are so versatile you can even make pizza, bread, muffins, defrosting vegetables, beef, chicken, reheat leftovers, make a complete breakfast, a whole lunch if you will, you only have to be creative and know your toaster oven, the most basic use to be the best, as a matter of fact.

So, if you do not feel confident about making this expense, you have to take in account that a toaster oven is better than a microwave oven in several ways. You can even make popcorn in one of those as you do in a microwave, it is awesome to absorb the liquid out of food, to make it crunchy.

The best example I can provide is the fried chicken reheated in a microwave. It gets wet, mushy and well, it loses its attractiveness, a toaster oven will leave the fried chicken as new., but, it’s also capable to gratin a lasagna, or crusting a nice piece of beef leaving it tender in the inner part.

You have many alternatives in toaster ovens to pick one for you, the actual BEST, so join me in the pursuit of the best toaster ovens in 2022, having as guidelines:


The biggest product is not always the best one, neither the most expensive. The LCD screens are available in almost every model. The reviewers tend to be so enthusiastic about the benefits of their purchase when their products are new. The most of the bad reviewers base their reviews in shipping troubles, damages they caused and neglecting.

This is an electrical device that HANDLES HEAT, so it is going to be hot. Some users try to push bad reviews in order to get another toast oven from the manufacturer, do not abuse. BUY AUTHORIZED, ask for the warranty. Aggressive cleaning is the first cause of malfunctions in these devices. Be wise, choose one adapted to your needs. The simpler are the best.

Do not place your oven in a wooden counter, not over a microwave oven. Place it in a steady place, near of a plug always. Plug it directly and try to make yours not sharing plugs with another electric device. Do not overload your Toaster Oven. You can’t put plastic inside. Always make sure you removed the plastic film in your device.


After you read this, some of you will think seriously about purchasing a toaster oven. As a matter of fact, some users consulting this review to look for a new one will be amazed about the existence of persons that think they can live without a toaster oven thinking the microwave makes the work one of them does more easily, but it’s not.

This small pieces of technology and engineering are well received as gifts because this is an unusual buy you come up with by yourself. Some could think those are expensive, the cheaper are bad, the versatility is absolutely inexistent because its name does not throw a signal about the several purposes these artifacts bring to enhance cooking and the very kitchen decoration.

They all do look luxurious and fancy, so the most of the people do think about this particular item as an unnecessary high expense until they ask to owners and purchasers what’s the deal about that artifact. EVERY SINGLE OWNER will recommend it.

By the way, my personal choice is the Hamilton Beach Easy Reach. It has made my life easier!

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