Top 10 Best Trail Cameras in 2019

When it comes to taking still or video shots of moving animals, the trail cameras assume greater significance. The best ones help in capturing the perfect shots. Also known as ‘game cameras’ and ‘hunting cameras’, these multi-purpose cameras are highly versatile and efficient. You can not only capture accurate images but also shoot crystal clear videos with these multi-functional devices.

Does your trail camera give the perfect shot? If not, then the need of the hour is to learn about the latest features and components of these cameras. With top names in your mind, you can quickly compare the characteristics, analyse them and purchase the best trail camera.

Top 10 Best Trail Cameras in 2019

10. Campark Trail Camera 12MP

Campark Trail Camera 12MP 1080P 2.4" LCD Game Camera Motion Activated Wildlife Hunting Cam IR LEDs Night Vision up to 75ft/23m IP56 Waterproof (New Version)

This wonderful product perfectly captures 12MP images and 1080P HD videos during day and night. Its fast trigger speed of less than 0.8second captures detected movements with complete accuracy. The camera also features infra-red LEDs responsible for clear and uninterrupted night recordings. Together with auto IR filters, the 42pcs low glow black infra-red LEDs deliver clearer and uninterrupted night recordings.

As a result, you end up clicking a picture without the animals realising it. Using this, you also get a new range of features like motion detection, timer shot, time stamp, etc. If you are looking forward to own a durable and handy camera with the great image capturing and video shooting capabilities, then this can be the right choice for you.

  • 120° wide-angle detection
  • Energy-efficient Operating System
  • Highly durable even in continuous rain

9. AKASO 14MP Trail Camera Night Vision

AKASO 14MP Trail Camera Night Vision 1080P Hunting Camera IP66 Waterproof Game Camera 120 Degree Wide Angle with 2.4 Inch LCD- Loop Recording

With 1080P quality images, 120° wide angle lens and 2.4inches LCD Loop recording, this camera will definitely change the way you shoot. Besides sharpening your focus, the lens makes the subject look brighter and clearer which in turn leads to enhanced clarity. Using this, you can bring a wider area within your frame. Its 42 upgraded infrared LEDs provide clear night vision even from a distant location.

Thus, you can capture bright movements without any flash. At the same time, you can trigger distance and detect infrared range up to 20m or 65ft while hiding your camera safely. If you are looking for a model that can withstand the extreme weather, you must consider this. It will help you shoot crystal clear images along with crisp and bright video footages.

  • Waterproof and Dustproof Camera
  • Broader Vision and Faster Speed of 0.4second
  • Clear LCD Display

8. Victure Trail Camera

Victure Trail Camera 1080P 12MP Wildlife Camera Motion Activated Night Vision 20m with 2.4" LCD Display IP66 Waterproof Design for Wildlife Hunting and Home Security

If you’re looking for a trail camera to track nearby objects, this model is worth your consideration. The quick 0.5second trigger time is undoubtedly impressive. This enables you to capture real-time moments with maximum accuracy. You can also place your camera around 1 to 10m from the object and get a perfect view.

With the help of dimmed LEDs and infra-red technology, you can take as many shots you desire without alerting animals. The product also abounds with extensive applications- dustproof and waterproof housing, property surveillance, wildlife scouting and monitoring, etc. Perfect for all your requirements, this trail camera will surprise you with its performance and functionality.

  • Multiple Recording Modes
  • Convenient LCD View
  • Lightning Trigger Time

7. Zopu Trail Camera

opu Trail Camera 16MP 1080P No Glow Night Vision, Game Camera with 2.4" LCD 120° PIR Sensors, Hunting Camera 0.2s Trigger Speed, Wildlife Camera IP66

With an array of unique features, this is among the best you can have. Firstly, you can choose from the three modes- photos, videos, and photos + videos. Full glass optical lens is the second noteworthy feature. This gives you easy and flexible zooming. Play your camera and take the finest shot.

The dustproof and waterproof design is the third interesting aspect of this wonderful product. In addition to these, you receive 120° wide angle lens, time stand, good quality loop recording and excellent night view. All in all, a must buy product which is worth spending your hard-earned money upon.

  • Decent images and videos
  • Multiple choices for video and picture resolution, motion detect, loop recording, etc
  • Lower Maintenance Requirement

6. TOGUARD Trail Camera

TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P Night Vision Game Camera Motion Activated Wildlife Hunting Cam 120° Detection with 0.3s Trigger Speed 2.4" LCD Display IP56 Waterproof

Purchase this and get rid of post-purchase setup and installation. This camera has preset settings ideal for wildlife applications. If you are new in handling such cameras, you can choose this product for it is easy to use and operate. You can also enjoy its 2-way installation through a mounting strap and a plate. It also gives you 120° wide-angle view.

With this, you can easily bring objects near to you and make them more vibrant. Thanks to the 42pcs low glow infrared LEDs; you can also capture uninterrupted shots without missing any movement. You can install it in open as it is specifically built to cope with the vagaries of nature. Order it just now before it goes out of stock.

  • Super fast 0.3second trigger speed
  • 14MP crystal clear photo
  • Dustproof and Waterproof Model

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5. APEMAN Trail Camera

APEMAN Trail Camera 12MP 1080P HD Game&Hunting Camera with 130° Wide Angle Lens 120° Detection 42 Pcs 940nm Updated IR LEDs Night Version up to 20M/65FT Wildlife Camera with IP66 Spray Water Protected

If 120° wide angle view falls short of your requirements, you can consider this 130° wide-angle camera. Its full HD resolution preserves every second of your shot in high performance. The 12MP image resolution delivers unmatched quality photos. Not to miss, the 1080p HD videos producing best quality sounds.

In this product, you get 0.4second trigger speed, indeed as faster one. The central PIR sensor is equally commendable. Using both these features, you can capture real-time shots without missing any movement. Looking for a high-end trail camera with top-of-the-line features? Well, this is what is meant for you.

  • Enhanced shooting scope using 130° wide angle lens
  • Perfect Detection and Flash Range
  • Flexibility and Versatility at its best

4. Stealth Cam G42

Stealth Cam G42NG No Glo Trail and Wildlife Camera. Day or night proven reliability. Designed and Engineered in the USA

Besides the usual 12MP image and 1080p HD videos, the exclusive design trail camera offers out-of-the-box features. Here, you can set the pre-program option in the nook of time. Its technology-based backlit menu programming helps you to capture movements even in the darkest hour of night.

The secured lock password protection is another unique feature of the model. GEO-TAG GPS tagging is another remarkable feature of this camera. This high-tech trail camera is equipped with the most advanced specs which will cater to all your requirements. You can install it wherever you want irrespective of how the location is.

  • Advanced Blur Reduction
  • Time Lapse with PIR Override
  • 100ft Infrared Range

3. BYbrutek Trail Camera

BYbrutek Trail Camera, 16MP 1080P Full HD Deer Hunting Game Camera, 0.2S Motion Activated Wildlife Camera with 46 PCS 850nm IR LEDs Night Vision up to 65ft, 2.4" LCD Display, IP56 Waterproof (H881)

Use this to get upgraded picture quality of 16MP while enjoying 1080P full HD videos. Try this model and you’ll love its super fast trigger time of 0.2-0.6seconds. The highly sensitive 120° PIR sensor is another reason for choosing this product. It also enables you to maintain an effective triggering distance of 82ft.

Further, by means of its low glow infrared technology, be sure not to miss any night motion. The sturdy design of the product is another marvellous feature. This makes it easy to use and handle. Above all, it is water and dust-resistant. This durable and high-tech camera features the latest specs. It is without any doubt one of the best trail cameras available on the market right now.

  • Quick Installation and Setup
  • Versatile Shooting Modes
  • Good quality LCD Display View

2. Bushnell 16MP Trophy Cam

Bushnell 16MP Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 Trail Camera, Brown

A favourite of most professional wildlife photographers, you get the clearest pictures and videos in this model. Its 16MP high-quality resolution does the magic of captivating vibrant images and bringing them closer. Using the 0.3second trigger speed, you can quickly take your desired shots and treasure it forever.

The LCD display gives a wider view of the black and wide shots. Besides these, its low glow 32 LED enhances your night wildlife photography experience. This multi-purpose and highly efficient camera is a must-buy unit. Buy it right now to wow the people with its exemplary performance.

  • Good Battery Life lasts several days.
  • Excellent Night Views
  • High Video Resolution

1. Browning 2019 Strike Force

Browning Trail Cameras Strike Force Pro XD Dual Lens BTC-5PXD,Camo

Truly the best one with enriched features, you cannot have a better trail camera than this model. Its Pro XD HD technology is a show stealer. Credits to these feature, you can make your camera perfectly invisible while capturing the best night shots. The overall look and design of this product makes it quite handy even for an amateur.

You can use this camera to your maximum convenience and play around with its versatile features. It is sturdy, delivers excellent images and videos along with unmatched performance. Made from the high-quality and premium materials, this performance based device is by far the best trail camera in the market right now. You can use it as per your whim and wish. Install it either indoors or outdoors and rest assured it will surprise you with its durability and functionality.

  • User-friendly device
  • Pro XD HD videos
  • Easy to carry and maintain


Given the wide variety of trail cameras that are available in the market, you will be perplexed about what to go in for. We have facilitated the task of choosing the right camera for all your day-to-day requirements. These were the finest products to choose from. Hope by now you’re aware of what you are looking for. Don’t waste any more time. Quickly see the features and compare the benefits. All the best models are awaiting you.


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