Top Best Travel Hair Dryer in 2022

A travel hair dryer is also known as a blow dryer. It is an electronic instrument used to blow-dry hair. Hair dryer’s enables a person to take care of their hair by mastering the shape and style and by increasing and regulating the creation of hydrogen ties in every filament. The covalent bonds are powerful as they enhance a sturdier hair styling than the sulfur bonds created by other hair commodities.

However, they are usually impermanent and affected by moisture, and vanish when someone washes the hair.  The initial hair dryers where invented in the 19th century. In 1890, Alexander F. created the first model in France. The handheld home blow dryers were invented in 1920. Currently, hair dryers are primarily used in beauty salons by professional’s hair dresses and in homes by consumers. The following are different types of travel Air dryers.

Top Best Travel Hair Dryer in 2022

9. Remington D5000

Remington D5000 - Best Travel Hair Dryer

The product has an 1876 watt power, an ionic conditioning, and three heats and two speeds setting with unruffled potshot, it is compacted for travel and has an energy convertible eco styling preference. Basically, it controls the fizzy hair with Remington’s easy to grip compacted d-5000 chrome hairdryer.

The dominant frivolous dryer makes styling and drying quick and easier. Its ionic know-how sets the hair for anti-static sheen. It is mainly influential with its increased-performance fan and motor. Its speed and heat setting usually have an eco-option as it protects energy while still dehydrating the hair attractively. 

8. Conair MiniPRO

Conair MiniPRO - Best Travel Hair Dryer

The product is a tourmaline ceramic technology with a natural ion output the help in fighting the frizz and bringing out the natural shine. It has a two heat speed setting, its dual voltage is great for travel and it does not have a slip grip. It is an excellent travel hair dryer and more airflow.

The product handles 220 V when the high setting is switched off. 

7. Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer - Best Travel Hair Dryer

The hair dryer has a cord keeper handle that retracts the line cord for easier storage. Also, it has a folding handle for compact storage and it is perfect for storage. Moreover, its ionic technology enhances a smooth, shiny-looking hair and fewer frizzes, and its ceramic technology produces infrared heat that dries hair gently and reduces heat damage ultimately.

Furthermore, it has two-speed settings for custom hair and has a diffuser attachment for wavy and curly styles. The dryer has a dual voltage that is efficient for travel and cool shot locks styles in place. 

6. VAV 1000 Watts Travel Hair Dryer

VAV 1000 Watts Travel Hair Dryer - Best Travel Hair Dryer

The product has a long life DC motor, and it is a convenient and lightweight hair dryer with an ergonomic knob. The dryer is a suitable choice for travel and has HIGH OFF and Low two wind speeds and cool shot for the setting. It has a concentrator included and a 1.8 meters cord with a hanging loop.

Also, it has a two-year warranty and a one-year replacement. It is the perfect choice and gift for children because it is powerful, small and compact. The blue hair dryer is fashionable and classic. 

5. Jinri 1000W Professional Hair Dryer

Jinri 1000W Professional Hair Dryer - Best Travel Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is small and easy to carry, has a long life DC motor, it is a lightweight mini body hair dryer, and does not usually produce more noise. Moreover, it is long-lasting and more powerful than most of the hair dryers.

The dryer has a high, off, and heat locale and a cool potshot for styling any elegance. It is a quite drier and low watt hair drier. Also, the hairdryer has a grill ceramic air outlet and has a removable lint/ end cap that enhances easy cleaning.

The dryer has a 1.8-meter cord with a hanging loop, and it is old with a two-year warranty and a one-year replacement. Its high low button setting provides a total control when styling and drying the hair. The lightweight mini travel hairdryer is easy to hold when one gets tired while traveling. 

4. JINRI 1875W Travel Hair Dryer Dual Voltage Blow Dryer

JINRI 1875W Travel Hair Dryer Dual Voltage Blow Dryer - Best Travel Hair Dryer

The type of hair dryer blows airflow powerful to dry the hair faster in minutes. It has two heat settings for 110V/125V. The low setting is usually 220V/250V. also, it has a cool set button where someone can set their style. The blow dryer provides more negative ins for quicker hair care by minimizing frizz, shinning the hair, and providing a stylish manageable hair.

Moreover, it is designed with a lightweight and a folding handle with a hanging loop and a removable concentrator. It is easy for storage and fits in a traveling bag. The dryer is usually best for international traveling purposes.

Furthermore, its dual voltage supports both 220/250 V and 110/125 V. the voltage is switched by twisting the small round button at the base and it specifically functions well on all household voltage with the help of an adapter. 

3. BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer - Best Travel Hair Dryer

The travel blow-dryer is ultra-light, powerful and compact for on go shaping when wayfaring. It is structured for global utilization with its turn off switch going from 110Volts to 250 V. Moreover, the travel hair dryer has a folding handle, two heat speed settings, and a removable hair filter that can be cleaned easily.

Moreover, it has a soft touch concentrator and housing spout that makes it convenient and compact for home or any other place a person would wish to travel for professional results. Also, the product is infused with pure gemstone tourmaline crystals. It generates many natural ions (more than a million) to shine the hair by eliminating the static electricity.

The far-infrared heat dryers dry hair faster which prevents hair from heat damage. The powerful compact dryer is the right size, it is easy to pack, and it has the right weight.

2. Conair 1875 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

Conair 1875 Watt Compact Hair Dryer - Best Travel Hair Dryer

The Conair hair dryer is suitable for storage in small spaces. It is portable and lightweight. This product also has 2 heat settings for different hair types and functions more effectively in both 220/250 and 110/125 volts. It is acceptable to different ranges of voltage with the assistance of an adapter.

It is a lifesaver for individuals who prefer traveling staying in AirBNBs and hotels where they might not access hair dryers. Its box is set to US voltage, and a person is required to insert a penny or dime in the small round bottom at the hair dryer’s base to turn it to another voltage setting.

The instructions inform that when used in Europe, on the EU voltage setting, someone should only set the dryer into the “LOW Position. Setting it to LOW in Europe voltage enables it to work as if it were on a higher setting on maximum heat. However, it is not a salon-dryer as it is tinier. Therefore, it is recommended for household use.

1. Conair Vagabond Compact 1600 Watt

Conair Vagabond Compact 1600 Watt - Best Travel Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is suitable for storage in small spaces and travel because of its dual voltage. It has compact and portable with a folding handle. The hair dryer weighs 1lb, has a lightweight design, 2 heat set-ups for all types of hair, and its dual voltage is great for travel.

According to customers, the hair dryer is cheap, light and works out well.  it does not blow very hot or overheat and most importantly, the switches are situated on the handle’s back. Most of the hair dryers usually have switches in front of the handle, which do not usually work well.

However, this one has a unique feature because it enables people to style their hairs with a blow dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other. The switches located in the back of handle enable a person to turn it on and off with the hand. Therefore, it is a highly recommended travel hair dryer.


Currently, there are dualistic main categories of hair blowdryers: the rigid-hood and handheld dryers. A cover dryer has a hard plastic dome that is placed on someone’s head to desiccate the hair.

Hot hair is usually gusted out over the minute prologs in the inside so that the hair dries consistently. A cover dryer is specifically set up in hair beauty salon while travel hair dryer is used both in homes and solons.

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