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Top 10 Best Twin Size Air Mattresses in 2020

Twin size air mattresses have gained a lot of popularity in the recent days for their comfortability and softness. Scientifically, sleep has been named to be one of the most important factors that can help an adult work well and a child to grow well. The minimum recommended hours for sleeping are 7-8 hours for every single day.

If you will have a bad night sleep, there is a likelihood that you will not have a productive day. People who do not sleep well get to be dizzy, weak and also stressed up. Research has also pointed out that lack of enough sleep can lead to headaches and also migraines. Get yourself a Twin Size air mattress and you are assured of better sleep. Here are the top ten twin size air mattresses.

Top 10 Best Twin Size Air Mattresses in 2020

10. Intex Recreation Comfort Plush Dura-Beam Airbed with the Built-in Electric Pump and Bed Height 13″, Twin

Intex Recreation Comfort Plush Mid Rise Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump, Bed Height 13", Twin

Back Sleepers are very rare, but we know that you are out there. If are among the back sleepers, then you understand the importance of twin size air mattresses for their softness and their firmness.

This mattress is part of the twin size air mattresses that are built to provide long-lasting comfort. It has made use of Fiber tech beam construction that is comprised of polyester fibers which give an enhanced comfort, support and stability. The horizontal air chambers add stability and support around the entire bed. This mattress has been equipped with a high-quality waterproof vinyl beam. It is very easy to inflate this mattress as it has an inbuilt electric pump.

  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Excellent construction.

9. Active Era Twin Size Air Mattress

Active Era Premium Twin Size Air Mattress (Single) - Elevated Inflatable Air Bed, Electric Built-in Pump, Raised Pillow & Structured Air-Coil Technology, Height 21"

One of the best things about active era twin size air mattresses is the fact that they have a design to provide the much-needed comfort whenever you want to relax. For them, this was not enough, and hence they have designed it in a way it supports the vertebrae ensuring you will not wake up feeling tired or even weak.

This twin size air mattress has an integration of a very fast electric pump which can quickly inflate it to full firmness. With a simple flick of a switch, it can quickly deflate airbed for easy storage and transportation. Also, it has an inbuilt raised pillow that does provide head and neck support throughout the night.

  • Ergonomic design provides maximum support and comfortability.
  • Durable.
  • This mattress provides full body support.

8. Coleman SupportRest Elite High Airbed, Twin

Coleman SupportRest Elite Double High Airbed, Twin

In the market, there are very many twin size air mattresses, but none can compete with this product. With this mattress, it is going to help you make the memories fun by giving the much-needed softness as well as comfort with no much struggle.

The double high design ensures you get in and out of bed with so much ease and at the same time offering you extra cushioning. The soft plush top with the support lock reinforced construction which adds stability. With the antimicrobial well-treated sleep surface, it can resist the odor and the fungus.

  • Super comfortable.
  • Excellent for all the types of sleepers.
  • Easy to inflate as well as to set up.

7. Kasonic Air Mattress

Kasonic Air Mattress Twin Size - Inflatable Airbed with Free Fitted Sheet & Carry Bag; Height 18''; Built-in ETL Listed Electric Pump Raised Air Bed; Easy Setup for Home Use/Office Relax/Camping

Are you looking for twin size air mattress that is perfect for home use with an overnight guest, friends or even family? This mattress can create a comfortable sleeping that can be able to support 136kg. It is going to improve your quality of life with the inflatable bed.

This airbed makes use of waterproof flocked materials on the top, and it does keep surface dry. The Double-layer construction with the high-quality material helps to ensure this surface is kept dry. With the double layer construction of high-quality material, it ensures that the twin size air mattresses can maintain their form.

  • Portable
  • Easy storage.
  • It’s stain resistant.

6. WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress has DreamCoil Supporting Technology

WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress has DreamCoil Supporting Technology [Comfort Raised Airbed (MB000162)

By getting this twin size air mattress, you will be able to enjoy a night of good sleep. The best thing is that this inflatable mattress gets to work anywhere and it will give you a long lasting experience.

It comes with a powerful pump for an easy and fast inflation or even deflation. It is very easy to inflate it to a maximum firmness within four minutes. The Dreamcoil Technology with the 7*5 array of very strong air coils for an added firmness support and durability and With the bed being flat and firm, it is going to provide you with excellent sleeping space.

  • Easy Storage.
  • It can work even outdoors.
  • The extra thick base can provide an added layer of maximum protection from the debris that is on the ground.

5. Etekcity twin Air Mattress and Queen Size Blow

Etekcity Air Mattress Twin and Queen Size Heavy Duty Blow Up Bed Inflatable Mattress Raised Airbed with Built-in Pump for Overnight Guest, Camping, Height 22'', 2-Year Warranty, Storage Bag,110v-120v

Some of the twin size air mattresses that are available in the market are going to make you toss and turn in bed, restlessly. Well, it does not always have to be this way. This air mattress is firm and will stay inflated for a long period.

Non-toxic material and a very comfortable flocking top are what makes this twin size air mattress. The special inner construction makes airbed very stable and comfortable with the unique veins supporting all parts of the body as well.

  • Bed Sheet friendly.
  • Comfortable flocked top.
  • Excellent and quality craftsmanship.

4. Air Mattress TWIN size – Built-in with High Capacity Airbed Pump

Air Mattress TWIN size - Best Choice RAISED Inflatable Bed with Fitted Sheet and Bed Skirt - Built-in High Capacity Airbed Pump

Sleeping on one’s side has not been a common way to sleep. There is a huge difference with sleeping on your back. Sleeping on the side usually means that the weight is undistributed hence you need best twin size air mattresses.

Many people who have been able to purchase this twin size air mattresses have been amazed by the quality and the firmness of this product. The bed is stylish with a bed skirt and a fitted top sheet that speaks volume. It is going to help improve your back from hurting.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable
  • Easy to use.

3. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air with the Plush Top and an Internal High Capacity Pump

SoundAsleep Raised Twin Size Premium Air Mattress - Best Inflatable Airbed with Plush Top and Internal High Capacity Pump - Exclusively with ComfortCoil Technology & No Hassle 1-Year Warranty

Stomach sleepers are used to this sleeping position. It has been considered one of the worst sleeping position, but some habits are hard to get rid of. By buying this mattress, you are going to save yourself back pain as well as stress.

It comes with an inbuilt pump that ensures that the inflation process is very easy. The design is for the in-home use, and the mattress can achieve full inflation within three minutes. The double height that is raised is perfect for the guests of sizes and shapes. Comfortable sleeping is guaranteed as they use comfortCoil technology.

  • Easy to inflate.
  • The setup process is very easy.
  • Comfortable.

2. Ivation Premium Inflatable Air Mattress Blow Up with Air Bed w/14 Dual Coils

Ivation Premium Comfort Inflatable Air Mattress (Twin) Blow Up Air Bed w/14 Dual Coils - FirmaCoil Technology, Raised 20” Height w Built-in Electric Pump for Guest Travel Camping (Brown/Beige)

Twin size air mattresses are a little friendlier in comparison to the larger sizes, whether you want this for yourself or even a guest, you have a guarantee that you are getting nothing than the best.

This mattress has made the use of FirmaCoil air coil which can provide durability and incredible comfort. The 14 dual coils that have been closely spaced ensure they serve you for longer. It has an inbuilt AC powered air pump that will fully inflate and also deflate mattress to completion super-fast in less than four minutes.

  • Excellent Quality.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Holds the air for a long time.

1. King Koil Twin Size with the Upgraded Luxury Raised twin Air Mattress

King Koil Twin Size Upgraded Luxury Raised Air Mattress Best Inflatable Airbed with Built-in Pump - Elevated Raised Air Mattress Quilt Top & ONLY Bed with 1-Year Guarantee

King Koil Twin size air mattresses have been for comfort and to ensure that as a person you can feel good. Get rid of tossing up in bed as a result of feeling uncomfortable. It is perfect for both adults and children as well. This mattress is going to help you get rid of back pains.

This mattress has been built for excellent and maximum comfort. It is going to provide you with an amazing sleep with no tossing up and down as a result of being uncomfortable. The inbuilt pump is excellent as it allows easy inflation as well as deflation process with no much hassle.

  • Inflation process is very easy.
  • Setting up won’t be much of a problem.
  • Excellent quality.


Having a better night’s sleep is a very good way to kick start your day. Having a twin bed mattress is a sure bet that you can dream well as it will ensure you are comfortable enough. It is not bulky, and it does not occupy a lot of space.


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