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Top 10 Best Ultra Thin Condoms in 2019

Just like other rubber available, ultra thin condoms are good protection during sex. If you think that they are likely to break than the other make, then you are wrong. They are just an upgraded material for intimacy especially for guys who complain of feeling nothing when using other condoms. Most ultra thin condoms are durable and safe to use. Check this out Top 10 Best Toilet Paper Holders in 2019.

As technology improves, many condom manufacturers have improved their brands into 20-40% thinner ones. This has increased sensitivity to the users. We know that you might be overwhelmed when trying to get the right ultra thin condoms for your needs. But we have made it our duty to provide you with a comprehensive list the best ultra thin condoms. You should choose the one with good size, lubrication, scents, and other factors. Continue reading to find out more.

Ultra Thin Condoms


Top 10 Best Ultra Thin Condoms in 2019

Ultra Thin Condoms Reviews | Enjoy The Moment To The Best

10. LifeStyles Ultra Thin Condom, 10 Count

LifeStyles Ultra Thin Condom, 10 Count

Ever tried using other condoms and never achieved pleasure? It is common, but uncommon to anyone using these LifeStyle Ultra thin condoms.

These condoms have a flared shape. They are 21% thinner than regular condoms and still very reliable and safe to use. You and your partner will also experience a low latex scent. When it comes to quality, they have a premium quality latex and hence uneasy to break.

  • The packet measures 1.4 x 3.1 x 5.4 inches and weighs 0.48 ounces
  • They are 21% thinner than regular condoms
  • You will have a reduced scent
  • They contain a special lubricant to give you the best pleasure
  • All the condoms have a flared shape

9. Durex Condom Invisible

Durex Condom Invisible, 16 Count, Ultra Thin Lubricated, Natural Latex Condoms, Durex's Thinnest Condom for men

These are some of the best ultra thin condoms that provide you with maximum sensitivity. They are also secure within five years since the manufacturing period. However, this depends on the conditions of the environment.

As their name suggests, these condoms are so thin that they are almost invisible. The condoms have fitted shape making it able for you to wear with comfort. Latex made them with teat ends and lubricated them for more excitement. Don’t worry about unpleasant distractions again; Invisible ultra thin condoms have a pleasant scent. In addition to that, these condoms have a material that does not break easily.

  • Contains teat ends and lubrication
  • They are ultra-sensitive
  • The width is 50mm while the length is 180mm
  • They are transparent and slim
  • Offers maximum security and protection

8. LifeStyles SKYN Elite Condoms

LifeStyles SKYN Elite Condoms

These ultra thin condoms are easy and comfortable to wear. They contain a safe lubricant to prevent your partner from allergens and discomfort. The design and features are amazing as shown below.

LifeStyles Skyn Elite ultra thin condoms are an improvement of the earlier LifeStyles Skyn condoms. The former is 20% thinner than the latter. They are non-latex in general. LifeStyles used a silicone based lubricant that lasts for a long time. According to them, they manufactured these condoms using a ‘Skynfeel’ material. This makes them easy to stretch for different sizes and shapes. Also, the material cannot easily rupture.

  • They are thinner than LifeStyles Skyn condoms
  • Contains a silicone based lubricant
  • They have a natural color
  • You can easily stretch them to fit well
  • These ultra thin condoms have a reservoir end
  • Lastly, they are generally straight

7. Royal Ultra Thin Condoms – Premium LubricatedRoyal Ultra Thin Condoms - Premium Lubricated, All Natural, Organic, Vegan, High-Quality Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free, Odor Free Latex for Long Lasting Extended Pleasure and Performance, 10 Pack

This condom pack makes both partners feel great. Why should you feel nasty rubbery smell? These ultra thin condoms are among the best game changers in the market.

They have a slim, snug and tailored fit. The thickness is 0.002 inches, 2.0-2.5 inches wide, and a length of 6.5-9 inches. They have a low to no odor unlike most condoms with waxy smells. To make them, Royal used a material that is ingestible, high quality and nontoxic. Therefore, they do not leak, break or tear.

  • They contain a long-lasting lubricant
  • They are slim fit and snug fit
  • No breakage or leaking
  • The material is nontoxic and safe

6. Sustain Natural Latex Condoms – Ultra ThinSustain Natural Latex Condoms - Ultra Thin - FDA Cleared - Nitrosamine Free - Non GMO - Fair Trade - 20 Count

The best thing about these condoms is that the manufacturer produces them sustainably. Also, purchasing them means a charity donation to women in developing countries. In fact, they are made by women so your partner will love them.

Each packet contains 10 Sustain ultra thin condoms. They are thin enough to uplift your sexual experience. They also lubricated the inside to make sure there is no friction. These condoms are of high quality, and FDA has electronically tested them. Hence, they do not tear easily.

  • They have a relatively thin latex
  • FDA cleared them through the electronic test
  • Lubricant inside
  • No bad stuff is included when making them

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5. L. Ultra Thin Lubricated Latex Condoms

L. Ultra Thin Lubricated Latex Condoms, Glycerin & Paraben-Free, Vegan-Friendly, 12 Count

FDA has tested and cleared these ultra thin condoms. They are ideal for partners who care about their health and future.

The condoms are ultra thin natural latex. Therefore, they are susceptible to the skin. The condoms have low or no odor at all. They are also free from glycerin, a moisture-rich and bulb fit lubricant is present. Each packet has 12 ultra thin condoms. Lastly, purchasing one means a donation of one to women communities.

  • FDA conducted triple tests
  • Good lubricant for comfort
  • Very sensitive condoms
  • Also, they are paraben-free, glycerin-free and vegan-friendly
  • Little or no odor

4. Trojan BARESKIN Condoms

Trojan BARESKIN Condoms are specially designed to help you feel closer – and get closer! Our thinnest latex condom ever!

Get a little closer the next time you have a great time with your partner. These ultra thin condoms might just be your favorite contraceptive.

The pack contains 24 Trojan BareSkin condoms. They are 40% thinner than the standard brand of Trojan latex condoms. Why risk STIs? These condoms provide you with a shield as you continue enjoying.

  • They are 40% thinner than the standard ones
  • Also, they have gone through electronic testing
  • Contains a smooth lubricant inside
  • You do not have to worry about safety since there is a special reservoir tip

3. Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms 36ct

Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms 36ct

This is yet another variety of condoms from Trojan. They are inarguably the most sensitive condoms from the same manufacturer.

They are thinner than the standard type of Trojan Latex condoms. Therefore, they will give you a natural feeling. Trojan ultra thin lubricated condoms have a reservoir end to provide safety. They used a premium quality latex, so they do not tear or leak.

  • A special reservoir end
  • Lubrication is available for comfort
  • They are thinner than standard Trojan latex condoms
  • Electronic testing makes them reliable

2. SKYN Selection Condoms, 24ct

SKYN Selection Condoms, 24ct

Do you still feel you have not stimulated her properly? With this SKYN ultra thin condoms, you have a chance to give her a unique wave-like pattern using the deep studs.

They have a unique design for maximum pleasure during sex. SKYN uses a non-latex soft SKYNFEEL which is very strong. They have lubricated them with a silky lubricant that lasts long. Therefore, there will be no straining or physical injuries. You should not worry about tearing or breakage since the material is of premium quality.

  • The ultra-smooth lubricant is 40% more long-lasting
  • SKYNFEEL strong non-latex material, soft and thin
  • Electronically tested for assurance

1. Okamoto 0.04 mm Zero Zero Four Condoms 24 pack

Okamoto 0.04 mm Zero Zero Four Condoms 24 pack

Intimacy through protective means has never been better than with this Zero Zero Four ultra thin condoms. As the label goes, you wear them and feels like ‘almost nothing.’ They are useful where babies making is not the intention and when avoiding HIV/AIDS & STIs.

If you are not affected by natural rubber latex, you should use these ultra thin condoms from Japan. The packet contains 24 condoms that Crown and Beyond Seven have lubricated lightly.

  • They are among the thinnest condoms in the market
  • Contains a light lubrication
  • Maximum sensitivity that feels like almost nothing


Ultra thin condoms give a good bedtime with maximum pleasure. They are very thin, and therefore their sensitivity is high. The condoms have low or no odor at all to avoid any distractions during your moment. In the list above, all of them are comfortable to use, but you must choose your size. Lubrication is also essential as it prevents dry intercourse that may cause injuries.

All these ultra thin condoms offer ultimate protection from unwanted pregnancies and STIs. They also make you feel everything you do. Why risk due to a bad experience with the regular condoms? There is still more pleasure and intimacy when you buy these ultra thin condoms. Hurry and get everything you and your partner deserve.


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