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Top 10 Best Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bags in 2022

Best Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bags

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We all get excited when we plan a trip or family voyage but the very fact of what to pack and what not gives us jitters. While you are trying to make the space in your car for the members, never forget to accommodate the luggage bag as no one hit the road without packing the essentials. In this case, when you are running out of space, the best Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bags are what that saves your neck. These cargo bags are spacious enough to accommodate all your essentials without occupying the precious car space. You can easily put them on the top of your vehicle.

A rooftop cargo bag makes your journey more comfortable and memorable as you need not cut down your essential because of the scarcity of the space. We have sorted out the top 10 rooftop cargo bags for you so that you don’t waste your time in choosing the right pick.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bags in 2022

10. Aoafun Car Roof Bag Cargo Bag: Storage Box Roof Top Bag For Travel, Super Strong And Extra Waterproof Tarpaulin Material (1680D), For Any Car With Roof Rails

Aoafun car rooftop cargo bags are an ideal pick for hard-core voyagers. The bag comes with 10 cubic feet of the roof rack that provides you with the luxury of extra space and room to pack your essentials.

Design and quality

• The bag is constructed from 1680D waterproof and sturdy nylon material that keeps all your belongings intact from the outside atmosphere

• It is designed in a way that the mounting and handling of this spacious bag is an effortless job.

• The bag is quite spacious with dimensions, 47.2 x 37.4 x 9 inches

• Volume: 10 Cubic feet

• Unfolded

• Lightweight yet longlasting

List of the product’s features

• The bag features hardwearing lockable zips and luggage straps that ensure that all your belongings remain at a place during the bumpy road ride.

• The adjustable clamps give you the freedom to make adjustments as per your requirement. It bestows the bag an ability to store the entire world in it.

• The package contains 8 auxiliary straps for future use.

• The 24-months guarantee makes it a worth buy.

9.SHIELD JACKET Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Luggage Travel Bag (15 Cubic Feet) – Roof Top Cargo Carrier for Cars, Vans and SUVs – Great for Travel or Off-Roading – Double Vinyl Construction, Easy to Use

Are you planning a cross-country trip with your family and acquaintances, and then this cargo bag is there to make extra room for your belongings. The waterproof material and double-wall vinyl construction make it the cream of the crop.

Design and quality

• The cargo bag has surpassed the quality standards of other cargo bags with its double-wall vinyl construction.

• Waterproof exterior keeps your belonging intact and dry.

• It designed with precision and meticulousness to last longer.

• Makes room for all your belongings with 43”x34”x17” dimensions.

• Volume: 15 cubic feet

List of the product’s features

• Ideal for long voyage as comes with remarkable 15 cubic feet volume

• The roof rack system makes it easy to fit over cars, vans, SUV or any other vehicle.

• Its 8 built-in straps allow it to put together in minutes.

• The welded seams seal the water completely.

• Comes with a three-month money back guarantee for a risk-free shopping.

8. Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag (15 Cubic Feet)

With remarkable 15 cubic feet capacity and build to last constructions, this waterproof rooftop cargo bag will help you to enjoy your adventures trip at fullest. The cargo bag has ample space to accommodate all your odd-shaped belongings.

Design and quality

• The cargo bag is made out of first-rate waterproof vinyl material.

• The design is compact and sturdy that you can easily carry.

• Come in 44” x 34” x 17” dimensions.

• Volume- 15 cubic feet.

List of the product’s features

• One of the most notable features of this cargo ag is its soft side flex that endows it the ability to make room for objects of all shapes and sizes.

• When not in use, you can easily fold it up and place anywhere. So, storage of this oversized bag is not an issue.

• It is designed to fit almost all roof racks of four sides.

7. AmazonBasics Expandable Hitch Rack Cargo Carrier Bag, Black, 9.5 cu. ft. expandable to 11.5 Cubic Ft

This cargo bag from the house of Amazon is an ideal blend of utility and durability. It is an expandable bag with maximum flexible capacity up to 11.5 cubic feet. So, whether you are going for a day’s trip or for a long voyage, this cargo bag is a, must gear.

Design and quality

• The high-quality and fade resistant material is used to construct the cargo bag.

• The bag clings to the hitch rack of the vehicle with its 6 sturdy cinch straps.

• The strong line of sticking makes it a durable gear.

• The volume is highly expandable with a range of 9.5 cubic feet-11.5 cubic feet.

List of the product’s features

• This bag bails out from belonging to any sort of damage via its oversized zip closures and stay-dry flaps.

• Apart from the jumbo storage capacity, it has two internal compartments to organize for extra stuff.

• Storage of this expandable bag is not a matter to worry as it can fold up easily.

• AmazonBasics gives one-year limited warranty on the product, so buying this cargo bag is indeed a good deal.

6. Waterproof Canvas Cargo Storage Roof Bag by Vault Cargo – On top of Car Bag – Straps to Crossbars or a Roof Basket – Waterproof Carrier Bag Has 15 Cubic Feet of Capacity – Fit for the Outdoor Elements

Are you planning to go out for a trip with your family? Are you running out of storage space? Then this cargo bag by Vault cargo will surely help you out as the bag has remarkable 15 cubic feet capacity. Get this cargo bag and save your car space without compromising on your necessary things.

Design and quality

• Made from heavy-duty waterproof canvas material to last until eternity

• The outsized stir age compartment with 15 cubic feet capacity makes room for all your belongings.

• Lightweight yet solid construction makes it an ideal gear for outdoor outings.

List of the product’s features

• This cargo bag comes with a pair of ratchet straps or lashing straps that take the better grip of the vehicle’s rack.

• The canvas material is highly durable and eco-friendly as well.

5. OXBOUND Roof Rack Cargo Bag – Waterproof Car Top Carrier (15 Cubic Ft) Measures 37.5″ x 37.5″ x 18″+ Free Protective Roof Pad Mat and Storage Duffel

Make the most of your adventures trip with this waterproof rooftop cargo bag. Though the material used shuns the single drop of water, it is highly compact and lightweight. So, you can easily carry it. The one thing to be noted here is that the bag not only features oversized storage space but robust straps and buckles as well that secures the bag more effectively.

Design and quality

• High-quality and 100% waterproof material is the base of this hardwearing bag.

• The bag is designed with utmost precision and high-end seam that bestows it upgraded durability,

• Measures 37.5″ x 37.5″ x 18″ inches and comes with remarkable 15 cubic feet storage capacity.

List of the product’s features

• Features extra wide straps and buckles for a better grip.

• The zipper of the bag is covered with a protective flap.

• The package includes a protective roof mat that put a cap on slipping the bag when you are on the move.

• It comes with a duffle bag to store the cargo bag or you can use this duffle bag separately to carry extra belongings.

4. Apex RBG-04 Extra Large Waterproof Vehicle Cargo Bag – 19.6 Cubic Ft.

If you are going on a road trip with entire clan, then this cargo bag with an outstanding storage capacity of 19.6 cubic feet. Designed to fit all types of roof racks, this cargo bag makes an ideal storage gear for all your exploratory trips. Whether you are going to ski or wants to go hunting in the woods, this cargo bag takes all your equipment in.

Design and quality

• This cargo bag assures you for the safety of your essentials as it is made from waterproof PVC coated first-rate nylon material.

• The PVC coating further bestows it with immense durability.

• Considerable 19.6 cubic feet capacity and 59 x 24 x 24 inches measurements provide you plentiful space to stockpile all your nuts and bolts.

List of the product’s features

• The bag has soft sides that create a cushioned effect to secure your belongings.

• The zipper has a noteworthy quality for self-repairing.

• The zipper further comes with an integrated storm flap.

• The 6 in –build tie-down straps help to secure the bag.

3. Cargo Roof Bag – 100% Waterproof – NO RACKS NEEDED – Easy to Install – Soft Rooftop Luggage Carriers with Wide Straps –Folds Easily – Best for Traveling, Cars, Vans, SUVs (Black – 15 Cubic Feet

Have you ditched your numerous adventurous road trips just because your vehicle doesn’t have any roof rack? Then it is high time to buy this cargo bag and hit the road right away. This bag is a solution for all your storage problems. You need not have a roof rack to secure it on the top of your vehicle. It is self-efficient to lock up itself.

Design and quality

• The superior quality 100% waterproof material keeps downpour, dust, dirt, and wind at bay.

• The cargo bag has immense 15 cubic feet storage capacity.

• The soft material can easily take in all-shaped cargo.

• You can easily put it pleats when not in use.

List of the product’s features

• The bag doesn’t require any roof rack to install and this is what makes it out of ordinary gear.

• The wide straps keep your things at the place when you are on a bumpy ride.

• The zipper is covered with auxiliary fabric that bestows the zipper longevity.

2. COOCHEER 20 Cubic Feet Waterproof Car Top Carrier- Roof Cargo Bag Box Easy to Install Soft Rooftop Luggage Carriers with Wide Straps, Best for Traveling, Cars, Vans, SUVs (20 Cubic Feet, Black)

Coocheer’s waterproof cargo bag is one an essential gear that you require while you are scheduling an extravagant voyage will all your family and acquaintances. The bag comes with 20 cubic feet storage capacity that is more than enough to take your entire universe along with you.

Design and quality

• The water resistance of the bag comes from rubber laminated Nylon that shields the gear from the harsh atmosphere.

• The extraordinary 20 cubic feet capacity and 51”x39”x17” measurements increase your vehicle cargo by manifolds.

• You can easily store this oversized cargo bag by folding it in pleats.

List of the product’s features

• With this cargo bag, you can take a breather when it comes to the security of you belonging as it comes with 6 extra strong, wide straps.

• Comes with a duffle bag to store it.

• The bag can be easily placed with all types of vehicles including cars, vans, SUV’s and so on as it doesn’t want a rack to support the installation.

1. MARKSIGN 100% Waterproof Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag, 14.5 cu ft, Waterproof Zipper and Rain Flap, 8×1.5 inch Nylon UV Proof Straps Fits Vehicles with Side Rails or Cross Bars, Aerodynamic Design

This cargo bag comes into being with a latest gas-saving technology. The aerodynamical shape of the bag is designed in such a way that it lessens the MPG and wind noise. All these up to the minute technologies come together to bestows you one of its kinds travelling experience.

Design and quality

• Made from premium quality 100% waterproof tarpaulin fabrics.

• The durability of the bag is achieved via a robust electric welding.

• The bag has 51.2” L x 31.5 W x 15” H dimensions and 14.5 cubic feet storage capacity that fulfils are your travelling needs.

List of the product’s features

• Out of the ordinary aerodynamic design.

• Comes with a storage pouch.

• Uses Velcro loop to shun the vibration caused by turbulent wind.

• Comes with 8 shielded nylon UV resilient straps with robust buckle system for better grip.

• Sturdy and long-lasting zippers that seal your belongings.


Travelling makes you aware of your true self and in fact it is one of the best ways to come little more closer to your loved ones and a cargo roof top bag is what that makes your travelling more convenient and, hit the road to make memories and leave the cargo strain on these rooftop bags.

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