Top 10 Best Waterproof Selfie Sticks For GoPro in 2022

Selfie sticks are trending because everyone loves good photos these days. The attention has however shifted to waterproof selfie sticks for GoPro simply because they offer more convenience and options. Imagine taking cool photos while diving?

Waterproof Selfie Sticks For GoPro

This seemed impossible before but with the introduction of waterproof selfie sticks, the opportunities are endless. Am sure you also want to have some fun because the opportunities are here. Purchasing selfie sticks in itself is not a huge task but finding one that actually works well is quite a hassle.

We have done some extensive research and have put together a list of great waterproof selfie sticks. While we were at it, we also included their features and reasons why these sticks made it to the list. We have also considered reviews of other users and all the information you would need in selecting a selfie stick that works for you. Check them out.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Selfie Sticks For GoPro in 2022

10. Vicdozia 19” Waterproof Hand Grip

Vicdozia 19'' Waterproof Hand Grip Adjustable Extension Selfie Stick Handheld Monopod for GeekPro/GoPro HD Hero 6 5 4 3+ 3 2 1, AKASO, SJCAM SJ4000 SJ5000 Xiaomi Yi(with Wrist Strap and Screw)

The Vicdozia selfie stick is durable. It has this luxurious look. This solidly built stick can be easily extended to the desired length. This stick locks out when extended. You can have a firm grip on this selfie stick due to the design of the handle. The handle strap is also comfortable. It is easy to use and the quality is commendable.

It comes with a wrist strap that secures the stick. The wrist strap wraps around your hands and prevents the stick along with your phone from falling in case of an eventuality. This selfie stick can be used in water since it is waterproof.

This selfie stick feels sturdy. The handle allows you to have a good grip even in water. You do not have to worry when this selfie stick is touched by snow.

9. Waterproof Floating Hand Grip Compatible

Waterproof Floating Hand Grip Compatible

The handler’s floaty body design ensures that your camera is safe on the water surface and prevents the camera from drowning. It has an orange colour cup on its bottom to ensure that the handle is visible, is easy to retrieve from water and can be easily spotted.

It comes with an Eva non-slip grip handle to ensure you grip it tightly. Also, the selfie stick’s hollow compartments can be used for various purposes. Use the compartment to store your small valuable items as well as achieving neutral buoyancy while scuba diving or performing other underwater activities.


  • It is pocket size portable and lightweight as well
  • Comes with a carabiner and upon buying the product is backed by 100% guarantee money back.
  • Non-slip grip handle for a tight grip.

8. Professional 10-In-1 Monopod / Selfie Stick For GoPro Hero

Professional 10-In-1 Monopod / Selfie Stick For GoPro Hero, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Digital Cameras With Bluetooth Remote Shutter (Cellphones Only)

This monopod is designed to take a great selfie at good angles. This monopod is extra long for better coverage. This is compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhones, GoPro Hero, mini camcorders, sports cameras, and most Android phones.

You do not have to worry about water getting close to this stick since it is water resistant. This stick is light in weight making it portable. It comes with a nylon carry bag that makes it easier to carry the stick around. This stick is ideal for hiking and diving.

The silicon rubber gives you a good grip. The handle is comfortable to hold. This stick is sturdy. There is a lock that secures the stick when you extend the length of the stick.

7. SANDMARC Pole – Compact Edition: 10-25″ Telescoping Pole

SANDMARC Pole - Compact Edition: 10-25" Telescoping Pole (Selfie Stick) for GoPro Hero 6, Hero 5, 4, Session, Hero 3, 2 and HD Cameras

This Sandmarc pole model is versatile. you can take photos while you enjoy several activities. This includes hiking, snowboarding, surfing, diving, and traveling. You can easily adjust the length of your stick for convenient photo taking. The strong aluminum build makes this stick durable. The stick is comfortable to hold due to the soft rubber grip.

It comes with an adjustable wrist strap that secures your hold on the phone even more. The stick is waterproof and less prone to rusting. The device is compact and light in weight. This means you do not have to miss any good photo opportunities since you can carry your stick along to places you need to go to.

This stick is solid, and it looks luxurious. The size is great for travels. it is easy to operate. This is a great gift idea for anyone who does watersports and loves to take photos while they are at it. it comes with a nylon bag that allows you to easily pack up for trips. It is compatible with iPhones, 360 cameras, DSLR, GoPro, Samsung Gear, and Nikon cameras.

6. Smatree F1 Waterproof Floating

Smatree F1 Waterproof Floating

The Smatree waterproof floating session keeps your GoPro camera floating in the water letting you discover the fanciful beauty underwater. The SmaPole F1 is made of carbon fibre material and also a lightweight aluminium material ensuring that it is durable and solid.

It has a fixed aluminium tripod mount that has a nut that ensures security, so you don’t have to worry about losing the SmaPole F1. Its adjustable strap attaches the SmaPole F1 to your wrist which prevents it from falling off while using it.


  • Has an adjustable strap that secures the SmaPole F1 to your wrist.
  • It keeps your GoPro cameras floating above water
  • Has a ¼ inch standard threaded hole on its bottom for mounting on the tripod.

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5. Nomadic Gear Waterproof Selfie Stick and Tripod

Nomadic Gear Waterproof Selfie Stick and Tripod: Professional Quality, Universal support for GoPro, Sony Action Camera, Garmin, Ricoh Action Cam, SJCAM, iPhone and Android, Free GoPro Ebook Guide!

Preserve your memories with the classic Nomadic gear waterproof selfie stick. This stick is easy and comfortable to hold with the well-designed rubber grip. It is also light in weight and compact enough for travels.

It comes with a mini tripod stand for increased versatility. The stick works with Nikon cameras, GoPro, 360 cameras, iPhone, DSLR, Sony action cam, and the Samsung Gear. The Nomadic selfie stick is resistant to rust.

This stick is light, and you would not have a problem holding it for long. You can conveniently take all your photos at any angle you want. It comes with a nice carry bag for increased convenience. This stick does not feel cheap in your hands. The length is adjustable as well. The selfie stick is still sturdy when you increase the length of the stick.

4. SANDMARC Pole – Black Edition: 17-40” Waterproof Extension Pole

SANDMARC Pole - Black Edition: 17-40” Waterproof Extension Pole (Selfie Stick) for GoPro Hero 6, Hero 5, 4, Session, 3+, 3, 2, & HD Cameras - with Remote Clip (Mount)

The Sandmarc selfie stick is a high-quality stick that supports all GoPro cameras. It is designed to capture the sweet outdoor adventures in grand style. It is manufactured with waterproof materials to support water-related pursuits.

You can take unique wide angle shots while diving, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. This monopod is durable. The rubber grip makes it comfortable to hold. There is a wrist wrap that can be adjusted to your wrist when you hold the phone. This will help secure your stick when held.

The selfie stick is sturdy, and the design is attractive. It is also easy to use. The quality of the stick is commendable. The stick does not easily rust as well. This selfie stick is easy to clean. This versatile selfie stick is all you need to make your adventurous trips memorable.

3. Waterproof Telescopic Pole and Floating Hand Grip

Waterproof Telescopic Pole and Floating Hand Grip

This waterproof telescopic pole by CamKix orange offers two solutions in one. It is a Bobber Hand Grip cum Telescopic Pole. Its locking system on the separate transparent pole extends from 6.7 inches to 15.7 inches.

The selfie pole floats on water. It has bright colours so you can easily spot it. Also adding water in the hand grip compartment enables it to achieve buoyancy underwater.


  • Comes with a detachable cradle for your GoPro WiFi remote
  • Easily floats in water.
  • Comes with extra features, e.g. Wrist Strap, Tripod Connection, and CamKix accessories

2. Foretoo Selfie Stick

Foretoo Selfie Stick

This adjustable extension monopod extends from 7 inches to 19 inches. It has comfortable straps with the adjustable toggle to keep the monopod secured to your wrist. It is of a compact design and also lightweight. The stick extends up to 3 separate lengths. Its hand grip is lightweight and can be carried in a pocket, GoPro case of the backpack.

The selfie stick is easy to use and is perfect for driving or travelling. It is compatible with GoPro Here 5, Hero 4 3+ 3 2 1, Hero5 Session and much more. The selfie stick contains no buttons.


  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Waterproof design.
  • It is designed for GoPro.

1. HSU Handheld Monopod Extension Pole With Phone Clip Holder

HSU Handheld Monopod Extension Pole With Phone Clip Holder, Tripod Stand, Waterproof Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero 6/5 Black/ Session, Digital Cameras and Cell Phone | Extendable At 44''

This classic selfie stick is compatible with the GoPro or mobile phone. This stick has many functions that allow you to explore several photos taking opportunities. The material used for the handle feels good in your hands. The length can be adjusted to take supervise photos. The stick was made of high-quality materials. You can also convert this selfie stick into a tall tripod stand as well.

It comes with a pouch that makes it convenient to carry your selfie stick anywhere. The selfie stick is light in weight and compact, this makes it ideal for travels. This stick is easy to assemble. It is also easy to use. It is also great for water-related sports including scuba diving. The design of the handle allows you to have a firm grip on the handle.

You can now take great photos anywhere, anytime, and at any angle. The HSU handheld monopod does not feel cheap. It is a great gift idea for anyone who loves photos. This selfie stick simply does everything you expect a selfie stick to doing.


A great list helps in making a buying decision, but other factors count. One of the most important factors is your own requirements. You can only but the best selfie stick if you put your requirements into consideration.

Your choice should accommodate what you would use this selfie stick for.  Obviously, you are primarily going to take photos, but you should consider the kind of photos and where you are going to take these photos.

You should also consider the device you are going to use to take the photos. This is important because the selfie sticks have devices they are most compatible with. You should only choose sticks that are compatible with the device you use. Already made a decision? That is great.

We are glad our article has played a part in your next important purchase.

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