Top 10 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes in 2022

Most people love cycling. It is a fun sports one can indulge in. Cycling makes you keep fit as you lose weight when you bike for long as an exercise. Experts say that women who cycle at least twice every day lose weight much quicker than those who take walking as an exercise to lose weight. Therefore, to achieve these benefits of cycling, having the right women’s mountain biking shoes is not a choice.

While there are many mountain biking shoes for women in the market today, you cannot trust every manufacturer of these shoes. Some manufacturers produce low-quality shoes which will only disappoint you and lead to loss of money. Therefore, we sampled a few pair of women’s mountain bike shoes that we thought are worth buying this year. Check this out Top 10 Best 10-inch Mattress in 2022

Top 10 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes in 2022

Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes​ Reviews | Perfect For Biking

10. Salewa Women’s MultiTrack Speed Hiking Shoe

Salewa Women's MultiTrack Speed Hiking Shoe | Mountain Training, Mountain Biking, Trail Running | Michelin Rubber Outsole, Breathable Lightweight Construction

This pair of sports shoes for mountain biking is a low cut lightweight and breathable shoes for mountain training. They come with a Michelin outsole which covers a myriad of activities such as mountain training, speed hiking as well as high octane mountain sports.

It comes in a hybrid design to meet the demands of three distinct sports. These sports include running, mountain biking and hiking. The shoes are ideal for home or even tough terrains.

  • These imported women’s mountain bike shoes are synthetic
  • They have a rubber sole
  • Its shafts measures averagely low-top from arch
  • They have a breathable upper and lining

9. Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Calico

Diamondback Bicycles Women's Calico Mountainbike Shoe

These women’s mountain bike shoes are versatile as the footwear can get. They have been designed with the everyday cyclist in mind. They are so far one of the best mountain biking shoes for women in the market. The suede upper styling ensures you don’t wish to remove the footwear even after long hours of wearing it.

It is comfortable and perfect for use in a myriad of exercises including running, hiking and even mountain biking. A strong spongy rubber is used to make the sole. This absorbs shock when one is running on a rocky terrain

  • These shoes are, and one can walk in them for long
  • Best for indoor and outdoor activities
  • These shoes have breathable upper and lining
  • Have a rubber sole

8. Louis Garneau Women’s Multi-Air Flex

Louis Garneau Women's Multi-Air Flex Bike Shoes

These versatile Multi Air Flex cycling shoes are the best choice for all your riding and training needs. You can use these shoes for commuting purposes or betters still your weekend rides. They have a ventilated composite multi air flex outsole which provides ideal toe flexion for walking.

It also prevents heel pressure. Together with the ventilated EVA insole, they offer proper air ventilation; thus there is no overheating. The HRS-80 retention, inside the cup, keeps your heel firmly in place.

  • They have a loop and hook fastener straps for adjusting and providing excellent support
  • Imports
  • Suitable for all your riding requirements as well as commuting
  • Multi-Flex Air outsole makes them breathable
  • They are easy to adjust with the three hooks and loop straps
  • The shoes are lightweight weighing only 250 grams

7. Five Ten Women's Freerider Canvas

Five Ten Women's Freerider Canvas Bike Shoe

Five Ten is the brand of the brave. This brand has over time been the leader in both performance and high-performance women's mountain bike shoes. These shoes are ideal for downhill mountain bike racing to rock climbing. You can use them for wingsuit flying and also kayaking.

Most people like them because they come with a breathable mesh lining. They also have a cushioned footbed that makes you comfortable while in them the whole day. The shoes also have a rubber outsole which absorbs shock.

  • They are 100% textile
  • Come with a rubber sole
  • The shoes are versatile and long lasting
  • They have a thick padded tongue and a collar for extended wear comfort

6. Giro Manta R Cycling Shoes

Giro Manta R Cycling Shoes - Women's

What do you look for when you are out shopping for a pair of women's mountain bike shoes? Quality is without a doubt your top priority. You also want a pair of footwear that will serve you for long without wearing out. They should also be comfortable to wear.

All these qualities are what you get when you purchase the Giro Mata R cycling shoes. These imported shoes are synthetic. Their upper material is made of microfiber to ensure that they last for long and that they are comfortable to wear for long hours.

  • Its closure is made up of N-1 ratchet and two hook and loop straps
  • The shoe sole is made of co-molded nylon and rubber
  • Cleat compatibility of 2-bolt Mountain
  • Perfect for a myriad of sports
  • They are highly breathable and comfortable

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5. Pearl iZUMi Women's X-Alp Enduro III Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZUMi Women's X-Alp Enduro III Cycling Shoe

These shoes for women provide high performance and comfort. They offer you the security you need with its buckle system as well as the versatility of its breaking ride and run plate. The shoes are cushioned with the EVA midsole as well as carbon rubber lugs.

These shoes are what should come to your mind every time you are thinking of purchasing women's mountain bike shoes that will enhance your training experience.

  • The shoes are available in either black or shadow grey color.
  • They have a heel that measures approximately 1.5 inches
  • Are 100 percent synthetic?
  • The sole to is synthetic

4. tommaso Terra 100 Women's Mountain Biking

tommaso Terra 100 Women's Mountain Biking, Spin, Indoor Cycling, Road Cycling SPD Compatible Shoe

These shoes are factory direct products; thus a level of quality is guaranteed. You get value for your money each time you buy these women's mountain bike shoes. When you purchase these shoes; however, cleats are not included. They are compatible with 2-bolt cleats and don’t work with Look Delta or Peloton bike.

You want a pair of mountain bike shoes that will increase your pedaling power, and these are just the right fit. They will ensure you get the most out of every pedal stroke with the fiberglass reinforced sole. In the end, you gain optimal stiffness as well as a maximized power transfer.

  • Ideal for non-cycling activities
  • Are perfect for outdoor cycling commuting, as well as touring
  • Have an optimal amount of paddling in its tongue and heel area so that your feet are comfortable
  • High-quality material is used to manufacture them

3. Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Indoor Fitness Cycling

Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Indoor Fitness Cycling Shoes Men Women SPD

Are you tired of purchasing the women's mountain biking shoes every other month? It is true these days most manufacturers are n the business of making a quick buck out by selling cheap shoes. This is not the case with these particular shoes as they are made using high-quality material to ensure they serve you for long.

The Gavin MTB shoes are comfortable in your feet, and you won't feel like getting them off despite putting them on the whole day. They come with 2- bolt cleat, compatible with SPD. The shoes also come with Crank Brother and MTB pedals.

  • They have a perforated insole which is lightweight
  • The footwear are comfortable to put on all day
  • They dry quickly when wet
  • Have got carbon fiber hook and loop straps
  • They come with a heel cup for great fit and stability
  • Are cool and lightweight



What's more, would you want to have for exercising and commuting if not these black or Paloma Womens Mountain bike shoes? These shoes have a low-profile design to ensure that they are light on your feelings and fast fits.

They are made from a durable synthetic material with is upper having breathable mesh inserts. The mountain bike shoes have a 1.1 anatomical buckle enclosure that reduces hot spots as well as minimizing instep pressure.

  • Comes with a dual and loop straps for a precise fit
  • Have a plush tongue and collar
  • They have a breathable fabric lining which offers one a great next to foot feel
  • Have a molded foam insole which supplies light underfoot cushioning
  • It has a carbon rubber insole which provides superior traction and longevity
  • They are 100% human made
  • They come in a synthetic sole

1. Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes

Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes

The Zol Predator mountain bike shoes are purposely meant for eating up any terrain. These shoes are perfect for any weather and terrain. You won’t regret purchasing them as they will serve you more than any women's mountain bike shoes you have ever bought.

These shoes are perfect for mountain biking. They are also suitable for any sporting activities. You can put them on when you are going out running, hiking with friends, and many other activities. They are comfortable allowing you to put them on for long hours.

  • 2-bolt cleat compatibility for the SPD as well as Crank Brothers and all mountain bike shoe pedals
  • They come with three carbon fiber designed Velcro straps that secure your foot safely while pedaling
  • The carbon fiber designed heel cup offers foot stability
  • The mesh leather front makes these shoes comfortable to wear and also makes them lightweight


When you are doing just a casual riding with flat pedals, you don’t have to purchase bike specific shoes. You can start with a pair of cross trainers, running footwear, or skates shoes. While these might seem to do the trick, it would only be for a short while before you realize how bad you need the Women's mountain bike shoes. When that time comes, or if you are in this stage, we have eased you the hassle with this top 10 women's mountain bike shoes. You can choose a pair or two from these depending on what suits your needs, and you will not regret it.


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