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Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags in 2019

Are you a yoga lover? Having a yoga mat is essential for your enjoyment in yoga practice. You will enjoy using the yoga mat depending on how solid, smelly, or supportive the mat will be to you. In challenging poses you will need your yoga may be in perfect condition, otherwise, you may experience devastating moments in your yoga practice.

To ensure that your yoga mats are always in good condition, you will need a yoga mat bag which will not only ensure that your mat is secure but will also save you the energy of carrying your mat by your hand all along. Below are 10 best yoga mat bags you will find out.

Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags in 2019

10. Boence Yoga Mat Bag, Full Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Sling Bag

Boence Yoga Mat Bag, Full Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Sling Bag

Are you a yoga lover? This will be your best yoga mat bag as it is designed specifically for you making your yoga journey much comfortable and easy. Below are some of the characteristics of this bag;

  • It has a full zip making it easy for you to put your mat in the bag so as to keep it clean and organized.
  • An adjustable shoulder strap which you can modify the length fitting you for perfect comfy.
  • It has side pockets which are large and can be expanded in which you can put other personal belongings such as water bottles, etc.
  • An additional zipper pocket for other petty belongings.
  • They come in a variety of color to give you options to choose on which best suits you. 

9. Peace Yoga Air Vent Yoga Mat Bag – Choose Your Color

Peace Yoga Air Vent Yoga Mat Bag - Choose Your Color

This is a durable and an effective yoga mat bag that suits all yoga exercise needs. You will always get peace of mind with the use of Peace Yoga from its favorable features which include;

  • It fits all standard mats i.e. mat with a length of 26.5 inches and 5 inches in diameter when rolled.
  • Air vents allow ensuring that there is an easy air breathing in the bag to ensure enough air circulation in your mat. This is healthful and hygienic for your own sake.
  • Durability is assured from its 100% cotton making it reliable and long-lasting.
  • This bag can be washed by use of machine hence making cleaning very easy even with the use of cold water.
  • Has a warranty of 90-day money back guarantee to ensure that you receive the best from us. 

8. Peace Yoga Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Peace Yoga Yoga Mat Tote Bag

This Peace Yoga Yoga mat is meant for freeing you up physically, spiritually and mentally ensuring that your hands are free from too much baggage which would be exhausting. Additionally, you will secure your mat by keeping it safe. Below are some of its characteristics;

  • Convenient and durability make it key while selecting yoga mat bags. This is enabled by its double shoulder straps hence you keep your hand free completely. In addition to this, it also made of cotton making it very durable and shape retaining.
  • Its unique design different from other yoga mat bags makes it preferable. You are different from other persons so make your yoga mat bag also different to be unique and outstanding.
  • All standard mats can fit easily in this bag on its spacious bag size.
  • It guarantees you of lowered prices and with an additional warranty of 30-days money back guarantee to ensure that you get the best from this mat bag. 

7. BalanceFrom GoYoga Full Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Bag 

BalanceFrom GoYoga Full Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Bag with Multi-Functional Storage Pockets

Being one of the best-selling Yoga Mat Bags, the BalanceFrom GoYoga become any customer’s choice majorly led by its key features which make it suitable and favorable for use. It is an extra thick compared to other Yoga Mat Bags making it tear resistant. This is additionally influenced by its following characteristics;

  • It has a side pocket that contains earphone slit. This is wonderful as you just need to put your phone in the pocket and then you can enjoy listening to your music while the phone is inside the pocket.
  • A full zip feature which ensures that the bag fits all standard mats.
  • The adjustable shoulder strap in this bag ensures that you enjoy perfect comfy from a suitable and personalized length size.
  • The durability of the bag is unquestionable as it is made up of 100% organic cotton canvas.
  • Customer satisfaction is essential hence they provide a 2-year warranty on this product. 

6. Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag | The ORIGINAL YogiiiTote

 Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag | The ORIGINAL YogiiiTote | Yoga Mat Tote Sling Carrier with Large Side Pocket & Zipper Pocket 

If you are questioning about simplicity, this is the best yoga mat bag for you. This bag is made to simplify your practice as you need no struggle in putting your mat in the bag as you need to just slide the mat into the bag and then get going. Below are some of its wonderful characteristics;

  • The attractiveness of this bag makes it loved as it is beautifully crafted in carrying yoga mats in a very simple way.
  • This bag fits most unique and different mat sizes enabled by its design in which the mats can be slipped inside the bag
  • It contains two pockets, one large and another small one. The large pocket is on the side of the bag to put large personal materials such as water bottles, towels, etc. The small pocket is in the interior part of the bag and with a zip in which you may put your phone on this pocket.
  • Yoggiii Yoga Mat Bag is universal as it can using for many purposes such as shopping bags, trips, etc. This makes it be loved and hence becoming one of the best-selling Yoga Mat Bags. 

5. Aurorae Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Aurorae Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Aurorae yoga mat bag is made of heavy-duty polyester which has seen it get more customer reviews and ratings. This has seen it experience increase customer purchases hence becoming one of the best yoga mat bags to get for your yoga. Below are some of its features;

  • It contains an embroidered logo of yoga printed in purple. This will avoid you from being duped easily as you will be sure of the originality of the bag.
  • It has one external zipped pocket in which you can put other accessories such as mobile phones.
  • Has plenty room in which both the standard yoga mats can be put with a limit of up to 28 inches wide.
  • Has two-year warranty to guarantee the buyer of quality service from this bag. 

4. Yoga EVO Open end Yoga Mat Bag 5 Pockets – Fits any Mat Size

Yoga EVO Open end Yoga Mat Bag 5 Pockets

If you are that person who moves to yoga with a variety of commodities rather than your mat only, Yoga EVO open end yoga mat bag made of a high-quality breathable 1680D polyester will be best for you. It is one of the most unique yoga mat bags which have made it gain customer popularity through its purchases and ratings. Its characteristics include;

  • You don’t need to carry any other bag as this will cater for you with 5 pockets in which 3 pockets are external; one is big for clothing while the other 2 pockets are small for small accessories.
  • Innovative design is fully revealed in this mat bag in which you wrap your mat around. So that it can have enough air ventilation to allow it to dry and avoid bad odors after long exercises.
  • The double Velcro Straps that are adjustable making it comfortable as you customize the length that fits you best.
  • It can carry along any size of mat making it very unique from other yoga mat bags.
  • Available in five different colors to provide you with a choice of your best color choice.
  • It is guaranteed with 90-days full money refund and 5 years warranty. 

3. Fit Spirit Tree of Life Exercise Yoga Mat Bag w/2 Cargo Pockets 

Fit Spirit Tree of Life Exercise Yoga Mat Bag w/2 Cargo Pockets - Choose Your Color

This comes in the third place for our list with its increased level of customer satisfaction from its reviews and purchases. Here are the features of Fit Spirit Yoga Bags,

  • Highly durable from the 100% canvas which can maintain easily.
  • It has a full zipper which makes access to the bag very easy.
  • The bag will fit all 6mm and 3mm yoga mats with an additional cargo pocket for other essentials you might need to move with.
  • It is 25.5 inches long, 6 inch on its diameter
  • An adjustable shoulder strap becomes very useful in ensuring that you get perfect comfort while carrying along the bag. 

2. Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags

Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags

Do you need a perfect yoga mat bag for your yoga exercise? Gaiam yoga mat tote bags are one of the best in which they lie on the second place in our list.

  • 100% cotton bag making it be very durable in the whole lining is done by use of nylon.
  • This bag can fit both the premium and standard mats making it very effective.
  • Multiple pockets inside the bag with magnetic snaps so that access can ease makes it much better than other mat bags.
  • It has natural green embroidery to ensure you receive an original bag.
  • Come in two colors hence choose one that best suits you. 

1. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag Patterned Canvas

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag Patterned Canvas with Pocket and Zipper

At the top of the list is the Kindfolk Yoga mat bag which not only focuses on making money but ending slavery and sex trafficking globally. Purchasing this bag will mean that you have gone an extra mile in assisting someone on a global basis. It has wonderful customer reviews with its 5-star rating majorly influenced by the following characteristics;

  • Do you need to get a perfect gift for your loved ones? This will be the best due to its durability enhanced by the high-quality canvas used to make it.
  • It can fit two small mats together with other essential on the outer pocket hence it becomes very effective.
  • An eco-friendly yoga mat bag as they are made of man-made leather that has additionally made it be stylish compared to other yoga mat bags.
  • Finally, kindfold yoga mat bag can fit both thick mats as well as the standard sizes. 


In conclusion, yoga mat bags are seen to be of great importance. You need no hesitation in purchasing one for your yoga practice. Your yoga practice success will highly depend on the condition of your yoga.

With the great importance and features on the yoga mat bags, you will absolutely enjoy their use and results will be unquestionable. This is good for your health as you will free up your hand during travels without having to move with the yoga mats around your hands which would be stressful.



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