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Top Best Bike Helmets For Kids in 2022

Kids are hyperactive. Instead of going through turbulent because of this, you can provide safety tools that will give them a better experience. One of the ways to be of help is to get good bike helmets for kids for their use. The reality is, you won’t be able to stop them from getting busy.

Every parent should be concerned if an average child isn’t active. Expect they are going through clearly given punishments; quiet, indifferent kids should be of grave concerns to adults. So if you want your kids to play but play safe, consider getting good bike helmets for kids. This could be used for several of the sporting activities they enjoy like cycling, biking, skating and so on.

Below are our ten choices from the top bike helmets for kids in 2022.

Top Best Bike Helmets For Kids in 2022

8. JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified Impact resistance Ventilation for Multi-sports Cycling Skateboarding Scooter Roller Skate Inline Skating Rollerblading Longboard

Our #10 choice is JBM Skateboard Helmet. These specially designed helmets come with special details that are targeted at increasing the comforts of the users and ensuring their safety.

Many of these sports activities involve a lot of work; there is no use adding to it. This helmet comes with adjustable straps that will ensure it fits perfectly on the head. That’s not all. It is also made of light materials, so you don’t feel you are carrying a load while on the field.

One other important feature of this helmet is the durable, tough shell with soft liner on the inside. This, again, ensures the impacts of falls end on the outer layer of the helmets.

These bike helmets for kids also come with unique aerodynamic designs that ensure proper ventilation, a breathable foam that keeps the user comfortable and elegant.

7. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

The Razor V-17 has unique designs that should give anyone a set of pride for using it. With slim, light V-shapes with cutting-edge safety technologies, it is a top helmet for every sports lover.

Besides the exterior design, the interior is overlaid with comfortable soft materials that make you feel secure. It also comes in different sizes that fit the heads perfectly. These bike helmets for kids come in black gloss colour and weigh only 1.1 pounds for convenient use.

6. 7Pcs Sports Protective Gear for Kids, RuiyiF Elbow Pads Knee Pads with Wrist Guard and Helmet for Multi Sports: Cycling Skateboard Bicycle Scooter Roller Skate

This comes as a complete package for sporting activities. First, this bike helmet for kids comes with elastic Velcro straps that can be easily adjusted. You have air mesh, sponge pad in the helmet and it comes sturdy with breathable designs.

This is a great cover for the kids and can be used for those between 4-12 years old. To ensure they are safe should in case there is a fall; this bike helmet for kids is built with high impact resistant materials and designs.

It comes in many attractive colours making it any child’s choice any day.

5. Smart Design Red Bicycle Cycle Cycling Bike Helmet for Kids Child Children Toddler Safety Protection, Ultralight Breathable Sports Bike Helmet for Tween School-child Boy Girl

This is another bike helmet for kids that are most suitable for children from 3 to 10 years old. It is made from advanced unibody process to give the best protection for the users.

Shock and strong impact resistance ensure the users can be confident of safety while wearing the helmet. One of the unique features of this helmet is that it is adjustable with a dial and straps. This works together to ensure it gets the best fittings.

4. Special Cool Ultralight Kids/Toddlers Bike Helmets Multi-Sports Comfortable/Safety Helmet

Here is PhiFa brand with a classic solid shell that combines elegance with comfort. The safety details aren’t in doubt as the helmet absorbs a good fraction of impacts from falls. It is also designed to last with adequate spaces to ensure good ventilation through the helmets.

Lastly, you enjoy after sales service from the manufacturer.

3. Joyutoy Kids Cycling Riding Helmet, Multi-Use Kids Helmet for Outdoor Sports

This single size helmet is suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 8. It comes with straps’ adjusters to ensure it fits properly before use.

The designs allow the flow of air to increase the comfort of the users and can be used for several sporting activities. You enjoy anti-shock and impact resistant from the standout but straightforward designs of the helmet.

2. KIDS Bike Helmet – Adjustable from Toddler to Youth Size, Ages 3-7 – Durable Kid Bicycle Helmets with Fun Aquatic Design

This FunWave bike helmet for kids is CPSC certified. The sturdy bike helmet is designed to ensure the safety of the child is paramount.

You have an expanded polystyrene shell that is shock-absorbing, well ventilated and are light to ensure ease of use. The soft straps that won’t likely be a source of pain or injury are easily adjustable. It will fit just fine for children between the ages of 3 to 7 years.

The helmet comes with a lifetime warranty against defect and another 60 days’ money-back guarantee.

1. Bell Sidetrack Helmet – Child

This beautifully-designed, ergo fit, snap-in visor bike helmet for kids is one of the best around today. With the security and safety of the users carefully built into the design, you have confidence your children are safe using the helmet.

The Fusion In-Mold polycarbonate shell is made of the finest grade with a pinch guard buckle that is very easy to use. This light, colourful and simple helmet is the pick for any kid any day.


You shouldn’t think of stopping the kids from catching funs. The truth is, if you become too apprehensive, they will go for the most daring sports beyond your gaze. Embrace their energy, guide them and, most importantly, help them to be safe while enjoying the experience.

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