Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes for Kids 2022

Kid’s bowling shoes can affect how your child feels about the game. As a parent, the best you can do is to give your kid the best. With the many options available in the market, finding the right one could be hard. The prospect of renting is not advisable.

It is unhygienic, and the sensitivity of kids in all aspects cannot be ignored. Considering how pocket-friendly costs are it would be unfair to let your child get into trouble of smelly feet. It would also be sad and disappointing to pay for something that won’t last for long.

Poor quality bowling shoes are available, and that’s why there is a need for one to know those that stand out in the market. Below is a list of the ten best Kid’s bowling shoes. They are ranked the best based on their exceptional features, fair prices, and durability.

Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes for Kids 2022

10. Brunswick TZone Bowling Shoes

Brunswick TZone Bowling Shoes - Bowling Shoes

Brunswick TZone Bowling Shoes are classy. The shoe has a raised rubber heel, a synthetic toe cap, and a blucher design. These are its features that not only make the kid’s bowling shoes comfortable but also durable. The shoes meet all the criteria that any bowler would wish for.

  • Blucher design: meant to facilitate comfort.
  • Padded tongue and color: for a comfortable
  • Synthetic: Makes the shoe durable hence lasts for long.
  • EVA outsole makes the shoe light-weight which is best for bowling.

9. BSI Boy’s Basic #5333 Bowling Shoes

BSI Boy’s Basic #5333 Bowling Shoes - Bowling Shoes

BSI Boy’s Basic #5333 Bowling Shoes is a kid’s bowling shoe that is best for kids since it is lightweight. If kids find it hard to carry their own body from one place to another, how on earth do you expect it to be any easier if heavy shoes were to be added to the existing burden? The search for the shoe is natural because of its embroidered logo.

  • Rubber sole: lightweight and durable.
  • Sliding sole: standard.
  • Synthetic fiber: humanmade and durable.
  • Soft sock lining: to offer the comfort.

8. BSI Girl’s Basic #432 Bowling Shoes

BSI Girl’s Basic #432 Bowling Shoes - Bowling Shoes

As the name suggests, BSI Girl’s Basic #432 Bowling Shoes are specially made for girls. Did you know that kids can mock a kid wearing outfits popularly known to have been designed for its opposite gender? Spare your little girl the trouble. Bowling is for both sexes too. The shoe is lightweight and at the same time durable.

  • Sliding sole: common and made of microfiber.
  • Rubber sole: lightweight and durable.
  • Upper: made of action leather.
  • Sock lining: soft

7. Pyramid Youth Skull Green/Black

Pyramid Youth Skull Green/Black - Bowling Shoes

The shoe you choose should not affect the fun of bowling. The name itself defines the kid’s bowling shoe. Its tongue, heel cap, shoe races and toe cap are green. On the other hand, the quarter is black with green drawings. Its heel is low, and the eyelets are silver in color.

  • Soles: microfiber for perfect slide into the shoe
  • Wide compatibility: for both right and left bowlers.
  • Blacklight

6. KR Strikeforce Youth Flyer Bowling Shoes

KR Strikeforce Youth Flyer Bowling Shoes - Bowling Shoes

It’s a great type of kid’s bowling shoe. I bought one for my kid whose primary colors are black and blue. Where do I start? Mmmh! The blue is more of a beautiful color with black being the primary color. The former is used for some parts of the quarter, eyelets and the sole type line. For style lovers, the KR Strikeforce Youth Flyer Bowling Shoes is the best choice.

  • Upper: durable, soft and human-made.
  • Collar and tongue: padded
  • Outsole: made of rubber and is non-marking
  • Textile lining
  • Slide sole: suitable for all
  • Synthetic: for durability purposed.

5. BSI Boy’s Suede Rental Bowling Shoes- Hook and Loop

BSI Boy’s Suede Rental Bowling Shoes- Hook and Loop - Bowling Shoes

It’s available in all sizes including the sizes of kids. The shoe races have been replaced with a flap. It has a set of colors depending on the combination you prefer. For the kids who keep losing shoelaces, this could be the perfect solution for the same. From afar, an embroidered logo screaming the name “BS1” can be spotted on its quarter. It has a brown sole. It is designed to fit well and comfortably.

  • Material: 100% blushed leather.
  • It is suede
  • Sole: flat

4. Linds Youth Monarch Rental Bowling Shoes- Hook and Loop

Linds Youth Monarch Rental Bowling Shoes- Hook and Loop - Bowling Shoes

It has Linds E-Z Double sizing systems as the name suggests which is not designed with shoelaces. It also has a blue embroidered logo on the edge of the flip. This bowling shoe suits bowling in all aspects.

  • Tongue and collar: padded
  • Insole: cushioned to offer comfort.
  • Upper: made of cowhide leather material.
  • Heels: rubber made, smooth and cemented.

3. Dexter Kids Reilly III Bowling Shoes

Dexter Kids Reilly III Bowling Shoes - Bowling Shoes

For those with kids who associate black with dirt and white as a sign of dirt, this is a good kid’s bowling shoe. It is suitable for bowling, and it fits well and comfortably. The word Dexter appears twice on the shoe. One on the middle area of the welt and the other on the quarter.

  • Synthetic
  • Durable
  • It offers great comfort as well as excellent performance.
  • Style: unique and classy

2. Dexter Bowling-Youth-Rental-Youth

Dexter Bowling-Youth-Rental-Youth - Bowling Shoes

The bowling shoe is designed to ensure that you are comfortable when bowling. Its heel is not high, but neither is it low. There are various color combinations available. One of them is red/blue/grey. The expectations are that the welt will be partly brown and partly white. The mouth and a part of the toe cap are white and a grey heel cap.

  • Made of rubber
  • It’s Renal.

1. KR Strikeforce Youth Satin Bowling Shoes

KR Strikeforce Youth Satin Bowling Shoes - Bowling Shoes

It is easy to notice given that it has an embroidered logo. It is designed to fit the shoe wearer comfortably. It’s the top best kid’s bowling shoe model.

  • Soles: universal to accommodate both the right and the left
  • Synthetic: for durability
  • Has a textile lining
  • Padded collar and tongue for added
  • Upper: soft, durable and humanmade.


When choosing a kid’s bowling shoe, there are various factors to consider. It’s good to identify whether you are a right or left bowler. That way you will be keen when settling for any bowling shoe.

Keep in mind that some of them are universal to accommodate the diversity. The shoe should be made of a material that is durable. It should be comfortable, and one way to achieve that is to ensure that it fits you perfectly well. Padded collars and tongues also lenders great comfort.

Bowling shoes have a restriction because you can only use it when bowling. Let not a bad show take away your fun when bowling. The list mentioned above is a good place to start when buying a pair.

Top Kid’s bowling shoes have been outlined for you. Make a great choice today for a greater tomorrow. Only the brands that design with the customer in their mind can make great sales.

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