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Top 10 Best C-shaped table in 2021

Currently, a c-shaped table is a crucial piece of furniture in this era of modern apartment living. It is a piece that you cannot afford to miss if you are a small-space dweller, especially. The reasons as to why many people love them are many. They include their small size suitable for the limited space that they have, the fact that you can do so many items using a c-shaped table, its suitability in every room of your house as well as how easy it is to move one around. How can I forget the comfort that they offer? If you have a C-shaped table, the crumbs that lie on the floor each time you take a snack while seated on your sofa set will be a thing of the past. You will place it there and wipe it instead after use.

If you are reading it will all be about stretching. You just put them there and access them one at a time. That way, you will not keep walking to and from the shelves obtaining books. The good thing about a C-shaped table is that your room will always be neat regardless of the pile of books that you will be using. That is why we are here to offer you the best choices available in the market. There is the list of the top 10 best C-shaped tables in 2021.

Top 10 Best c-shaped table in 2017

10. Topeakmart C-shaped Side Sofa Snack Table Coffee Tray End Table Living Room Furniture.

About the product

This c-shaped table is a fantastic snack table. Its shouting solid wood tabletop makes it an excellent choice. Do not worry about your overall style because you can quickly match it with the style of your house. To ensure that the enjoyment is taken to the next level, there are other materials used such as faux leather and sponge. The dimensions are 8.3 * 12 * 21.3 inches. Its weight is 3.53 pounds only.

About the design and quality

Its modern style ensures that you do not break a sweat when it comes to matching it with other furniture that you may have bought earlier. That way, you do not have to overturn almost everything just to accommodate this c-shaped table. In addition to that, it will not look like a patch in your living room. The bright chrome polish makes it decorative as well.

  • The fact that it is a C-shaped table makes it an ideal side table.
  • Its frame and board are made of iron and MDF, respectively.
  • It has a length of 12 inches and a width of 8.3 inches. Additionally, the height is 21.3 inches.
  • The C-shaped table is durable since it has stain resistant properties.
  • When you are assembling it, it is an easy task.
  • The weight of the C-shaped table is 4.2 lbs.

9. Kings Brand Metal with Marble Finish Top Magazine Snack Side Sofa Table.

About the product

King Brand has manufactured this C-shaped table with a faux marble top. The material of the base is black polished metal. It arouses curiosity just to identify how King Brand managed to make such a visually appealing piece. It is only 8.45 pounds heavy. The dimensions are 16 by 10.5 by 24.2 inches.

About the design and quality

With all the materials used, the quality is undebatable. The compact design ensures that the space used is minimal. It is rectangular in shape with a big top. Why then leave your comfort room just to have breakfast? You can place both your drink and snack to get breakfast from the comfort of your sofa set.

  • This C-shaped table has a faux marble table.
  • It has a black finished metal base.
  • The shape of the tabletop is a rectangle, and when it comes to size, it is big enough to accommodate a snack as well as a snack.
  • It provides the joy of enjoying your beverage without having to either get up or stretch. A typical one could make it somewhat uncomfortable.
  • You are required to assemble the C-shaped table, but it is an easy process.
  • It has a length and a width of 16 and 10.25 inches, respectively. On the other hand, the height is 24.25 inches.

8. HOMFA Bamboo Snack Table Sofa Couch Coffee End Table Bed Side Table Laptop Desk Modern Furniture for Home Office, Retro Color.

About the product

You may never realize how much you want a C-shaped table until you spot this beaut. It awakens your fascination with the same and if you become its victim, do not hesitate to buy it. In addition to that, it is worth every dime. It is made high-grade bamboo which is 100 percent natural. How then would you get surprised by its mesmerizing beauty? Its dimensions are 21.6 by 13.8 by 24.4 inches.

About the design and quality

The design of this C-shaped table has considered many aspects all with the aim of making it the best sofa side table. It is lightweight; compact hence occupies little space. That way, it stays next to your sofa set to offer you the comfort and luxury that you deserve. It is beautiful in such a way that it could be yet another decorative piece to your living room. The style is right by a mile when it comes to this HOMFA’s C-shaped table.

  • Bamboo is the sole material used to make this C-shaped table.
  • Without either an expert or special tools, one can assemble it fast and efficiently.
  • Its design adds your home décor.
  • You can use it either at home or in your office as a coffee table or a reading one, respectively.
  • Assembling it is not a bother because it is effortless.
  • It can be used as a decoration and to add icing to the cake; you can put vases or cups that add the beauty.
  • With it comes to an extra storage space because the open bottom shelf would do the trick.

7. Reclaimed Wood Look Finish Chrome Snack Side End Table.


About the product

This product is a functional C-shaped table that would serve you in many ways. Depending on your urgency, you can use it to place a snack, lamp, phone as well as decorations among others. It is beautiful, and it is because of both the black finish frame and the faux reclaimed look tabletop. The dimensions are 25 by 14 by 2.6 inches. On the other hand, the weight is 7.25 pounds.

About the design and quality

The design adopted by the carpenters is ideal for a side end table. First, it is compact which ensures that you will not be troubled by issues related to space. In addition to that, it is lightweight. The approach was to increase its portability just in case. The black finish, as well as the faux reclaimed wood top, are of high quality. For that reason, this C-shaped table is very durable.


  • The frame is made of metal for stability as well as durability.
  • While the finish is black, the table top is made of faux reclaimed wood.
  • Just to mention a few, it can be used as a lamp table, a beaut in the house, a display table or an end table among others.
  • The dimensions are 25 by 14 by 2.6 inches.
  • Its weight is 7.25 pounds.

6. C-Hopetree Sofa Side Table Metal Snack Laptop C Shape End Table Coffee Table for Living Room, Black.

About the product

There is something good about this C-shaped table that I like a lot. It is made as a combination of style and functionality. That way, your living room will get one additional decorative side. As of you, you have a place to put almost everything. May it be a book, lamp, snack, beverage or phone, it will do the trick.

About the design and quality

The manufactures made it more unique compared to almost every other C-shaped table. They made it taller. As a result, you can even eat it comfortably. That, however, didn’t compromise its lightweight and compact design in any way. For durability, they used not only steel but also matte for the frame and tabletop, respectively.

  • Due to the steel used, it has a sturdy construction which enhances stability.
  • In addition to that, the matte is powder coated with a black finish for both durability and visual appeal.
  • Assembling is hassle-free.
  • While the C-shaped table weights 8.2 pounds, its shelf has a carrying capacity of 25 lbs.
  • The dimensions are as follows. The weight is 14, the height is 34, and the length is 20 with all the measurements in inches.

5. Weathered Grey Finish Expandable Snack Side End Table.

About the product

This particular C-shaped table is incredibly artistic. What do you expect when the product compromises neither its style nor its function? As a result, you can have an accent room right where you want to place it in your living room. Moreover, next to your favourite sofa set and guess what follows? Once you place either your phone, lamp, snack or laptop, then you can have a piece of mind. No rising up and instead, you will comfortably stretch your hand to get what you need.

About the design and quality

The top is attractive given the weathered grey finish as well as the tabletop whose material is wood that resembled the reclaimed one. The lightweight design ensures that it is easy for you to move it from one place to another if need be. At the same time, it has a compact design for space saving. Its metal frame is durable and makes the C-shaped table stable.

  • The top and the frame are made of wood and metal, respectively.
  • The tabletop can expand either right or left to provide additional space.
  • It has a weathered grey finish.
  • Dimensions are 25 by 12 by 24 inches.
  • It is ideal for various purposes such as serving as coffee, lamp, laptop or end table. In addition to that, you can use it as a decoration or display decorations on it.
  • Its weight is 14.2 pounds.

4. Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table, Black.

About the product

This C-shaped table is impressive in that it ensures that you can relax at your coach and while at it study, work or enjoy your drink and snack. Buying this table will ensure that you get to enjoy your favourite movie comfortably.

About the design and quality

A combination of black finish and the modern design makes this C-shaped table visually appealing. It comes with a glass top and black powder-coated metal for stability, strength and durability. Its lightweight and compact design make it a good sofa side table.

  • It occupies little space given its compact size.
  • For portability, it is lightweight with a weight of 11 pounds.
  • The dimensions are 23.65 by 15.75 by 15.75 inches.
  • Its top and frame are made of glass and metal, respectively.
  • The C-shaped table has a carrying capacity of 10 lbs which is ideal to hold a snack, drink, laptop or book.
  • Its assembling is easy.
  • The black finish of the C-table as well as the black powder-coated metal makes it attractive and at the same time durable, sturdy and stable.


3. GIA C Shape Side End Table – Sofa Height – Faux Reclaimed Wooden Top and Bottom with Heat Resistance Treatment, Oak Color – Gray Frame – Easy Assemble.


About the product

The first thing that you notice about this C-shaped table is that is has a wooden to as well as a wood bottom. Therefore, you can use the former to place your phone, snack, laptop or drink. Equally important, the base can serve as an extra storage space for books.

About the design and quality

Despite having both a tabletop and a bottom, the C-shaped table is designed in such a way that it will require very little space. As a result, you can put it in the corner of a room. Also, one can slide it under a bed, chair or sofa set to reach it conveniently. The metal frame and faux wood enhance its quality, and the result is a durable piece.

  • It has a top as well as a bottom.
  • One is required to assemble it but doing so is simple hence no need for a professional or specialized tool.
  • Regardless of home or even the occasion, this C-shaped table will be ideal.
  • Dimensions are 24.6 by 17.7 by 11.8 inches.
  • The top/bottom is made of faux wood while the frame is metal-made for stability.
  • It is a solution if the existing space is small since it occupies a small one.

2. Monarch Specialties I 3008, Accent Table, Chrome Metal, Dark Taupe.

About the product

Monarch Specialties has the power to simplify your life in various ways. First, you will never worry about where to place a drink or snack. Also, the room will remain tidy without crumbs, and you will only have to wipe the C-shaped table after a meal. It is beautiful and long-lasting.

About the design and quality

The quality of this piece makes it one of the best in the market and for that matter a C-shaped table highly recommended. It together with other products of the same brand has stood the test of time. Its modern design is an addition. The hollow board, as well as chrome, have been used.

  • It is portable because it weighs 29 pounds only.
  • The surface area is ample with dimensions of 23.8 by 15.8 by 10.2 inches.
  • Some uses include an end table or snack table.
  • Due to the dark taupe reclaimed-look tabletop, it is sophisticated.
  • You can use it to place a meal, snack, drink, mini laptop or tablet.
  • It has a chrome metal base which is not only fashionable but also easy to slip under a chair.

1. Coaster Home Furnishings 901007 Rectangular Snack Table, Dark Brown.

About the product

You can use this to brighten your living or entertaining room. One good thing about this C-shaped table is the possibility to slide under the sofa all thanks to its structure. At the same time, you have a bottom to place magazines and books. On top of that, it adds the beauty of your room.

About the design and quality

Its compact design ensures that you use a small space to put it. However, the surface is still enough for your various needs. It is also lightweight which enhances portability. The faux wood and metal used for top/bottom and the frame makes it both stable and durable.


  • It has a faux wood tabletop and bottom.
  • While the weight is 10.2 pounds, its dimensions are 12 by 19.75 by 24 inches.
  • The frame is made of metal.
  • Assembling this C-Shaped table is a walk in the park.
  • It is ideal for an end table or snack table.


A c-shaped should be stylish considering that you could keep it in your living room. Being accessible even by visitors which means that it should be presentable. In addition to that, there are factors you should consider before buying one. They include the size of the C-shaped table. Ensure that the space available in your living room can accommodate it. Your budget too matters as well as the reason as to why you thought of buying it in the first place. Having presented you with a list of the best C-shaped tables in 2021, now the remaining task is all yours. Get one and consider the factors mentions above.

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