Top 10 Best Car Steering Wheel Covers in 2020

Quality and comfort are crucial aspects when it comes to car steering wheel covers. If that is what you seek, you are in the right hands. We will help you make a great choice by offering you the top best car steering wheel covers in the market. Leather ones are common, and that does not come as a surprise. The quality of the material is remarkable. Nevertheless, not everyone wants that. Are you one of those people? If yes, continue reading to find what there is for you. For the leather lovers, the list has you covered.

Below is our list of the top 10 best car steering wheel covers. Read on to not only simplify your purchase bit also ensure that it is worthwhile.

Top 10 Best Car Steering Wheel Covers in 2020

10. Yontree Winter Warm Faux Wool Handbrake Cover Gear Shift Cover Steering Wheel Cover 14.96″x 14.96″ 1 Set 3 Pcs


The car steering wheel covers known as Yontree are quality faux wool steering wheel covers designated to fit any standard size steering wheel for a comfortable grip especially in winter to enhance safe driving.

These car steering wheel covers are designed with faux wool which is soft and warm. It is designed to fit steering wheels measuring 14.96 inches by 14.96 inches. These steering wheel covers are designed together with gear shift cover and handbrake cover.

  • Soft, warm faux wool for warm and soft grip giving you a comfortable drive.
  • Packed with other accessories to cover gearshift and handbrake.
  • Convenient measurements to fit 14.96 by 14.96 for standard size steering wheels.

9. 1 Set 3 Pcs Steering Wheel Cover Faux Wool HandBrake Set Warm Winter (Wine Red)



These car steering wheel covers known as Sand by the brand are one set of three pieces wheel cover made from Faux wool bearing a wine red color which offers a comfortable drive during unfriendly weather like winter and also giving you a protected steering wheel.

This item is designed with Faux wool material which has a fantastic feel of incredible comfort and softness not forgetting the warmth and durability. It is also designed to fit standard size steering wheels of 14.96 by 14.96 inches.

  • Faux wool material for comfortable grip and warm driving.
  • Remarkable steering wheel size of 14.96 inches by 14.96 inches.
  • Soft material for convenient weight
  • Comfortable driving style
  • Durable Faux wool makes 

8. Bell Automotive 22-1-53212-1 Universal Baja Blanket Steering Wheel Cover




The car steering wheel covers known as bell automotive are steering wheels covers designed from a special form of blanket known as Baja. This material is odorless thus making it ideal for comfort and protection. It can fit almost all vehicles.

These car steering wheel covers are designed with easy to slip on cover with a southwest inspired design for a massage grip for a comfortable feel. It is designed to protect your hands from the hot or extremely cold weather.

  • An admirable look as well as modern feel in driving.
  • Easy slipping on to many standard size car steering wheels.
  • The fashionable and funny appearance that is attractive for self-esteem 

7. Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover, Anti-slip Matte Finish, Soft Padding, Universal 15 Inch Car Steering Cover, Embossing Pattern A, Black with Black Line



The car steering wheel covers known as Rueesh are microfiber leather steering wheel covers made to fit 15-inch middle size steering wheels. It serves 141/2-15 inch diameter steering wheels up to 90% of all the cars in that range.

It is designed to hide the old existing layer and keeps your steering wheel looking as good as new. The product’s material is high-quality microfiber and soft padding, breathable anti-slip and massaging for luxury comfort.

  • Green material which is eco-friendly and healthy.
  • Durable heat resistant and cold resistant as well as wear-resistant material.
  • Better gripping conditions on the steering wheel for more control on the road for increased safety.
  • Colorful material for decoration 

6. Valleycomfy Fashion Steering Wheel Covers for Women/Girls/Ladies Australia Pure Wool 15 Inch 1 Set 3 Pcs, Pink



These car steering wheel covers commonly known as valleycomfy are of the top quality which from Australia. They can fit almost any standard size steering wheel for a comfortable grip in wintertime and other extreme summer heat.

This item is designed from pure Australia wool which is 100% new and bearing top quality. It suits steering wheels of the standard size of 14.96”x14.96 inches

  • Australian pure handmade woolen material
  • Considerable comfortable size to fit 14.96”*14.96”
  • Package with an extra offer of gear shift cover and handbrake cover
  • Descent pink color for decoration
  • Soft material for amazing feel 

5. Mayco Bell Car Steering Wheel Cover 15 inch No Smell Comfort Durability Safety (Black Beige)



These cars steering wheel covers branded as Mayco Bell are odorless car steering wheel covers that are durable and comfortable to use. It is ideal for vehicles which steering diameters of 14.5” to 15” to fit Audi and some models of BMW

This item is designed to fit many precious vehicles including Toyota and Audi models. Its material is quality microfiber leather which is durable and comfortable to touch

  • High-quality microfiber leather for durability and comfort
  • Fitting well in Toyota and Audi models although it does not fit in BMW Mini of BMW models
  • Fitting well in Buick excluding Gl&Old Regal
  • Not suiting Citroen ZX and other Toyota families 

4. Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Covers Universal 15 inch (Black)


These cars steering wheel covers are great steering wheel covers designed to cover middle size steering wheels for a comfortable drive. Its material is tough microfiber leather which is best bonded for a better feel

This item’s design incorporated Smooth Microfiber leather for durability and comfortable grip. It has a contour shape forever safer drive of your car. It will protect your car steering wheel as well as for decoration

  • Smooth and long-lasting microfiber leather for the value of your money.
  • Good grip resisting high or low temperatures for comfortable both in summer and winter drives
  • Skid-proof, stable and heat resistant mechanism
  • Perfect decorator for the car as well as steering wheel protector 

3. SEG Direct Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover Universal 15 inch



These car steering wheel covers known as SEG Direck are microfiber made steering wheels covers designed for car comfortable drive to those whose steering wheel diameters is universal 15 inches ‘like Audi’ or BMW.

This item’s design is with ultimate care will microfiber leather for durability and comfort in your everyday drive to for a fit host of the car models without strains

  • Smooth materials for a comfortable ride
  • Durable material for the value of your money
  • Microfiber leather technology
  • Contoured for a skid-free drive
  • Poor heat conductor for the safety of your hands
  • Odorless for healthy and Eco-friendliness 

2. SEG Direct Pink Plush Winter Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover Universal 15 inch


These car steering wheel covers from SEG Direct known as Red Plush Winter Auto are steering wheel covers specially made to suit middle size steering wheels carrying a diameter of 1.5 inches

This item’s design in such a way that it can absorb sweat and moisture leaving your hands dry for a comfortable drive. This design is from quality and eco-friendly and healthy materials

  • Green materials which are eco-friendly and healthy for you with no odor
  • Smooth and long-lasting short plush for the luxury of your cars’ interior during cold weather.
  • Skid-free and stable material which is not a heat conductor.
  • Fitting average size steering wheels with a diameter of 15 inches without strains.
  • The bright color of your steering wheel for decoration and protection. 

1. Moyishi Top Leather Steering Wheel Cover Universal Fit Soft Breathable Steering Wheel Wrap (Black)


These car steering wheel covers known as Moyishi Top Leather are a product of PVC leather technology coming up with an improved interior of your car. It can fit vehicles steering wheels with a diameter range between 14.5 inches and 15.25 inches comfortably.

The manufacturer designs it from brand new PVC leather made using modern technology to bring about the best car steering wheel covers. It offers an excellent tough and grip.

  • Dragon scales design for a confident grip and drive.
  • PVC Leather which is very friendly to the environment.
  • Fitting vehicles with driving wheels ranging from 14.5 inches to 15.25 inches diameter.
  • Decor pattern for a decoration purpose of your car’s interior.
  • Soft material for a comfortable touch 


As discussed above, car steering wheel covers will protect as well as decorate your car. It is always economical if you buy something of high quality. That is what we have in the list above. If you choose one of them, you will enjoy the value of your money and for a long time. Don’t you deserve that? I think you do and you know it too. Therefore, pick one that you prefer, it will be easier than it was before because of the details available in this article. If you need our advice, you will save time and also take home a good product.

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