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Top 10 Best Corner TV Wall Mounts in 2022

Mounting your television on the corner gives a better view to everyone in the room. For one to mount their television safely on the corner, finding the best corner TV wall mount is paramount. This will ensure that the flat-screen TV is perfectly held. There are many corner TV wall mounts that one can buy in the market today. However, this is not to say that they will all work the same.

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Some will work better than others. In this piece, we will put the ideal ones to buy in 2022 in perspective. Hope this review will enable you to make the right decision on the perfect TV mount to buy in 2022.

Top 10 Best Corner TV Wall Mounts in 2022

10. Husky Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount

This corner TV wall mount is made of heavy duty steel and can carry up to 66lbs. Also, it is VESA compliant 400×400, 400 by 200, 300 by 300, 200 by 200, and 200 by 150, 200 by 100 and 100 by 100.

It is a full motion TV wall mount that swivels freely left and right and also tilts down so that you can have an optimum viewing.

  • Comes with a long arm design that makes the TV mount be mounted to the first stud from the corner then have its arm swiveled at 45 degrees angle.
  • It is easy to mount it to a single wood stud or brick wall
  • Installation is easy. 

9. Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket Tilts, Swivels, Extends

This corner TV wall mount comes in a universal mounting bracket design that fits most LCD, LED and Plasma televisions of 32 to 60 inches in the market today. Most people prefer it because of its compatibility with Sony, LG, Sony, Sharp, and many more television brands.

Unlike the usual corner TV wall mounts, this one can swivel, extend, articulate, as well as collapsing. It has full motion capabilities that make it perfect for corner installation.

  • Can tilt up to 15 degrees up or down
  • It can hold up to 165 lbs without sagging
  • Comes with a large open wall plate design for easy access to the back of the TV. 

8. Mounting Dream MD2501 Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket

This s a heavy duty corner tv wall mount that is perfect for most television sets of from 26 to 50 inches. It can support televisions that weigh up to 60 lbs without sagging due to weight.

The corner TV wall mount comes with a separated wall plate design that is ideal when working on different angled TV corner walls and also saves space. This tv mount can also be installed on flat walls of 24 inches wood stud apart.

  • Have adjustable tilting angles especially when you want to tilt it to reduce glare
  • Comes with instructions for easy installation
  • This TV unit is both sturdy and safe. 

7. Impact Mounts Corner TV Wall Mount for Plasma

If you are ready to buy a new TV mount, you don’t buy any stand in the market like today; most corner TV wall mounts don’t live up to their expectation. Instead, get yourself this wall mount. It comes in a unique dual wall plate design ideal for corners.

The corner TV wall mount fits most Plasma, LCD and LED television system of 37 to 63 inches.

  • It can sustain up to 80 lbs without breaking or bending
  • The arm extends 125 to 515 mm or 5 to 20 inches
  • Is fitted with a bubble level and is lockable for prevention against theft. 

6. Vemount Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket

This is the ideal corner TV wall mount that you need in your living room that fits television sets of 30 to 65 inches. It can support weights of up to 99 lbs. The corner TV wall mounting is also compatible with mounting hole patterns found behind most television sets.

It is space saving thanks to its dual wall plates design for corner mount. This ensures that it makes full use of corners in your room.

  • Allows for better viewing as it tilts from -15 to 15 degrees and also swivels 180 degrees
  • Installation is effortless, in only three steps
  • Backed by one year warranty upon purchase. 

5. InstallerParts 37″-65″ TV Corner Mount

This is a heavy duty universal corner mount that fits most television sets of 37 to 65 inches. Also, it is made of sturdy material that can sustain weights of up to 130 lbs. Most corner TV wall mounts cannot support such weight.

It is VESA compliant meaning that they meet the VESA set mounting interface standards. In line with that, the TV mount is compatible with various mounting hole patterns.

  • Installation of this corner TV wall mount is easy
  • It swivels and tilts in all directions
  • It is made of a hardened steel material which is both durable and resistant to scratches. 

4. Mount-It! TV Wall Mount Swing Out Full Motion Design

When shopping for corner TV wall mounts consider this one a better choice. First of all, it is a universal TV wall mounting bracket that has adjustable arms that fit 42 to 70 inches TV sets.

This mounting set is also compatible with most tTV brands such as LG, Sony, Samsung, Insignia, Sharp, Vizio, Toshiba, Haier, Element, Westinghouse and much more.

  • It extends, tilts, swivels, and also collapses.
  • The TV mount is perfect for corner installation thanks to its full-motion capabilities
  • Its continuous tilt feature allows for better viewing as well as reduced glare
  • Capable of holding weights of up to 220 lbs
  • It is constructed from reinforced steel. 

3. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

This corner TV wall mount can extend up to 16 inches and swivel up to 130 degrees for perfect viewing. It sits 2.6 inches from the wall thus making optimum use of your corner space.

Unlike most corner TV wall mounts in the market today, this one is easy to install in just three easy steps. It comes with a manual for easy installation whenever you want to do it yourself.

  • The TV mount is strong enough to support weights of up to 132 lbs
  • Comes with assorted screws that can be used for any television brand
  • Customer support is friendly and will assist you throughout the buying process. 

2. Mount-It! LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket

This television mount for corners is a single stud installation and is capable of swiveling up to 180 degrees. It can rotate from -15 to 15 degrees tilt and also has up to 4 rotation adjustment settings.

You should consider buying this TV mount because it is made of sturdy material meaning that it is durable and will last you for long. Installation is also a walk in the park.

  • This corner TV wall mount fits VESA patterns such as 75 by 75, 100 by 100, 200 by 100, 200 by 200
  • This stand can sustain up to 44 lbs
  • It extends up to 18 inches and swivels 180 degrees
  • Comes with the instruction manual on how to install it. 

1. Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket

This is our final product in our list of corner TV wall mounts to buy in 2022. It fits most of size 26 to 55 inches television sets. The TV mount is meant to sustain weights of up to 60 lbs.

The TV wall bracket is ideal for more comfortable viewing. It tilts up 5 degrees and down 15 degrees to get rid of glare. Also, it swivels left or right. The TV mount pulls out 19 inches and also retracts back to 2.9 inches.

  • Installation is easy, and the package comes with an installation manual
  • This unit is sturdy and safe thanks to the technology of robot welding
  • Friendly customer support when purchasing and throughout the installation
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty. 


Mounting a TV set may look simple however can pose a lot of challenges. You may have the right mounts, but lack mounting skills or equally use the wrong procedure. On the other hand, you may have the know-how but lack the ideal corner TV wall mount. This will, in the end, have you strain yourself when viewing your television. The wrong wall mount or poor installation can cause obstruction or worse still topple the TV. Therefore the list above will ensure that you have the best corner TV wall mounts in 2022. It will guide and keep you informed before making the purchase. Use it every time you are out shopping for a perfect TV mount.

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