Top 10 Creative Ideas for Couple Halloween Costumes

Apart from the type of foods taken in any holiday, the dressing up on the holiday is another one of the key issues. The way you dress on your holiday will determine to a great extent how you enjoy your holiday. Not all holidays will be dressed similarly as each holiday has its own spirit in which through the holiday you get to have the best experience where you are able to get the perfect dressing which gives you the spirit of the holiday. With this then, creative ideas for couple Halloween costumes becomes very vital as this will determine how far you enjoy the Halloween holiday.

With October approaching very fast, you will need to get ready as early as now otherwise, you will find yourself hooked up in time. Having a solo Halloween costume is interesting but you will find double fun where you use two-person costumes in which both of you will give the perfect match for this wonderful holiday.

You need to keep the Halloween the night you will live to remember through the couple costume you use in which it will hit the costume party. With this, take your partner today to the town and get your best Halloween costumes which will suit you best. This article gives you the best creative ideas to use for the couple costumes in this year. Keep reading to have the best today.

Top 10 Creative Ideas for Couple Halloween Costumers

10. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm from the Flintstones Costumes

Perfect Pairz Pebbles and BAMM BAMM Halloween Coordinates-Sold Separately

What a wonderful experience you and your other half will have on this type of costume. With its specifications, it ensures that your experience is more than you even thought of it. The flintstones costumes involves using one of your old clothes that you have already used or which you already have and you never mind about tearing them up.

To get the perfect look for this couple costume, you will need to wear black shorts combined with a green shirt for the pebbles while on the other hand, you will need to wear an orange shirt which has scalloped ends on the waist, a gray tie as well as a tie. In addition to this, wear shorts. To complete this look, you have to get black felt which is cut out the shapes. Then, you must stack it to the clothes by use of tape or even a hot glue gun.

9. Oreo Cookie Costume

Adult Oreo Cookie Couples Costume

This will be another one of your best creative idea for couple Halloween costume in which you will surely create a stunning look. In addition to this, you will make your look completely outstanding when compared with other looks in which you will draw the attention of everyone in the wonderful holiday. Even if you like to break this Oreo apart or you love to dunk it whole, this double-sided snack signature will be a full fun as the couple’s costume.

To ensure that you have the complete look of the Oreo Cookie costume, you will have to cut two large cardboard circles. After that, you should then paint them in black while at the same time using white paint in the Oreo Cookie Design. Ensure also that you make use of a string or a rope through which you make two loops from which you put in your arms together. Finally, match this costume with use of white tops and black bottoms. After its complete take a photo while hugging.

8. Ken and Barbie Costume

Ken and Barbie Costume

Being one of the best creative ideas for couple Halloween costume you will with no doubt have a wonderful experience through the use of this amazing as well as an outstanding couple Halloween costume. It is made customized to ensure that both you and your partner have the best memorable moments ever. What you will need to ensure that you get the Ken and Barbie costume look perfectly will include using a cardboard box which you should cut it into the shape of a square which has a front opening.

In addition to this, you should then spray paint the edges of this box with the use of pink color. At the back of this costume, you should make it white with an addition of gluing a hairbrush or even a comb. Then to complete this attire, ensure that you use the Ken inspired attire together with that of Barbic.

7. Beyonce and Jay Z Costume

Beyonce and Jay Z Costume

In their On The Run Tour, Jay-Z together with her partner Queen Beyonce, had a flawless year in which they created much attention to the public not only to their sweet melodies and voices but all on the costume they matched together. To have one of the best creative ideas for couple Halloween costume, this will be one of the great choices by using the Beyonce and Jay-Z inspired costumes.

This will be achieved through using the Beyonce’s famous mask which she won all through the tour which is through a mesh wig cap which you should then cut out an area to be left for your eyes. In addition to this, if you don’t want to expose much of your skin, you may prefer to use fish nets which will additionally give you the wonderful look for the Halloween holiday.

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6. Dexter and The Victim Costume

Dexter and The Victim Costume

Being one of the best creative ideas for couple Halloween costume, you will in no doubt have a stunning look through the use of this Halloween costume for couples. In the Dexter costume, you will get the wonderful experience through wearing a green shirt which is coupled with a black apron. This is so as Dexter wore this outfit all through the entire series. You must choose the costume which is made of a clearer plastic wrap.

In this, you will be required to use a clear tape in the full process. In creating this, it’s also necessary to cover your intimate areas by bunching plastic wrap in them. On top of this, you are then required to place the prop knife or use a fake blood spatter at the center of your chest which will be used in imitating Dexter’s full technique.

5. French Kiss Costume

French Kiss Costume

What an amazing couple Halloween costume. This is one of your best choices which give you the perfect look you really will love. Not only you and your partner but also the rest of the people in the Halloween party. Everyone will be fighting to have a photo.

You will have to have a white painting on your face coupled with black painting in your eyes. Match your tops which have a white and black striped top, black and white makeup with an addition of black pants. In addition to this, a red scarf is very important. While holding a big bread on your hand features also as offering you’re the best and extra fun in this costume.

4. Google Maps Costume

Google Maps Costume

If you are looking to amaze every person, you must be ready to be unique. This costume is highly customized to ensure that you look purely unique as well as enable you to show your real ingenuity. You will take the couple Halloween costume to the next level through using the landmarks as well as the local roads in your Halloween party area.

With this, you will surely have a very memorable night to remember. Use yellow stripes crossing each other with road labels together with bus terminuses in blue. Additionally, ensure you use a red with the below perfect shape label as A and B.

3. Girl in a Flamingo Pool Float Costume

Girl in a Flamingo Pool Float Costume

This being one of the best creative ideas for couple Halloween costume, you will have a wonderful experience in which it gives you the best look ever. With its uniqueness, you will be able to create it in a very simple way through which you can use simple materials in creating the best look ever.

To get this amazing look, you need to make a pink dress through which you should then attach pink feather boas into this elastic which should be on the dress. In addition to this, use flamingo earrings with black high heels to give a complete look of this costume. The male partner, on the other hand, should dress like a girl who is moving to a swimming pool. You can purchase the bikini themselves for the whole and ease in having this look.

2. Beer Pong Costume

Beer Pong Costume

Being in the second of our list, you will have a memorable Halloween holiday. Make this night one of your memorable nights in your calendar. To get the perfect look for this Halloween costume, you will need to have polo shirts which match with an addition of khaki shorts as well as hats.

To make it complete, ensure also you use ping pong balls with an addition of red Solo cups. The solo cups should then be sewed or taped on your both shirts while you should additionally glue the balls on the hat. In addition to this, come with additional balls, for other to throw in your cups during the party.

1. Bob Ross and His Happy Little Tree

Bob Ross and His Happy Little Tree

In the topmost position is this amazingly creative idea for couple Halloween costume. The design has a unique as well as a creative style for you. In addition to this, you get to be very cute. To get the perfect look for this Bob Ross, you will have to wear a curly wig, hold a palette with an addition of a paintbrush.

In addition to this, you need to draw on the beard to give it the complete look. On the other hand, the other partner who is the happy little tree should have an all-black clothing which you should then glue or sew fake fall leaves giving an exciting look.

To sum everything up, having creative ideas for couple Halloween costumes will create a wonderful and an amazing time through which they will be funny, outrageous and very creative ones. With a completely unique costume idea as a couple, you will really have this season as one of your best to remember.

With the costumes, you can move to a couples’ costume contest in the Halloween parties. In this article, we put several factors which you use in getting the best creative idea for couple Halloween costume. With this, you are sure to have the best. Check the above list to ensure that you have the best ever experience ever.


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